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Four curious Canadians venture into the darkest, most misunderstood, or contentious areas of our reality. Real life lore from the mouths of Ood, Sage, Leon, and Richard. Pack a bowl, join the cult, put us in your ears!


Case #215: Hell Houses; Halloween Indoctrination
Occultae Veritatis Podcast   Case #215: Hell Houses; Halloween Indoctrination   While many people enjoy Halloween as a time for costumes, treats, and fun, some fundamentalist Christians use it as a chance to create 'Hell Houses' instead of Haunted Houses. In these places, they aim to frighten and manipulate people toward their faith. Hear Richard guide the OVpod crew through this bait and switch to “win souls” for christ.   -Sponsored by-Our Patrons at
77:37 11/1/23
Case #214: The Ghost Train of St. Louis
In the small Canadian village of St. Louis, a local legend has attracted attention for decades. At one time a train ran through tracks just north of the town prior to being removed in the early 2000s. De-spite the tracks not being there, legends say the train in spectral form still runs on the track. OVPOD recorded this episode on top of the ghost trains tracks, tune in and see if we saw the Ghost Lights of St. Louis. -Sponsored by-Our Patrons at
45:49 10/29/23
Case #213: Lake Monsters around the World; From Jamacia to Japan
We are back at it again for ovpod Halloween 2023. 10 more countries, 10 more lake monsters to talk about. The River Mumma, The Ahuitzotl, The Kilopilopitsofy, The Lusca. The Kappa and more will be explored and talked about!   -Sponsored by-Our Patrons at
69:58 10/18/23
Case #212: The Catskills Crone
Case #212: The Catskills Crone   Classification: [Mystery}   Join host Richard Bigly on a spine-tingling journey deep into the heart of the Catskill Mountains as he unravels the eerie legend of "The Catskills Crone." In this chilling episode, discover the mysterious wooden doll that has sent shivers down the spines of two unsuspecting hikers. Is it a cursed artifact, a harbinger of doom, or simply a figment of their imagination? Tune in to explore the unsettling history, eyewitness accounts, and paranormal encounters surrounding this haunting enigma. Brace yourself for a riveting tale that will leave you questioning the boundaries between the supernatural and reality.   Topics Mentioned: Catskills mountains, Crone, Haunted Objects, Nails, Noose, Haunting, New York State, The Appalachian Mountains, manifest, Dana Newkirk, Greg Newkirk, Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, Supernatural, Poltergeist, Ghost, Demon
46:06 10/8/23
Case #211: Colleen Ballinger & The Ukulele Apology
     Colleen Ballinger, likely known better as her persona Miranda Sings, has recently responded to a flurry of serious allegations with a condescending song played on a tiny stringed instrument. What could have possibly led this event? What exactly is she accused of? Is this the worst apology video of all time? Get Ood’s answer to those questions today, on OVpod.   -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at   Full episode here:
132:19 9/16/23
Case #210: What if Humans disappeared?
Early one morning, Richard Bigly, and every other human on earth, simply disappear. This is where the story starts. What happens to humanity's pets, buildings, satellites, concrete, kitchen sinks, plastic nightstands, livestock, crops? Hear how long it takes for earth to erase humanity's existence, today, on ovpod!   -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at Full episode here:
77:23 9/7/23
Case #209: Queer in Care
Classification: [Healthcare)   Today, a hidden and forgotten progressive issue is revealed and discussed. The phenomena of Queer people being forced back into the closet as they enter long term care. Gay relationships are ended, identities are erased, and out and proud people are shamed into silence. Today, hear Leon elucidate this troubling societal failing.   Topics Mentioned: Long Term Care, Nursing Home, Seniors Home, Elders, Gay, LGBT, trans, Bisexual, Lesbian, Chronic Illness, Disability, Assisted Living, Senior Citizens,  supported housing, aarp   Audio Sources: Wounded Music: Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0   Heavy Heart Music: Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0   -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at
55:43 8/16/23
Case #208: Picking a Bone with Bones
Classification: [Law + Justice)   Incredibly Learned man Merg lends us his expertise analysing Crime Scene Investigation television. In particular, the Forensic Anthropology crime procedural, Bones. Can you simulate exactly how a bone would break? Would lab technicians stage beetle fight clubs? Just how accurate is the show to actual scientific study of bones? Today, tune in and find out!   Topics Mentioned: Bones, Forensic Anthropology, Bones, Temperance Brennan, Seeley Booth, forensic archaeology, crime procedural, Kathy Reichs, Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, FBI, Crime Scene Investigation, forensic science, skeleton, forensic pathologists, forensic dentists, cause of death, past trauma   Audio Sources: Floating Cities Music: Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0   Inspired Music: Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0   Lamentation Music: Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0   -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at
60:41 8/9/23
Case #207: 69 Things You’re Wrong About
Viking Helmets didn’t have horns, Strawberries aren't berries, and Thomas Crapper didnt invent the toilet. These are among the 69 things you are personally wrong about and need to be corrected on. Today, on Ovpod, we “Well Actually” until the cows come home!   -Sponsored by-Our Patrons at
101:17 7/17/23
Case #206: Spicy Connections II - Attack of the Chilli
Occultae Veritatis Podcast   Case #206: Spicy Connections II - Attack of the Chilli   Leon is back with the second installment of their fact filled trip between seemingly unrelated subjects. This episode, we jump from potatoes, to pilot Gary Powers, to rocket nozzles, to The Ice Age, to The Andes Mountains, to lightbulb filaments  and much much more.   -Sponsored by-Our Patrons at
94:41 7/8/23
Case #205: Pine Gap: Global Spying Down Under
Classification: History   Journey into the heart of Pine Gap, the clandestine CIA military base nestled deep within the Australian outback. In this thought-provoking podcast episode, we delve into the base's role in global surveillance, intelligence gathering, and the conspiracies that swarm it   Researcher: Richard Bigly     -Pallet Cleanser- Song: The Gap Artist: Hugo The Poet   Audio Sources: Music: Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0
85:34 6/27/23
Case #204: Harvey Milk
Case #204: Harvey Milk   Harvey Milk was many things, the first openly gay person in public office, a martyr, a leader, a symbol, and he even had darkness worth scrutinizing. Join OVpod as we talk about this complicated Icon.   
63:05 6/16/23
Case #203: Aimo's Methamphetamine Odyssey
  Classification: History   This episode has it all, war, skiing, Meth, Finnish men, and adventures in the forest. Hear the tale of the man who took enough stimulants to fuel 30 grown men and escaped the Soviets!  
53:29 6/6/23
Case #202: The Monster of Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan
Case #202: The Monster of Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan                                                                                                                                             Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada has a long history of “monster” sightings. Scaring grandmothers and grandchildren alike for over a century. Today we talk to the man who has taken it upon himself to document every story about the Turtle Lake Monster. Robert Grosse is here with OVpod, to pass on stories of what may lurk beneath the depths of Turtle Lake.   Contact Robert Grosse:   Join the Turtle Lake Monster Facebook group:  
80:36 3/29/23
Case #201: Cold War; Canada's High Arctic Relocation
Classification: [History] In 1950s, the Cold War was heating up, and Canada was desperate to protect its Northern Territories. The solution was to forcibly relocate indigenous people to the far north without proper food or shelter to act as human flagpoles. Join Ovpod today as we tell the Canadian story of sacrificing Inuit lives for geopolitical goals. Lead Researcher:Leon Filger Poison: Leon’s Uncles Dusty old Wine Topics Mentioned: High Arctic relocation, Inuit, Louis St. Laurent, Prime Minister, Cold War, Arctic Archipelago, Soviet Union, Russia, indigenous, Resolute, Grise Fiord, Inukjuak, Ellesmere Island, Cornwallis Island, Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Eskimo problem, Eskimo, Hudson’s Bay Company, beluga whale -Pallet Cleanser- “Katajjaq from Hudson Bay” Soria Eyituk and Lusi Kuni Canada: Inuit Games and Songs  
55:59 3/16/23
Case #200: The Murder of Matthew Graville
Classification: [Crime] Matthew Graville was murdered by his half brother Jeffrey Vogelsberg. Compared to people without disabilities, people with disabilities are more likely to be murdered by their family members and caregivers. Today, on OVpod, we tell Matthew’s story and talk about this phenomenon. -Pallet Cleanser- Fiona Robertson - Disability Day of Mourning 2022 -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at  
62:50 3/6/23
Case #199: Biggest Nuclear Explosions of All Time
Classification: [History] We start the list of biggest nukes with a few honorable mentions, suitcase nukes, backpack nukes, and nukes stolen from Bethesda games. The we get into the meat of the episode, the top 10 most powerful nuclear weapons ever detonated by humanity. From Ivy Mike to Tsar Bomba, we cover the most devastating weapons we have ever built. Guests: Isis, Brannigan Presenters: Ood Gallifrey, Misfit @MisfitRader . #Tsarbomba #bikiniatoll #davycrockett #ivymike #castleromeo #castleyankee #castlebravo #thermonuclear #hydrogenbomb #ivan #Hiroshima #russia #unitedstates #china #bigivan #nuclearfission #nuclearfusion #kiloton #megaton #tnt #uranium #coldwar #sovietunion #icbm #nuclearstockpile #nuclear Mentioned: Tsar bomba, big ivan, davy crockett, ivy mike, castle Romeo, castle Yankee, castle bravo, thermos nuclear, hydrogen bomb, ivan, Hiroshima, Russia, united states, china, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, kiloton, megaton, tnt, uranium, cold war, Soviet Union, nuclear stockpile, nuclear -Pallet Cleanser- Survival Under Atomic Attack (1951) Nuclear Vault Subscribe to US! Apple: Google: Android: Spotify: Podbean: Website: RSS: Support Us:  
80:24 1/25/23
Case #198: Becoming Death; The Birth of Nukes
Case #198: Becoming Death; The Birth of Nukes Classification: [History] Our layman’s introduction to nuclear weapons. How exactly do they “detonate”? What occurred in the $2 Billion-dollar Top Secret “Manhattan Project”? What is the anatomy of a nuclear explosion? And just what would happen if a nuclear weapon detonated near you? All these questions and more answered today, on OVPOD.   Guests: Isis, Brannigan Presenters: Ood Gallifrey, Misfit @MisfitRader Poison: Caffeinated Cottage Cheese   Topics Mentioned: Trinity Test, Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Bombs, Atom Bomb, Atomic Bomb, Nukes, Implosion, Radiation, Thermonuclear, Fission, Fusion, Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer, Leo Szilard, World War II, Mushroom Cloud, Uranium, Plutonium, Demon Core, The Manhattan Project   -Pallet Cleanser- Reaction to Russian Nuclear Test Tsar Bomba Upscaled History, 1961   Subscribe to US! Apple: Google: Android: Spotify: Podbean: Website: RSS: Support Us:   Misfits Links: Kinda Fruity Podcast: Bonus Misfit:   Tags: #TrinityTest #NuclearWeapons #Nukes #atombomb #atomicbomb #Implosion #Radiation # Thermonuclear #Fission #Fusion #AlbertEinstein #Oppenheimer #MushroomCloud #Uranium #Plutonium #DemonCore #ManhattanProject   Floating Cities Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0   Inspired Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0   Lamentation Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0
80:57 1/17/23
Case #197: Invisible Illnesses "You Don't Look Sick"
Case #197: Invisible Illnesses "You Don't Look Sick"   Classification: [Healthcare]   This Episode OVPOD talks about a group of Illnesses that are Invisible. The people who have these Invisible Illnesses may look healthy, but in reality, are sick. From Mental Illness to Multiple sclerosis, from Chronic Pain to Crohn’s disease, from Lupus to Lyme Disease, today we talk about empathy and understanding.   Guests: Catitty, The Darkside Baker, The Void Lead Researcher: Ood Gallifrey Poison: The Darkside Baker’s Pies   Topics Mentioned: Healthcare, Chronic Illness, Chronic Pain, Pain Management, Substance use, Invisible Illness, History of Medicine   -Pallet Cleanser- Song: Stardust Artist: Hoagy Carmichael Year: 1927 Audio Sources: Floating Cities Music: Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0   Inspired Music: Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0   Lamentation Music: Kevin MacLeod License: CC BY 3.0   Taking the 'invisible' out of invisible illnesses | Bethany Dawson Youtube TEDx Talks   US: Opioids Crackdown Leaves Pain Patients Suffering Youtube Human Rights Watch   What happens when you have a disease doctors can't diagnose | Jennifer Brea Youtube Ted   I'm a 22-Year-Old With Fibromyalgia | Invisible Illness | Health Youtube Health Magazine   -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at  
70:03 1/7/23
Case #196: The True Meaning of Christmas
Ft Guest Host Miriam Delirium Christmas wasn’t found in a box, a bag, or a stocking. Christmas was found in one dude's sarcastic fan fiction. Today, we uncover the true origins of Christmas. From Roman Saturnalia Festivals, to the Puritans making Christmas illegal, to the birth of the Proto-Santas, to 1800s writer Washington Irving inventing the Modern American Christmas tradition in his satirical writings.
71:58 12/25/22
Case #195:Blizzard; World's Worst Gaming Company
Ft Guest Host @Papa_BrayD   Activision Blizzard, the gaming company behind Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Diablo and more, became infamous in 2021 when accusations of employee abuse and exploitation went public. Drunk executives raiding employee workstations, the theft of breast milk, systematically underpaying women, and that’s just to start. Hear the entire infuriating story, today, on ovpod!   -Sponsored by-Our Patrons at
135:44 12/15/22
Case #194: Alleged Abuses at Legacy Christian Academy
Case #194: Alleged Abuses at Legacy Christian Academy   The Legacy Christian Academy is a church-run private school in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Formerly known as Christian Center Academy, LCA has close associations with the church it shares a building with, Mile Two Church.   Allegations of systemic abuse have been leveled at the private school throughout its history. It wasn't until 2022 that these allegations were finally taken seriously. Two students, Caitlin Erickson and Coy Nolin, filed a 25-million-dollar class action lawsuit against Legacy Christian Academy.   They represent more than 30 former students, who are collectively seeking justice for the alleged abuses the school inflicted on them. Today, we are joined by Coy and Caitlin, the lead plaintiffs in the ongoing lawsuit, as they tell their story.   Full episode:   Caitlin Erikson: Twitter: @CateSask TikTok: @saskcate   Coy Nolin: Twitter: @coy_nolin TikTok: @coynolin   Mile Two Church Inc. Class Action Statement of claim:   Join the Lawsuit:   “Systems of Indoctrination: Accelerated Christian Education in England” Jenna Scaramanga- University College London   Mile Two Church statement:   Mile Two Church pastor speaks about claim:   Tags: Mile Two Church, Legacy Christian Academy, Christian Center Academy, Christian Center Church, Saskatoon, Caitlin Erikson, Coy Nolin, class action lawsuit, battery, sexual abuse, exorcisms, corporal punishment, brainwashing, psychological harm, mental harm, emotional harm, spiritual harm, Accelerated Christian Education, Jenna Scaramanga,  Pastor Keith Johnson, class action lawsuit, saskcate, LCA, indoctrination, cult
182:05 12/5/22
*PATREON PREVIEW* OVpod Bloopers and Outakes
Here is a preview of our Patreon Bonus content that came out nearly a year ago.    A collection of bloopers and outakes
41:58 11/30/22
The Murder of Neil Stonechild Omnibus
OVpod's original four episodes about The Murder of Neil Stonechild released as 4-hour episode. Hear us cover this murder at the hands of our local police department, and the lack of justice that has happened since
220:25 11/25/22
Case #193: Legendary Lore and Modern Media
Classification: [History] Guest Presenter Rocky takes us on a journey of Myths, Legends, and Game Of Thrones commentary. We learn about ancient Greek and Roman mythology and learn how modern media still reflects ancient myths like a polished mirror -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at
68:32 11/15/22
Case #192: The Huronia Institution; 133 Years of Abuse
Case #192: The Huronia Institution; 133 Years of Abuse   Classification: [History]   Guest Presenter She-Wolf tells us about a Controversial Canadian institution that had operated for over 133 years. Opening in 1875 as “Orillia Asylum for Idiots and Feeble-Minded”, it has become infamous for the abuse, neglect, exploitation, and genocide of its former residents.   -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at
114:25 11/5/22
Case #191: Lesser-Known Lake Monsters; Australia to North Korea
Case #191: Lesser-Known Lake Monsters; Australia to North Korea   Classification: [Cryptozoology]   Every country on earth has at least one legend of a beast lurking in its lakes and rivers. Today on ovpod, we take a world tour exploring lesser-known lake monsters. From Italy’s Lariosauro to Kenya’s Lukwata to Columbia’s Devil Whale and many many more!   -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at
100:14 10/28/22
Case #190: The Demon Core; 14 Pounds of Plutonium
Classification: [History]   The Demon Core was destined to become the third nuclear bomb dropped on Japan, but it was never used. Its destiny for death lived on regardless. Hear guest presenter Misfit tell the story of a 14-pound sphere of plutonium and the disasters it created in two scientific experiments.   -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at
59:48 10/20/22
Case #189: Mummification and European Thievery
Classification: [History]   Mummies are human corpses that were prevented from decaying. Some mummies are naturally formed, such as the bog mummies of Europe, others were deliberately formed, such as the famous Egyptian Mummies. Today, we talk about all things mummies, including the goddam Europeans eating them.   -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at
75:44 10/11/22
Case #188: Stealth Technology; Making Planes Invisible
Case # 188: Stealth Technology; Making Planes Invisible   Classification: [Tech]   How exactly do you make a 50,000 lb jet plane look like a bumble bee on the radar? Today, on ovpod, hear Leon guide the rest of the hosts through a tour of the historical and modern stealth technology arms race   -Sponsored by- Our Patrons at
79:03 10/1/22

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