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Paranormal experiences, investigation techniques & favorite locations shared by our guests to help entertain & educate our listening audiences! We include spiritual paranormal as well as ufology, cryptozoology & all other anomalous fields in our coverage.


Jim Martin, The Spirit Realm Network 9.28.2022
Jim Martin is the C.E.O. and Founder of The Spirit Realm Network. He has put together a great network of programming as well as sponsoring paranormal events and investigations. I participated in his Winchester Mystery House (which I reviewed here) and enjoyed it tremendously. He has several coming up at some outstanding locations and we are going to discuss those too!
134:26 09/29/2022
Machiel Klerk 9.22.2022
Machiel Kerk is a social entrepreneur, and author, foumder of the organization Jung Platform and an internationally recognized and gifted dream worker. This is going to be a great show!
119:28 09/22/2022
Frank Lee 9.13.2022
Frank Lee, anomalous researcher, paranormal researcher, founder of American Noetic Science Researcjh Studies & of C.A.S.P.I.R. paranormal research team is a constant fan favorite. Enjoy!
124:43 09/14/2022
Mary A. Joyce 9.7.2022
Mary Joyce, editor of the amazing resource Starships Over Cashiers ( has written "SPY IN THE SKY - Secrets and cover-ups on Earth and beyond" & it is beautiful as well as informative. The book is comprised of discoveries made when Mary discovered evidence of secrets discovered on Mars, the Moon, Antartica, at the bottom of the oceans, on NASA space missions & around our Sun. Mary is a brilliant and tireless researcher & I always enjoy our conversations.
119:39 09/08/2022
Victoria Mundae 8.31.2022
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124:07 09/01/2022
Dan Baldwin & George Sewell 8.24.2021
Dan Baldwin & George Sewell came together to write Paranormal Pendulum III: The abduction of Lindsey Higgins, the UFO Phenomenon, the Spirit World ... & Beyond. Lindsey's story was shared on Netflix's Haunted series. Professional author Dan, often a ghost writer for other professionald has written, co-written & ghosted more than fifty books & won many awards. George is a prolific suspense, paranormal & educational author in addition to his career as a counselor & administrator in the field of addictive disorders. He is also a playwrite & teacher.
122:18 08/25/2022
Mikey Thompson 8.17.2022
Mikey Thompson is Cath Lab Nurse & the founder of So-California Apparition Research Society. He is an experienced Paranormal Researcher with great ITC skills as well as utilizing his drone in some pretty great locations.
120:26 08/18/2022
Michelle Carpenter 8.10.2022
Michele Carpenter has a gift of seeing into a person's body, mind & spirit. She can sense when a person's heart "contracts", when it feels sadness or pain & expands when tehir vibration shifts in the moment of grieving or allowing vulnerability. She is shown where feelings are held within the body & mind, working on a deeper level of the subconscious programming. She works with past lives, intergenerational trauma & ancestral trauma & connects with the spirit of loved ones who hae passed over. She also channels Angelic beings of light called "Council of 8"
123:03 08/11/2022
Les Velez 8.3.2022
Les Velez is a ufologist who has moved on to the humanist side of the abduction phenomena. His calling is to help aduction experiencers come to terms wtih their abduction(s) to understand their life changes.
121:59 08/04/2022
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48:55 07/28/2022
A bit of Scotland 7.27.2022
A brief synapsis of my Scotland Adventure. It was a great time with great friends!
19:45 07/28/2022
FRANK LEE 7.6.2022
Frank Lee is one of the absolute best paranormal investigators & researchers I have known. When he approached me about starting American Noetic Sciences Research Studies I wasn't sure he was serious. Turns out, he was! Tonight we're going to talk about our experiences, the hard work he's putting in to build his credentials, how much he's learned. And the things new going on with him!
124:09 07/07/2022
Robbin Terry 6.29.2022
Robbin Terry is the owner of Ashmore Estates & owner-operator as well of the Haunted R. Theater. He is also the President at Midwest Classic Insurance. He is also one of the kindest, most generous people I've ever met. This was a great discussion.
142:48 06/30/2022
Teal L. Gray Rev, N.D. 6.16.2022
Teal lectures on mysterious & long-forgotten world practices, paranormal fields of study & ghostly encounters, As an ordained minister Teal blends her knowledge of world religions & her gifts of intuition to assist paranormal investigative teams on sites of everything from historic buildings to sacred sites worldwide.
121:11 06/17/2022
Shelly Robertson 6.15.2022
Owner of the Old Paulding Jail, founder of 187 P.I., Paranormal Researcher Shelly Burk Robertson joins Kat for a great conversation
123:46 06/16/2022
Rick McCallum, long-time stunt man/co-ordinator, paranormal investigator, author of the Paranormal Book of the Year "Ghosts Believe in Me" is visiting the Old Paulding Jail for the first time June 25 & I believe he is in for a real treat! Lori Dorsey is a brilliant paranormal investigator with lots of experience at Old Paulding Jail, recently converted biker babe & gets some of the best evidence I've seen or heard. This show is going to rock!
123:22 06/09/2022
Ronnie Dee 6.1.2022
A conversation with one of my favorite people in our field, Ronnie Dee is on tap for this evening! He is the owner of Old South Pittsburg Hospital Research Center & has added the Historic Harriman House to his repetoire!
121:47 06/02/2022
Wilie Wind-Walker Gibson
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121:31 05/26/2022
Mark Fultz 5.11.22
Mark is going to regale us with his wonderful stories of paranormal experiences. He is such a gifted racontour.
122:27 05/12/2022
Jennifer Malek 5.4.2022
Jennifer Malek, psychic, medium, paranormal investigtator, remote viewer, joins Kat tonight for what is sure to be a great show! With their history there is no telling what topics may come up, but they'll be interesting!
123:05 05/05/2022
Tony Rathman
Denise has other plans tonight so I am airing this great Tony Rathman show!
116:27 05/03/2022
Nick Redfern 4.27.2022
I am airing tonight the archive with Nick Redfern from 11.142018. It is one of my favorite shows ever & our listeners seem to like it too! I hope you will enjoy it!
121:01 04/27/2022
Favorite Paranormal Investigators
Cheryl Plumb, Lori Dorsey, Rick McCallym, Mikey Thompson & myself are discussing some of our favorite locations & investigations!
121:13 04/21/2022
Teal L. Gray 4.13.2022
I am looking forward to my conversation with Teal Gray, paranormal investigator/experiencer, brilliant author with a brand new book, Haunted Denton, due any day. Teal is also host of Sole to Soul, currently on hiatus as she works to complete open projects. She is brilliant, interesting & great at everything I've known her to put her hand to. You will enjoy her!
121:46 04/14/2022
The Mysterious Winchester House in Review 4.6.2022
The Mysterious Winchester House lived up to it's reputation as one of the most unusual AND haunted locations in the United States. It is also beautiful & it's history is amazing. Come hear a bit about it!
124:37 04/07/2022
Micah Dank 3.23.22
MIcah Dank joins me tonight for what is sure to be an excellent show as he decodes the Revelation with us. If you haven't read his Into the Rabbit Hole series you are missing out on some great books!
121:26 03/24/2022
Andrew Brewer 3.16.22
An epic archive with Andrew Brewer
122:22 03/17/2022
Nick Redfern 11_14_18
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120:57 03/12/2022
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122:30 03/12/2022
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116:27 03/12/2022