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Real Estate Radio LIVE is a podcast covering the world of Anything and Everything Real Estate™ hosted by Joe Cucchiara. With current market experience and honest, insightful perspectives - the guidance they bring to the air waves is an un-matched consumer & professional resource. Real Estate Radio LIVE was founded and launched in 2011 by Joe Cucchiara, a Bay Area mortgage planner who has guided thousands of Silicon Valley residents (and beyond!) through the home financing process. As an avid listener of talk radio, a highly experienced lending professional and a dedicated client advocate, Joe has combined his passions into a platform that all consumers and industry peers can not only access, but truly learn from. With Real Estate Radio LIVE is the only LIVE Bay Area real estate radio show and ranked in the top 5 real estate podcasts, in listenership and popularity, the mission has been widely received and continues to grow. Together, our energetic team has completed over 1000 expert guest interviews to cover all aspects of home, finance and beyond…and they aren’t stopping anytime soon!


RERL-1762-Best cities to retire & The friendliest cities! 42:40 08/25/2021
RERL-1761- Ed Bass, Realtor - Monterey Coast Realty 33:13 08/17/2021
RERL-1760-Special Guest-Tyler Baldwin, CEO of Reali 35:50 08/12/2021
RERL-1759-Eviction Moratorium – Is it helping or hurting? 31:19 08/10/2021
RERL-1758-Market Update & Which US City Has The Highest Share Of Superrich Residents In The World? 27:49 07/14/2021
RERL-1757- Joe from Hawaii and Jack from Florida! Now that's remote! 34:15 06/29/2021
RERL-1756-Housing market peaks & new ways to look at second homes! 34:37 06/24/2021
RERL-1755-Bay Area real estate - Should you buy, sell or hold? 29:37 06/10/2021
RERL-1754- Mental Illness Awareness Month- Special Guest - Rachel Cucchiara 38:54 05/14/2021
RERL-1753-Housing Market – Major Changes On The Way! 32:55 05/05/2021
RERL-1752-Why professional photography makes a difference! 32:24 03/24/2021
RER-1751-California opening, and rates are going up. What will this do for housing? 37:38 03/05/2021
RERL-1750-Why everyone's fleeing to Florida, and careful with a vacation home purchase! 35:02 02/16/2021
RERL-1749-Boycott B of A, and don't be so quick to sell your home! 32:08 02/10/2021
RERL-1748- How Does the Election Impact Real Estate Investors? 38:28 01/14/2021
RERL-1747-End of The Year Review in Real Estate & What to Expect in 2021 32:55 12/31/2020
RERL-1746-Business and Real Estate - Small actions yield big HQ implications for Uber, Wells Fargo, Chevron 41:43 12/29/2020
RERL-1745- Showcasing Small Business - Chris Cucchiara with ReGenesis 360 29:21 12/19/2020
RERL-1743- Calling all small businesses - We want to help! 18:05 12/09/2020 – The New Way to Track Your Nature Scores! 29:43 11/05/2020
RERL-1741-Breast Cancer Awareness Month 27:36 10/29/2020
RERL-1740-Big City Rents Dropping… Are Big City Home Values Next? 30:37 10/26/2020 - You Can Now Track NatureScores! 26:20 10/21/2020
RERL-1738-Today’s Confirmation Hearing and California 33:47 10/14/2020
RERL-1737-Silicon Valley Stress – The Reason for Some Leaving? 35:15 10/09/2020
RERL-1736-Small Business Strategies 27:21 10/07/2020
RERL-1735-California In A Crisis 27:09 09/24/2020
RERL-1734-The Rich Are Looking To Leave California - Where Are They Going And Why? 36:11 09/18/2020
RERL-1733-Pluses and Minuses of Leaving California! 40:18 09/04/2020
RERL-1732-Market Update 29:53 08/13/2020