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Podcastification - podcasting tips, podcast tricks, how to podcast better

Podcastificating the world, one listener at a time.A fun look at podcasting, its challenges and triumphs, and the tech, tips & tricks, and strategies that impact the world of everyday podcasters like you and me. I'm a regular guy who's been swept up in the podcastificating world of podcasting. I've build a business to support podcasters and content providers and love passing along my hard-learned lessons about podcasting, production, and editing, as well as my take on the technology that's available and the news that's affecting the podcasting space. Short episodes. Fun episodes. Very sparsely populated with interviews here and there. Let me know what you think. I'd love your rating and review. And if you need help with your podcast production, show notes, etc. - my team is here to help.


162: The Top 11 Distance Recording Options – Side By Side Comparison – 2022 46:17 04/12/2022
A newsletter for Indie Podcasters (finally) 02:08 03/11/2022
161: How Daniel J. Lewis built authority from scratch, monetized his podcasting, and makes a life, not just a living 52:30 03/01/2022
160: How two friends grew the Bourbon Pursuit podcast to multiple six-figure income and started their own brand of bourbon, with Kenny Coleman 49:38 02/22/2022
159: Discover 10 to 15 immediately usable podcast topics in just 30 minutes: The 10-10-10 method 10:08 02/15/2022
158: How Scott Johnson uses his head to create ongoing audience growth 45:52 12/07/2021
157: Podcast Show Notes Best Practices and Strategy 35:12 11/23/2021
156: How to monetize a hobby with Maria Failla 51:48 11/09/2021
155: Subscribe Is Gone (Apple only, so far) 11:29 09/03/2021
154: Sponsorships for Niche Podcasts, with Glenn Hebert 39:44 05/11/2021
153: How to Uncover Monetization Opportunities, Grab Them First, and Make the Most of Them Long-Term, with Andrew Allemann 43:49 04/13/2021
152: Niche power, Professional Help, And Paying The Price, with Mark Goldman 41:24 04/06/2021
151: Monetize Your Podcast in 100s of Ways, with Dave Jackson 31:14 03/30/2021
150: Marketing Your Podcast And Growing Your Audience the RIGHT WAY, with Jeremy Enns 45:48 03/23/2021
149: The NEW Way to Monetize Your Podcast, with Jason Sew Hoy of Supercast 35:55 03/16/2021
148: Niche Domination Formula Step 5: Saturation 24:31 03/09/2021
147: Niche Domination STEP 4: Consistency 11:04 02/23/2021
146: Step Three: Originality & Appeal: The Podcast Niche Domination Formula 14:13 01/18/2021
145: Quality & Helpfulness: Phase 2 of the Podcast Niche Domination Formula 15:03 12/30/2020
144: Notice & Awareness - Phase 1 of The Podcast Niche Domination Formula 20:14 12/16/2020
143: The Podcast Niche Domination Formula 05:54 12/02/2020
142: Trust is the lock and value is the key 11:13 11/18/2020
141: Why you should NOT compare yourself or your podcast to Joe Rogan 11:29 11/03/2020
140: How to gain huge compound interest-like benefits from your podcast 12:15 10/16/2020
139: Make Bank: Invite Your Ideal Customer To A Podcast Interview 10:09 09/08/2020
138: How To Record An Interview Podcast In High Quality Audio: Squadcast 51:55 08/25/2020
137: The World’s FIRST Growth Focused Podcast Hosting Company? 46:24 08/20/2020
136: Jessica Kupferman: Helping Women Podcasters Everywhere 49:01 06/18/2020
135: The Best Monetization Strategy: Niche Podcasting, with Ashley Hodge 62:22 05/20/2020
134: The Story Behind The Story Behind, with Emily Prokop 56:22 04/29/2020