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The Mind Your Business Podcast

All entrepreneurs want to know the secret to success. James Wedmore, an 8-figure online entrepreneur, believes success is created by mindset over strategy, magic over metrics, and attitude over action. In this podcast, James untangles the common misconception that hustle and hard work are all it takes to be successful.


Episode 516: 7 Ways to Access Happiness for Strengthening Mindfulness and Wellbeing with Scott Glassman 59:11 01/17/2022
Episode 515: 4 Things You Must Do Before Starting the New Year 62:52 01/10/2022
Episode 514: Day 12: Manifesting More Wealth, Simple Money Practices, and Living a Rich Life 22:08 12/24/2021
Episode 513: Day 11: The Abundance Hacks That Successful Entrepreneurs Are Using Right Now to Increase the Possibilities for Their Businesses 28:03 12/23/2021
Episode 512: Day 10: The 5 Essential Principles That are Massive Money-Makers for Your Business 23:41 12/22/2021
Episode 511: Day 9: Your Competition Can Actually Make you Money When you Operate From the 7-Figure Entrepreneur’s Mindset 21:00 12/21/2021
Episode 510: Day 8: Setting Your Prices in a Way That Sells More of Your Programs and Products 24:13 12/20/2021
Episode 509: Day 7: The Fundamentals to Receiving, Giving, and Living in Abundance 24/7 15:34 12/19/2021
Episode 508: Day 6: How to Create a New Relationship and Mindset Around Money to Build a Booming Business 31:44 12/18/2021
Episode 507: Day 5: The 4 Beliefs That Are Holding You Back from Owning Your Time and How to Reinvent Them 32:08 12/17/2021
Episode 506: Day 4: You Can Create More Freedom in Your Life and Business When You Stop Operating from This One Limiting Belief 29:06 12/16/2021
Episode 505: Day 3: The Simple Goal Setting Strategy that Can Help Overcome the Feeling of Lack to Create More Success and Money in Your Life 34:49 12/15/2021
Episode 504: Day 2: How to Operate from Your Higher Self and Change Your Beliefs on Business to See More Success in Your Life 35:42 12/14/2021
Episode 503: Day 1: Understanding Abundance, Creating More of it in Your Life, and the Ways it Can Grow Your Business 23:37 12/13/2021
Episode 502: The Best Marketing and Business Tips that are Working for Multiple 6-Figure Digital CEOs 29:00 11/22/2021
Episode 501: How to Actually Manifest the Life You Want with the Laws of Attraction, Synchronicity, Correspondence, and Sacred Reciprocity 60:55 11/15/2021
Episode 500: What is an integrator and when to hire one to grow your business #BizTipFriday 09:49 11/12/2021
Episode 499: How to Quiet the Noise in your Head, and the Answers (and Clarity) You’ll Find to Live Your Best Life 60:58 11/08/2021
Episode 498: How to Prepare for Economy Cycles that will Save Your Business Money with Mel Abraham 38:44 11/05/2021
Episode 497: The Ways That Attachment is Impacting Your Performance in Business, and How Learning to Detach Resulted in My Greatest Growth 56:26 11/01/2021
Episode 496: How One Sentence Generated $30k in Sales, What to Expect from the “Overcome Any Objection” Masterclass, and Why You ARE Ready Right Now #BizTipFriday 29:27 10/29/2021
Episode 495: Erasing Your Past History, Protecting Your Power, and How to Reframe Your Failures to Face Your Future Head On 51:11 10/25/2021
Episode 494: Creating Lasting Financial Freedom (Even if You Don’t Think You’re Financially Ready) and Big Wealth Opportunities You Can Take Advantage of Right Now with Mel Abraham 81:33 10/22/2021
Episode 493: How to Reframe Judgments, Manage Expectations, and Develop More Positive Self-Talk Right Now to Increase Your Performance 82:41 10/18/2021
Episode 492: Why You Might Not Feel Powerful in Business (And the 8 things you can do to change it right now) 86:54 10/11/2021
Episode 491: Overcoming Anxiety, PTSD, and Living Your Best Life with Kandis James 74:34 10/04/2021
Episode 490: Lessons I Learned from my Airbnb Business that will Scale your Online Business 71:04 09/27/2021
Episode 489: How to Get Rid of Fear to Create a Rich Life 94:55 09/20/2021
Episode 488: Turning the End of a Hard Time into the Start of a Thriving Life 87:57 09/13/2021
Episode 487: The Most Effective Style of Launching in the Pandemic 55:13 08/02/2021