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Unapologetically Sensitive

In this podcast, we explore how sensitivity weaves itself into our lives. We talk about the richness that it adds, and the strengths we have BECAUSE of our sensitivity and some of the challenges it poses as well. If you are a Creative, a deep thinker, a deep feeler, a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), an introvert, or identify as INFJ or ENFJ, you may enjoy the in-depth conversations where we talk openly and honestly about how we experience life. This is a podcast where you can learn, relate, laugh and maybe even live a bolder, brighter life. Have you been told you’re “too” (fill in the blank)? You’re too sensitive; you think/worry too much; you take things too personally; you’re too emotional, too finicky, too fragile, too intense, too uptight, too slow. Have you been told you can’t take a joke; you can’t go with the flow? You can’t let go of things? Making decisions can be very difficult. You might have an acute sense of smell, and strong odors, crowded noisy environments and bright lights are just too much! You notice things that no one else does. You have a strong sense of justice and you may be a peace-keeper. Conflict feels uncomfortable. You’re the one that everyone tells their problems to because you’re a good listener who cares deeply. You’re in the right place! You may have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ADHD or something else. Sometimes Highly Sensitive People are misdiagnosed. Our brains are wired differently. We are born with the trait of High Sensitivity. There’s nothing wrong with you! You will learn that your perceived weaknesses are really are your superpowers! Dr. Elaine Aron coined the term Highly Sensitive Person (also known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity).


Bonus Episode 89 Taking a Podcast Pause; Self-Care 30:27 04/20/2021
115 I’ve Always Known I was Anxious with Biz Cush, LCPC 54:07 04/13/2021
114 Complex Childhood Trauma and Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) with Kina Wolfenstein 68:39 04/06/2021
113 The Brain of the Highly Sensitive Person with Drs. Esther Bergsma 57:37 03/30/2021
112 The Challenges and Strengths of Sensitive Strivers in the Workplace with Melody Wilding, LMSW 60:41 03/23/2021
111 This feels so awkward; my vulnerability softens my husband and improves communication, with Anni Furniss 49:07 03/16/2021
110 I wanted to understand my wife, who is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) with Pete Childs 19:11 03/11/2021
109 The Power of Attachment Styles and the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) with Jessica Fern, MS 57:09 03/09/2021
108 Coming to a Place of Peace Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) with Heather Bollman 26:53 03/04/2021
107 A Sensitive Man Who Embraces and Loves his Sensitivity with Andy Smallman 66:43 03/02/2021
106 We (HSPs) Are Not Too Much, with Susan Kraker 54:35 02/23/2021
105 Leadership Skills that are Innate Traits for the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) with Dr. Catherine Zeisner 67:13 02/16/2021
104 Boundaries, Consent and Creating Safety with Touch. A Conversation with a Certified Cuddle Therapist with Keeley Shoup 61:13 02/09/2021
Bonus Episode 88 Should We Call Sensitivity a Superpower? 12:47 02/08/2021
103 The Rebellious Widow: A Practical Guide to Love and Life After Loss, with Jill Johnson-Young 59:47 02/02/2021
102 How to Manage Your Anxiety in a Holistic, Loving Way with Victoria Albina 58:43 01/26/2021
101 Everything Is Love; I Love Myself with Sarah Buino, LCSW 58:07 01/19/2021
Bonus Episode 87 Ten Strategies for Managing When You’re Feeling Down 40:55 01/12/2021
100 Sarah Buino, LCSW, CADC, RDDP, CDWF Interviews Patricia 55:34 01/05/2021
099 A Highly Sensitive Person And Introvert, Heidi Tamm, Talks About Her Experience Taking The Online HSP Course 28:43 12/29/2020
098 No One Ever Asked Me: "What do I Need?" with Rachel Glick 59:29 12/22/2020
097 If You Can’t See, Imagine with John Furniss, the Blind Woodsman 57:03 12/15/2020
096 How Myers-Briggs Personality Type Can Be Used To Improve Relationships And Parenting with Sandra Etherington 44:41 12/08/2020
095 A Highly Sensitive Therapist Talks About Feeling Invisible, & How She Views Her Anxiety After Learning She Was An HSP with Kitty McCormick, LCSW 66:27 12/01/2020
Bonus Episode 86 Struggling on Thanksgiving—Boundaries and More. Sigh 15:56 11/26/2020
094 You Have Everything Inside You; This Is How To Tune In with Megan Wurst 59:29 11/24/2020
Bonus Episode 85 Holiday/Year End Support & Education Groups 11:53 11/23/2020
093 I Don’t Have Time For a Breakdown; I Don’t Need Help. I Can Do It Myself with Bianca Hughes, LPC 50:22 11/17/2020
092 How Do We Navigate The Holidays During a Global Pandemic with Jill Johnson-Young, LCSW 59:29 11/10/2020
Bonus Episode 84 Boundaries & Self Care 24:46 11/07/2020