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The Jeep Talk Show is about Jeeps by Jeep owners. The Jeep Talk Show team entertain and inform you about Jeeps! We love going off road and the Jeep Lifestyle. Four episodes a week! Podcasting since 2010! Visit our site at


Episode 1017 - Interview Big RIch
Wheeling since 82’, decide to make off-roading my life in 2000 by starting CalROCS, name change in 2005 to werock. 4low magazine owner since 2016, podcaster since 2020. Joined the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Board of Directors in 2023 and the Rubicon Trail Foundation Board of directors in March of 2024
68:41 4/12/24
Episode 1016 - Leave No Jeeper Behind!
On tonight’s episode… News story(s) Leave no Jeeper behind, but what if they’re stupid? Jeep Gladiator Update; Trail adventure when Gone-GPN Must have for your jeep; windshield wiper reservoir damage on the trail? We have a solution. #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
67:13 4/11/24
Episode 1015 - Favorite Jeep Event?
On tonight’s episode we’ll be asking you… If you could go to any event this year what would it be? What was your favorite event last year? Who would you like to wheel with given an opportunity?  
67:42 4/10/24
Episode 1014 - First Car, First Jeep?
On tonight’s episode… Jeep story; Our First Car, First Jeep Newbie Nuggets shares what you need to know when using a spotter Fabricating Frenzy let's hear about the EJS Vendors And in Must have STUFF for your Jeep! Dash Cam #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
65:46 4/9/24
Episode 1013 - Allison Duck Duck Jeep
Allison is a 35 year old, pet mom, avid off-roader and Founder of #duckduckjeep. When Allison isn’t traveling for Jeep Events across Canada and the US she’s home enjoying time with her partner and there 3 dogs and two cats. #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat #ejs2024
53:00 4/5/24
Episode 1012 - 4xe Fire!
On tonight’s episode… News story 4xe FIRE Recall Update co-host Chip runs a TreadLightly Event! Jeep Gladiator Update; Motobilt Skid system and MPG Must have for your jeep; ORACLE Lighting Racetrack Tailgate Panel Light for 2020-2024 Jeep Gladiator JT #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat #ejs2024
67:00 4/4/24
Episode 1011 - EJS 2024 Recap!
We had a great time on this episode. Warning there was talk about things you won't get the connection, and lots of foul language. Kind of like being at EJS with JTS this year! #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat #ejs2024
64:25 4/3/24
Episode 1010 - EJS 2024 is Over
On tonight’s episode… News story; EJS 2024 is complete and 2016 EJS Jeep Concept Newbie Nuggets Wendy is here to find out how Moab Went And in Must have STUFF for your Jeep! Glue Tread and I’ll tell you why.
53:30 4/2/24
Episode 1009 - Interview Patrick
Patrick has been involved in Jeep world with his ORZ company for 28 years now. 11 years ago he launched his own brand Bawarrion to develop his own Jeep Parts, because in his opinion, stuff on the market just wasn´t good enough. Bawarrion is now one of the strongest players in Europe and is currently introducing its revolutionary 4,5" suspension, super-strong alloy wheels and more to the American market. #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
53:55 3/29/24
Episode 1008 - $12k 4x4 Jeep?
Rumors of Jeep and Toyota developing small, but capable, 4x4 vehicles. Before you say "NO!" remember the size and abilities of the Willis. #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
44:06 3/28/24
Episode 1007 - Routine Maintenance
John fils in while the Jeep Talk Show is at Moab. Thanks John! #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
61:57 3/27/24
Episode 1006 - Elvis Has Left the Building!
On tonight’s episode… News story(s) Elvis has left the building Newbie Nuggets Wendy shares how many fingers she is holding up Fabricating Frenzy: Favorite EJS vendors  And in Must have STUFF for your Jeep! Properly sized GMRS antenna #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
59:59 3/26/24
Episode 1005 - Paul Radio Chatter Game
Paul is the co-founder of Radio Chatter, a conversation starter game for off-roaders and overlanders. Founded in 2023 with his wife Bethany (yes it was her idea), the couple aims to create more adventures for people by using conversations to expand the networks of fellow adventurers. #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat              
57:12 3/22/24
Episode 1004 - Fail of the Century!
On tonight’s episode… News story Fail of the Century Jeep Gladiator Update; Skid System Installed! Must have for your jeep; Rock Hard Lower Control Arm Skids #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat jeep wrangler cherokee gladiator off-road
77:53 3/21/24
Episode 1003 - Round Table
In this episode of the Round Table John Lee hosts the Round Table.  Get a new and interesting take on the Round Table. You can join the Round Table recording on Tuesdays 7:30pm CT  by going to pass jeep #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
54:25 3/20/24
Episode 1002 - Jeep and EJS
On tonight’s episode… News story EJS Jeep Concept Vehicles Fabricating Frenzy update on my jeep repairs  And in Must have STUFF for your Jeep! Poo Powder, it’s not just for EJS any longer! #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
65:41 3/19/24
Episode 1001 - Josh Black Fork Tools
I worked as a machinist in a variety of positions while earning my bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Working and learning in a skilled trade allowed me to understand the manufacturing process and develop a solid blue collar “can do” work ethic. Meanwhile a solid traditional engineering education gave me the math and science skills to problem solve at both micro and macro levels. While working full time and pursuing an education, I also found time to dabble in different hobbies. That’s what lead me here. #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
48:46 3/15/24
Episode 1000 - Yes! 1,000 Episodes!
Josh joins Tony to talk about the Jeep Talk Show, past hosts, past episodes and a surprise from Josh! #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
68:30 3/14/24
Episode 999 - Remembering!
The Zoom People remember the Jeep Talk Show from episode 1 to episode 999!  This Thursday we publish our 1,000th episode! Very active, very fun Round Table episode! #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
66:27 3/13/24
Episode 998 - Texas Trail Jeep
On tonight’s episode… News story(s) Special Jeep Talk Show Gladiator from Jeep! Newbie Nuggets Wendy gets dirty with the mud! Fabricating Frenzy Do you want to video your adventure? And in Must have STUFF for your Jeep! Multiport USB 12volt charger! #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
61:32 3/12/24
Episode 997 - Steve Adams Nacho.Love
I have been wheeling for decades, started a little lighting company called Rigid Industries, sold it and doing it again. Raced KOH 5 times, Norra 3 times, I love just about anything dirt related. #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat #nachos
67:53 3/8/24
Episode 996 - Life is a Beach!
On tonight’s episode… News story(s) 2024 Special Edition BEACH Jeeps! Chip Tantalizing Tips Past Jeeps! Jeep Gladiator Update; JeeTops clear freedom panels! Must have for your jeep; Silicon Tape, for your Jeep not your girlfriend. #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
64:02 3/7/24
Episode 995 - Don't Buy a Rubicon!
On tonight’s episode we’ll be asking you… What is the one purchase for your Jeep you hid from a significant other? If you could go back in time and advise yourself, what "halfway" upgrades would you say to skip, go straight to the best components instead? #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
63:58 3/6/24
Episode 994 - Steering Optional?
On tonight’s episode… News story(s) To Wheel or not to wheel? Newbie Nuggets Bill Update! Fabricating Frenzy Larry: top 5 tools for the trail! And in Must have STUFF for your Jeep! Trail Rated Badge. #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
61:14 3/4/24
Episode 993 - Interview Stacey David
Stacey David is the guy that every do-it-yourselfer wants in the garage helping out on their automotive projects. With decades of experience working in restoration and hot rod shops and 20+ years on two hit TV shows, Stacey has established a reputation for showing people how to build cool cars and trucks. His mechanical abilities and fabrication skills have made him one of the most trusted and respected custom car builders in the world today. Stacey’s incredible work and positive influence have earned him many awards and accolades from the automotive industry, as well as the nickname “America’s Gearhead.” Through the building of wild, trend-setting custom vehicles like Copperhead, The V8 Interceptor, and Sgt. Rock, Stacey inspires legions of gearheads around the world to “get out there and build something”.
60:43 3/1/24
Episode 992 - Jeep Momma Mystery
On tonight’s episode… News story(s) The Jeep Momma Mystery! Jeep Gladiator Update; I gots stuff to do before EJS! Must have for your jeep; TYRI Lights, everyone needs these lights. #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat #jeepmomma
72:16 2/29/24
Episode 991 - Jeep Owner Lie?
On tonight’s episode we’ll be asking you… Name a Lie that Jeep Owners Say. Who had the most impact on the modern Jeep, Daimler, Fiat, or Stellantis? #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
63:01 2/28/24
Episode 990 - Jeep Slime?
On tonight’s episode… News story(s) Jeep Cutting Prices! Newbie Nuggets: Wendy shares some trail manners to consider when out wheeling! Fabricating Frenzy Larry Parts or systems! And in Must have STUFF for your Jeep! Cleaning Slime? #jeeptalkshow #jeep #jeeplife #jtschicchat
76:24 2/27/24
Interview 989 - Robert Fort Hill Distributors
Robert is the owner of Fort Hill Distributors LLC., a Michigan based start up off-road accessory company currently focused on their line of Soft Shackles. Fort Hill Distributors LLC is committed to offering the best off-roading accessories available while partnering with local charitable organizations to do the most good where they can. Robert is a US Army and Air Force Veteran, a father, a husband and privileged to continue his service to Fort Hill's customers and larger community.
56:25 2/24/24
Episode 988 - BUH-BYE 392
On tonight’s episode… News story(s) 392 Has Left the Building Jeep Gladiator Update; What’s a bung and how do I weld it? Must have for your jeep; Desert Does It - Seat Slammers
72:12 2/22/24

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