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Tax rates 10 years from now are likely to be much higher than they are today. Is your retirement plan ready? Learn how to avoid the coming tax freight train and maximize your retirement dollars.


Did Joe Biden Just Solve the National Debt Crisis? 08:27 08/17/2022
The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022--Will It Raise Your Taxes? 09:10 08/10/2022
Whole Life vs. Indexed Universal Life and More… 16:21 08/03/2022
How to Mitigate Long-term Care Risk…Without the Heartburn 15:41 07/27/2022
Can You Retire on Life Insurance Alone? 09:30 07/20/2022
The Bombshell in the 2022 Social Security Trustees Report 09:33 07/13/2022
The Anatomy of a Debt Apocalypse 08:41 07/06/2022
The Five Things Your LIRP Must Have 14:43 06/29/2022
Catch 22: Inflation or Recession? 09:12 06/22/2022
The Dave Ramsey Buy Term and Invest the Difference Fallacy 08:39 06/15/2022
Could Inflation Lead to Higher Taxes? 12:40 06/08/2022
The Biggest Objection to a Tax-Free Retirement 11:56 06/01/2022
The Truth About Municipal Bonds 11:14 05/25/2022
The Tax Freight Train Bearing Down on Your Retirement Plan 18:37 05/18/2022
The Truth About Dave Ramsey 10:39 05/11/2022
What is the Obamacare Surtax (And Should You Worry About It)? 08:23 05/04/2022
When Should You Draw Social Security in a Rising Tax Rate Environment? 12:00 04/27/2022
Should High Income Earners Do Roth Conversions? 13:06 04/20/2022
A Huge Surprise in the Secure Act 2.0 10:50 04/13/2022
When is the True Fiscal Day of Reckoning for Our Country? 14:22 04/06/2022
The LIRP vs Stock Market Investing 14:13 03/30/2022
Effective Tax Rate vs Marginal Tax Rate in POZ Planning Decisions 13:57 03/23/2022
How to Avoid Sequence of Return Risk in Your LIRP 14:11 03/16/2022
Two Ways to Use the LIRP to Get to Tax-Free 13:46 03/09/2022
Can Mitt Romney Save America? 18:36 03/02/2022
How to Best Position the LIRP in Your POZ Strategy 25:47 02/23/2022
The POZ Moves You Should Be Making Right Now 24:38 02/16/2022
Why Your LIRP MUST Have Interest in Arrears and Daily Sweeps 14:09 02/09/2022
Can Long-Term Capital Gains Push You Into a Higher Tax Bracket for Roth Conversions? 12:18 02/02/2022
Why Your LIRP MUST Have a Guaranteed 0% Loan Provision 24:05 01/26/2022