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Empowered Patient Podcast with Karen Jagoda is a window into the latest innovations in digital health, the changing dynamic between doctors and patients, the emergence of personalized medicine, aging in place, wearables and sensors, clinical trials and advances in clinical research, payer trends, transparency in the medical marketplace and challenges for connected health entrepreneurs. This show continues to evolve driven by the convergence of a diverse array of industries.


CMS 2022 Changes for Medicare Advantage with Jessica Magana Lightbeam Health Solutions 18:00 09/13/2021
Treating Rare MPN Diseases Caused by Genetic Mutations in Blood Stem Cells with Dr. Hugh Rienhoff Imago BioSciences 17:59 09/12/2021
Remote Patient Monitoring Virtual Visits Driving Reduction in Hospital Readmissions with Eric Rock Vivify Health 17:05 09/09/2021
Modulating the Wnt Signaling Pathway to Treat Specific Injury or Organ with Craig Parker Surrozen 16:14 09/08/2021
Informed Choices Change Model for Transporting Patients with Dr. Richard Watson Motient 18:26 09/07/2021
Sparing Patients the Ravages of Steroid Medicines and Overproduction of Cortisol with David Katz Sparrow Pharmaceuticals 19:40 09/01/2021
Building on the Momentum to Develop Alzheimer’s Treatments and Vaccine with Dr. Hideki Garren Prothena 16:41 08/31/2021
Accelerating Development of Treatments for Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Karen Chen SMA Foundation 16:11 08/30/2021
Understanding Role of Fragments of tRNA Synthetases in Controlling Inflammation with Sanjay Shukla aTyr Pharma 18:03 08/25/2021
Natural Language Processing in Drug Development and Healthcare with Dr. Elizabeth Marshall Linguamatics 17:24 08/24/2021
Promise of New Treatments for Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Dan Temple SMA Patient Advocate 16:14 08/23/2021
Applications for Implanted Brain Computer Interfaces with Florian Solzbacher Blackrock Neurotech 23:20 08/18/2021
Facilitating One Patient One Record Access with Dr. Oleg Bess 4medica 16:36 08/17/2021
Using Selective Translation Regulator Inhibitors to Reinvigorate the Immune System to Attack Cancer with Dr. Steve Worland eFFECTOR Therapeutics 17:32 08/16/2021
Building the Technology Behind Virtual Care Platforms with Bret Larsen eVisit 19:10 08/11/2021
Integrating Hospital Devices and Data Sources for Continuous Monitoring with John Zaleski Capsule 19:22 08/10/2021
Advocating for Awareness of Medical PTSD with Emily Parks POP! 18:08 08/09/2021
Oligonucleoptide Therapeutics Changing Outcomes for Rare Genetic Neuromuscular Diseases with James McArthur PepGen 18:45 08/04/2021
Thin Film Freezing Technology Transforms Drugs into Dry Powder Formulations Improving Efficacy with Glenn Mattes TFF Pharmaceuticals 17:01 08/03/2021
Cell Therapies Drive Immune System in Cures for Solid Tumors and Blood Cancers with Alain Maiore Mnemo Therapeutics 18:53 08/02/2021
Targeting Disorders Induced by Cannabis with Dr. Pier Vincenzo Piazza Aelis Farma 22:01 07/28/2021
Blood Purification Device Removes Inflammatory Cytokines with Jim Joyce Sigyn Therapeutics 18:22 07/27/2021
Next Generation Suture Mediated Vascular Repair System with Dr. Nick West Abbott 17:57 07/26/2021
Targeting Underlying Gene Mutation Causing Dilated Cardiomyopathy with Dr. Marc Semigran Renovacor 17:28 07/21/2021
Developing Nasal Sprays for Temporary Protection Against Existing and New Respiratory Viruses with Koenraad Wiedhaup Leyden Labs 18:26 07/20/2021
Developing Autologous Solution to Treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers with Dr. Ryan Mathis PolarityTE 17:38 07/19/2021
Streamlining On-Demand Healthcare by Reducing Friction in the System with Dr. Rob Rohatsch Solv Health 18:25 07/15/2021
Personalized Approach to Measuring and Managing MS and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases with Bill Hagstrom Octave Bioscience 17:23 07/13/2021
Individualized Brain Health Strategies Essential for All Ages with Dr. Andrew Newberg Marcus Institute of Integrative Health 18:43 07/07/2021
Managing Measurement and Metrics of Value-Based Healthcare with Sheila Talton Gray Matter Analytics 16:13 07/06/2021