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Official podcast feed of MDedge Psychiatry, part of the Medscape Professional Network. Episodes include interviews with leaders in psychiatry and psychology, masterclass lectures, and clinical perspective. Interviews are hosted by Dr. Lorenzo Norris, MD, Clinical Correlaction featuers Dr. Renee Kohanski, MD, and lecturers are chosen by MDedge Psychiatry. The information in this podcast is provided for informational and educational purposes only.


SPONSORED: Understanding the pathophysiology and comorbidities in patients with schizophrenia 27:30 07/06/2021
The Psychcast goes on hiatus | Clinical Correlation 16:17 05/10/2021
Creative approaches to treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic with Dr. Craig Chepke 27:57 05/05/2021
Examining a model for intervening in gun-related violence in the US with Dr. Jack Rozel 40:08 04/28/2021
Crawling in my skin | Clinical Correlation 14:22 04/26/2021
Changing the culture in medical schools to meet the mental health needs of physicians, students, and residents with Dr. Omar Sultan Haque 37:35 04/21/2021
Understanding Zoom fatigue and how to make videoconferencing less anxiety provoking with Dr. Géraldine Fauville 41:53 04/14/2021
Patients can read our notes now? | Clinical Correlation 11:03 04/12/2021
Precision medicine and mental health: Implementing pharmacogenomics into your private or institutional practice with Dr. Vicki L. Ellingrod 23:54 04/07/2021
Providing mental health services and fostering resilience in the wake of mass traumas such as the Jan. 6 Capitol siege 42:21 03/31/2021
Spectrum vs. narcissism: An unlikely differential | Clinical Correlation 11:50 03/29/2021
Psychedelics, violence, and psychiatric treatment: Assessing the early and emerging research with Dr. Brian Holoyda 21:53 03/24/2021
The ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health with Dr. Dost Öngür 26:56 03/17/2021
'The journey of a thousand miles begins with two roads diverged in a yellow wood' | Clinical Correlation 15:03 03/15/2021
Intervening in the lives of people who embrace White supremacy with Dr. Pete Simi 54:48 03/10/2021
How schizophrenia patients are faring during COVID-19 with Dr. Frank Chen 28:01 03/03/2021
My C...cccccorona | Clinical Correlation 07:27 03/01/2021
Treating patients with delusional infestation with Dr. John Koo and Dr. Scott Norton 57:02 02/24/2021
Exploring the connections between the microbiome and Alzheimer’s disease with Dr. George Grossberg 23:49 02/17/2021
I hear the secrets that you keep when you're talking in your sleep | Clinical Correlation 14:33 02/15/2021
Thinking through the medical ethics of COVID-19 with Dr. Rebecca Brendel and Dr. Allen Dyer 46:41 02/10/2021
Understanding and dismantling structural racism within organizations with Dr. Ruth S. Shim 41:10 02/03/2021
We're so tired, we haven't slept a wink | Clinical Correlation 13:18 02/01/2021
Why some people cannot accept reality, even when presented with facts with Dr. David H. Rosmarin 33:41 01/27/2021
Dr. Dorothy Lewis of 'Interview with a Serial Killer' and 'Crazy, Not Insane' on a lifetime in psychiatry 55:33 01/20/2021
Doctor, doctor, give me the news | Clinical Correlation 10:44 01/18/2021
Addressing how individual and social determinants affect mental health equity and inclusion with Dr. Regina James 40:13 01/13/2021
The year of living dangerously | Clinical Correlation 10:42 01/11/2021
Providing psychiatric consultation services for individuals living in nursing homes with Dr. Bradford L. Frank 27:21 01/06/2021
Bulimia nervosa, telepsychiatry, cannabis | Best of 2020 Masterclasses 64:42 12/23/2020