Show cover of Love and Abuse - Emotional Abuse and Toxic Behavior in Relationships

Love and Abuse - Emotional Abuse and Toxic Behavior in Relationships

Helping you identify toxic communication, emotional abuse, manipulation, and other forms of bad behavior in relationships. Full of tips and advice for your friendships, family, love life, and marriage. Revealing covert abusive communication that takes away your power. Learn to pinpoint the specific toxic behaviors such as narcissistic abuse and verbal abuse before you are dragged into their game so deep you come out a shell of your former self. Love and Abuse is the official podcast of The M.E.A.N. Workbook, an assessment and healing guide to help you evaluate the emotionally abusive and manipulative patterns in your relationship. Download the guide at Transcripts available upon request:


Can depression be used for manipulation? 30:49 04/20/2022
The abuser that sneaks their way into your heart and life in order to lock you in to a controlling relationship 48:12 03/10/2022
Can you find yourself after they stop the hurtful behavior? 31:37 03/01/2022
Healthy responses to their frustrations and annoyances 56:07 02/03/2022
The thoughts and beliefs that allow toxic behavior to seep into your relationship 47:46 01/24/2022
The needy and clingy people that become emotionally abusive 23:07 01/05/2022
When your friends and family get convinced you're the hurtful one 31:42 12/20/2021
Is telling them you're leaving better than just leaving? 31:50 12/01/2021
Is an emotional affair okay when you can't get your needs met? 30:16 11/12/2021
Afraid of staying and afraid of leaving 19:59 11/03/2021
The type of person that doesn't deserve a second chance 40:01 10/22/2021
When you want them to hurt 35:34 10/15/2021
When the emotionally abusive person leaves the relationship 40:27 10/07/2021
When you want it to be over and they don't 40:00 09/23/2021
Subtle abusive behavior is meant to hurt you in a very specific way 54:02 09/14/2021
Who are you when you're not in a toxic relationship? 33:25 07/30/2021
Is there an easy way to help someone understand they are being emotionally abusive? 26:01 07/11/2021
Some people would rather hurt you than be vulnerable with you 24:30 06/29/2021
Knowing the difference between emotional abuse and normal relationship difficulties 40:29 06/17/2021
How many times does someone have to hurt you before you decide enough is enough? 50:01 06/03/2021
Letting hurtful words or threatening comments become the new normal 37:29 05/18/2021
Six reasons you may feel guilty about leaving an emotionally abusive person 53:55 04/30/2021
Don't let emotional abuse take your decisions away 41:33 04/15/2021
What's acceptable behavior in the relationship? 31:18 04/02/2021
Is it reactive abuse or a normal response to emotionally abusive behavior? 33:22 03/18/2021
What is emotional abuse? How do I know when it's time to leave? And other important questions. 58:44 03/12/2021
Can you be in a toxic relationship for so long there's no turning back? 26:06 02/17/2021
Do they benefit from your response to their hurtful behavior? 39:28 02/03/2021
The slow disintegration of the deepest part of who you are 27:35 01/10/2021
The guilt from believing you could have done more 40:05 12/30/2020