Show cover of Weird Darkness: Stories of the Paranormal, Supernatural, Legends, Lore, Mysterious, Macabre, Unsolved

Weird Darkness: Stories of the Paranormal, Supernatural, Legends, Lore, Mysterious, Macabre, Unsolved

Award-winning podcast hosted by voice artist Darren Marlar who narrates true stories of crime, the unexplained, and paranormal.* Ranked #2 in Podcast Magazine‘s “Best True Crime and Horror” podcasts for 2020* Named one of the “Best Storytellers in Podcasting” in 2019 by Podcast Business Journal* Darren Marlar’s narration of “The Tell-Tale Heart” won Bronze at HEAR NOW 2020 Podcast Palooza* Reached #5 worldwide on the “HOT 50” chart for November 2020 by Podcast Magazine* Finalist for”Storyteller-Drama” award for the “People’s Choice Podcast Awards” in 2019


“THE GIRL WHO FELL IN LOVE WITH THE DEVIL” and 4 More Dark Stories! #WeirdDarkness 60:13 07/03/2022
“THE GIRLS WHO TURNED GREEN” and 4 More True Stories! #WeirdDarkness 50:22 07/03/2022
“THE HAUNTER OF THE DARK” by H.P. LOVECRAFT #WeirdDarkness 70:26 07/03/2022
“THE DEADLIEST, MOST HAUNTED ROAD IN BRITAIN” and More Strange and True Stories! #WeirdDarkness 62:04 07/03/2022
“OF A MAD BRAIN” (PART ONE) BY SCOTT DONNELLY, from Weird Darkness Publishing #WeirdDarkness 73:52 07/02/2022
JULY 03, 2022 #WeirdDarknessRadioShow 90:44 07/01/2022
“A HISTORY OF ELVES” and More Strange True Stories! #WeirdDarkness 54:29 06/28/2022
“GHOSTS, GRAVITY, AND ISAAC NEWTON” and Other True Stories (PLUS BLOOPERS)! #WeirdDarkness 47:43 06/28/2022
“THE MURDER AND HAUNTING OF THE BLACK DAHLIA” #WeirdDarkness 38:25 06/27/2022
LIVE! From The Chicago Paranormal Conference in Summit, IL! #WeirdDarkness 111:01 06/26/2022
“THE HAUNTINGS OF EASTERN STATE MENTAL ASYLUM” and More True Tales – PLUS BLOOPERS!! #WeirdDarkness 54:19 06/26/2022
“REAL LIFE ENCOUNTERS WITH ANGELS” #WeirdDarkness 65:40 06/26/2022
“CURSE OF THE ICEMAN” and More True Stories! #WeirdDarkness 66:14 06/25/2022
“THE REAL SHARK ATTACKS BEHIND ‘JAWS’” and More True SHARK Stories! #WeirdDarkness 87:27 06/25/2022
“LITTLE KNOWN SECRETS OF THE CRYSTAL BALL” and more! #WeirdDarkness 56:15 06/24/2022
JUNE 26, 2022 #WeirdDarknessRadioShow (EARLY RELEASE FOR PODCAST SUBSCRIBERS!) 100:52 06/23/2022
“THE MOST DREADFUL EXECUTION OF THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS” and More True Horrors! #WeirdDarkness 64:42 06/23/2022
“WHEN THE CIRCUS CAME TO TOWN” and “THE ‘ALONE’ REALITY SHOW COVERUP” #WeirdDarkness #HorrorFiction 54:57 06/22/2022
“A DEMON MADE ME DO IT” and More Dark But True Tales! #WeirdDarkness 61:21 06/22/2022
“PLAGUE WEDDINGS” and More Horrifying But True Stories! #WeirdDarkness 54:03 06/21/2022
“DOGFIGHT WITH A UFO” and 4 More Terrifying True Stories – PLUS BLOOPERS! #WeirdDarkness 67:12 06/21/2022
“THE CHILD NOT REALLY THERE” and Other Strange True Stories – PLUS BLOOPERS!! #WeirdDarkness 75:01 06/20/2022
Wondery Presents: The Execution of Bonny Lee Bakley 06:50 06/20/2022
“THERE IS NO ESCAPING THE REAPER” and More Strange But True Stories! #WeirdDarkness 51:32 06/20/2022
“TO HELL AND BACK” and More Terrifying True Tales! #WeirdDarkness 58:43 06/19/2022
“THE BLACK TREE” and 2 More Short Fictional Horror Stories! #WeirdDarkness 59:26 06/19/2022
“THE NIGHT WITCHES” and More True Tales! #WeirdDarkness 56:43 06/18/2022
“KILLER KIDS AND MURDEROUS MINORS” and More Horrific True Stories! #WeirdDarkness 75:51 06/18/2022
“THE STRANGERS ON THE SUBWAY” and one more Short Horror Story of Fiction! #WeirdDarkness 54:48 06/17/2022
“TRUE TALES OF PEOPLE WAKING UP IN THE MORGUE” and More Terrifying Stories! #WeirdDarkness 57:12 06/17/2022