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Inflation, corruption, malfeasance, pedophilia, book banning and Biden v Trump live
On today’s show, I first open with the inflation rates of the four years of Donald Trump as compared with Joe Biden. It’s not even close. Prices have skyrocketed under Biden, with no sign of getting better anytime soon. We then move to a question Rep. Michael Cloud (R-TX) of Texas poses to the walking male member with eyebrows, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. It’s really simple question, given both Biden and Mayorkas keep saying they cannot fix the border without Congress. Cloud asks if he or Biden had any of their authority removed by Congress? Mayorkas refuses to answer, knowing he’s caught. They have all the same authority Trump had and even have a budget that is 20% larger. It’s obvious the goal isn’t to control the border, but to allow the invasion. We have another area of our government that seems to be almost a shadow government with it’s own hidden budget and agenda. The US Agency for International Development or USAID actually funded Hamas just before the Oct 7 massacre perpetrated on Israel. We have anti-Semite/pro-Hamas elements all throughout our government. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) just shared new documents revealing 15 different government agencies knew the Wuhan Lab was developing COVID19 back in 2018 and not one person came forward. Dr. Fauci and everyone associated with this knew they are pursuing backdoor channels to do what was forbidden under US law. It’s the same story over and over again with Federal overreach. If the law or the Constitution constrains them, they try to get around it and hide what they are doing. Turning to the Ashley Biden diary story, I guess we now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was really hers since the DOJ just tried and sentenced a Florida woman who found it and turned it over to the press. So, beyond all of the other issues around Joe Biden, let’s just add pedophilia. Kamala Harris then beclowns herself on a show discussing “banning” books. This whole topic is being spun by the Left, but, as always, the Left accuses the other side of what they themselves are guilty of doing. Rashida Tlaib had a childish temper tantrum when asked about her thoughts about her constituents in Dearborn, Michigan chanting, “Death to America.” It’s amazing how we have such emotionally unhinged, American-hating members of Congress. Speaking of Congress, it’s easy to see why so many of them refuse to do the right things as it relates to our Republic. A big part of it is how easily they can enrich themselves. Let’s pick on a Republican for this. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) can serve as a perfect example. When they can use insider knowledge for stock trades, hire family and go on lectures, they can amass a large amount of wealthy in a very short time. How can we expect them to do what’s right with so much money being thrown at them? Maybe some are waking up. On MSNBC’s “The Morning Joe,” a group of former Biden supporters are now calling themselves undecided. Every one of them blames the fiscals policies that Biden has pushed and now ignores the damage he’s done to them. A Chinese immigrant destroys activist David Hogg and his whole anti-gun/anti-2nd Amendment stance with one simple question – can you guarantee the US government will never become tyrannical? He said he cannot, to which she replied, then the debate on gun control is over. Finally, we get two back-to-back soundbites to illustrate the vast difference between Biden and Trump. First, Biden, in a highly scripted and formal affair, struggles to remember who he needs to call on his note card for a question. He has their question written out and then his answer. He cannot even be trusted to speak on his own even with the friendly Legacy/mainstream media. On the flip side, Donald Trump stopped at a random Chick-fil-A in Georgia and got the mixed crowd, including many black Americans, to cheer for him and to tell him they support him and to NOT listen to what the media is saying. It’s a the perfect illustration to show us who they really are. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
78:01 4/11/24
They keep the label "Democrat," but it has long since stopped meaning democracy
Hey, everyone, I’m back! Today’s show circles around one fundamental concept – does the Democrat party still represent the fundamentals of democracy. I know we are not a true “democracy,” but at it’s core, a democracy does believe everyone in society has a voice or a vote. Do you think the current Democrat party believes that? First, I do recap my and my wife’s recent trip to New Orleans and then San Antonio, capping off with our race to find enough blue sky to witness the full solar eclipse. And, it was truly a race! Then we dive into today’s announced CPI and 3.5% inflation rate. To get a full idea just how bad this is, look at what the average income would be to afford the average priced home just four years ago. Unless you are now making more than $100K a year versus $60,000, you cannot afford what you could just four years ago.  Now we dive into whether or not Democrats are really into democracy. To illustrate, we use CBS getting a letter telling them that Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) wants Nicole Shanahan to drop out as VP running mate to RHK, Jr. Her reply clearly shows how disappointed she is and stated this isn’t how you demonstrate your talking-point of wanting to support “democracy.” On that same topic, we move to Uri Berliner, Peabody Award-winning senior business editor and reporter at NPR. He recently admitted the Legacy/mainstream media wanted to hurt the Trump presidency and was willing to go along with shoddy information and rumor in that effort. He says they should have been better than that. But it’s not just the Legacy/mainstream media siding with the Leftists bent on a Marxist/Authoritarian regime. A CIA agent was caught by an undercover reporter saying how they routinely “nudge” conservatives in an effort to arrest them or discredit them. This is a time to remember how former CBS journalist Sharyl Attkisson testified that the FBI tried to plant child porn on her husband’s computer. This leads to a topic my wife and I discussed while on the road back from the eclipse. If you could invent your own form of government, what would it be? We both agreed we want to return to our original Constitutional Republic, but we would add three additional amendments to the Bill of Rights – Term Limits, Only Single Subject Bills and No Congressional Carve-Outs for Laws Passed. That last one refers to another attempt by Congress to not subject themselves to warrantless searches by the FBI. This relates to the push to renew the FISA 702 provision. Jake Sullivan says if Israel doesn’t agree to a sustained ceasefire, then the US may have to adjust our policy with Israel. This shows just how far the Biden Administration is willing to sink for votes. Joe Biden just repeated the same lie about teaching 2nd Amendment and we can’t own cannons. He also just lied about being first in his family to go to college. He’s supposedly as sharp as a tack and always on-the-ball, but the DOJ continues to refuse to release the audio of Biden being interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Hur. Why not release it and show us how brilliant he is? Why do they insist on telling us without evidence? Of course we have seen it ourselves. As just an example, we dive into a montage of Biden telling us how he was raised in the Puerto Rican, Greek, Irish, Catholic, Jewish, Italian, Polish, Palestinian, Persian, and Black communities of Delaware. As we start to wind down, the UK just found Pfizer broke their code of conduct for the pharmaceutical industry. This is on top of losing a court case in 2022 over lying to parents about the safety and efficacy of the COVID shot for children. Finally, on another positive, the NAIA, one step below the NCAA, has banned male athletes from women’s sport competitions. It is about time to start welcoming sanity to this entire self-delusion perpetrated by sub-par male athletes who want to dominate in female competition. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
86:01 4/10/24
SPR still unfilled, illegals registered to vote, crime, Biden scripted and more arctic ice
Apologies for the audio quality, but decided to lay down a show while we were on the road. I do cover several subjects today, including Biden's lie that he would refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. As I warned, we are now seeing several blue states registering illegals to vote. There are several ways this is happening and none of them should be legal. They going to flood the system with the permanent underclass they have knowingly allowed to enter the country. Crime is going up in most places due to liberal bail reform policies combined with judges and prosecutors who want to turn criminals back onto the streets as fast as possible. What's worse, they are not even recording the crimes to make the stats look better. Sage Steele admitted her interview last year with Joe Biden was scripted to the letter and she was warned not to deviate by one word. This also means Biden's answers were equally scripted. We literally have a puppet for a President. We end with word that Arctic sea ice levels are higher than they have bee in 21 years and continue an upward trend, despite the climate alarmists and ridiculous notions that 2023 was the hottest year ever for the plant. They will never stop peddling their lies. We just have to stop believing them. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
41:48 4/3/24
What is a democracy and the bigger threat? Plus 2020 ballot issues in Fulton Co, CO2 hoax and Democrat exodus
Today’s show opens with an interesting dilemma for Joe Biden...did he or did he not know what he was signing when he issued his proclamation for a Transgender Day of Visibility that also fell on Easter Sunday? If he did know, why was his first reaction to deny it? Did he forget? Or is someone signing proclamations on his behalf? And, if so, what else is being enacted without his knowledge? No matter how you slice it, there is no positive to they way he chose to deny he ever did it. RFK, Jr. helps us with the next topic – who is the bigger threat to democracy? According to RFK, Jr., it is Joe Biden by a long shot. So, to add to this discussion, I lean on the work of both Sam Janney, AKA PolitiBunny and Tom Elliott for a list of 16 things that prove Joe Biden is a massive threat to “democracy.” Next we move to an ongoing trial in Fulton County, GA looking into irregularities with how mail-in ballots in the 2020 election were received and tabulated. A member of the Fulton County Board of Elections testified to significant issues with chain-of-custody, surveillance of drop boxes and signature verification. Another exchange between a lawyer seeking access to information versus the county trying to block it, we find a piece of equipment meant to scan and validate signature was never used. Onto the Left’s favorite topic of fear porn, man-made climate change. Two different people on two different panels spoke with utter clarity and reason on the subject. First, journalist Peter Hitchens from the UK obliterated the concept of striving for “net zero.” Then, in the states, journalist Alex Newman reveals how the entire narrative is based on thinking of CO2 as pollution. Well, if plants need CO2 to survive, how can it be pollution? This leads me to another segment of government that is only focused on controlling people and maintaining their power and that’s Public Health. In a moment of clarity that left me awestruck, Dr. Francis Collins, Dr. Fauci’s boss at NIH, admitted they should have never been in charge of calling the shows. He admits the botched the response to COVID-19. Just as California’s new $20/hr. minimum wage law went into effect today, mass layoff begin at fast food chains. The sad part, most of the employees are blaming the store owners who cannot afford the mandatory payroll increase, rather than their out of control tax-and-spend government who created the disaster. Finally, the Ragin’ Cajun himself, James Carville is worried about the impact of the Biden regime’s policies on young, male Democrats of color. According to Carville, they are leaving the party in droves. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
72:01 4/2/24
The Alan Sanders Show filling-in on The Erick Erickson Show - April 01, 2024
I got to start off the month of April by filling-in on the nationally syndicated Erick Erickson Show and once again had a blast. I always remove the news and the commercial breaks for you, but I know that can also make the show feel like it jumps around a bit. The on-air format for Erick's show is different than my own and I must respect it. They like to jump to more topics in shorter segments. I also had several callers today, which I always enjoy. The show opened with my reflection on Eaaster and how those in power were threatened by Jesus. This becomes the launching point for how the elites today are threatened by allowing us to have the ability to think for ourselves and to openly speak our minds. This is why so many of them are against the Bill of Rights. I cover a host of topics, but almost all of them centering around how the elected leadership today wants to rule, not represent and they want to be able to ignore the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution. I end with a back and forth exchange between a self-righteous BBC reporter getting school by the President of Guyana. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
107:46 4/1/24
Tara's Top 10, normalizing child abuse, Mayorkas apologizes, FBI door-to-door and auto-delete, debt and Good Friday
Today’s show opens with our typical Friday format, a look through Tara Bull’s Top 10 News items the Legacy/mainstream media likely didn’t cover for you this week. Or, if they did, they likely glossed over it. Next we dive into a topic I have been warning my audience about for well over 20 years. The normalization of pedophilia has been a slow boil, but the Left has decided to ramp it up even more in the last few years. We have to stop this depravity from being accepted as healthy and natural. It’s incredible to me that the Democrat leadership will fight tooth and nail for the rights of the pedophile, while completely ignoring the life of the innocent child. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the walking male member with eyebrows, was in Guatemala City, Guatemala, apologizing for what the state of Texas has been doing lately to protect the border. It’s unfathomable to me that he is telling people in a foreign country that he is doing all he can to fight Texas so the border can be reopened. Breaking yesterday from a story in Forbes and discussed on Fox Business, it seems the DOJ has been asking Google to provide information on people who viewed certain videos on YouTube. This is unconstitutional and it’s terrifying and it seems to be happening every day. And they are definitely getting information because now it seems the FBI has gotten into the habit of going door-to-door to police what people are posting on social media. A woman from Oklahoma City filmed three agents who wanted to discuss her Facebook posts. When asked they say this is something they do every single day. Isn’t it nice to know the government’s best crime investigative unit is more interested in policing social media posts rather than going after actual criminals. And they know they are not supposed to be doing what they are doing, but they are doing it anyway. How do we know that? Because of a new bit of information Elon Musk just dropped on the Texas Lindsay Show. Remember that portal that was discussed in the Twitter Files that allowed the government to have direct access to the back-end engineers so they could send requests for content removal and account banning? It seems that portal also erased any of those communications after a two-week timer. This is against the law per FOIA. Onto just how bad the economy is. Peter St. Onge, Ph.D has been looking at the numbers and the debt of our nation is staggering. It’s so bad that he said the only thing keeping us afloat is the myth that the United States can eventually pay back it’s debts. But, if those debts start being called in, we could see a crash far worse than what happened in 2008. In a Fox News poll, when asked to name Biden’s top accomplishments, the highest answer at 38% was “Nothing.” Ironically, had Biden done nothing, we’d be better off. Instead, we know he reversed all of the policies that were America First, replacing them with America Last. Finally, we end on a funny meme about how a headline might read if it were around in the time of Jesus. It’s important to keep the story of Holy Week in mind. Today is Good Friday and a reminder that people in fear of losing their power decided to put a man to death in a brutal an inhumane way. While we all go through trying times, we need to remember the whole of the story. As dark as it was, he rose from the dead and shone a light upon the world. Never lose the message of what this week means to all of us. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
80:01 3/29/24
NBC and Ronna, AG Bragg and Stormy Daniels, MI election fraud and squatters, unfunded mandates and tax rates
Today’s show opens with a little more discussion over the insights we can glean from the NBC firing of Ronna McDaniel, thanks to our good friend Victor Davis Hanson. The Legacy/mainstream media is not interested in widening your views or giving you the whole story. They want to protect their information and cultural monopoly in an effort to control the populace. With the AG Alvin Bragg “hush money” case close at hand, it is nice to have a whistleblower who has stated it was lawyer Michael Cohen who was having the affair with Stormy Daniels and not Donald Trump. In fact, looking at the evidence from prior trials, it seems more likely that Cohen and Daniels conspired to blackmail Trump in his 2016 election bid. A new round of emails gathered from a Freedom of Information Act request reveals that the Department of Justice and the FBI uncovered alarming 2020 election ballot fraud in Detroit, Michigan, but covered it up. Longtime listeners to my show already know the details we have uncovered, beginning with the Clerk of city of Muskegon, Michigan. The subsequent emails and information continue to support all of the revelations we brought to you in the fall of 2023. I’ve told you the Left want the invasion because they need a permanent underclass. They want to grow the population numbers to gain more seats of power in the House, while pushing for amnesty. The latest salvo on this front has the NYC council asking their state Supreme Court to allow non-citizens to vote in local elections. We lost yet another young woman at the hands of a violent criminal illegal alien. Ruby Garcia was only 25 when she was murdered and dumped on the side of a highway. This happened in the state of Michigan. But, the governor of the state has yet to say her name or acknowledge the crime. Instead, Gov. Whitmer is busy pushing their latest state-wide initiate – offering $500/month to house a “newcomer.” Yep, that’s their new branding for illegal alien. They want Michiganders to bring illegals into their home and will pay them to do so. I hope the people in Michigan have been paying attention to the fact squatters have more rights than home-owners. What is going to happen when these “newcomers” to your home change the locks and kick you out? Whose side to you think Whitmer and Co. will take? Onto Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen. You may not have heard this covered on the local news and there is a good reason. It’s bad. Yellen says Social Security and Medicare are now underfunded by $175 trillion dollars. That comes to roughly $1.4 million per American household. If something isn’t done, Social Security will be defunct in 10 years. Maybe the next administration can tackle this issue by culling the size of the Federal workforce. At the same time, we need to education Americans about how the income tax system is designed so the Left can stop playing class envy in an effort to tax us all more anyway. They have a new “wealth tax” they want to employ and they are selling it by lying to you about how millionaires and billionaires pay taxes. A big thank you to Carol Roth for helping with the details. Finally, a CNBC All-America Economic Survey asked Americans for their top 10 most important issues. Then, they asked which candidate they felt would be best able to deal with those issue. Not surprisingly, Trump leads almost every category by a landslide. The only two Biden gets is healthcare and the abortion issue. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
69:01 3/28/24
Avoid rush to conspiracy, FSB blames West, NBC and Ronna, no right to healthcare and Pierre in Canada
Today’s show opens with a little more discussion over the bridge collapse in Baltimore, MD. I want to caution everyone to be careful in a rush to a conclusion that ends up helping the Administration by distracting us from other issues. One of those is whether or not the claims made by Russia’s FSB that the US, UK and Ukraine colluded to aid the ISIS-K terror attack on the Russian concert hall. I am in no way saying this is a fact. What I am saying is it’s hard to immediately dismiss it knowing what the Biden regime has done over the last four years. Next we get into the firing of Ronna McDaniel from NBC, just two days after being hired. The firing was a result of the petulant tantrums thrown by their existing television talk-show personalities. It’s so funny to watch people who pretend they are all for DEI, show us they really don’t want anything close to a diverse or inclusive environment. It also gives us two very important insights into the Legacy/mainstream media. If management at NBC/MSNBC truly believed Trump supporters, of which Ronna said she was one, are all insurrectionists, why would they have offered her a job in the first place. Obviously, management knows their shows peddle in lies and propaganda and they are okay with it. Second, buy caving to the petulant children already in place, it tells us they really are not interested in the “whole” story or hearing the “other” side. They have officially confirmed they have a set narrative they want to spin and McDaniel would have been a wrench in their otherwise well-oiled propaganda machine. So, to enjoy the meltdown, we get the hat-trick this week. I have yet another Jim Gossett tune I bring that illustrates the whole mess. At the end of the song, Gossett alludes that McDaniel needs to sue them. Well, I have it on good authority that she will. I also hope she is advised to sue them for tortious interference with a business contract. That way, every single voice that opposed her will have to be deposed as part of the suit. That would be worth paying to see. Next I tell you why healthcare is not and never should be thought of as a right. The Left often lies to their followers by convincing them that want, needs and desires are the same thing as a right. They are not even in the same universe. I even use a personal anecdote to illustrate how government interference has only worsened healthcare while also making it unaffordable. As we start to wind down, it looks like the judge in the Big Fani Willis RICO case is going to allow yet another side hearing to determine if she even has jurisdiction over the case she wants to bring forward. This is separate from the case that will start tomorrow over the Constitutionality of her charges related to the First Amendment. A Texas solar farm is all but destroyed by a hail storm. This “green” tech is not even close to being ready for prime time, yet the Left refuses to deal with that reality. Finally, it looks like Canada might be well on the way to getting away from the little Communist wannabe. Pierre Poilievre has a 25% lead over Trudeau in polling and the Conservative faction is projected to take 182 seats as compared to the Liberal Party’s 39. In honor of that, I bring you sound bite from last year showing you how Poilievre doesn’t accept the premise of loaded questions from the Leftist media, all while casually eating an apple and making a fool of the would-be journalist. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
72:01 3/27/24
Bridge collapse, Garland's new gun-grab center, 60 Min likes censorship, Fani Willis case 1A hearing and Trump
Today’s show opens with the complete collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in the Baltimore, Maryland area as a result of a freighter hitting a main support pillar. I know it’s hard to fight first instincts, but while so many want to leap to the “terrorism” explanation, I had to do my best to approach it more cautiously. I truly believe the ship, which has a history of both other collisions and power system failures, likely had some mechanical malfunction and that, combined with human error, led to the catastrophe. This leads to my next topic, the announcement over the weekend by Merrick Garland of the brand new National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center. This could not be a more flagrant violation of not just the Second Amendment, but just about all of the other amendments contained in the Bill of Rights. This regime is bent on removing all of our rights and putting themselves in complete control over all aspects of our lives. Which leads me to the 60 Minutes piece on their views of appropriate censorship. Their “expert” on the subject is a woman called Kate Starbird. While this wizard of smart bills herself as a misinformation expert, I find it telling that 60 Minutes failed to give us some key information about her. They left out the fact that she has been paid $2.25 million by the Biden regime to help them find and root out “problematic” information. She has consulted with the Biden administration, specifically CISA withing the Department of Homeland Security. Maybe we were not told that information because they knew it would hurt her credibility, given that she is a bought and paid for asset of the Biden team. Onto the next tribulation for the Big Fani RICO case in Fulton County, Georgia. It seems the judge in the case has ordered a new hearing on Thursday, this time to look at the Constitutionality of the merits of the case. Trump’s lawyers are arguing that he is being persecuted for his speech, which should be protected under the First Amendment. In honor of yet another problem for Willis, I turn again to my friend, Jim Gossett, who brings us the Fani Willis Blues. To close the show, I bring you two media soundbites. The first is from a local news program in Pennsylvania. With gas prices on the rise, they went to the gas station for a man-on-the-street style interview. Seems everyone believes Trump is the better man for getting control over high gas and food prices. Finally, in a report on MSNBC, they are reporting that Trump is far outpacing Biden in the number of small donations to their campaigns. This is a reversal of the trend that took place in 2020. When the Leftists in the Legacy/mainstream media see that as a problem and are willing to report on it, you know its likely even worse for Biden than they are saying. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
67:01 3/26/24
Biden ruining Israel relationship, Ginsburg and 8th Amend, Lawfare and Propaganda, min wage and Lia told NO
Today’s show opens with my utter disappointment and shock of the Biden administration choosing to no longer side with our ally, Israel. The choice to abstain in a vote calling for a ceasefire is ludicrous and likely will damage the relationship between our two countries for years to follow. In a SCOTUS case heard in 2019, Ruth Bader Ginsberg wrote the decision that states are subject to the 8th Amendment. In other words, they cannot impose unreasonable fines. This unanimous decision is as if Ginsberg herself were arguing on behalf of Donald Trump. Maybe someone got that information to the NY Appeals Court because just today, they reduced the Judge Engoron fine from $454 million dollars down to $175 million. In honor of this and the whole Letitia James debacle coming apart, I turn to my good buddy Jim Gossett for a song. We love hearing the voice of President Trump take on a satirical view of what’s happening in New York City. We need to watch to see if the precedent James’ created will be followed anywhere else. Kevin O’Leary already warned about this happening in NYC. But, what about other places where we start to find real-estate holders overvaluing their properties? Victor Davis Hanson writes a piece called, “From Russian collusion to “bloodbath” – a decade of toxic hysteria. It’s interesting to see if the Legacy/mainstream media and the Left have overplayed their propaganda and lawfare against the former president. Will it have an impact on the independents and those just left of center? California fast-food companies are laying off employees ahead of the new $20/hour state imposed minimum wage. Who didn’t see that coming? This allows me to discuss the concept that a person is only worth (in terms of employment) whatever someone is willing to pay for that person. We have to remember we have a dynamic economy, not a static one. If it were static, we could immediately mandate $1000/hour salaries and we’d all be rich beyond our wildest dreams. With only hoaxes and lawfare in their arsenal, Democrats have no choice but to keep recycling the debunked lies they’ve previously told and hope it works a second time around. Joe Biden just did a video with former president Barack Obama and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi where he said Donald Trump told people to inject themselves with bleach. This was debunked right after Left created it, yet Biden is still acting as if it were true. We end on a great news story. Male swimmer, Lia Thomas, who pretends to be a woman, was just told he will not be allowed to compete at the 2024 Olympics in Paris. There are cracks forming in the Woke Mind Virus that has infected so many minds. It’s not yet dying, but we are starting to see signs that it’s grip is loosening. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
66:01 3/25/24
Tara's Top 10, probe moves to CIA and DOJ, citizenship, omnibus, wetwork, lawfare and FDA loses
Happy Friday, everyone! We open the show, as we have been for many weeks now, with a run through Tara Bull’s Top 10 News items poll. This allows us to hit several topics quickly, while also setting the stage for a few items I have coming up in the show today. The House Oversight Committee seems to have made a sudden pivot toward the CIA and the DOJ regarding Hunter Biden’s criminality being constantly overlooked. According to a letter sent by Rep. James Comer (R-KY) and Rep. Jim Jorden (R-OH), a CIA whistleblower has come forward about the agency intentionally stopping investigators from looking into Hunter’s current lawyer, Kevin Morris. I then take a short tangent into asking about the term citizenship and what does it really mean today? I don’t mean from a legal perspective, but rather about having a personal stake in one’s own country. More House members have come out today slamming the mini omnibus bill pushed by Speaker Johnson. It’s so bad, that Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene just motioned to vacate the chair. Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) discovered the bill will continue to fund Joe Biden’s open borders policy. Rep. Eli Crane (R-AZ) discussed a laundry list of “woke” agenda items and other non-essential spending. Even Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said the House needs to say no to the bill and fight back on the grounds of the open border and money being spent to cater to illegals over Americans. Since the media got itself all worked up over the use of the word “bloodbath” by Donald Trump, a word that has multiple meanings, let’s look a the use of another word that has only one. Democrat Strategist James Carville was on CNN with Anderson Cooper and said that Joe Biden’s surrogates needed to “wetwork” Donald Trump. Wetwork is a Russian euphemism for murder or assassination that alludes to spilling blood. The CIA adopted that term, meaning to “take someone out.” We then jump to a quote from Jason D. Meister about the lawfare waged on Donald Trump, culminating the in the ridiculous fine levied by Judge Engoron in the Letitia James trial in NYC. Isn’t it amazing that the largest fine levied, using a statute that was never used like that before, just happens to be for about the same amount of money Trump has in his campaign account? In a related story, I was shocked to hear two women on CNN yesterday discuss ways for Trump to get the money he needs. One said Mar-a-Lago is valued in the “hundreds of millions of dollars.” Now, wait a minute. Judge Engoron stated it was only worth $18 million, which is where he justified Trump committed fraud. Turns out, CNN found themselves arguing Trump’s point, that it is actually worth hundreds of millions more than that. And, in a wonderful bit of irony, with a massive dose of hypocrisy, it seems AG Letitia James is now protecting a group (that donated a lot of money to her) for over-inflating the value of a property in order to bilk another out of millions of dollars. It’s the exact same thing for which she went after Trump, but is now playing defender of an ally for committing the same “crime.” As we close, the FDA lost its war on ivermectin and has agreed to remove all social media posts and consumer directives against it. Remember their famous, “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.” And, residents in Queens, NY are sick and tired of AOC not being there and showing no interest in them. Even a former supporter and volunteer to AOC’s campaign was quoted as saying, “She only cares about Washington and her money. Nobody loves her here anymore. She abandoned us.” She isn’t lying. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
69:01 3/22/24
Excessive free speech, more Bobulinkski, mini omnibus, Laken Riley's dad, voter fraud, Kook PSA and high in court
Today’s show opens with an op-ed about “excessive” free speech. Seems like a made-up term, but it helps to illustrate the typical way the Left tries to take control of any topic. We then continue with more of the testimony from yesterday’s impeachment inquiry with witness Tony Bobulinkski. To demonstrate how the Democrats approached it, I pull exchanges with Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) and Rep, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). I also include one of the most substantive back-and-forth exchanges with Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL). Finally, Bobulinski was asked to give his final thoughts and his single minute close is the most profound wish all Americans should be asking of Congress. In short, he said, putting the Biden’s aside, they need to be looking at how the Chinese were able to influence their way into the White House. Keep in mind, we live in a different time. While Bobulinski had dates, texts, emails, recordings, print outs and was a first-hand eye-witness, Democrats call him a liar. On the other hand, a woman would could not remember the year, lied about the dress she wore and created her story from an episode of Law & Order. In that case, E. Jean Carroll was found to be telling the truth. Similarly, Christine Blasey Ford had no witnesses, no evidence, an FBI investigation found no evidence, then the FBI was asked to investigate again and still found no evidence and yet the Left still thinks her accusations against Justice Kavanaugh remain highly credible. It seems our current Speaker of the House dropped a 1000+ page mini omnibus bill on the House and they will have less than a day to read it before being told they have to pass it. There can be no amendments proposed and no motions made. I thought we were not going to do this anymore. The father of Laken Riley address the Georgia Senate and Governor Brian Kemp. He begged for action to be taken. He wants the Governor to declare an invasion and move to deport all illegal aliens from the state before another family has to suffer like his has. My wife and I have decided we are done buying any products from Tyson Foods. They just decided to fire over 1,300 American employees in favor of picking up 42,000 illegals to work in the state of New York. City of Milwaukee’s former Depute Clerk was found guilty on all fraud counts after manipulating the WisVote system to request multiple mail-in ballots. To make it worse, she wanted them delivered to the address of a representative across the aisle to make it look like that person was committing voter fraud. Remember, Democrats hate voter ID laws. Elon Musk notes that Google is playing with the definition of “bloodbath” ever since Donald Trump used it in last weekend’s speech in Ohio. He said, “Google is deeply infected with the woke mind virus.” Speaking of woke, I put together a short, government PSA about recognizing the warning signs that children may be exhibiting signs of extreme right-wing behavior. In honor of Rush Limbaugh, this PSA comes from the Keep Our Own Kids safe foundation. Finally, I bring you testimony from a Fani Willis star witness in a different RICO case. Her star witness apparently decided to get high before taking the stand. There’s that wonderful judgment Fani shows in so much of her day-to-day decision-making. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
78:01 3/21/24
McAfee approves, Graves threatens, Biden inquiry opening, DEI judge and soft bigotry of low expectations
Today opens with two different court filings. The first is Judge Scott McAfee in Fulton County, Georgia agreeing to push the request by the Defense to have his disqualification ruling reviewed by the Court of Appeals. The second filing is, in my estimation, both a threat to J6’ers and to the SCOTUS from US Attorney Matthew Graves and company. I told you two weeks ago, a 3 judge appeals review in Washington, D.C. ruled that the felony charge of disruption a proceeding was not proper and caused sentencing to be overly harsh. That charge, 1512c2, is also part of what the US Supreme Court is reviewing in the Jack Smith case against Donald Trump. Knowing that the SCOTUS is likely going to also find that statute cannot be used, Graves has fired off a warning that if anyone asks for their already litigated verdicts to be reviewed or vacated, he was going to ask for the maximum sentencing for any of the other charges. In other words, we have a DOJ attorney promising to retaliate with longer sentences. Next we get to Day One of the public hearing of the House Impeaching Inquiry of Joe Biden. I breakdown witness Tony Bobulinski’s opening statement, followed by a statement from the head of the Ways and Means Committee, Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO). Remember, much of this investigation started from the two IRS whistleblowers who were frustrated with being thwarted and stonewalled by the FBI and the DOJ. Former Hunter Biden Biden business partner, Jason Galanis, testified to business calls where Joe Biden was brought in when Hunter “needed a little help getting across the finish line.” There was another call made to Joe regarding the wife of a Russian Mayor and oligarch. Joe told them to “be good to my boy,” and days later Hunter got millions. By the way, this is the same wife of the Mayor who managed to dodge and White House sanctions on Russia. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) made an opening statement reminding all of us why the inquiry was so important. Remember, there is no way the Senate will convict Joe of anything. But the words Jordan gives us are for us to share with one another to help with the November election. The last soundbite is an exchange between Rep. Jim Jordan and Tony Bobulinski about who “the Big Guy” is. Bobulinski confirms it is Joe Biden and then goes one step further to state that the IRS investigators got subpoenas to pull information out of Apple’s iCloud to confirm. In other news that broke yesterday, a Chinese billionaire film mogul admitted to funneling illegal donation to NY politicians including Mayor Adams. It seems the Chinese have found a way to infiltrate and control our elected leaders via lots and lots of money. Maybe that’s why the Senate will not vote to convict Biden and why Biden is beholden to Chinese interests. Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) shows us just how bad DEI hirings and promotions have become. Judge Nancy L. Maldonado was selected by Biden to serve on the 7th Circuit. Kennedy reveals her utter lack of qualification with one question. We end on the concept of the soft bigotry of low expectation. Washington State’s Supreme Court just ruled that the bar exam should no longer be a requirement because it is too hard for people color. You cannot be any more degrading, condescending and bigoted than to tell someone they are incapable of achieving. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
74:01 3/20/24
The hoax continues, 1A is supposed to hamstring government, Bizzarro World, Dominion in MI, CDC and CO2
Today we have some pretty big news out of Michigan. But, before we get there, let’s continue with the Left’s latest hoax they are bound and determined to make us believe is the truth. They fully believe Donald Trump not only is calling for death and destruction if he doesn’t win, but also has as history of it. So, I play a montage of bites from those on the Left for a comparison. It would seem the worst elements of society reside within the Democrat Party. Next, Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson seems to lack a basic understanding of how the Bill of Rights is meant to work. She worries the First Amendment can be used to hamstring the government. YES! That is exactly how it is supposed to work. The fact she argues against that is terrifying. Even if they want to sell the notion of a “once in a lifetime” event should allow them, I would argue that it makes it even more important to NOT budge on freedom of speech. Conversely, an Obama-appointed Federal Judge, Sharon Johnson Coleman just ruled that, while Americans are having their Second Amendment rights infringed, illegal aliens should be allowed to carry guns. It really does feel like we are in a Mel Brooks film. It’s the only way to fully capture the lunacy of our day-to-day. Onto more of my thoughts on Judge Scott McAfee’s ruling on Fani Willis and the odor of mendacity. If he believes that either she or Wade had to go, why wouldn’t it mean they are both equally tainted? And I know the Trump lawyers have already filed a brief asking for McAfee’s ruling to be brought to the Court of Appeals to make sure they agree with his judicial reasoning. Gad Saad recently stated that “a society that incorrectly navigates this reality, is deep in the abyss of infinite lunacy.” Maybe that explains why I feel we have slipped into Bizzarro World, where everything is opposite of how we know it. Illegals have more rights than citizens; criminals are treated better than victims; squatters have more rights the home owners; transgender “women” are more important than real women, etc. It doesn’t make any sense. Onto our big news from Michigan. It appears an attorney defending a client was arrested after she came into information during discovery. She had documents from Dominion Voting that showed a lot of what many of you already know, that the machines can be connected to the net and outside influences can modify results. She turned those documents over to the sheriff. In her own words, she had evidence of a crime and was bound to report it to law enforcement. The Sheriff of Barry County, Michigan, who has been investigating the Dominion Voting machines issue sent a letter to Rep. Jim Jordan with a tranches of evidence, asking for an immediate Congressional investigation. Another investigation is looking into the mRNA vaccines and myocarditis and they are stunned to see a 148 page CDC report on the subject had every word redacted. I then remind you of how the current CDC Director used to determine public health policy during Covid. It’s yet another reminder what the First Amendment must be protected at all costs! Finally, two positive and somewhat related stories. A new study shows CO2 is not a product of mankind. It is a result of warming, not the cause of warming. Other forces in the universe, most notably the Sun, have the most influence over our climate. And a study that is over 10 years old and was basically buried is worth discussing. The notion is the Earth is creating our hydrocarbon, not dead plants or animals. Which means, the Earth is perpetually creating new deposits of petroleum and natural gas. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
74:01 3/19/24
Very special episode of the "Why We Hate Donald Trump" show, plus Willis ruling, free speech and women sue NCAA
I’m back from my vacation and it’s back to a “normal” episode of The Alan Sanders Show. I spend a lot of time today on the latest crafted hoax from the Legacy/mainstream media. It is a perfect illustration of how they go about crafting their propaganda and then repeating it over and over again. In this case, the use of the term “bloodbath” was blown up to mean only one possible definition – a large event resulting the deaths of many people. And, while showing us how they went about creating this new lie, they chose to do a call-back a near-bygone era of television...the “very special episode.” To reinforce the hoax they want you to swallow, they have decided to recall all of the other hoaxes they have shoved down their audiences’ throats since 2016. We all know the old hoaxes have been busted, but in true Goebbels acolyte fashion, they know it’s a lie, but they have to stay committed to telling it as many times as possible. It doesn’t matter if we know it’s a lie. There is always a sub-set of the population who will continue to fall for it and the Left is desperate to tank Donald Trump by any and all means necessary. We then move to Judge Scott McAfee’s scathing ruling over the motion to disqualify Fani Willis. I knew he was going to walk a thin line, but he managed to make it near invisible. Even after saying everything about the case carries the “odor of mendacity,” he still gave her room to stay on the case. Nathan Wade had to be removed from the case and there was a strong suggestion for her to recuse herself, but the judge left it to her. While somewhat disappointing, we have to remember all of the other investigations and issues Fani Willis is still going to have to address. Governor Brian Kemp just signed into law a new investigative body with the power to look corruption of District Attorneys. There is also the GA Senate committee looking into corruption in the Fulton County DA’s office, there is an ethics committee investigation and the Fulton County Board of Commissioners is wanting to know where all the money went that they allocated to her. On top of that, the House Oversight Committee told her to start cooperating with their Federal investigation or face possible contempt of court charges. Lastly, I just found out that a complaint is going to be filed with the Georgia Bar about many of the rules of conduct she is believed to have violated. I only have a copy of the table of contents, but it is a solid indication of what we already heard in closing arguments from the Defense. Kash Patel was on Fox News over the weekend and added to the revelation we discussed last week about the new J6 subcommittee interim report showing Liz Cheney buried exculpatory evidence and Cassidy Hutchinson lied under oath. As he called it, they are the Steele Dossier of the J6 insurrection hoax. The Supreme Court of the United States of America is going to hear the case started last year from the AG’s of Missouri and Louisiana regarding the government’s Censorship Industrial Complex. Senator Eric Schmitt put out a statement about it and the impact is has on our right to free speech as Americans. Finally, in a great move forward, Riley Gaines and over a dozen other female athletes have filed a lawsuit against the NCAA. In short, they are wanting to stop the practice of allowing men to compete in women’s sports. It’s the first real salvo fired against the lunacy of allowing this practice to continue. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
81:01 3/18/24
Day Five - Cumberland Island - Morning Musings, nostalgia and technology and will Fani Willis be DQ’d?
Happy Friday everyone! Today is day five recollection on Cumberland Island. I will still be here a couple more days, but I only drop my show weekdays so this will be it until Monday. I’ll still try to upload pictures every morning.   Today I spend time talking about my day on the island as well as technology and the nostalgic trip of being an Atari 2600 owner all the way through to holding one of the most powerful computers ever devised by man in the palm of my own hand.   As I wrap up the show, I do discuss the judge in the Big Fani Willis evidentiary hearing making his decision today as to whether or not he will disqualify both her and Nathan Wade.   Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
46:45 3/17/24
Day Four - Cumberland Island - Morning Musings and Judge McAfee sends Fani Willis to square one
Hello and welcome to my recap of day four on Cumberland Island. It was another fun and informative day on the island, exploring, as well as getting a guided tour of some of the trees that make up the island. My wife and I are both excited to have our daughter and son-in-law joining us today for the remainder of our time camping. They are also bringing a couple friend of theirs with their tso 3-year-old twins. Should be interesting!   I also discuss the latest development in the Big, Fani Willis Rico case in Fulton county, Georgia, where judge Scott McAfee just declared that a set of charges for six defendants need to be kicked out because they are too vague and too wide-reaching for them to be able to mount an adequate defense. I’m curious to know if he’s going through the motions in order and choosing to now deal with the motion to disqualify or if this was just the easier of the motions to deal with first? We will have to wait and see how this story continues to unfold.   Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
31:33 3/17/24
Day Three - Cumberland Island - Morning Musings, J6 Subcommittee interim report and the purpose of Hur’s report
On today’s show, I open with some of the adversity I had to deal with on the island. Sometimes life throws curveballs at you and you need to learn how to deal with it. This lead me to discuss an essay I wrote over 13 years ago on the problems of sparing children from adversity. After spending some time on a more philosophical level, I do get into two specific news items — the J6 Subcommittee‘s interim report and the testimony from Special Counsel Robert Hur.   in closing, I remind you of what I believe is the purpose behind the Hur report. It’s not about charging Joe Biden and taking him to court. It’s about informing the electorate of why he does not deserve another four years.   Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
44:02 3/17/24
Day Two - Cumberland Island - Morning Musings, the J6 Committee revelations along with Robert Hur testimony
Continuing to update you while on Cumberland Island, I have been able to stay on top of some of the news, including the revelations of the new J6 investigative committee. There is now hard evidence proving that representative Benny Thompson, and representative Liz Cheney hid exculpatory and exonerating evidence when they conducted their investigation. Also, I find it interesting that special council Robert her decided to quit the department of Justice and is already set to testify in front of the house oversight committee. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
36:43 3/17/24
Day One - Cumberland Island - Morning Musings
Today's musing recount part of the journey to get to Cumberland Island and day one activities. But, I am also trying to stay on top of the news and I'm appalled that my prediction from Friday came true only two days later. I cannot believe that the Democrat party has decided to make Joe Biden apologize for accurately, calling someone who broke multiple laws an illegal.  Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
19:08 3/17/24
Top 10 News, SOTU2024, angry over use of illegal, GOP response and 30 lies
Today’s show opens with Tara Bull’s Top 10 News items, which had a few items that came directly from reactions to last night’s State of the Union 2024 speech. After we run through that, it’s time to dive into the main topic of the show, the SOTU 2024. Next, I chose to go through my X timeline in real-time to give you a sense of my immediate reactions as I was listening to Joe Biden deliver his speech. It was the most divisive and non-statesman-like speech I have ever heard any president give in my lifetime. It was a State of the Democrat Party speech or a State of his Campaign speech, but it was nothing close to a State of the Union speech. I then play quotes from CNN that immediately followed the speech and how they mirrored my own observations. It’s stunning to see how even Leftist cable news agencies saw it the same way. One of the biggest gaffes made by Biden related to a challenge from Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene to say the name of Laken Riley, who was bludgeoned to death by an illegal. Biden was goaded into saying “Lincoln” Riley was killed by an illegal, but then deflected to how many Americans are killed by non-illegals and that he feels for Riley’s parents because he lost a kid too. You cannot make this up. However, the Left saw the gaffe differently. They were really angry that Biden used the word “illegal.” In bite after bite, the Left seems bent on apologizing to the murderer for making him feel bad by the President calling him an illegal. Just evil and devoid of any sense of reality. I call balls and strikes on this show and I have to throw the GOP response under the bus, too. Senator Katie Britt was chosen to give the response and while I was fine with her starting with setting a dark and depressing tone, I quickly realized we were going to then get 10 minutes of a B-grade, unknown actress trying to be dramatic in her first role on a Hallmark movie-of-the-week. It was over-acted, melodramatic and lacked giving us any kind of a positive vision for the future. The GOP missed a perfect opportunity to provide a contrast to what Biden just put us through. The Legacy/mainstream media got their memo on how to describe last night’s SOTU. Multiple outlets all used the phrase “...firey State of the Union Speech…”. The collusion is too easy to see once you know how to read them. Finally, I close with a piece in The Federalist written by Shawn Fleetwood did a magnificent jobs of listing the 30 biggest lies contained in the speech. I covered many of them in my show, but the list covers some I didn’t get to. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
83:01 3/8/24
Find Me the Votes book tanks Fani Willis, criminal prosecution, UN findings of Oct 7 and Gov Noem
Today we open with a bit of a look-back to when Fani Willis first decided to bring forth the Special Grand Jury to look into Donald Trump and the others. It was right after she heard that Donald Trump had called Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and supposedly asked him to find or manufacture votes to help him win the state of Georgia. We covered this a while back, that the Special Grand Jury was convened and had as it’s first piece of evidence, that phone call. But, that call was completely and intentionally misconstrued to the Washington Post. It wasn’t until a few months later that the audio recording of that call was discovered in the recycle bin of a laptop that we learned Trump never said anything wrong nor did he ask anyone to betray their oaths of office. By then the damage was already done in the court of public opinion. Well, as bad as things are for DA Fani Willis right now, it may have gotten even worse. According to the book that just dropped called, “Fine Me the Votes,” the authors admit the recording of that call was done illegally from the state of Florida by Jordan Fuchs, the Chief of Staff for Raffensperger. With that knowledge in place and writing that Fani Willis gave Fuchs immunity for that criminal act, shows Willis knew that call was illegal, and still allowed it in the Special Grand Jury. The fruit of the poisonous tree is a legal concept that has been in place since 1920. It states that if they initial tree of evidence is illegal, than all the fruit on the tree is also illegal. And Willis knew it. We also get some additional comment from WSB Legal Analyst Phil Holloway about the purpose of the GA Senate Committee and the thought that maybe the Attorney General for the state of Georgia might already be pursuing a criminal investigation. And, to make it even worse for Willis and Wade, the judge over this case has just been challenged in the upcoming election. In a country that vote 73% in favor of Biden over Trump, there is no way this judge is going to be re-elected. Instead of an intimidation move, I believe they have given Judge Scott McAfee the nudge he may have needed to disqualify Willis and Wade and likely refer them to the Ethics Commission for disbarment. The UN has finally concluded, after five months, that Hamas did commit war crimes on Israel. They also conclude that there are ongoing rapes and war crimes being committed on the hostages still. It’s nice of the UN to finally catch up to what the rest of us have known for five months now. Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) just signed a bill to keep China and five other nations from being able to purchase farmland in her state. And, Noem said that countries to our south have, in fact, been sending their prisoners and mentally ill to our border, telling them the US wants them. Finally, tonight in the State of the Union. I will be doing my best to real-time tweet about it as I have always done. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
62:01 3/7/24
Nikki drops, MSNBC mocks, swing states plot, Fulton DA rocked, KJP pops and Harris flops
Today’s show opens with Nikki Haley dropping out of the GOP primary after being destroyed once again by Donald Trump. And on the heels of that Super Tuesday whipping, MSNBC had the task of discussing some polling around Trump and Biden. It seems the Trump supporters are rock solid, while Biden continues to lose ground. What did not go well for MSNBC on primary night was their mockery of voters in Virginia who said the border was one of their biggest concerns. Jen Psaki and Rachel Maddow and others on the panel laughed and derided them, making jokes and dismissing such thoughts as unsophisticated and stupid. The backlash continues to grow, yet you still cannot despise them enough for such arrogance elitism. They have dismissed all of the murders, rapes and other crimes that have been plaguing our country at the hands of illegals. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson from the state of Michigan allowed her pride and ego to get her to admit that she and five other Secretaries of State, all the 2020 battleground states, were in contact with each other before the election. She all but admitted they had a plan to overturn a Trump victory and then blame it on a “common adversary.” I continue to tell you, the Left will always accuse the other side of the very things they themselves are doing. She then adds that since 2022, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada have worked on their collusion even more and are ready for 2024. Next we dive into the Georgia Senate Committee Hearing on possible criminality in the Fulton County DA’s office. They had attorney Ashleigh Merchant before them and took her testimony about what she learned before bringing her request to dismiss Fani Willis and Nathan Wade for a conflict of interest. It was stunning to hear the information she had gathered that had not been part of (or allowed in) the evidentiary hearing. If I were Fani Willis, I would be praying that the worst that happens is she is removed from the case and only disbarred for her conduct. However, it seems this investigation is only just now getting underway. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had a conniption when asked why President Biden always needs note cards. After she goes off on a condescending rant full of lies and deceit, we get a clip of Joe Biden who cannot even read his teleprompter anymore. Frank Herbert, the author of Dune, once said, “All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupt, but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.” Seems appropriate to consider with all of the lawfare and Machiavellian deceit being perpetrated on the American people today. Senator Katie Britt, who will deliver the minority response to the State of the Union, just introduced a bill that should be a 100-0 vote in a sane world. The bill simply says illegal immigrants cannot vote in Federal elections. Let’s see which Democrats choose to not support such a bill. I think we will see who are anti-Constitutionalists really are. Finally, we get an episode of Deep Thoughts with VP Kamala Harris. It seems she wanted to weigh-in on firefighters and how to make them better. It’s a wonderful sample of word salad as only our Vice President knows how to serve. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
72:01 3/6/24
Alan Sanders filling-in on the Erick Erickson Show - Tuesday, March 05, 2024
Today I was once again called to fill-in on the nationally syndicated Erick Erickson Show. I opened with a discussion on the Monday SCOTUS 9-0 ruling and ask why so many continue to let themselves be lied to be the "experts" on the Legacy/mainstream media. Over the course of the show, I covered topics from more people coming forward wanting to testify against Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, to another court case that could me trouble for Jack Smith to the entire Transgenderism movement. I also talked a bit about the backlash the Veterans Department found themselves in for wanting to remove the WWII photograph of the sailor kissing a nurse for V-J Day. Finally, I play a sound bite of a CNBC host pushing back on Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on the Biden policies for the border. When you start to lose the Legacy/mainstream media, you know it's an issue. We also cover Biden's tanking polling numbers and how AOC created Frankenstein's monster over her pro-Hamas views and now she has to deal with that monster protesting her. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
95:21 3/5/24
SCOTUS 9-0, Haley compromises principles, J6 sentences too harsh, borders, voting and closing arguments
Today’s show opens with a massive win for our Constitutional Republic, which means many on the Left are crying and tearing our their hair. While we have told you for months what the 14th Amendment says and that only Congress can determine if someone is no longer eligible to be on a ballot for the crime of insurrection, the Supreme Court today, in a 9-0 ruling, just confirmed the same thing. It’s a sad statement that so many no longer know how to read for content anymore. They live in fairy tale world where their beliefs are more important than facts or reality. In a separate, but equally significant, bit of positive news, a D.C. Appeals Court has found that 100 J6 defendants were sentenced more harshly than they should have due to charge being added to their crimes that did not apply. The DOJ said they had disrupted a proceeding, meaning the certification of the vote. Even the Left of Left D.C. Court of Appeals said every reading of that charge is meant for court proceedings, not Congress. Nikki Haley finally won a primary! Not a state, though. She won in the District of Columbia. Yep! The cesspool sewer of the Deep State Uniparty wants us to know they prefer Nikki Haley over Donald Trump. And, if that were not enough to make you dislike her even more, she admitted Sunday on Meet the Press, that she lied about her pledge to support the nominee. She basically told the country her ethics and her core are open for compromise for political expediency. On a different Sunday talk show, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) was trying to convince the host that Joe Biden tried to implement tough border and immigration reforms in his first few weeks in office. While we all know the only thing Biden wanted passed was an amnesty bill, I was shocked to hear the host of This Week on ABC remind Murphy of that. Murphy looks like someone punched him in the stomach. How dare the Legacy/mainstream media point out his attempt to gaslight America. The walking male member with eyebrows, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, was on CBS’s Face the Nation and when asked about the murder of Laken Riley, didn’t even have the decency to speak from his heart. He had to read a prepared card, taking no responsibility for the rising violent crime at the hands of illegals in this country. In fact, I could not even stomach adding his sound bite. Instead, I turned to Tulsi Gabbard who summed up the obvious – if you allow more criminals to be out on the street, you are going to see a rise in crime. At a rally in Virginia, Donald Trump committed to tightening down election security and integrity across the nation. But, to do that he said the election needed to be too big to rig. Maybe that’s why DOJ head, Merrick Garland, was in a black church in Alabama over the weekend telling the congregation that they were too incapable or too dumb to have a valid ID, to follow voting instructions or to know how to find their poling location. It really is the soft bigotry of low expectations. Mark Wingate submitted an affidavit in Fulton County, Georgia. He was a former member of the Fulton County Board of Elections. In it he states that election officials were told Fulton County did not perform any signature verification on any absentee-by-mail ballot in the 2020 election. And, election officials were never provided chain of custody documents that they requested. So, while we are on Fulton County, let’s go through the closing arguments from Friday. All we really need to hear is one segment from Attorney Harry MacDougald. He accomplished in 10 minutes, what the opposition could not in 90. It was a master class on how to deliver a closing argument. And, while the judge gave himself two weeks to mull over his ruling, he also mentioned that if anything else were to happen in that time, he’d be open to putting it on the docket. I think he knows something else is brewing out there. Plus there are now several concurrent investigations into Fani Willis and the DA’s office. It is going to be very interesting over the coming days. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
80:01 3/4/24
Tara's Top 10, Baker's arrest, propaganda on the US, Hunter's transcript, Biden border and Canada
Today’s show opens with Tara Bull’s Top 10 News items the Legacy/mainstream media likely didn’t bother to tell you this week. I then add an honorable mention with the arrest of journalist Steve Baker by the FBI for his reporting of the events on January 6. In fact, I go through the four charges and then let you all in on a secret I had promised to keep until now. Steve already pulled all the footage of himself a the Capitol to be used in his defense to show he was not damaging, destroying, picketing, protesting or parading around the grounds. The reason we have so much confusion and derision in our country can be traced back to December 29, 2012, when Barack Obama signed HR 4310, The 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. Deep within the pages, in section 1078 is a provision the authorizes the use of propaganda inside the US, which had been previously banned since 1948 when the Smith-Mundt Act was passed. Hunter Biden just did a wonderful job in undoing all of the work his Father and his allies have been doing for the past 3+ years. The transcript of his deposition was released late yesterday and he wasted no time in confirming several details that had been denied by Joe Biden and the Legacy/mainstream media. I take you through several of the more entertaining passages and then close with a comment from Miranda Devine. We know Joe Biden was at the border. Today, I play a couple of comments from Border Patrol Union head Brandon Judd, demonstrating how they know the open border policies of this regime is exactly what they want. And, for emphasis, I play the sound bite again from DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas indicting they rescinded so many of the Trump policies it would take forever to list them all. Apparently we are meant to believe they have all the power in the world to undo the previous president’s policies, but no power to implement any of their own. If you were on the fence about Nikki Haley, this should be the nail in the coffin. She just joined the same bandwagon that thinks the 6th Amendment, the right to a speedy trial, exists for the public and not the accused. What a filthy, disgusting display of anti-Constitutionalism. This is the very opposite of “rule of law” and an understanding of freedom and liberty. And, in closing, I have said before that Canada should be thought of as the canary in the coal mine, because as goes Canada, so goes the United States in terms of marching toward a woke, Authoritarian rule of government. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre just revealed a scandal involving the Trudeau government and members of Beijing’s People’s Liberation Army. The parallels to how the little Communist wanna-be in Canada and our own President cannot be denied. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
80:01 3/1/24
The Ashleigh Merchant/Terrence Bradley texts; then, SCOTUS decision makes Leftists meltdown
Today’s show opens with a peek behind the curtains of all the conversations that took place between Ashleigh Merchant, attorney for the defense, and Terrence Bradley the friend and former law partner with and divorce lawyer for Nathan Wade. After dealing with his traumatic brain injury act on the stand yesterday, it is quite revealing to go though over three months of back-and-forth text messages discusses so many facets and facts about the case. I think it shows that Terrence Bradley was cooperating with Merchant and was even offering help, suggestions and support. Something happened behind the scenes to make him act like he did when initially brought to the stand a few weeks ago and then his complete onset of amnesia two days ago. It’s clear, Willis and Wade have perjured themselves and broken the law. They should not only be removed from the case, but also be disbarred from ever practicing law again and then indicted for their criminal malfeasance. The other huge news item that broke yesterday was the Supreme Court of the United States of America’s decision to take up the presidential immunity argument. The Left had a complete lunatic meltdown yesterday after hearing that. But, as always, they truly revealed who they are and what they desire by their unhinged actions. They hate the Constitution with every fiber of their being. They hate individual liberty and freedom. They want a two-tiered system where the elites get to have dominion over the rest. As we close, knowing President Biden finally decided to visit the border in an effort to boost his polling, I wanted to remind you of something DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said. After three years of saying there is nothing wrong at the border, now they say they have no power to fix it without Congress passing a bill. We all know that’s a lie, but if you need a reminder, we have the walking male member with eyebrows stating they (the Biden regime) had rescinded so many Trump-era policies and orders, that to list them all would take more time than they had for the interview. If they always had the ability to fix it, but chose not to, what does that tell you? It’s not a problem for them. If it isn’t a problem, it must be a solution to something they want – a permanent underclass beholden to them. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
76:01 2/29/24
The BFW Reality TV Show - Traumatic Brain Injury, disgusting Leftists, Steve Baker and erasing women
Today opens with the breaking announcement that Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell is going to step down from his leadership role in November. He’s not leaving the Senate. He just doesn’t want the title of “leader” any longer. Next we have another installment of The Big Fani Willis Reality TV Show. This episode can be called, “Terrance Bradley – Traumatic Brain Injury.” Yesterday on the stand, after being told he can no longer claim privilege, Bradley developed the strangest memory and recall problems, even when confronted with texts and messages. While frustrating, it does seem like he was forced to admit that the relationship between Fani Willis and Nathan Wade happened BEFORE she won the election for District Attorney of Fulton County. That is a huge piece of testimony becomes it directly contradicts what Willis and Wade have testified to under oath. We will have to wait and see how the judge rules on this. Mayor Kelly Girtz (D) Athens, Georgia, after days of heat related to the horrifying bludgeoning death of Laken Riley at the hands of a repeat criminal illegal immigrant, decided he needed to blame Donald Trump. It frustrates me to no end that Leftists never accept responsibility for their failures and failed policies. If anything, the entirety of the Left, from the Biden regime down, is responsible for the invasion of our country by some of the worst dregs from those south-of-the-border countries. I then turn to the latest report from Steve Baker that dropped a little over a week ago regarding the DNC HQ pipe bomb and the then VP-elect Kamala Harris. The reason I wanted to bring that to you is the revelation Steve said that the FBI have finally told him to turn himself into the Dallas, TX FBI field office. It’s a chilling message being given to anyone in the New Media that if they step out of line and choose to go against the state narrative, they will be punished. In some closing news items, it appears Macy’s is going to close 150 stores, H&M has filed for bankruptcy, Outback Steakhouse is closing 41 locations and Rite Aid is closing 200 pharmacies. Bidenomics is NOT working. Finally, I bring a sound bite from Sophia Lorey with California Family about a proposed bill for women’s prisons. Apparently, while erasing the term “woman” and using “persons” instead. The bill provides birth control and feminine hygiene products for all persons in prison. Lorey asks, why would you need birth control in an all female prison. She then goes on to note the delusion of letting men call themselves women is getting women raped in prison by these males, where nearly 34% of them are sex offenders. She closes with, if men can have menstrual cycles, where do they insert the tampon? Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
54:00 2/28/24
On the next crazy episode of The Big Fani Willis Reality TV Show, plus mental health, illegals and a VP pick
The first half of today’s show dives into yet another crazy episode of The Big Fani Willis Reality TV Show. Late yesterday, we found out the judge who spent the last week and a half mulling over attorney-client privilege options available to Terrance Bradley, has decided it does not exist in this case. There is too much evidence to show the knowledge Bradley would have gained did not come while he was acting as Nathan Wade’s attorney. We do not yet know if the cell phone affidavit is going to be allowed. We do know that the Fani Willis team of lawyers issued a response, calling for every technicality to be issued to prevent the judge from even considering any of that evidence. It’s a sad result for Fani Willis and her team, but the only option they really have to play. In the meantime, whistleblowers inside the Fulton County DA’s office have revealed that the White House had a plant in the office who was calling all the shot and helping to drive the Trump RICO case. If that is the case, then the White House would be guilty of election interference in the 2024 race. It’s almost like Fani Willis has been setup to lead the charge against Trump, but take the fall if it were to fail. Those same anonymous insiders have also discussed how rabid Fani Willis was about implementing radical DEI policies in the office. We then move onto an odd kerfuffle that took place inside the Virginia State Senate. Apparently, a man who thinks he is a woman stomped out of session in a huff because the Lt. Governor, Winsome Sears said “sir” to him instead of his preferred, “ma’am.” So, I take a moment to discuss the issue of mental illness and where do we draw the line in allowing those with problems drive the narrative? Just because someone wants to pretend they are something they are not, does not mean I should be forced to indulge in that unhealthy fantasy. Onto the topic of the border and the President’s policies of encouraged invasion. Rachel Campos-Duffy exposed a taxpayer funded NGO, Casa Alitas, harboring an entire hotel building full of illegals in Tucson, AZ. These non-government organizations survive on our tax dollars, yet they are knowing breaking our laws and ignoring our sovereignty. For Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) is upset that while Joe Biden eats an ice cream cone and acts cavalier about the open border, we are still mourning the bludgeoning death of Laken Riley. It’s infuriating. Even Axios just ran a story entitled, “How Biden Botched the Border.” In another topic, Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) thinks it’s is wrong to use words like “groomer’ and “pedophile” because those words come across as sounding criminal. In her mind, pedophilia is not a crime, but just someone’s personal identity. We should not criminalize the act of sexual interaction with children, because who are we to judge who a person loves? It’s literal lunacy to believe that way. My closing comment is on some of the scuttle about who Donald Trump will name as his VP. While I understand the allure of Tulsi Gabbard, I do not think she is the best person for the long-term. Short-term, it would be a massive win for pulling over moderates and even left-of-center Democrats. BUT...the VP will be the presumptive nominee for president in 2028. I think a much better pick would be Gov. Kristi Noem (R-SD). She has a track record, experience, has been a leader and has shown how she would govern. Dr. Ben Carson and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) are also good options, but I think Noem is the best possible fit for both 2024 and to run for the Oval Office in 2028. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
74:00 2/27/24
Providence Canyon, Biden to border, Classified docs at Penn Biden, CIA and Ukraine and news round-up
Today’s show opens with me sharing my weekend trip to Providence Canyon State Park in SW Georgia. This also leads to me telling newer members of the listening audience about why I call myself a Constitutionalist and why I do what I do each and every day behind the microphone. My opening topic deals with the death of a UGA college student who was bludgeoned to death at the hands of a known, repeat criminal illegal immigrant. ICE was aware of him. New York was aware of him. And the state of Georgia was aware. Yet, he was repeatedly released back into society to commit more crime and this time it lead to the murder of a 22 year old nursing student. Suddenly, the border crisis has a face, a name and a story. It should not have taken that, but here we are. Now, after more than three years of ignoring the crisis he created, Joe Biden plans to do a campaign speech at the border on Thursday. It appears the Penn Biden Center decided to destroy all the visitors logs. Special Counsel Robert Hur’s investigation revealed that while over 600 classified documents were illegally kept in the office on campus in unlocked cabinets, whatever logs that had been in place to know who may have access to those documents, no longer exists. Who ordered the logs to be destroyed? The NYTimes committed a random act of journalism by reporting on how the CIA has been working deeply with Ukraine since 2014. The report details what can only be thought of as a shadow war on Russia, carried out by the CIA through our Ukraine proxy. Imagine how Americans would react if we found out Iran’s IRCG had worked with Mexico to put up spy bases all along our southern border? I’m not trying to excuse Putin, but I am trying to keep the reality of the big picture firmly in focus. Everything this woke, Marxist, Leftist regime believes they are doing to ease tensions, only ends up making them much worse. A hot mic on an open tarmac caught an exchange with President Biden, VP Harris and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. In professional wrestling like terms, they were caught scripting the White House’s language around whether or not they play to actually implement and reforms at the border. It’s a game they are playing. But, unlike wrestling where it’s all for fun, their games cause nothing but pain and misery. Because Biden handles himself so poorly, former Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill went on MSNBC’s The Morning Joe and said all newspapers in America need to stop fact-checking Joe Biden and go after Donald Trump. In similar fashion, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison told MSNBC that Joe Biden has done more in three years than most presidents have done in 8. If he means in terms of damage and destruction, I am in total agreement. In a bit of a news round-up, my buddy Steve Baker got word from the FBI that he would have to turn himself in this week. He still does not know the charges, but would let us know when it happens. RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel says she is officially stepping down after Super Tuesday. Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, stated UNRWA is a functioning arm of Hamas, thereby making it a terrorist organization. And, Prime Minister Netanyahu is not stopping the operation of crushing the entirety of Hamas.  Finally, I have heard some say I use the expression “ladies and gentlemen” a lot throughout the course of the show. I have tried to pull back a little, but I explain why I started doing it in the first place. While I respect everyone’s right to live how they choose, so long as they are not trampling on the rights of others, I will not be forced to accept someone else’s delusions as my reality. You are free to live in a make-believe world and I am free to reject it. Take a moment to rate and review the show and then share the episode on social media. You can find me on Facebook, X, Instagram, GETTR and TRUTH Social by searching for The Alan Sanders Show. You can also support the show by visiting my Patreon page!
79:01 2/26/24

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