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Events in crypto take place at warp speed. This weekly crypto podcast reveals how the marquee names in crypto are reacting to the week’s top headlines. With host Laura Shin, the guests also discuss what they’re thinking about these days and reveal what they believe is on the horizon in crypto. Disclosure: I'm a nocoiner.


We're Moving to Unchained. Follow Us There! 00:23 02/26/2021
Girl Gone Crypto: How These Wildly Entertaining Crypto Videos Get Made - Ep.165 38:35 02/19/2021
Michael Moro on Tesla's BTC Buy and the New Genesis Treasury - Ep.164 34:05 02/12/2021
Why Asia Is So Important to Crypto - Ep.163 32:36 02/05/2021
Why the GameStop Insanity Is So Similar to Crypto - Ep.162 42:37 01/29/2021
Is Tether a Fraud? Its Bank Says It's Not - Ep.161 36:07 01/22/2021
What You Need to Know About Bitcoin Layer 2s - Ep.160 40:57 01/15/2021
2021 in Crypto: What to Expect in the Year Ahead - Ep.159 29:56 01/08/2021
Laura's New Year's 2021 AMA: Your Questions About Privacy, the STABLE Act, Diem and More - Ep.158 24:50 01/01/2021
Laura's Christmas 2020 AMA: Your Questions About Crypto Media and More - Ep.157 24:48 12/25/2020
Beeple on How and Why He Raked In $3.5 Million - Ep.156 31:57 12/18/2020
Why Rohan Grey Believes Stablecoin Issuers Need to Be Banks - Ep.155 33:14 12/11/2020
How to Get Your ETH2 Yield and Take Out a Loan on It - Ep.154 33:48 12/04/2020
Crypto on Every Corner: Driving Adoption With Jeremy Allaire and Meltem Demirors - Ep.153 27:50 11/27/2020
9 Ways Bitcoin Is at an All-Time High - Ep.152 31:21 11/20/2020
Chad Cascarilla on Paxos's Partnership With PayPal - Ep.151 33:54 11/13/2020
What the Crypto Industry Could See Under a Biden Administration - Ep.150 36:43 11/06/2020
The 2 Types of Investors Driving Interest in Crypto - Ep.149 35:46 10/30/2020
Willy Woo on Why It's 'an Extremely Great Time to Buy Bitcoin' - Ep.148 38:04 10/23/2020
What You Need to Know About the DOJ's Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework - Ep.147 31:50 10/16/2020
Abuse and Ethical Lapses: What Happened When Justin Sun Acquired BitTorrent - Ep.146 37:32 10/09/2020
Coinbase in Turmoil: Why Employees Walked Out - Ep.145 37:52 10/02/2020
Why NFTs Are Attracting Everyday People to Crypto - Ep.144 38:51 09/25/2020
The First Crypto Bank: What Kraken Financial Will Do and How - Ep.143 36:50 09/18/2020
How SushiSwap Proved That Liquidity Is Not a Moat - Ep.142 36:34 09/11/2020
SushiSwap Takes On Uniswap: Which Should Win and Why? - Ep.141 32:34 09/04/2020
Joseph Lubin on How JPMorgan's Quorum Will Fit In at ConsenSys - Ep.140 33:27 08/28/2020
AMA With Laura: The Greatest Innovation in the Industry Right Now - Ep.139 45:45 08/21/2020
Andreas Antonopoulos on Why the ETH Supply Debate Is 'Silly' - Ep.138 40:19 08/14/2020
$5 Billion in AUM: Why Growth at Grayscale Exploded in the Last Quarter - Ep.137 34:21 08/07/2020