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Food for Thought: Living Compassionately, Sustainably, and Healthfully

Food for Thought is THE resource for living compassionately and healthfully. Listen to insightful, common sense perspectives about food, animals, cooking, eating, health, language, politics, zero waste living, literature, film, advocacy, and so much more from the Joyful Vegan herself, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.


Keep Flowers Not Bees — How to Save Bees without Eating Honey 53:30 05/28/2021
Zero Waste: What to Do About Catalogs, Junk Mail, and Envelopes with Plastic Windows 40:29 05/05/2021
A Kindness of Ravens: Words from Our Black-Feathered Friends 35:02 04/16/2021
Time is Passing. How Do You Want to Spend It? 21:26 04/02/2021
When to Use (and Not Use) the Word Vegan — REBROADCAST 38:33 03/19/2021
Foods Easter and Passover — Honoring Tradition AND Our Values (Re-broadcast) 24:28 03/12/2021
World Vegan Travel (Bonus Episode) 89:46 03/11/2021
Jim Crow and Zip Coon: The Animals in Racial Stereotypes 33:02 03/05/2021
Zero Waste — Rain Tanks and Grey Water 53:39 02/27/2021
To Take or Not to Take Supplements 30:20 02/20/2021
Learning By Heart: The Art of Memorizing 34:41 02/13/2021
Aphrodisiac Foods and Love Potions 23:17 02/06/2021
Zero-Waste, Eco-Friendly, Cruelty-Free Gifts for Valentine's Day 23:52 02/01/2021
The Gift of Appreciation 20:15 01/25/2021
Inauguration: On a Wing and a Prayer 12:28 01/19/2021
How to Not Be Cynical About the World 13:51 01/18/2021
Yes, I Have Hope. No, I'm Not a Mythical Creature 05:19 01/15/2021
How the Past Can Give Us Hope for the Future 06:15 01/13/2021
Angry Vegan vs. Joyful Vegan 20:43 01/12/2021
Animal-Free Fertilizers for Healthy Gardens 09:13 01/10/2021
Mindful Eating 18:14 01/09/2021
Know Your Numbers (Cholesterol) 10:47 01/08/2021
Vegan Travel & Vegan Trips 15:17 01/07/2021
Eat By Color 17:37 01/06/2021
Know Your Numbers: Blood Pressure 13:20 01/05/2021
A Powerful Non-Verbal Greeting 10:19 01/04/2021
From Excuse-itarian to Vegan 09:19 01/03/2021
Why 30 Days Vegan? 10:02 01/02/2021
Plant-Based Food Rituals for the New Year 08:48 01/01/2021
TEDx Talk for the Animals 02:57 12/23/2020