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The Creative Impostor

Are you creating work that fully expresses who you are? Does the process of making the thing give you energy upward momentum? Are you living a creative lifestyle that is aligned with your values and desires? The Creative Impostor exits at the intersection of identity and creativity. It’s a deep inquiry into both who we are and why we make what we make. Host Andrea Klunder has inhabited many creative roles: singer, actor, writer, filmmaker, yoga teacher, bodyworker, meditator, entrepreneur, podcaster, teacher, media producer, strategist, speaker… She’ll take you inside her own head and the minds of other creative professionals to see what drives us despite the voices of self-doubt that threaten to stop us in our tracks with a little sprinkling of how we create the life and work we imagine.


136: Podcaster Imposter with Andrea Klunder 10:01 04/05/2022
135: A huge creative risk for the new year with Andrea Klunder 20:58 01/11/2022
134: Open a conversation: how to facilitate civil discourse with David Blatt & Josh Lewis 51:35 12/20/2021
Something new! 01:39 12/09/2021
133: Back to Beginner's Mind 10:14 10/03/2021
132: Activate your ideas with sex educator Karen Yates from Wild & Sublime 47:33 06/15/2021
131: Defy Social Norms, Express Your Individuality with Jetty Nieuwenhuis, Trujetty 41:43 06/04/2021
130: Celebrate as a form of protest; anti-racism and multiculturalism with Lori L. Tharps 40:07 05/07/2021
129: The whole point of The Creative Impostor (time for a shift) 25:42 04/04/2021
128: Rise from the debris; Kundalini yoga and healing traditions with Mason Pain 53:48 03/22/2021
127: Regulate your system with essential oils with Mira Binzen 43:46 03/09/2021
126: Wake up from your deep sleep with Lisa Lackey, Insideout Conversations 52:52 02/25/2021
125: Pair up with a PowerSister with Pam Covarrubias, Cafe con Pam 42:21 02/07/2021
124: Tell inspiring stories over delicious food with Kate Sullivan, To Dine For 44:33 01/31/2021
123: Remember why you started with Cassandre Dunbar, Be Well, Sis 46:44 01/18/2021
122: Manifest systemic change, starting with yourself with Rebecca Lefebvre 56:59 01/10/2021
121: Love and Healing in India 29:42 01/01/2021
120: Develop kinder habits with Kelly Covert from In Her Voice 48:49 12/21/2020
119: Tap into the abundance of energy, global travel meets sound healing with Shannon Harris 56:54 12/13/2020
118: Balance everything! Travel, work, podcasting, play with Debbie Arcangeles, The Offbeat Life 41:47 11/19/2020
117: Fulfill your passion AND your purpose with Rebekah Read 42:29 10/28/2020
116: Shake it up a little bit with Adrien Behn, travel podcaster Strangers Abroad 44:02 10/11/2020
115: Fuel that part of yourself that is an adventurer with Jet Set Lisette Austin 30:46 10/05/2020
114: Strive to be a global citizen with Sarah Mikutel, Postcard Academy 33:59 09/20/2020
113: Follow your deep craving with Zselyke Kecskés 47:40 09/08/2020
112: Talk about what's in your heart with Lisa James, Adventurous Midlifer 56:08 08/27/2020
111: Align your big V Voice with your little v voice to amplify your message with Tina Dietz 45:58 08/09/2020
BONUS: COVID is Good for Creators with Lucas Spivey, Culture Hustlers 14:31 08/01/2020
110: Resilient, resourceful, creative with Andrea Klunder 21:10 07/20/2020
109: Find the path with Pat Wetzel, CancerRoadTrip 33:56 06/29/2020