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Once a week Cherie Johnson will meet with friends and guests to discuss things going on in their world. We will cover current events and topics that hit close to home. You will get a up and close personal look and to hear from,the horses mouth. With her 15 minutes a week, she will be talking about topics from Recycling Black Dollars, Living Health Natural Lifestyle. Transgenders, Weight Loss, Black Business owner spotlight. Racism to Father's Rights. Nothing is Taboo or off-limits. The purpose is to educate and bridge gaps, hopeful change a few people's initial outlook on topics they weren't educated about.


Kiami Davael 56:37 09/15/2021
A Conversation with my friend Dr Johnson 61:05 09/08/2021
Punky Brewster cancelled, Abortion rights taken away in Texas, ASK CHERIE and more 42:14 09/01/2021
Stop Black Women From Dying during Child Birth 65:05 08/26/2021
Adrian Lockett interview 57:38 08/18/2021
Zac Brunson a keyboardist/producer for Justin Bieber, Jeremih, Usher, and more 61:36 08/04/2021
"Music does not define me I define music" Venus Renae interview 51:26 07/28/2021
From growing up in a Cartel Family to now doing music with Lil Wayne Rick Ross and on Love and Hip Hop 54:13 07/21/2021
A popstar entrepreneur inspired by Janet Jackson 43:47 07/15/2021
Profess, Protect, and Provide for your Queen with, J Ghist 39:43 07/07/2021
Saving the lives of innocent babies from being abandoned with Safe Haven Baby Box 38:11 06/30/2021
The Original Lady Marmalade, Sara Dash 79:35 06/23/2021
The case of The State of Georgia vs Ali Shabazz and missing DNA 27:39 06/16/2021
Working with Dr Dre, EaZy E, NWA, rap beefs with other Female MCs, male groupies and more 73:45 06/02/2021
One year ago, A C Walkers daughter was killed from sex trafficking 49:50 05/26/2021
Na'im Lynn from the Plastic Cup Boys, Straight from the Hart, and Assisted Living 71:34 05/19/2021
Tell Somebody with Aleesha Barlow 58:43 05/12/2021
Today we have a conversation with a lady who is dealing with depression 71:25 05/05/2021
My Girlfriend on Punky Brewster, Jasika Nicole 68:05 04/29/2021
My long time friend rapper BIG S.I.N. 50:14 04/21/2021
Let Me Love You Down, Oh Sheila, and Girl Tonight: Ready For The World interview 55:37 04/14/2021
The Legendary Force MDs 51:11 04/07/2021
3 Time Guinness World Record Holder & Limbo Queen Shemika 40:36 03/31/2021
How to renew your hair with Dr. Alison D. Mitchell 54:47 03/24/2021
Grammy Award Winning DJ Spinderella 63:13 03/17/2021
Dawn Robinson tells Cherie Johnson why she left En Vogue and more 67:04 03/10/2021
Punky Brewster's Oliver De Los Santos 10:28 03/03/2021
Punky and Cherie back together again!! The official Punky Brewster reunion with Soleil Moon Frye 53:02 02/24/2021
Margaux and Cherie? Nope! Ami Foster and Cherie Johnson reunite 62:34 02/17/2021
The kids from the new Punky Brewster sequel are here with Cherie Johnson 84:47 02/10/2021