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Necrocasticon, where we blend horror fiction with heavy metal, for your pleasure, and ours. Our esteemed panel of experts in the field of metal and all things that are scary includes our host and moderator; author, veteran podcaster and internet journalist Thomas R Clark, musician Mr. Scott, horror & metal historian Smoking Walt Ball, Sgt. Dan Roberts, and our guy on the couch, Uncle Skip Novak. Not to mention, each week we’ll feature special guests from the worlds of hard rock music and the horror genre in print and on the screen!


Didn't make it to Scares That Care Authorcon III? Well here's a taste of one of the panels you missed, the Music and Horror Discussion panel, moderated by Thomas R. Clark with Tommy B. Smith, David Simms, Jessica McHugh, Justin Lutz, Paul Tremblay, Jeremy Megargee and David Simmons!
58:18 4/16/24
The Necrocasticon Chapter #424
We remember JDF, Tom reviews Smile & Something in the Dirt, Dan is all about the new Disturbed, Mr. Scott returns for more Yellowstone, and more.
58:59 11/30/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #423
We talk Wakanda Forever, Andor, Yellowstone, and Black Adam. Plus, Tom reviews THE CURSED, and Dan apologizes to Josh Schwartz’s student.
80:03 11/24/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #422
  Wesley Southard joins us to discuss his new short story collection, plus we review Jason Pitts’ new film.
70:21 11/17/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter 421
Actor, musician, and author Solon Tsangaras returns to talk about cats, gas, music, and his latest film Witch House. Plus we have some fun with classic reviews by a teenage music "snob."
73:18 11/9/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #420
The Necrocasticon Presents Our Unsolved Mystery Re-Enactment of the 2022 Scares that Care Gross out contest!
44:13 11/1/22
The Necrocasticon Presents Halloween Short Stories Part 4
The Necrocasticon Presents: Halloween Horror Stories Part 4… With your host, Morty The Caretaker and Sgt Fury! With stories from Ezekial Kincaid and Carter Johnson and their respective stories: Barbed Wire - a Johnny Walker Ranger story and Halloween on Baker Street.
59:07 10/26/22
The Necrocasticon Presents: Halloween Stories 3
The Necrocasticon Presents: Halloween Horror Stories Part 3… but without your host, Morty The Caretaker. Why? Because Tom and Scott remember Jay Wilburn. Tim Murr reads HP Lovecraft’s The Hound, and we are proud to present the debut of author Stephen Cords’s story, Boys Are So Stupid, read by the author!
76:07 10/20/22
The Necrocasticon Presents Halloween Stories Part 2 Chapter #417
The Necrocasticon Presents: Halloween Horror Stories Part 2… With your host, Morty The Caretaker and Uncle Skip! CORRESPONDENCE LOG written & performed by Ryan C. Bradley. Plus, a pair of stories from Thomas R Clark’s 2022 convention collection, A Trunk Of Forgotten Lore - The Dark Arch And Shield Maiden, and finally, a trick or treat from Uncle Skip, who asks for… The Favor.
45:04 10/12/22
The Necrocasticon Presents: Halloween Horror Stories Part 1 Chapter #416
77:18 10/5/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #415
CeCe Tanner sits in for her Dad again as we discuss the first three episodes of Andor. Tom reviews the new Stephen King novel, Fairy Tale, plus our thoughts on Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine in the MCU.
81:40 9/28/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #414
It’s another turkey shoot of topics with CeCe Tanner joining us again, filling in for her Dad, Smoking Walt Ball! Dan went to see The Hu, Megadeth & FFDP, Skip got the new Clutch, we saw a new Hellraiser trailer, and we go over the D23 Lucasfilm reveals, plus a preview of ANDOR.
77:03 9/21/22
The Necrocasticon Presents: You've Got To Be Kidding #413
Jim Cobb from the Prepper’s Survival Guide comes back to discuss contrails with Tom & Skip.  
28:58 9/17/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #412
Horror make up artist CeCe Tanner fills in for her Dad (you know him as Smokin Walt Ball) and Mr. Scott this week to go over D23, Ozzy’s Patient #9, and we settle the battle over which is better: House of the Dragon or The Rings of Power.    
81:34 9/14/22
The Necrocasticon Presents You've Got to be Kidding #411
We dug into the archives and found this from before the pandemic! Jim Cobb from the Prepper's Survival Guide joins Tom & Skip to discuss why secret military maneuvers are... secret.
40:23 9/10/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter 410
Tom went to Scares That Care Charity Weekend VIII, and did a live reading with extreme horror stars Kristopher Triana and Will Chase!
70:55 9/7/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #409
Liam Carver joins us to talk about his extreme horror debut, plus we give our opinions on the future of small horror cons, and the guys catch up on their TV, movies, and the new Megadeth album.
79:02 8/31/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #408
Featuring one of the best panels from NECON 40! THE GUEST OF HONOR INTERVIEWS with Gretchen Felker-Martin, Bracken MacLeod, Mary San Giovanni, and moderators Charles R. Rutledge and special guest, Christopher Golden!  
82:18 8/24/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #407
NECON’s panels on Friday are more of a forum discussion. The weekend kicked off with this one, THE FRANK MICHAELS ERRINGTON FIVE STAR BOOKS KAFFEEKLATSCH with James Chambers, Garrett Cook, and Valerie Williams discussing the best books they’ve read recently.  
51:47 8/17/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #406
Our coverage of NECON 40 continues with a panel you won’t want to miss! GOLDEN MEMORIES: WHAT IT WAS LIKE TO WORK DURING THE 80S/90S HORROR BOOM with Craig Shaw Gardner, Joe R. Lansdale, Lori Perkins, Darrell Schweitzer, Melissa Ann Singer, and moderator Stephen Mark Rainey.
58:54 8/10/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #405
We present the first of series of NECON 40 panels, for those who missed them! Starting with one of the last panels of the weekend, THAT NEW BOOK SMELL, OR NEW AUTHORS WHO WILL REINVIGORATE OUR COMMUNITY & GENRE with Michael Burke, Teri Clarke, Stephen Cords, Michelle Renee Lane, and moderator Paul McNamee.
64:04 8/3/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #404
Tom tells us about his trip to NECON 40, SDCC made some huge announcements, and we preview Scares That Care VIII!  
70:21 7/27/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #403
Tom, Scott, Skip, Dan and Walt’s spirit give their takes on THOR LOVE AND THUNDER, Ms. Marvel, The Boys, What We Do in the Shadows season 3, the new Municipal Waste and the Pantera tribute tour.    
70:49 7/20/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #402
Tom & Skip interview director Bobby Easley and Michelle Morris, from HP Lovecraft’s Witch House plus plenty of our typical Necrocrew shenanigans.    
68:45 7/13/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter 401
We have a Herogasm this week, plus Tom’s review of The Black Phone and Skip takes on HP Lovecraft's Witch House in Writer vs. B Movie, and much more.  
57:23 7/6/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #400
Our monumental chapter 400! Featuring a spoiler review of Obi-Wan’s first season, plus our thoughts on The Boys season 3 and Ms. Marvel. Then we recollect on our favorite shows on the podcast.   
76:53 6/29/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #399
We review Voorhees: Night of the Beast, plus our takes on the new album from Kreator, The Boys Season 3, Ms. Marvel and a spoiler free review of Obi-Wan.
63:50 6/24/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #398
Tim Murr of St. Rooster Books joins Tom, and moderates a panel from Conklin Con 2022 on indie publishing!
71:45 6/13/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #397
Rami Ungar joins us to talk about his new release - The Pure World Comes and STRANGER THINGS SEASON 4. Plus we dig into the first 2 episodes of Obi-Wan, and Jerik Thibodeaux, bass guitarist from GOLGOTHAN, talks death metal and horror film making with us.
77:46 6/6/22
The Necrocasticon Chapter #396
Sense of Noise, a rising melodic death metal band from Mexico joins Tom, Scott, Skip, and Walt, plus Tom and Tim Murr went to go see Napalm Death and Unto Others at the world famous Lost Horizon!
60:20 5/30/22

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