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Bizzong! The Weird and Wacky Fiction Podcast talks to everyone who is anyone that writes strange and offbeat stories. Bizzong! aims to be a resource to those interested in reading and writing in the genres. Our interviews are conversational, informative and entertaining. So if you feel like the weird kid on your block, press play and discover a wacky world of writers who are just like you.


Predictions : Mr. Frank : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank talks about The Wonderland Book of the Year Awards 2021 for Bizarro Books published in 2020.  Predictions will be made. You better call your bookies! #GiveUsTheGong
44:28 11/08/2021
Episdode 255 : Mr. Frank
  Zongers, this is The Beginning of the End. On January 8th, 2022, Bizzong! Pocast will bang #TheFinalGong with the last episode of the show. This is the initial vision and details of that show. There will be more details to follow but I do hope that all Zongers; past, present and future can find a way to participate in the final show. The first way you can begin to be a part of the big final show is to call into the Bizzong! THE FINAL GONG hotline and record your farewell message that will air on THE FINAL GONG on January 8th 2022. Call in and leave your voicemail here: ‪(732) 607-8761‬
28:48 10/18/2021
Britches : John Goodrich : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank welcomes author John Goodrich to the show to talk about his latest book, LITTLE BRITCHES. We also talk about his past work, working with the good folks at Crossroads Press and why Kaiju stories work better on cellulose and not paper. Buckle up Zongers! Strap on them Beats and press play for another episode of Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGong
60:41 08/30/2021
Lust Butcher : Lucy Leitner : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Lucy Leitner stops in to talk discuss how her funny form of horror wound up on an extreme horror imprint. Lucy has grabbed Godless by the horns and has shown how the to use the platform to establish a successful writing presence in the modern horror readership. Check out Lucy's books Working Stiffs, Karen and the newly released Godless League offering, Lust Butcher and find out why Lucy Leitner has positioned herself as a writer not to miss. #GiveUsTheGong
63:11 08/09/2021
Mental : Matt Clarke : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Bizarro author Matt Clarke joins Mr. Frank to talk about his new books, COFFIN DODGERS and THINGS WERE EASIER BEFORE YOU BECAME A GIANT FUCKING MANTIS. He talks about his love and the bizarro and his desire to promote and progress the genre forward. History be damned, Matt Clarke is here to grow and champion the great genre of Bizarro! #GiveUsTheGong
65:50 07/26/2021
Rant : Mr. Frank : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank flies solo. Having no guest this week offers Mr. Frank the opportunity to reflect on the current state of Bizarro fiction by analyzing a recent rant posted by G. Arthur Brown. Is Bizarro dead? Find out what Mr. Frank thinks, this week on Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGong
54:17 07/19/2021
Time and Place : Dawn Shea : Bizzong! Podcast
This week's episode of Bizzong! is all about positioning yourself in the right place at the right time. D&T Publishing is the essence of placing their business at the right place at the right time. Dawn Shea of D&T Publishing talks about growing their press and having the foresight to get their press into the right situations at the right time.  Its not just luck. Its not serendipity. It's reading the market and knowing where opportunity lies. Dawn Shea and her husband were able to do just that and put their publishing business ahead of the curve, allowing opportunity to come to them instead of the other way around. This is how its done Zongers. Read the market and prosper! #GiveUsTheGong
74:03 06/28/2021
Scumbag : Lucas Milliron : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Lucas Milliron talks about his newest offering in the Godless Dot Com flagship series, F*cking Scumbags Burn in Hell. Lucas's story is titled Skin Deep and it will be available on Godless in July. Lucas talks about the serendipitous moment that led to his involvment in the series, the all-too-real true life experience that inspired the story and writing to the expectations of the series. Lucas also expounds on his experience so far with Godless Dot Com and the success his previous work, COCKSUCKER, has found on the platform. There a lot of dirty words this week. Don't let your mom and dad hear you listening to this filth.  Get on those earbuds and  #GiveUsTheGong
66:27 06/14/2021
Episode 249 : Ben Fitts
This week on Bizzong! author Ben Fitts returns to Bizzong! to lay down the tracks for his new book, SNAILBUTTER. It's a coming-of-age story that also serve as an homage to a popular 90's YA horror series. Benn also talks about his DIY chapbooks and the Rock N' Roll Horror zine and what the future of those projects might be. And of course, Ben, who is a member of the group War Honey is also excited to get back out and play shows where sometimes his books show up at as well. So get your poofy chef's toque on and get the snails in the broiler because its time to Escargot and listen to Ben Fitts on Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGong
60:10 06/07/2021
Generations : Zakary McGaha : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! author Zakary McGaha returns to Bizzong! to talk about his new book, Fall Tinted Dorsal Fin. Zakary shares his takes on generation gaps, his refocused intentions for his writing and his comfort levels of working with new publishers in the wake of his past experiences. So pot your plants and feed your dinosaurs because its time for the Bizzong! interview of Zakary McGaha! #GiveUsTheGong
60:01 06/02/2021
VoiceTwo : Ron Gabaldon : Bizzong! Podcast
  When we last left Ron Gabaldon he was preparing to jump over a caged great white shark on his water skis while wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket. Will he survive his death defying leap? Find out this week on part 2 of our interview with Ron Gabaldon, the voice of Death.
82:58 05/24/2021
VoiceOne : Ron Gabaldon : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank is joined by the Voice of Death, Ron Gabaldon. Ron is an audiobook narrator, or more specifically, an an audiobook performer. He is the voice of Death Gets a Book and A Death in Toledo. Ron stops by Bizzong! to talk about being a narrator and working on the Frank J. Edler books and collaborating with Mr. Frank on the projects. This is a supersized interview and this episode is part one of two. So get your vocal exercises ready and strap in for the long haul, this week on Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGong
75:59 05/20/2021
Twins : Joshua Chaplinsky : Bizzong! Podcast
    This week on Bizzong! author Joshua Chaplinsky returns to Bizzong! to discuss his new book, The Paradox Twins, a thought experiment, brought to life as a sci-fi oddity as only Joshua can tell. This is sound like the type of book that gets expelled from someone with a brilliant mind who has far too much time to spend within the confines of their own metal constraints. The result, is something that blows the collective minds of humanity. Let's get at it Zongers! #GiveUsTheGong
58:39 05/12/2021
Lice : Carver Pike : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! extreme horror writer, Carver Pike joins Mr. Frank to talk about his new book, Scalp. Carver also talks about his double life as an erotic fiction author and his new life as 1/4th of the new horror writing podcast, Written in Red. So get out your lice comb and get ready for a wriggly, jiggle episode with one of the hot new extreme horror writers on the scene. #GiveUsTheGong
66:58 04/26/2021
Hammer : Kevin Strange : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Kevin Strange stops back into talk about his latest project, Cockhammer Lives! a 152 page graphic novel. We discuss the challenges of writing longer comic book work. Improving over time. Getting back on the convention horse and hats. Lots of hats. So grab your lid and get ready to listen to the Bizzong! interverview of the mayor of Strangeville, Kevin Strange. #GiveUsTheGong
59:54 04/19/2021
Ninja : Brian Asman : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! author Brian Asman sets out to change his skin and change his name. That's right, if Brian's new book, NUNCHUCK CITY pre-sells 1,000 books he's going to tattoo the cover on his body and if he pre-sells 10,000 copies he's going to legally change his middle name to Nunchuck. Let's curse him to that fate Zongers! Buy NUNCHUCK CITY and tag Brian Asman today! #GiveUsTheGong
65:51 04/12/2021
Maggot : Simon McHardy : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Simon McHardy, author of Mother Maggot makes his podcast debuet with Mr. Frank. Mother Maggot is the most extreme of the extreme. Simon McHardy talks about the struggle to keep Mother Maggot published when it was being deplatformed off several retail channels. Simon also talks about where he pulls inspiration for writing extreme and disgusting fiction. We also talk about his new books, Gob and Nob and Moonface which are available exclusively on And of course, we spend some time on Simon's side gig writing erotic/fetish fiction. So get your barf bag ready and get ready to be repulsed by the vile fiction of Simon McHardy #GiveUsTheGong
67:11 04/05/2021
Slob : Aron Beauregard : Bizzong! Podcast
Get out the the mop and bucket because this week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank is going to have to clean-up after guest Aron Beauregard's THE SLOB. Aron's book has been nominated for a 2021 SplatterPunk Award for Best Novella.  Aron mucks it up with Mr. Frank and spills dirt on his origins story, his latest book THE WEDDING DAY MASSACRE and the rest of his filthy bibliography. Slap on your rubber gloves and get the bleach because its time for a messy episode of Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGon
59:47 03/29/2021
Godless : Drew Stepek : Bizzong! Podcast
Y'all need to find god! Wait, no you don't you need to remain godless for this week's episode of Bizzong! because Mr. Frank welcomes guest Drew Stepek of the horror fiction website GODLESS.COM Drew talks about why he launched Godless and the road it took to get there. Godless is more than just a horror book distribution platform. It's a place where like minded horror readers and writers can converge to collaborate and create with a platform that always has everyone's back. is going places driven by the creative vision of Drew Stepek. Get wrong with god, Zongers and get ready to get Godless. #GiveUsTheGong
80:12 03/22/2021
Doctor : Benjamin Anthony : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! noted Doctor of Divinity, Benjamin Anthony joins Mr. Frank to discuss his new peer reviewed thesis, Thick Comics ( Dr. Benjamin Anthony is an aspiring comic book creator who has long been a fixture and supporter of weird and wacky fiction. He's honed his creative outlet in the form of comics he's ready to share with the world. We discuss where Dr. Benjamin Anthony has been and where he's heading. Mr. Frank also validates his credentials and we can affirm, Dr. Benjamin Anthony is the real deal. Have a listen and find out for yourself. #GiveUsTheGong
69:41 03/01/2021
Silver : Daniel J. Volpe : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank deep dives in the extreme horror book, BILLY SILVER, with author Daniel J. Volpe. Daniel Volpe has been getting a lot of attention for Billy Silver and it is well deserved. After deep diving into the book, we also talk about other work Daniel has been writing and how he goes about his writing days. Clean your tattoo needles and get ready for an all new, all depraved episode of Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGong
67:50 02/22/2021
Cruel : Wesley Southard : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Splatterpunk Award winning author, Wesley Southard joins Mr. Frank once again to discuss his new book, CRUEL SUMMER from Death's Head Press. We also talk about COVID frustrations and the light at the end of the tunnel. There's also talk about creating dream team collaborations such as his collaboration with Somer Canon for SLAVES TO GRAVITY. Time for a road trip Zongers! We're headed south... #GiveUsTheGong
63:17 02/01/2021
Hellmouth : John Wayne Comunale : Bizzong! Podcast
Happy Birthday to this week's guest, John Wayne Comunale. What better way does John Wayne like to spend his birthday that hanging out with Mr. Frank and the Zongers. This is just like when the birthday kid brought cupcakes to class. Everyone wins! This week John Wayne talks about his new book, Mage of the Hellmouth from Grindhouse Press. He also talks about how he's been hustling during the pandemic and what unsuspecting sources of income he's found though his creative talents. Grab your 20 sided die and roll for fun points. It's time for Bizzong!  #GiveUsTheGong
68:30 01/25/2021
Fest : Julia Platz-Halter : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! author Julia Platz-Halter joins Mr. Frank to talk about her brand of Bizarro Fiction, her style and the unique voice she brings to her books like OrgyFest, Moby Penis and The Springfield Chronicles to name a few. Julia also discusses her music style and what to do when the orgy is over. Don't have a cow man. It's time for Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGong
57:59 01/18/2021
Splatter Romance : Ryan Harding and Lucas Mangum : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! the deadly duo of extreme horror, Ryan Harding and Lucas Mangum join Mr. Frank to talk about their new collaborative effort, PANDEMONIUM. There talk about wrestling, European horror, and good old fashion Headers! Yee Ha! Don your lycra masks and get ready to rumble, this week on Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGong
48:20 01/11/2021
Dumbwaiter : Sal Cangemi : Bizzong! Podcast
Happy New Year Zongers! Let's kick off 2021 correct and bring a new face to the new year. This week, Mr. Frank welcomes Sal Cangemi, author of The Demon, the Dumbwaiter and the Douchebag, from Hellbound Books. Sal discusses his outrageous new book loaded with monsters and mayhem. He discusses why it's taken him so long to get to writing and how good fortune and good writing landed him his first published book once he'd decided it was time to share his work with the world. There much fun to be had with our first guest of the new year so lets get on with the Bizzong interview of Sal Cangemi! #GiveUsTheGong
54:34 01/04/2021
Bye 2020 : Mr. Frank : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank bid adieu to 2020. First I go over the nominees for this year's Wonderland Book of the Year Awards which will be presented virtually on December 23, 2020. Then I countdown my own personal list of the my favorite weird fiction reads of 2020.  This will be the final episode of Bizzong! in 2020. I wish happy holidays and a functional New Year to all you fine Zongers out there! See ya next year! #GiveUsTheGong
43:44 12/14/2020
Deep One : JC Walsh : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank finally drags in J.C. Walsh from the depths to talk about his new story collection, WITHIN THE ABYSS. We also go back and talk about J.C.'s preliminary release, DEATH HIGHWAY to find out why cosmic horror appeals to his New England senses. Buckle Up Zongers because we're racing along the Red Plane this week on Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGong
64:15 11/30/2020
Plague : Meg Smith : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank welcomes veteran journalist, poet and fiction writer Meg Smith to talk about her new short story collection, THE PLAGUE CONFESSOR. We also talk a great deal about Meg's writing career spanning over 30 years. Its a learning experience and you're going to want to have a pen and paper ready. Or a note taking device or whatever you crazy kids use these days. #GiveUsTheGong
51:34 11/23/2020
Dreamworld : Jon Bassoff : Bizzong! Podcast
This week on Bizzong! Mr. Frank is joined by the author of the latest Eraserhead Press release, Captain Clive's Dreamworld. Jon Bassoff is a seasoned writer who has come up with something a little left of center and perfect for the premier Bizarro fiction publisher. Jon captures Mr. Frank's fantasy by weaving a tale of a book set in (one of the) happiest places on Earth. What could go wrong when everything is oh-so-right? Then we dig into Jon's body of work and where he likes to take his pen into the darker corners of fiction. It's time to to take a trip this week to Jon Bassoff's Dreamworld on Bizzong! #GiveUsTheGong
54:03 11/16/2020