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Tell Me About Your Song

In each episode of Tell Me About Your Song, host Jacob Haller talks to a different songwriter about a song they wrote. Concisely edited, with a variety of guests, this show is recommended for anyone who wants to take a deep dive into the creative process!


Jeana Marie DeLaire/Great Gale on 'Dunes' 26:49 01/08/2018
Lucas Kwong of The Brother K Melee on 'Stranger from the Country' 28:02 12/18/2017
Zoƫ Lewis on 'Plastic Soup' 21:27 07/17/2017
Marian Call on 'Oregon Trail' 27:47 05/01/2017
Nicole Alifante on 'Before I Go' 29:15 04/17/2017
Tracie Potochnik on 'The Ballad of Harvey the Elf' 36:20 12/24/2016
The Sentimental Favorites on 'Roelle Family Christmas' 26:16 12/05/2016
The Porch Party Mamas on 'Broken Line' 26:47 11/29/2016
Kim Jennings on 'Here Now' 23:24 10/31/2016
Natalie Gelman on 'Sundance in Your Eyes' 20:09 10/03/2016
Barbara Cassidy and Eric Chasalow on 'Anna's Song - Shohola, 1864' 25:59 09/19/2016
Lys Guillorn on 'Turn the Page' 21:57 09/05/2016
Bonus: Music talk with Jake and the Adjuncts 22:41 08/29/2016
Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers on 'Sycamore Tree' 26:03 08/22/2016
Adam Hogue & Jason Dolbec/The Adjuncts on '2YRS' 21:06 08/08/2016
Steve Moramarco/The Abe Lincoln Story on 'Terrifying World' 18:31 07/11/2016
Ryan Fitzsimmons on 'Will My Mind' 29:04 06/27/2016
Gracelyn Rennick on 'Baltimore' 17:04 06/06/2016
Danielle Miraglia on 'Carmella' 19:45 04/25/2016
Charlie McCarron on 'Womb Song' 24:24 04/11/2016
Bonus: 'Rhode Island's It For Me' 07:35 04/01/2016
Christine Stay and Aidan Quinn of Friction Farm on 'Katie Raise Your Sails' 36:00 03/28/2016
Licity Collins on 'Love Me Like That' 35:12 02/15/2016
Christylez Bacon on 'Children Album Gangsta' 30:09 02/01/2016
Bonus: Lyle Lovett's 'God Will' 04:04 01/23/2016
Ian Foster on 'The Great Wave' 27:52 01/18/2016
Bill Thibodeau/Ruthann Baler on 'Too Slow for Demo Work' 25:09 01/04/2016
Bonus: Red Line Roots interviews Tell Me About Your Song 26:16 12/24/2015
Scott Ainslie on 'Late Last Night' 22:31 12/21/2015
Bonus: Blind Willie Johnson's 'Dark Was The Night' 03:37 11/26/2015