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Ghost Talk with 187 P.I.

Live shows from the Haunted Old Paulding Jail featured on Portals to Hell with owner Shelly Burk Robertson. Shelly is also the founder of the 187 P.I. Paranormal Research Team.


Thanksgiving Murders & Hauntings 11.18.2022
Thanksgiving Murders & Hauntings are on the menu for tonight's show! Enjoy!
60:57 11/19/2022
A great rebroadcast of the episode with Ronda Trammell, Lori Dorsey & Kat Hobson. Very interesting round table!
106:13 11/05/2022
Paranormal Table Talk with Kat & Lori 10.21.2022
Shelly welcomes Kat Hobson & Lori Dorsey back with some Paranormal Table Talk. These three experienced Ghost Hunters share experiences & theories based on investigations and research.
84:21 10/22/2022
LIVE from the Old Pauilding Jail Kat Hobson Shelly Robertson 10.7.2022
LIVE from the Old Paulding Jail where, finally, Shelly & Kat are together again! Join them as they talk all things paranormal & have the spirits joining them through Shelly's Portal. So far, they've been interesting!
65:27 10/08/2022
Lori Dorsey 9.23.2022
Shelly is joined by guest Lori Dorsey to share the research from the 9.11.2022 paranormal investigation of the Old Paulding Jail.
65:53 09/24/2022
Ronda Trammel 8.26.2022
Ronda joins Shelly at the jail for a little paranormal table talk! They JUST got back from a con & there is a new spirited doll th at came home with Shelly too!
64:11 08/27/2022
Haunted Asylums & Hospitals 8.19.2022
As the 187P.I. team are setting for another great convention I get to choose from Shelly's fantastic archives. So Haunted Asylums & Hospitals it is! Enjoy!
60:13 08/20/2022
Kat Hobson, Lori Dorsey & Ronda Trammel 8.12.2022
Shelly welcomes Kat Hobson, Lori Dorsey & Ronda Trammel to discuss paranormal experiences shared & upcoming events at the Old Paulding Jail as well as Kat & Lori's recent trip to Scottland.
106:13 08/13/2022
Karma, Destiny & Free Will 8.5.2022
Shelly does such a great job with research for her shows. This is a great fan favorite for you to enjoy!
62:46 08/06/2022
Haunted Castles Around the World 7.8.22
A great sharing of some of the most haunted castles known!
63:08 07/09/2022
Paranormal Roundtable with Kat Hobson, Jenna & Scot Fithen
Join Ghost Talk Radio Host, Shelly Robertson as she discusses all things paranormal with special guests Kat Hobson, Jenna and Scot Fithen
64:58 06/18/2022
Discussing Many Cryptids 6.10.2022
Host Shelly Robertson brings background information & tales of encounters with various cryptids.
63:18 06/11/2022
Scott & Jenna Fithen 5.27.2022
A brilliant archive from 2021. Enjoy!
60:19 05/27/2022
Rick McCallum 5.20.2022
An excellent re-broadcast with Rick McCallum discussing the upcoming event at the Old Paulding Jail!
62:45 05/21/2022
Hauntings in Rural America 5.13.2022
A great archive of Ghost Talk Radio, Shelly's Hauntings in Rural America from May of 2018.
59:37 05/14/2022
Rick McCallum 5.6.2022
Shelly is interviewing Rick McCallum of the Hollywood Ghost Hunters & author of the Paranormal Book of the Year, Ghosts Believe in Me. Rick will be coming to her Old Paulding Jail for a public investigation in June & they will be discussing experiences & their histories in the field.
62:27 05/07/2022
Omens of Death & Other Superstions 4.29.2022
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
56:24 04/30/2022
Haunted Churches & Easter Traditions 4.15.2022
In keeping with the holiday of holy days we're playing Shelly's archive from 2.10.2020 titled Haunted Churches & Easter Traditions. Her shows are always full of great information. Enjoy!
59:39 04/16/2022
Haunted Indonesia 3.25.2022
Host Shelly Robertson will be discussing the history and hauntings of Indonesia.
66:09 03/26/2022
Lori Dorsey 3.18.2022
An epic review of the 9.11.2021 investigation with Lori Dorsey
62:48 03/19/2022
Paranormal vs Mental Illness 3.4.2022
One of the best of the Ghost Talk Radio archives in our opinion! Enjoy
59:59 03/05/2022
History of Ghosts & Hauntings 2.25.2022
Tonight Shelly brings us the history of both ghosts & hauntings. Didn't know there was a difference? Let's find out.
60:59 02/26/2022
The 7 Chakras 2.11.2020
Tonight is a rebroadcst of Shelly's show The & Chakras!
73:42 02/12/2022
Witches, Hauntings, Legends & Lore 1.28.2022
Host Shelly Robertson discusses witches, hauntings, legends & lore.
61:01 01/29/2022
Haunted Locations in New Zealand 1.21.22
I felt like a little international flavor & this is a GREAT episode of Ghost Talk Radio. As always, she did an excellent job with her research!
59:36 01/22/2022
Holiday Hauntings & Current Paranormal 1.14.2022
Join Ghost Talk Radio host Shelly Robertson as she discusses holiday hauntings & paranormal experimental findings.
67:47 01/15/2022
Lori Dorsey 12.17.2021
Lori Dorsey joins Shelly to discuss their experiences in Las Vegas during the Paranormal Para-Unity Con this past weekend as well as past investigations. This should be fun!
63:12 12/18/2021
9/11 at the Jail with Lori Dorsey 11.26.2001
Shelly welcomes investigator Lori Dorsey to discuss their investigation of the jail on 9/11. Their results were fascinating & they shared them with this!
62:46 11/27/2021
Crystals, Chakras & the Paranormal 11.19.2021
Join Ghost Talk Radio host Shelly Robertson as she discusses crystals, chakra & the paranormal.
64:26 11/20/2021
Witches: Facts, Legends, Haunting 10.29.2021
In honor of the Halloween weekend we are running the fantastic Witches: Facts, Legends, Haunting episode. Enjoy!
59:04 10/30/2021