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The Jay Allen Show is a podcast of the broadcast that can be heard on Safety FM. The show is an ongoing discussion of safety cultures, personal safety, human organizational performance, system safety, and PLUS the things Jay wants to discuss from his or his guest point of view.


EP 635 - Mini - Time For A Plan
Today, it's all about the call and having a plan.
02:31 7/12/24
EP 634 - Murray Elliott
Welcome to a special episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring an exclusive interview with Murray Elliott, recorded live at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024 in Banff. This episode marks a significant moment as Murray steps down after seven years of dedicated service as the President and CEO of Energy Safety Canada. Murray Elliott has been a pivotal figure in advancing safety in the energy sector. Under his leadership, Energy Safety Canada has made tremendous strides in improving safety standards and fostering a culture of continuous improvement across the industry. His tenure has been marked by innovative initiatives and a relentless commitment to protecting workers and ensuring safe operations. In this heartfelt episode, Jay Allen sits down with Murray to reflect on his remarkable career and the impact of his leadership. They discuss the evolution of safety practices over the past seven years, the challenges and achievements of Energy Safety Canada, and Murray's vision for the future of safety in the energy sector. As Murray shares his insights and experiences, we also take this opportunity to thank him for his extraordinary service and dedication to enhancing safety in the industry. His contributions have left a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire and guide future leaders in the field. Join us in celebrating Murray Elliott's remarkable career and his significant contributions to safety. Tune in to Safety FM with Jay Allen for this special episode, filled with reflections, gratitude, and a forward-looking perspective on the future of safety in the energy sector. Thank you, Murray, for your exceptional leadership and service to Energy Safety Canada and the entire industry. Your legacy will continue to drive safety excellence for years to come.
16:18 7/9/24
EP 633 -Mini - The Recovery
Ripped from the headlines of The Rated R Safety Show.
05:48 7/5/24
EP 632 - Taylor Hewlett and Michael Bathgate
Welcome to another engaging episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, recorded live at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024 in Banff. In this episode, Jay sits down with Mr. Michael Bathgate and Mr. Taylor Hewlett, both esteemed Operations Supervisors at Imperial, to discuss their compelling presentation, "People Don’t Suck: Looking at HOP Through a Leadership Lens." Michael Bathgate, a Mine Operations Supervisor at Imperial Oil, has a deep passion for leadership, constantly fueled by reading and applying insights from renowned authors like Simon Sinek and Adam Grant. With a career starting in the construction and mining industry right out of high school, Michael has spent the last 10 years at Imperial’s Kearl lake site, with seven of those years in a supervisory role. Outside of work, Michael enjoys fishing and exploring the Gulf Islands with his son Ivor and partner Erin. Taylor Hewlett, also an Operations Supervisor at Imperial, brings a unique perspective from his five years as an Aircraft Technician in the military before transitioning to the oil sands industry. With 15 years in the oil sands and 12 years in a supervisory role, Taylor is inspired by leadership concepts from John Maxwell. He is dedicated to working with people and has been committed to leadership development since his early twenties. Taylor is a father of five and has been married to his wife Natalie for 15 years. In their joint presentation, "People Don’t Suck," Michael and Taylor connect Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) with leadership through captivating storytelling. They challenge the notion that people are the problem, presenting them instead as the solution. By leveraging HOP principles, they reveal how leaders can unlock their team’s full potential, transform problem-solving approaches, and positively impact organizational culture, safety, and productivity. Join us as Michael and Taylor share their experiences and insights on integrating HOP with effective leadership. This episode is packed with practical strategies and inspiring stories that demonstrate how viewing people as the solution can revolutionize your organization. Tune in to Safety FM with Jay Allen for this insightful discussion on how leadership and HOP can work together to create a safer, more productive workplace. This conversation is essential listening for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills and improve their organization's performance.
16:29 7/2/24
EP 631 - Mini - Allegory Of The Cave
Today on Safety FM Mini, we take an unexpected turn that will involve you.
02:48 6/28/24
EP 630 - Dr. Nicholas Weatherly
Welcome to another enlightening episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring a deep dive into "Operationalizing Human & Organizational Performance" with Dr. Nicholas Weatherly. Recorded live at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024 in Banff, this episode explores the cutting-edge strategies for building resilient systems that support all levels of your workforce and enhance organizational safety outcomes. Dr. Nicholas Weatherly is a seasoned executive, field coach, and researcher with over 20 years of experience in leading progressive people operations and driving culture change. His expertise lies in maximizing safety and leadership performance through monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), implementing science-based leadership practices, and setting results-focused objectives and timetables. In his presentation, Dr. Weatherly discusses how Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) recognizes human error as a part of both individual choices and organizational systems and processes. He provides actionable insights on how to operationalize HOP principles to create a lasting impact on your organization’s safety culture. With over 100 scholarly presentations and workshops to his credit, Dr. Weatherly is also the co-author of "Deliberate Coaching" and has been published in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals. His extensive background includes serving as the Head of the School of Behavior Analysis at the Florida Institute of Technology, a management consultant with Aubrey Daniels International, and various leadership roles in professional behavior analysis associations. In this episode, Jay Allen interviews Dr. Weatherly post-presentation to further explore his strategies for integrating HOP into organizational practices. They discuss how to build systems that not only support safety but also promote continuous learning and improvement at all levels of the organization. Tune in to Safety FM with Jay Allen for this insightful episode and discover how to transform your organization’s approach to safety and performance through the practical application of HOP principles. This conversation is a must-listen for safety professionals, leaders, and anyone committed to fostering a safer, more resilient workplace.
27:49 6/25/24
EP 629 - Mini - Failure Is A Building Block
Today on Safety FM Mini it's all about building blocks.
02:50 6/21/24
EP 628 - Sean Brady
Welcome to a compelling episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring an exclusive interview with Sean Brady, recorded live at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024 in the Van Horne Ballroom. Following his powerful presentation on the Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes, Sean sits down with Jay Allen to delve deeper into the critical lessons learned from these tragic events. Sean Brady, a renowned forensic engineer, is the Vice Chair of the Society of Construction Law in Australia and a member of the SIMC Panel of Experts in Singapore. He is a Chartered Professional Engineer and a Fellow of Engineers Australia. In 2020, Sean completed the Brady Review, which investigated the causes of fatalities in the Queensland mining industry. This pivotal review, tabled in parliament, offered 11 essential recommendations to improve safety in the mining sector. Currently, Sean is leading an investigation into a major power station incident in Australia. He is widely recognized for his expertise in analyzing the causes of technical and organizational failures. In his presentation, Sean introduced the concept of complex systems and examined how they work and fail. Using the Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes, which resulted in the deaths of 346 people, as a case study, Sean explored the organizational causes behind these catastrophic events. He discussed the interplay of company structure, location, and the relationship between management and technical disciplines, illustrating how an imbalance between profitability and safety can lead to disaster. During the interview, Sean and Jay delve into how complex systems differ from traditional Newtonian views of cause and effect. Sean emphasizes that complex systems consist of numerous interacting components, leading to emergent behaviors that can be unexpected and difficult to predict. He highlights the importance of understanding these systemic interactions to prevent future failures. This episode challenges listeners to think beyond the surface of technical failures and consider the broader organizational and systemic factors at play. Sean Brady’s insights are invaluable for anyone looking to understand the deeper causes of major failures in high-risk industries. Join us on Safety FM with Jay Allen for this insightful interview with Sean Brady, as they unpack the lessons from the Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashes and explore how to build more resilient and safer organizational systems. For more on Sean Brady’s work, visit [](
27:36 6/18/24
EP 627 - Mini - Frustration
Today Jay discusses the frustration of NOT doing the work. Hear all about it today on Safety FM Mini
02:50 6/14/24
EP 626 - David Provan
Welcome to this insightful episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring a recap of David Provan's compelling session recorded live at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024 in Banff. In his keynote, "The Global Safety Landscape: Trends, Insights & Predictions," David Provan, a renowned expert in the field, delves into the evolving dynamics of safety management. David begins by highlighting how the world has undergone significant changes in recent years, and the realm of safety is no exception. His keynote provides a unique perspective on the current trends and insights shaping the future of safety. He discusses various societal changes, the shifting organizational context, and the evolving role of the safety profession in managing risks, particularly in high-hazard industries. David's analysis covers how these trends impact safety management approaches and practices. He emphasizes the importance of understanding and adapting to these changes to ensure effective safety strategies. David also explores multiple potential futures for safety management and the profession, offering his predictions and discussing how safety professionals can influence these future developments. Throughout his session, David provides a comprehensive overview of the critical factors that will shape the safety landscape in the coming years. His insights are invaluable for safety professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve and proactively adapt to the changing environment. Join us in this episode as we recap David Provan's session, filled with thought-provoking insights and actionable predictions for the future of safety management. Tune into Safety FM with Jay Allen to stay informed and inspired about the latest trends and future directions in the world of safety.
30:39 6/11/24
EP 625 - Mini - The Invite
Today, the focus lies on the unexpected invitation to Safety FM Mini.
05:14 6/7/24
624 - Laurin Mooney
Welcome to a special episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring Laurin Mooney, recorded live at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024 in Banff. Laurin Mooney is an innovator and thought leader, best known for developing the "speaking IN®" strategy, a revolutionary approach for leaders who recognize that traditional "speaking up" methods are ineffective and often leave teams feeling powerless to learn. In this episode, Laurin shares her expertise on creating conditions that enable individuals and organizations to thrive. Her "speaking IN®" strategy equips leaders with the keys to unlock learning, fostering an environment where it’s always safe and worthwhile to speak, and where leaders truly listen. A former Emergency Department Nurse and Hospital Supervisor, Laurin witnessed firsthand how uncertainty and unexpected events impact outcomes. This experience led her to High Reliability Organizing (HRO), where she translated complex principles into 9 practical questions that make HRO understandable and actionable for beginners. Throughout this engaging conversation, Laurin emphasizes the importance of changing the conversation first to make every other aspect of organizational safety and reliability easier. She provides actionable insights on how leaders can create a culture of psychological safety and continuous learning. Tune into this episode to explore Laurin’s innovative approaches and discover how the right conversations can transform your organization. Whether you're a seasoned leader or new to High Reliability Organizing, Laurin's strategies will help you create a more resilient and high-performing team. Join us on Safety FM with Jay Allen for this enlightening discussion that promises to change the way you think about leadership, communication, and organizational safety.
17:08 6/4/24
EP 623 - Mini - You Need A DPO
Today on Safety FM Mini, we discuss why you need a DPO.
02:53 5/31/24
EP 622 - Dr. Jake Mazulewicz
Welcome to another enlightening episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring an interview with Dr. Jake Mazulewicz, recorded live at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024 in Banff. Dr. Jake Mazulewicz is a renowned expert in Human and Organizational Performance (HOP), with over a decade of experience in the safety field for electric utilities. He has analyzed over 300 incidents and has served as a firefighter, EMT, and military paratrooper. In this episode, Dr. Mazulewicz shares insights from his compelling presentation, "How to Build Psychological Safety in High-Hazard Industries." Psychological safety is the cornerstone of the safest and most reliable teams globally. Dr. Mazulewicz explains what psychological safety is, its immense value, and why most leaders fail to create as much of it as they believe. He introduces three effective techniques that leaders can implement immediately to enhance psychological safety within their teams. Dr. Mazulewicz’s unique perspective on errors as signals rather than failures helps leaders address deeper problems, fostering a culture where everyone can work more reliably and safely. His practical approach to Human Performance (HOP) makes these concepts accessible and actionable for safety professionals across various industries. Join us in this insightful conversation as Dr. Mazulewicz delves into the importance of psychological safety and provides practical strategies to improve it within high-hazard industries. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to enhance team reliability and safety through better leadership practices. Tune into Safety FM with Jay Allen for this impactful discussion that promises to transform your understanding of psychological safety and its critical role in high-hazard environments.
28:52 5/28/24
EP 621 -Mini - The Foundation
Today on Safety FM Mini we talk about foundation.
02:53 5/24/24
EP 620 - Brent Sutton & Josh Bryant
Welcome to another compelling episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, recorded live at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024. In this episode, we feature Brent Sutton and Josh Bryant, two thought leaders in the field of safety and operational excellence. Brent Sutton, the founder of Learning Teams Inc., has made significant strides in improving health and safety outcomes through operational learning and the application of Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) principles. Known for his advocacy of doing safety "with people," Brent emphasizes the importance of involving frontline workers and organizations in learning and improving together. Brent is also a best-selling author, having written key safety books such as "The Practice of Learning Teams," "Learning from Everyday Work," and "4Ds for HOP and Learning Teams." Josh Bryant, currently the General Manager of People, Risk, and Sustainability at Mitchell Services, brings extensive experience from working with some of the world’s largest global mining companies. At Mitchell Services, Josh and his team are recognized for their successful integration of contemporary safety principles into their operations, significantly enhancing the management of critical risks and improving the organization's ability to learn and enhance safety practices. Josh is also a co-author of "4D’s for HOP and Learning Teams" and co-hosts the Brisbane Safety Differently book club. In their presentation, Brent and Josh discuss "Putting Critical Risk Management and HOP into Practice," exploring how to build and drive critical risk management that focuses on what truly matters. They delve into the use of the 4Ds framework, HOP principles, frontline insights, and operational learning to create effective and sustainable safety practices. Join us as Brent and Josh share their expertise on how organizations can leverage critical risk management and HOP to achieve operational excellence and improve safety outcomes. This episode provides valuable insights and practical guidance for safety professionals looking to enhance their organization's safety culture and performance. Tune in to Safety FM with Jay Allen for this informative and engaging discussion that highlights the power of collaboration, innovation, and practical application in the field of safety.
31:30 5/21/24
EP 619 - Mini - The Nostalgia Moment
Today on Safety FM Mini - Lets take a moment for nostalgia. Hear about it now of Safety FM Mini.
02:50 5/17/24
EP 618 - Dr. Matthew Hallowell
Welcome to a special episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring Dr. Matthew Hallowell, recorded at the Energy Safety Canada Conference 2024 in Banff. Dr. Hallowell, the founder and executive director of the Construction Safety Research Alliance and Executive Director of Safety Function, is a leading expert in the field of safety, with over 100 peer-reviewed publications on advanced safety metrics including leading indicators, energy-based safety, and precursor analysis. In this episode, Dr. Hallowell provides a detailed overview of his keynote presentation, "Power of Collaboration in SIF Prevention: From TRIR to HECA." While listeners did not hear the original speech, Dr. Hallowell offers an in-depth post-speech interview where he examines the philosophical and statistical flaws of using traditional injury rates as the primary measure of safety. He introduces High-Energy Control Assessments (HECA) as a superior alternative. HECA, grounded in the principles of human and organizational performance (HOP) and the science of energy-based safety, has been effectively operationalized and adopted on a large scale within a major economic sector. This model exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration, combining scientific precision with practical application. Join us in this episode as Dr. Hallowell discusses the innovative approaches to safety management that are redefining industry standards. This engaging conversation, set against the backdrop of the beautiful Banff scenery, provides valuable insights into the future of safety and the critical role of collaboration in advancing workplace safety practices.
21:29 5/14/24
EP 617 - Mini - The Question Tattoo
In today's episode of Safety FM Mini, Jay delves into the thought-provoking notion of questioning everything. Hear all about it today, on Safety FM Mini.
02:49 5/10/24
EP 616 - Josh Bryant
Welcome to a special edition of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring Josh Bryant, General Manager - People, Risk, and Sustainability at Mitchell Services. This episode includes Josh's compelling presentation from the Global Safety Innovation Summit in Australia and a thoughtful interview conducted at the Energy Safety Canada Conference in Banff. Josh brings an extensive background in the global mining industry to his role, where he and his team have been recognized for their successful integration of contemporary safety principles into operational and leadership practices. His strategic and operational expertise has not only improved the management of critical risks but also enhanced Mitchell Services' ability to learn from and improve the safety of work. As an accomplished public speaker, Josh reflects his commitment to sharing knowledge and experiences with the wider community. He co-authored the book “4D’s for HOP and Learning Teams” and co-hosts the Brisbane Safety Differently book club. In 2023, his leadership and innovative practices earned his team the prestigious Australian WHS Team of the Year award from the Australian Institute of Health and Safety. In this episode, listen to Josh share valuable insights into the integration of safety principles in the mining sector, and the tangible benefits they bring to organizational culture and operational efficiency. This insightful session from two prominent safety conferences offers listeners a unique perspective on leading safety practices and strategies from one of the industry's most effective leaders.
38:26 5/7/24
Mini - After Conference TOE
Today on Safety FM Mini, Jay describes what happens after going to a conference all week. Take a listen to this interesting perspective, when discusses Energy Safety Canada 2024.
02:56 5/3/24
Maeve O’Loughlin
Welcome to another engaging episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring a standout presentation by Maeve O’Loughlin, recorded at the Global Safety Innovation Summit in Australia. In this episode, we delve into the world of safety culture and human performance with Maeve, who currently leads the Global HSE Culture initiatives at Svitzer, part of the A.P. Moller Maersk group. Maeve is a chartered safety practitioner (CMIOSH) and a pioneer in applying adaptive and resilient human performance principles to enhance organizational safety. Her expertise focuses on creating effective management strategies that are not only innovative but are also deeply informed by her extensive background in consulting, academia, and management within high-risk industries, the built environment sector, and manufacturing. Throughout her career, Maeve has been recognized for her contributions to safety innovation, notably for leading the IOSH PIPER Initiative, which connects academic research capabilities with industry partners. She also plays a vital role in the IOSH Performance and Development Committee, influencing safety practices on a global scale. In her presentation, Maeve shares her insights on developing a safety culture that prioritizes adaptability and resilience, ensuring that safety management is both effective and responsive to the dynamic challenges of modern industries. Her approach offers valuable lessons on integrating safety deeply into the fabric of organizational behavior, promoting a culture where safety and efficiency are inextricably linked. This episode provides listeners with an opportunity to learn from one of the leading voices in safety culture today. Although Jay Allen was unable to conduct a follow-up interview with Maeve post-presentation, her session alone offers a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas that can be applied across various sectors to manage safety more effectively. Tune into this insightful episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen to explore advanced safety culture techniques and gain a deeper understanding of how adaptive and resilient human performance principles can revolutionize safety management in any organization.
36:49 4/30/24
EP 613 - Mini - Focus On The Green
Are we focusing on the right thing? Let's discuss today on Safety FM Mini.
02:29 4/26/24
EP 612 - John Wilkes
Welcome to another insightful episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring a compelling presentation by John Wilkes, recorded at the Global Safety Innovation Summit in Australia. As the Senior Director for Business Excellence at Novavax, John brings a wealth of experience and a sophisticated understanding of Human and Organizational Performance concepts to the forefront of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. With an impressive career spanning over 29 years, John has developed a deep expertise in various facets of the industry, including manufacturing operations, operational excellence, quality systems, quality assurance, and quality control. His experiences at notable companies such as BioReliance, MesoScale Diagnostics, and AstraZeneca have not only shaped his professional journey but also his approach to integrating Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) principles into business practices. In his presentation, John discusses the critical role of HOP concepts in driving business excellence within highly regulated environments like pharmaceuticals and medical devices. He shares insights into how these principles can be effectively applied to enhance safety, quality, and efficiency, ultimately leading to better outcomes in product development and manufacturing processes. Listeners will gain a rare look into the strategies that a seasoned leader employs to foster a culture that prioritizes safety and operational excellence. John's approach underscores the importance of aligning organizational practices with HOP methodologies to navigate the complex challenges faced by the industry today. Tune into this episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen to explore how John Wilkes leverages his extensive background to innovate and improve safety and performance standards at Novavax, all through the lens of Human and Organizational Performance. This presentation from the Global Safety Innovation Summit in Australia is not to be missed by anyone interested in the intersection of safety science and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
27:34 4/23/24
EP 611 - Mini - The Tool
Today on Safety FM Mini, we will be delving into the topic of a special tool.
03:01 4/19/24
EP 610 - Ben Hutchinson
Welcome to a thought-provoking episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring an insightful presentation by Ben Hutchinson, a dedicated safety professional and PhD candidate with a deep focus on complex sociotechnical systems, the incubation of major accidents, and the social construction of risk. This episode, sourced from a captivating session at a recent safety conference, provides listeners with an exclusive opportunity to delve into the advanced realms of safety science and risk perception. Ben Hutchinson brings a rigorous academic approach combined with practical insights into the nature of safety in complex environments. His work explores how major accidents incubate over time within organizations, shedding light on the often-overlooked processes and decisions that can lead to significant safety failures. By examining the social aspects of risk management, Ben aims to uncover how risk is perceived and constructed within different societal and organizational contexts. In his presentation, Ben discusses the intricate interplay between human factors and technological systems in creating both safety and risk. He challenges traditional views on risk management and safety protocols, advocating for a more nuanced understanding of the factors that contribute to safety outcomes. Through his research, Ben provides valuable strategies for organizations to better anticipate and mitigate potential disasters, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and addressing the subtle cues that precede major safety events. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of managing safety in environments where technology and human elements are closely intertwined. Ben's insights are particularly valuable for safety professionals, organizational leaders, and anyone interested in the dynamics of risk and safety in high-stakes settings. Tune into this episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen to explore the cutting-edge of safety practice and theory with Ben Hutchinson. Discover how advanced research and a thoughtful approach to the social aspects of risk can lead to more effective safety management strategies.
27:26 4/16/24
Mini - Boundaries
Ripped From The Headlines on Rated R Safety Show
06:59 4/12/24
EP 608 - Kym Bancroft and Greg Smith
Welcome to a standout episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring a recording of an insightful presentation from the Global Safety Innovation Summit that took place in Australia in February. This episode brings together the profound insights and experiences of Kym Bancroft and Greg Smith, two leading figures in the world of safety and health management. Kym Bancroft, the Managing Director of New View Safety, partners with organizations to translate contemporary safety ideas into tangible operational practices. With a future-focused vision, Kym is an executive health and safety leader who leverages her Masters in Safety Leadership from Griffith University, Masters in Applied Psychology (Organisational) from Murdoch University, and a Graduate Diploma in OHS, also from Murdoch University, to spearhead change. As an endorsed Organisational Psychologist, her 25 years of experience span an impressive array of sectors and global locations—from open-cut mining in Canada and offshore gas in the US to diverse industries across the Asia Pacific. Kym's previous roles have profoundly influenced the safety landscape, including her tenure as the Queensland Regulator for Workplace Health & Safety, Electrical Safety, and Workers' Compensation, and her impactful collaborations, like the 'Doing Safety Differently' documentary with Professor Sidney Dekker. Greg Smith, an international award-winning author and qualified lawyer with over three decades of specialization in safety and health management, brings a complementary perspective to this dialogue. Greg's expertise is in assisting clients to understand and fulfill their safety and health responsibilities through the development of effective processes. His background includes roles as the Principal Safety Advisor for an oil and gas company and as General Manager of Health and Safety in a transport and mining services company. With various board positions and experience teaching the Accident Prevention unit at Curtin University in Western Australia, Greg's contributions to the field are both broad and deep. In this episode, Kym and Greg discuss their contemporary approaches to safety and health management, sharing insights on psychological principles, human-centered methodologies, safety innovation, and evidence-based research. This presentation not only showcases their individual expertise but also highlights the collaborative potential for driving transformational change in workplace safety, operational excellence, and positive culture. Tune into Safety FM with Jay Allen to experience this pivotal presentation from the Global Safety Innovation Summit, where Kym Bancroft and Greg Smith share their visionary approaches to doing safety differently, fostering high reliability, and nurturing a culture of operational excellence across industries.
33:45 4/9/24
EP 607 - Mini - Upcoming Stuff
Today on Safety FM Mini, we discuss some upcoming events.
05:48 4/5/24
EP 606 - Martha Acosta, Andrea Baker, and Zoe Nations
In an enlightening episode of "Safety FM with Jay Allen," listeners are taken on a deep dive into the groundbreaking presentation delivered by Martha Acosta, Andrea Baker, and Zoe Nations at The Global Safety Innovation Conference in Australia. With Jay Allen not conducting the post-presentation interview, Todd Conklin steps in to fill the void, bringing his unique perspective to one of his memorable episodes of The Pre-Accident Investigation. This special crossover episode sheds light on the trio's innovative approaches to safety and is accessible for streaming at Safety Zoe Nations has been at the forefront of advocating for user-centered problem-solving methods since her early days as a human factors graduate. With a 20-year career spanning across diverse sectors such as rail, oil & gas, healthcare, mining, manufacturing, and aviation, Zoe's role as the lead HF/HOP advisor for Chevron Australia epitomizes her dedication to enhancing safety management through practical, inclusive solutions and operational learning. Dr. Martha Acosta, often hailed as the “Godmother of HOP” on Todd Conklin’s podcast, is a revered figure in the realm of human and organizational learning. Her expertise, honed over more than a quarter of a century, in leading emotional and cognitive aspects of safety and leadership has made her an indispensable voice in safety circles worldwide. Martha's role in developing leaders and shaping safety culture extends through her senior positions at Harvard Business School's Corporate Learning and various esteemed boards. Andrea Baker’s narrative is one of transformation and dissemination of HOP principles across the globe. From her beginnings in a leading multinational industrial corporation to her current role as a consultant and educator, Andrea's journey reflects the practical challenges and successes of embedding HOP principles into organizational fabric. Her work, including co-authoring “Bob's Guide to Operational Learning” and co-hosting “A HOP Podcast (with no name),” showcases her commitment to advancing operational learning and safety across industries. This episode of "Safety FM with Jay Allen" is not just a reflection on the conference but a broader discussion on the evolution of safety practices, the intricacies of human and organizational performance principles, and the personal journeys of three remarkable women shaping the future of safety.
30:14 4/2/24

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