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Learn to care for plants successfully and cultivate more joy in your life. Ever killed a houseplant before? Host Maria Failla can relate. That’s why she interviews planty experts to get answers to the plant care questions we all have, but might be nervous to ask: like what the heck IS bright indirect light? What is soil and potting mix made up of? Or What IS the best way to water my plants? Tune in to stop killing your plants, learn how to get them to thrive and most importantly, how plants can help us grow a little more joy in our lives while we “Keep Blooming and Keep Growing”! Follow @bloomandgrowradio on IG for daily planty inspiration.


Popular and Unique Aroids to Try this Summer with Enid of NSE Tropicals 45:23 05/17/2022
Preserving Asian Heritage Through Seeds and Stories 51:49 05/03/2022
Beginner's Guide to Greenhouses 77:00 04/19/2022
I Want to Hear YOUR Story: Join the #GrowingJoyChallenge 06:09 04/17/2022
What is Seed Scarification? // Knowledge Nugget #3 08:30 04/12/2022
Bulb Basics with Jenks Farmer 55:01 04/05/2022
Limey's Grand Adventure // Flying My Lime Tree to Florida 23:05 03/29/2022
How to Start a Product Based Planty Business plus a big announcement with Samantha from Hemleva 78:42 03/22/2022
Rubber Plant Care Guide and Frequently Asked Questions with Raffaele from Ohio Tropics 66:15 03/08/2022
Do plants see brightness? What is PAR? // Knowledge Nugget #2 09:42 03/01/2022
How to Care for Carnivorous Plants Indoors 66:37 02/22/2022
New Mini-Series: Knowledge Nuggets! What is a Peperomia Inflorescence? Ep 1 09:52 02/15/2022
Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Black People in Horticulture with Colah from Black int he Garden 63:12 02/08/2022
Interior Design Trends and Houseplants with Betsy from Affordable Interior Design 76:09 01/25/2022
Streamlining and Simplifying Houseplant Care / Checking in with guys from the Plant Daddy Pod 61:33 01/11/2022
Bonus episode: Plant Inspired Meditation for the Start of 2022 07:14 01/06/2022
Finding Joy through Plants in a Season of Transition: Reflecting on 2021 32:00 12/28/2021
Wedding Flower Crash Course for To Be Weds / My Botanically Inspired Wedding Series 85:02 12/14/2021
26 Ways to Incorporate Plants Into Your Wedding / My Botanically Inspired Wedding Series 84:00 12/07/2021
3 Plant Inspired DIY Wedding Ideas that Live On After the Big Day Uploaded 52:57 11/30/2021
Snake Plants 101 with Chris Satch 59:16 11/16/2021
Plantrepreneurship, Plant Styling and Planty Tiktok with Reagan Kastner 61:56 11/09/2021
I've waited almost a year to tell you this: Why I created the Bloom & Grow Garden Society 24:23 11/03/2021
Planty Fake News/ 3 Plant Care Myths Busted with Leslie Halleck 79:02 11/02/2021
Maria's Favorite Things 2021 41:16 10/29/2021
Aquatic Plants and Planted Aquariums 101 75:44 10/19/2021
Lessons from Plants for 2021 49:30 10/05/2021
Designing and Revitalizing a Garden in a New Home 66:47 09/21/2021
Plant Parent Confessions with Members of the Garden Party Platform 38:34 09/07/2021
Culinary Medicine from Our Gardens 65:39 08/24/2021