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Jon Strum cuts through all the jargon and breaks down the latest multiple sclerosis news. You’ll meet the scientists who are creating tomorrow’s MS treatments today. You’ll hear from the experts discussing how the latest tweaks and changes to our healthcare laws will impact your MS treatment. And we’ll be talking to the courageous MS warriors who are out there advocating on behalf of the MS community every day, as well as the men and women who are committed to living their best lives with MS and living their best lives as MS caregivers. If you're dealing with multiple sclerosis in your life -- as a patient, caregiver, family member, or friend -- join us each week for RealTalk MS.


Episode 198: Anxiety and Depression in MS with Dr. Anthony Feinstein 41:51 06/15/2021
Episode 197: Everything You Need to Know About MS Relapses with Dr. Michelle Cameron 24:50 06/08/2021
Episode 196: Diagnosing and Misdiagnosing MS with Dr. Andrew Solomon 27:56 06/01/2021
Episode 195: Dr. Nancy Sicotte Shares an Update About Vaccines and DMTs, Variants, Masks, and More 26:10 05/25/2021
Episode 194: Innovation in MS Rehabilitation with Pierluigi Montovani 29:52 05/18/2021
Episode 193: Managing the Emotional Fallout of the Pandemic with Dr. Gayle Lewis 39:00 05/11/2021
RealTalk MS Bonus: MS in the 21st Century with Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams and Carolyn Kaufman 17:10 05/06/2021
Episode 192: Next-Generation MS Therapies with Dr. Michael Kornberg 38:21 05/04/2021
Episode 191: COVID-19 Vaccines and MS -- What You Need to Know Before You Go with Dr. Dorlan Kimbrough 32:12 04/27/2021
Episode 190: MS Rehab in the Real World with Sally McAllister and Dr. Carol-Ann Nelson 33:33 04/20/2021
Episode 189: Research on Sex Differences in MS Leads to Potential Treatment with Dr. Rhonda Voskuhl 35:49 04/13/2021
Episode 188: Managing Your Cognitive Health in MS with Dr. Victoria Leavitt 31:20 04/06/2021
Episode 187: Progressive MS Research, Treatment, and Rehabilitation with Dr. Kathy Zackowski and Dr. Daniel Ontaneda 39:43 03/30/2021
Episode 186: Building Your Resilience with Dr. Meghan Beier 26:58 03/23/2021
Episode 185: MS Advocacy and the 2021 Virtual Public Policy Conference with Bari Talente 39:36 03/16/2021
Episode 184: MS Awareness Week with Tracey Cooper-Harris and Sarah Quezada 41:39 03/09/2021
Episode 183: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in MS with Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams 31:36 03/02/2021
Bonus Episode: ACTRIMS 2021 30:29 02/27/2021
Episode 182: COVID-19 Vaccine Myth-Busting with Dr. Scott Newsome 34:13 02/23/2021
Episode 181: Sex and MS with Dr. Linda Mona 31:17 02/16/2021
Episode 180: Dr. Jaime Imitola Explains Timing Your MS Medications with the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines 29:33 02/09/2021
Episode 179: The Importance of Exercise in MS with Dr. Nora Fritz and Judy Boone 36:11 02/02/2021
Episode 178: Diet and MS with Dr. Ilana Katz Sand 33:46 01/26/2021
Episode 177: Dr. Nancy Sicotte Answers Your Questions About the COVID-19 Vaccines and MS 29:37 01/19/2021
Episode 176: The National MS Society Issues a COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance 28:32 01/12/2021
Episode 175: People-Powered MS Research with the CEO of iConquerMS Sara Loud 30:53 01/05/2021
Episode 174: MSVirtual2020 Research Recap with Dr. Bruce Bebo 28:34 12/29/2020
Episode 173: Creating the COVID Vaccine Guidance for People with MS with Dr. Nancy Sicotte 26:11 12/22/2020
Episode 172: Preventing Holiday (and Pandemic) Stress with Megan Weigel, DNP, ARNP-C 34:04 12/15/2020
Episode 171: The Country with One of the Highest Rates of MS in the World with Dr. Pamela Valentine 34:09 12/08/2020