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The weekly Tech.pinions podcast offers a hard-hitting analysis of the most important tech industry stories and trends, with key insights from well-respected analysts. In a fun, conversational style, the program aims at going beyond the headlines and talks about the potential long-term impact of tech-related news announcements. The Tech.pinions podcast is hosted by TECHnalysis Research president and radio veteran Bob O’Donnell and Tech.pinions founder Ben Bajarin, and features Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies, with regular contributions from Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies as well.


Apple Spring Launch, Netflix and Intel Earnings, Microsoft Work Habits Study 35:18 04/23/2021
Nvidia GTC, Microsoft Surface Laptop 4, Samsung Unpacked Preview, Apple Spring Event Preview 32:52 04/16/2021
Verizon-AWS Edge Computing, Intel 5G Infrastructure, Samsung A Series, T-Mobile 5G 30:03 04/09/2021
Arm Vision Day, CiscoLive 34:49 04/02/2021
Intel Manufacturing Strategy, Microsoft Remote Work Study, Samsung Networks Marvell 5G SOC 32:47 03/26/2021
2020 and 2021 Tech Industry Retail Trends 33:51 03/19/2021
Chromebooks, QTL Interview, Work from Home, Bosch Global Foundries, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T Analyst Days 35:16 03/12/2021
Microsoft Ignite, Qualcomm Snapdragon Sound, T-Mobile 5G Business 35:50 03/05/2021
5G C-Band Auction, T-Mobile Magenta Max, HPE Open RAN, Intel-Google 5G 34:22 02/27/2021
Amazon and Google Earnings, Poly P Series, Microsoft Viva 34:48 02/05/2021
Microsoft, AMD, Apple and Facebook Earnings, RobinHood Stock Trading 33:11 01/29/2021
Intel and IBM Earnings, Nvidia GeForce Now Alliance, Apple VR Headset Rumors 27:25 01/22/2021
CES 2021, Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event 36:06 01/15/2021
Social Media Impact, Pre-CES TV, PC, Automotive and 5G News 34:54 01/08/2021
Big Tech Trends for 2021 34:04 12/18/2020
Cisco WebexOne, Marvell Open RAN, Facebook Antitrust, T-Mobile 5G, Windows Arm 64, Google Workspace 30:56 12/11/2020
Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, AWS reInvent Conference, Android Enterprise Essentials 32:43 12/04/2020
Verizon-Apple, Apple App Store, AMD RX6800 GPUs, Microsoft Pluton, Apple Diversity 26:57 11/21/2020
Apple Arm-Based Macs, MediaTek Summit 33:05 11/13/2020
AMD Radeon 6000, Lenovo TechWorld, Tech Earnings, Cisco Partner Summit 32:39 10/30/2020
Qualcomm 5G Summit, Apple iPhone 12, DellTechWorld, Citrix Workspace Summit 36:16 10/24/2020
Apple iPhone 12, US 5G Networks, HomePod Mini 35:29 10/16/2020
Nvidia GTC, Arm DevSummit, Google Workspace, AMD Ryzen 3, Big Tech Antitrust 34:56 10/09/2020
Microsoft Ignite, AMD, Arm, Qualcomm Semiconductors, Amazon Fall Product Blitz 34:26 09/25/2020
Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset, Sony Playstation 5, Apple Event 32:53 09/18/2020
Microsoft Surface Duo, Motorola Razr, Microsoft XBox Series X, Apple Event Preview 31:26 09/11/2020
Podcast: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, Nvidia Gaming GPUs, Intel CPUs and Branding, Qualcomm IFA Announcements 33:03 09/04/2020
TikTok, Apple Facebook, HP and Dell Earnings, Fall Product Preview 30:22 08/28/2020
5G, Radio Frequency Spectrum and What it All Means 34:47 08/21/2020
Microsoft Surface Duo, Qualcomm Court Decision, Fortnite Battle with Apple and Google 31:10 08/14/2020