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Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda

The non-partisan Digital Politics Podcast with Karen Jagoda explores political and advocacy campaign best practices, new technologies and innovative approaches to voter engagement, fundraising, ground game strategies, cross-media advertising, using social media to promote and persuade, and getting out the vote. Since 2007, this show has spotted trends and interviewed strategists on the campaign trail as well as candidates, elected officials, and solutions providers who are bringing new tools to campaign staffers and volunteers.


Using Hologram Technology to Beam Politicians into Virtual Encounters with David Nussbaum PORTL 24:56 09/23/2021
Strength of Online for Voter Persuasion with Loren Merchan Authentic 16:47 09/13/2021
Effectiveness of Audio Ads in 2021 Primary Campaigns and COVID Outreach with Sean Duggan SXM Media 19:23 08/26/2021
The Expanding Political Advertising Options with Matthew Dybwad Xandr 18:16 08/20/2021
Eliminating Traffic Injuries and Fatalities with David Braunstein Together for Safer Roads 17:48 08/05/2021
Reimagining Unemployment Insurance with Rachel Korberg and Naomi Walker 18:56 07/22/2021
Fighting Political Online Fundraising Scams with Mike Nellis Authentic 17:28 07/15/2021
Countering Disinformation with Tara McGowan Courier Newsroom 18:58 07/08/2021
Third Wave of Fundraising with Ben Katz ISPolitical 19:13 06/18/2021
Influencing Decision Makers Wherever They Are with Joe Corbe 1631 Digital 18:27 06/11/2021
Bernie Sanders' Mittens and the World of Viral Memes with Don Caldwell Know Your Meme 17:53 06/02/2021
Taking Action Against Asian American Pacific Islanders Hate Crimes with Ken Fujimoto APAPA 16:50 05/21/2021
Power of Memes and GIFs to Break Through the Noise with Deepak Puri The Democracy Labs 18:39 05/14/2021
Determining Mechanics of Voting Has Always Been Decentralized with Joe Sandler Election Law Expert 17:16 05/06/2021
Micro-Targeting Persuasive Messages with Bryan Miller Neptune Ops 17:28 04/30/2021
Reaching the COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitant with Sean Duggan SiriusXM 18:25 04/23/2021
Civic Engagement in the Age of Boycotts with Katie Harbath Anchor Change 16:01 04/15/2021
Early Polling on Governor Newsom Recall Effort in CA with Adam Probolsky President Probolsky Research 18:02 03/25/2021
Understanding What Drives Swing Voters with Rich Thau Engagious 21:06 03/12/2021
Promoting Fact-Based Content to Fight Disinformation with Poppy MacDonald USAFacts 17:12 03/04/2021
Shaping Legislative Priorities with Darryl Lucien Lucien Partners 17:05 02/25/2021
Next Generation of Digital Campaign and Advocacy Tools with Betsy Hoover Higher Ground Labs 18:39 02/19/2021
Origins and Promise of Mobile Phones with Martin Cooper Inventor, Entrepreneur and Author 22:48 02/10/2021
2020 National Campaign Technology Survey with Eric Wilson Center for Campaign Innovation 19:18 02/05/2021
Predicting Campaign Success in 2021 Primaries with Richard Elliott PrimaryCast 16:45 01/28/2021
Effective Organizing Tools Used in 2020 Campaigns with Deepak Puri The Democracy Labs 16:33 01/11/2021
Fundraising Field and Voter Behavior in 2020 with Frank Girolami Aristotle 18:26 12/17/2020
Online Assault on Democracy with Cyrus Krohn Author and Internet Thought Leader 18:15 12/10/2020
Value of Political Audio Ads Growing with Sean Duggan Pandora 19:10 12/03/2020
Spotlight on Voter Fraud with Ben Katz ISPolitical 17:55 11/19/2020