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Video Marketing Secrets | Simple Strategies for Outrageous ROI

Welcome to Video Marketing Secrets: Simple Strategies for Outrageous ROI - a podcast by The Draw Shop. Here, you will learn the most creative and cutting-edge video marketing strategies to help you attract, nurture, and convert your ideal customers throughout your sales funnel. Hosted by Summer Felix-Mulder.


Build Your Winning B2B Video Marketing Strategy with Leo Falkenstein
In this episode of Video Marketing Secrets, Leo Falkenstein, Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Consume Media, joins Summer Felix-Mulder to share B2B video marketing nuggets of wisdom regarding video creation strategies, why video impacts your overall marketing strategy, and the best platforms to share your content on.
30:17 11/10/22
Understanding Google's New Video Indexing Report with Christina Skillman
In this episode of Video Marketing Secrets, Christina Skillman, CEO and Creative Director of Skillman Video Group, joins Summer Felix-Mulder to share video content strategies to grow your business using Google's updated video indexing tool.
36:45 11/3/22
How to Repurpose Long-Form Content Into Evergreen Social Media Gold with Kate Bradley Chernis
In this episode of Video Marketing Secrets, Kate Bradley Chernis, Co-Founder and CEO of LatelyAI, joins Summer Felix-Mulder to discuss how Artificial Intelligence can help you turn long-form content into evergreen social media gold.
37:55 10/27/22
Creating Video Marketing Content That Sets You Apart From Your Competitors with David Lisowski
In this episode Video Marketing Secrets, David Lisowski, Owner of Foxal, shares how small business owners can attract more clients and gain their trust with video content and how to perfect it when you're uncomfortable on camera.
35:31 10/20/22
Powerful Secrets of Video Marketing with Brandon T. Adams
Today we have a special episode of Video Marketing Secrets. Though each episode is unique, this guest is absolutely fantastic, and his wisdom might become a game-changer for you and your brand. Brandon T. Adams, a 2X Emmy Award-Winning Producer, host of the TV Series Success in Your City, Podcaster, Speaker, Inventor, Advisor, Crowdfunding Expert, Media Expert, and serial Entrepreneur, shares his best-in-class insights to help you leverage the power of video marketing to grow your business.
30:58 10/13/22
Five Marketing Ways to Establish Your Business Expertise and Authority with Summer Felix-Mulder
If you want people to see your brand as the authority in your industry, it feels like testimonials are the only way and the only path to making that happen. But what if you are a brand new company? What if you are a total startup with a brand new offer, and you just haven't had the opportunity to rake up those dozens of great testimonials? Leverage alternative marketing tools to position your company as the go-to expert in your niche. Today, we discuss five of them you can use to grow your business.
26:19 10/6/22
Three Marketing Videos That Will Make Your Customers Love You with Summer Felix-Mulder
Video marketing is about promoting each video you create for maximum ROI, getting as many views on your video content as humanly possible, or maybe even going viral so your message can touch thousands of people. But you also want to produce videos that only one person will ever get to see, which are essential to your business's success. In this episode, Summer Felix-Mulder shares her top three types of videos that will help you implement personalized and nurturing videos in your marketing strategy, make you stand out, and convert more customers.
17:34 9/23/22
How Live Video Works Wonders for Your Marketing Strategy with Gary Cassady
Live videos are probably the best way to engage and connect with your audience given that the majority of people are visual learners. Though it might be awkward for you, showing up on camera and communicating with people can do wonders for your business. To help you get the most from live video marketing, Gary Cassady, the Co-Founder at BizCommander, joins Summer Felix-Mulder to discuss how to live stream, how to present yourself on camera, what you should be talking about, and even how to interact with your audience.
33:25 9/15/22
B2B Video Marketing and Sales Hacks for Business Growth with Tyler Lessard
Video marketing produces insane business results, including more leads and ROI. B2B marketing videos are more than another advertising resource, but more a tool to educate your audience, create connections and build the face and personality of your brand. Tyler Lessard truly believes in that. Considering his experience, we agree with him. Tyler is the VP of Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard, the Chief Feeder of Sales Feed, and the Author of The Visual Sale book. Tyler is a marketing and sales expert that works with businesses to help them integrate video content into their marketing and sales strategies. Today, he shares what makes video marketing so impactful, how sales teams can use videos in the buying process, and how to grow your business using video marketing.
40:01 8/25/22
The Art and Power of Digital Courses with Amy Porterfield
Digital courses can be massively useful when it comes to growing your business. It gives you the opportunity to take all your expertise and use it to impart real value to other people. But many people still hesitate for various reasons. They might feel uncomfortable sharing their insider knowledge, insecure about their talking skills, or simply believe they have nothing to say. That is not the case. As long as you have achieved some results in your personal or professional life, you can create a digital course. Just listen to Amy Porterfield, a successful marketer, and digital creator expert. Amy joins the Video Marketing Secrets podcast to share the game-changing value of a digital course for your business, how to choose a topic for your course, and how to overcome the struggle associated with filming yourself.
36:18 8/19/22
A Video Marketing Secret: The Cookie-Cutter Approach to Red Hot Prospects — Video Marketing Secrets #1 with Summer Felix-Mulder
Here at the Draw Shop, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Period. If you treat all of your prospects the same and construct cookie-cutter funnels, your business is likely to suffer. Your prospect should be met where they are on their journey, this is how you convert and close deals. In order to generate leads for your business, we want to make your business a lead magnet so that people will pounce on it. Find out how by listening to the latest episode, right here on Video Marketing Secrets!
23:50 8/12/22
The 5 Videos You Need to Boost Your Conversions and Sales with Summer Felix-Mulder
When most entrepreneurs wanna get the most out of their marketing funnel, their go-to solution is putting more into it. So more traffic, ad spend, emails, leads, and on a certain level, it makes sense. Chasing more traffic and customers is a simple path. But it only brings linear returns. That is nice. But if you want exponential growth, start pursuing quality over quantity. The results might double, triple, or even quadruple your funnel's performance. In this episode, we will explore a few strategies to create those improvements and five types of videos you can plug right into your existing marketing funnel that will boost your conversions and sales.
24:30 8/4/22
[Greatest Hits] Attracting New Business Through Podcasting with Kristin Molenaar - Backstage Business #72
Learn how to leverage being a guest on podcasts to attract new business.
34:39 7/29/22
The Importance of Consistency and Streamlining Your Video Flow with George B. Thomas
Video marketing is a huge trend today. People are watching more videos than ever, and marketers feel very optimistic about the ROI they bring, as videos generate massive traffic, leads, and sales. Nonetheless, many are still scared to push the play button, record, and upload their videos. Why is that happening? How can you approach video marketing successfully, and why is video flow important? To learn some of the best video marketing hacks, we invited George B. Thomas, a HubSpot Helper, and Owner of George B Thomas Company. George has more than thirty years of sales and marketing experience. His true passion is being a catalyst for growth and helping others be inspired, educated, and willing to work hard to achieve unlimited success. George helps companies streamline and grow using the right HubSpot CRM, marketing, sales, service, operations, and CMS tools. He utilizes his graphic design, web development, and HubSpot expertise to partner with, teach, and develop solutions for companies looking to build their businesses and increase revenue. Moreover, George is the creator of the HubEd Helper YouTube channel, HubEd Helper podcast, and HubEd Helper blog. He is also a professional speaker on marketing, sales, and videos.
43:49 7/21/22
A Video Marketing Secret: Stories Sell — Video Marketing Secrets #1 with Summer Felix-Mulder
Storytelling through video content is challenging at best, but telling stories that make people feel smart is an entirely different story. I share the story of how my business partner and I first created video content in a garage and the origin of The Draw Shop. We also cover the art of making over $100,000,000 for clients through stories.
19:36 7/15/22
The Smart Marketer’s Playbook for 2022 and Beyond — Video Marketing Secrets #1 with Summer Felix-Mulder
Marketing your business is more challenging than ever, and entrepreneurs have a hard time growing their businesses. That is because many assume that online marketing is the same as it was ten years ago. In the first episode of the Video Marketing Secrets | Simple Strategies for Outrageous ROI podcast, I will share how online marketing has changed, create compelling content your audience will love, generate tremendous ROI from your marketing campaigns, and many more.
16:06 7/7/22
Want to Learn My Video Marketing Secrets? Listen Up! with Summer Felix-Mulder
Summer Felix-Mulder is the Founder and CEO of The Draw Shop, an advertising agency that creates video content marketing. Throughout her entrepreneurial career, Summer built and sold several successful businesses and helped multiple clients leverage their marketing strategies. For more than a decade, she has been helping entrepreneurs to multiply their revenue and become industry leaders through the power of video. Summer decided to bring those same game-changing secrets to her new podcast, Video Marketing Secrets | Simple Strategies for Outrageous ROI. In the following episodes, Summer will share the strategies, tactics, and lessons proven with over 7,000 clients across dozens of industries, like Joe Polish, Amy Porterfield, Arianna Huffington, Todd Herman, and others.
07:26 7/7/22
Video Marketing Secrets Trailer
Welcome to Video Marketing Secrets | Simple Strategies for Outrageous ROIs, a podcast by The Draw Shop. To help you convert more leads into customers, we have in-depth discussions with video marketing experts and professionals. We discuss the most creative and cutting-edge video marketing strategies out there. Subscribe to Video Marketing Secrets today!
01:20 7/7/22
Attracting New Business Through Podcasting with Kristin Molenaar - Backstage Business #72
Learn how to leverage being a guest on podcasts to attract new business.
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Diversified Lead Generation with Doug Morneau – Backstage Business #68
Learn how to generate and OWN your leads in a way that provides more stability for your business.
1092:15 3/16/21
Clever Marketing and That Company with Ken Knorr – Backstage Business #67
Marketing insight and ideas from the creator of That Company.
1092:15 3/9/21
Search Engine Visibility with Chris Dickey – Backstage Business #66
Understanding your brand footprint and showing up where you need to be.
1092:15 3/2/21
BONUS EPISODE: Building an Impactful Web Presence with Ray van Hilst
What does your website need in order to succeed?
1092:15 2/25/21
Making What You Sell Seem Irresistible By Increasing The Perceived Value - Backstage Business #65
Learn how to make your product or service catch the eye of your potential customer.
1092:15 2/23/21
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1092:15 2/18/21
Leverage Government Contracts in Your Small Business with Karwanna Dyson - Backstage Business #64
Learn how to grow your small business into a consistent and sustainable empire using government contracts.
1092:15 2/16/21
BONUS EPISODE: Mindful Investing and Personal Transformation with Charlie Hartwell
Using your gifts to support what is most meaningful to you.
1092:15 2/11/21