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No sitting on the sideline dad podcast is a podcast about self-improvement, the journey of discovery, mental health, and overcoming challenges in being a parent. This show gets people talking about what matters most to them. We are all struggling with something, but we can learn from each other's experiences. If you're looking for real talk on topics that matter, this is the place for you!


life changing tips for Dads and gratitude. Interview with Adam Chaim From The Plant Trainer Podcast 35:34 07/26/2017
Live a Successful and Significant Life. Interview with Aaron Walker 39:44 08/09/2017
What is The Cost of Clutter? Interview with Julie Coraccio from Reawaken your Brilliance 30:19 08/17/2017
Hand Written Letter or Note Can Be Something Special. Interview with Lynette Smith 37:16 09/06/2017
There No One Way to be A Parent. Interview With kori Reed and Mike Becker from ZagZig Parenting 45:31 09/07/2017
How To Get Boys To Read More? Interview With Hillary Tubin Author of the book Boys And Books 27:19 09/21/2017
Communication and Understanding. Interview with Carey Green 32:22 10/04/2017
Location Independence Living. Interview with Paul Kortman 52:56 10/19/2017
What is Parent Shaming ? Interview Mercedes Samudio Author of the Book Shame Proof Parenting 32:06 11/02/2017
Lesson Learned From Little Ones. Interview with Author Nick Britton 23:37 11/08/2017
Teaching kids Life lesson through the Family Business 33:05 11/22/2017
Influenced By The Example We Set More Than The instruction We Give. 36:16 12/06/2017
Showing Up As Parent and Be In The Moment With Your children. 44:50 12/22/2017
Every Phase Of Your Kids Life Is Opportunity To Appreciate Them And Guide Them 30:37 12/26/2017
What are the 7 Keys To Live Happy ,Healthy and Whole. Conversation With Dr Phil Carson 31:37 12/27/2017
The challenges and Triumphs of Divorce and Blended Family 33:08 01/11/2018
Shipwrecks ,Counting Gold Coins And Being A Dad 28:02 01/24/2018
Best Influence With Your Child Is The Connection With Them. 32:42 01/27/2018
Power Of Positive Attitude And Commitment To Help With The Challenges Of Divorce and Blended Families 30:13 02/10/2018
Navigating Through The Chaos of divorce 44:31 02/14/2018
What Is Happiness and Innovation ? 31:29 02/21/2018
Being intentional with your time as a parent to create a foundation for the future of your relationship with your kids 32:42 03/14/2018
No Matter How Old You Are Creativity And Imagination Are Important. 26:03 04/05/2018
Have a plan to win planning meals and conquering the grocery store. 27:57 04/21/2018
Authenticity Being Present and Engaging. Lessons Learn from Mister Rogers 38:31 05/10/2018
Having Fun And Being a Creative Dad 27:16 06/12/2018
Power Of The Voice And How It Impacts Your Life 23:51 06/29/2018
Afraid Of Being Ones True Self. 23:17 08/12/2018
No One Way TO Be Parent Just Make Sure You Show Up. 36:57 08/25/2018
Life Of Gratitude And Paying It Forward 29:21 09/13/2018