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Fin Part Deux 58:52 01/31/2020
LG’s promise and Google’s experiments 71:06 01/25/2020
A Samsung fanboy’s wet dream 70:06 01/18/2020
#CES2020 was amazing! 55:08 01/11/2020
#CES2020 Preview and Xiaomi’s insecurity 67:07 01/04/2020
Google vs. Fortnite, Round 2019 57:54 12/28/2019
Best of Android 2019: And the winner is... 50:31 12/22/2019
Google > Ring. Snapdragon > Apple A13. 2 Zooms > Zoom. 75:25 12/21/2019
DJI Mavic Mini Podcast Review: Small but mighty 39:51 12/18/2019
Google dropping features and fancy watches featuring The Mr. Mobile, Michael Fisher 57:26 12/14/2019
Meet Google’s new boss, same as the old boss 56:09 12/07/2019
Deadpool’s Mint and driving with Google in cars 45:22 11/30/2019
The Android Authority Black Friday Wish List 39:32 11/29/2019
Hello Google Stadia! Farewell, John Legere! 63:59 11/23/2019
Google Stadia Podcast Review: Life is a subscription 30:06 11/23/2019
Google checks in on Moto's RAZR ambitions 62:47 11/16/2019
A Pentacamera masterpiece and Google Pixel Perks 60:50 11/09/2019
Google’s Fit, Moto’s RAZR, and who the hell is BBK??? Featuring Andru Edwards from Gear Live! 68:12 11/02/2019
Final Pixel 4 thoughts and lots of surprises 69:29 10/26/2019
Google Pixel 4 Podcast Review: It’s so Google 47:50 10/23/2019
Motorola’s new RAZR, and Google Pixel 4 final thoughts 71:20 10/19/2019
Made By Google launch event: A Pixel 4 and Nest story 56:44 10/16/2019
OnePlus 7T Pro, Essential Gem, Threads by Instagram, Google's Rules and other existential questions 66:51 10/12/2019
Huawei is out, Microsoft is in 55:50 10/04/2019
Huawei Mate 30 Pro Podcast Review: It’s Complicated 35:00 10/04/2019
Gary Explains: Speed Test G 2.0 31:17 10/03/2019
Samsung Galaxy Fold Podcast Review 38:57 10/02/2019
The OnePlus 7T Podcast Review: Not a Pro, but still a Pro 39:00 09/28/2019
Taking phones to the extremes 64:58 09/27/2019
Is the Huawei Mate 30 Pro half empty, or half full? 71:34 09/21/2019