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This Podcast Is… Uncalled For is a podcast hosted and produced by Mike Czerniewski This podcast is largely an interview-based podcast that (1) explores different aspects of the host’s life so far, and (2) introduces the audience to some very interesting people.


Origins of ThanksRibbing
When your friend coins a new holiday based around the seasonal release of a popular sandwich. From our episode "Brian Boye (Fringe Show)"
03:02 4/15/24
Dalton Chavez
Dalton is a fellow chess instructor who comes on to talk about chess - and South Park.
41:03 4/12/24
Drivers Who Need to Go Somewhere
When your co-host does Uber and wants to call out drivers of certain vehicles.  This trailer contains unbleeped profanity.   From our episode Discussion on Gig Economy
02:26 4/8/24
Season 7 Potpourri at 20k Downloads
We've made it to a seventh season!  Notes for this episode: Old School Simplified Intro What's been going on lately? Why we'll never use AI to write our episodes New co-host (and past guest) Jered Feldman Rajesh Krishnankutty In Memoriam Listening recommendations
57:37 4/5/24
Wild Card Spot
When the primary co-host from your previous podcast recalls the time you picked against the local baseball team making the playoffs - and gives you a punishment. From our episode with Tim Crippen
03:26 4/1/24
XFL-USFL Merger Discussion
If you have been living under a rock since before September, the two major spring football leagues - the XFL and the USFL - have merged.  Mike (a St. Louis BattleHawks fan) and Jered discuss.
26:09 3/29/24
What's Uncalled For About It?
When your high school buddy asks you about the origins of the name of your podcast - and then you segway into a story of a certain post-high school party. From our episode with Matt Sewell
03:04 3/25/24
What Did You Just Say?!
When your high school buddy recalls how he wound up leaving the school's NJROTC program because of a girl. From our episode with Jered Feldman
03:04 3/18/24
Bonus: 2024 Tourney Picks
In this bonus episode of the podcast, we invite YOU to join our NCAA DI men's basketball pool on Yahoo! Fantasy Sports and see if you can pick brackets better than our intrepid host! Winner will receive an invite to do an episode of the podcast.
16:21 3/17/24
When your very first guest talks about one of the films you worked on together. From our very first episode with Pat Lamb
01:28 3/11/24
Trevor Adamson
Trevor is a former Bernie Sanders campaign staff member who came on to talk about the potential dangers of the 2024 election cycle, what we as citizens can do to save democracy, and shares a very relevant fact about what happened in Mike's 2016 State Senate race.
36:03 3/5/24
What Were You Doing in Tijuana?!
When your friend asks you about foreign travel and he brings up having gone to Tijuana. From our first episode with Lucas Stoneking and Daniel Rains
01:10 3/4/24
That is Uncalled For Michael!
When your guest has a lot of fun with the name of your podcast. From our Virtual Fringe episode with Brian Boye
01:10 2/26/24
Bonus Episode - Royals to East Crossroads?
In this bonus episode of the podcast, we finally have a site for the Kansas City Royals future Downtown ballpark district.  Whatever happened to East Village or even North KC?  Mike shares his thoughts on this.
28:19 2/23/24
Takei's Manager
When your friend gets interviews from various sci-fi actors except for the most iconic one - largely because his manager had never heard of Wheaton's Law.  (Note: we didn't bother bleeping this one, so that's on us.) From our episode with Sam Tady
04:12 2/19/24
Saint Archuleta's Day Special (with Dale Valor, Pat Lamb and Adam McKeith)
Due to circumstances involving Adam Archuleta, we apologize for this episode. Jokey title and introduction aside, on this February 14 holiday, we put together this special to analyze what is wrong with our intrepid host - specifically, why does he continue to be single with little or no end in sight? Joining us on today's episode to explore the issues are relationship expert Dale Valor, the very first Friend of the Podcast Pat Lamb, and a repeat from part of Adam McKeith's second appearance on the podcast. Despite the fact that their romance is mentioned, we assure you that neither Taylor Swift nor Travis Kelce were even remotely involved with this episode.
120:39 2/14/24
Sudeikis in High School (Seriously)
When a very famous comedic actor went to the same high school as you, and you personally don't remember ever meeting him, but your locally famous friend does. From our episode with Jeff Polaschek of Anything But Joey fame
02:56 2/12/24
Standardized Patient
When you learn about this very interesting day job your guest has. From our Virtual Fringe episode with Jessica Whitfield
01:48 2/5/24
Football for Swifties
We try our best to explain the basics of American football to the Swiftie crowd.  And why not?  That whole situation is happening in our proverbial backyard.
22:22 2/2/24
Slap in the Face and an Insult
When you recall the time that the corporatist wing of your political party pulls all sorts of shenanigans on you during a caucus event. From our episode with Andrew Rainey
01:52 1/29/24
Put Away the Taco Bell
When your old teammate from high school football questions your dietary choices - to hilarious effect. From our episode with Carl Fletcher
03:54 1/22/24
Oh My Gosh I've Gotta Hurry Up
When your guest talks about the very first time he went out for an audition. From our episode with Trevor Martin
02:54 1/15/24
Neither of Us is Drunk
When you and your guest are having an in-depth discussion into the lore of Star Trek - and neither of you have been drinking. From our first episode with Chris Hurt
02:04 1/8/24
BONUS: New Year's 2024 Special
Happy New Year!  Mike has some very important updates to share with everyone.
22:37 1/3/24
Naturist Beginnings
When your guest talks about how he got involved in the naturist lifestyle. From our episode with Mark Partin
02:14 1/1/24
Christmas 2023 Livestream - BONUS!
Merry Christmas!! Mike gives you an update on all things Season 7 as well as some extracurricular stuff.
38:26 12/26/23
Lolita Fashion
When you run a panel discussion at an anime convention and invite an audience member up to discuss what's on her mind. From our episode Discussion on Anime Culture (live from Sausomecon)
03:52 12/25/23
LA Doesn't Care About Football
When your actor friend is asked about how Los Angeles is as a football town - and confirms your long-held belief that it's not. From our first episode with Adam McKeith
03:52 12/18/23
Is Paid a Genre?
When your new actor friend is asked about what genre of film she'd like to act in. From our episode with Jamie Morrow
01:50 12/11/23
Where the Players Dwell - The Official Podcast Drinking Game
I thought I told you that we won't stop... We wrap up Season 6 of the podcast with a fun drinking game based on the podcast.  So, feel free to play along! Please drink responsibly.  Don't drink if you're underage.  Don't drink and drive.  If you have an alcohol problem, don't drink.
16:50 12/8/23