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The Dental Practice Heroes Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Paul Etchison, this dental business podcast is full of in depth discussions and meaningful strategies that you can implement your very next work day. All content is intended to be practical for dentists, and applicable to anyone working in the dental field, i.e. doctors, hygienists, dental assistants, and admin personnel.


Is this Hill Worth Dying On with Paul Etchison 10:30 05/16/2022
Giving Permission to your Passions 51:45 05/09/2022
DBM - How do I keep my Team Happy, Engaged, and Productive? 11:36 05/05/2022
Mastering Emotionally Heated Conversations with Paul Etchison 11:11 05/02/2022
Onboarding Systems that Work with Mark Costes 43:34 04/25/2022
DBM - The Front Versus Back Drama. What to do? 12:46 04/21/2022
When we F*** it up with Paul Etchison 12:16 04/18/2022
Lessons Learned Going Out of Network with Tom Reed 50:47 04/11/2022
DBM - Inflation: Rising Costs and Expenses. What to do? 12:57 04/07/2022
Build it Bigger with Paul Etchison 12:19 04/04/2022
YES, even you can do a START UP with Chris Green and Taher Dhoon 41:57 03/28/2022
DBM - How can I Empower my Leads and Get Out of the Way? 12:02 03/24/2022
Handling Upset Patients with Paul Etchison 12:54 03/21/2022
Optimizing in the New Dental Landscape with Kiera Dent 54:18 03/14/2022
DBM - What Tasks can I Outsource the Easiest? 10:27 03/10/2022
Our Factory Default is Happiness with Paul Etchison 09:57 03/07/2022
Membership Plans, Retention, and Better Service with Dr. Chris Phelps and Dr. Drew Byrnes 50:15 02/28/2022
DBM - How do I Retain Staff in the Current Labor Market? 12:37 02/24/2022
Anxiety and Predicting the Future with Paul Etchison 12:27 02/21/2022
Implants: Full Arch Efficiency and Profitability with Mike Tran 41:08 02/14/2022
DBM - How do I reduce patient NO-SHOWS? 10:27 02/10/2022
Accountability Conversations when Expectations aren't Met with Paul Etchison 11:05 02/07/2022
EOS and Systemization in Management with Anthony Do 52:21 01/31/2022
DBM - How do I DEFINE MY BRAND and Express it to my Team? 10:36 01/27/2022
Overwhelm, Anxiety, and Delegation with Paul Etchison 13:08 01/24/2022
Communication that GETS the TREATMENT BOOKED with Chris Bowman 50:11 01/17/2022
DBM - How do I accurately track my expenses to MAXIMIZE my PROFIT? 10:43 01/13/2022
Everyday is an Experiment with Paul Etchison 13:05 01/10/2022
Your BEST LIFE this Year with Ellen Broen 58:29 01/03/2022
DBM - What is the Most Effective Presentation Tips for Case Acceptance? 13:51 12/30/2021