Show cover of AboveStatus: A young Immigrant's journey to success!

AboveStatus: A young Immigrant's journey to success!

AboveStatus follows My Ford's and his wife Sadhana's and countless young immigrants' journeys to a successful life. Join me as I speak to mentors, immigration experts, financial and business experts, educators, activists, and friends to understand young immigrants' complex educational, relationship, economic, political, and physical/mental health challenges. In addition, I will be exploring how these things contribute to or are detrimental to young immigrants' success.


As The Supreme Court Considers the Fate of DACA Part 1
The Supreme Court will start hearing oral arguments about the fate of DACA this week. The stakes couldn’t be higher. More than 800,000 young dreamers face a bleak future. How did we get here, and what is at Stake? On this show, we are having a conversation with Liz, a DACA recipient, to get a glimpse of what dreamers are going through.
29:34 11/11/19
Mental Health While Undocumented Part 2
Mental health is just as important as physical health. It’s time to destigmatize it. In this episode, we continue our conversation on mental health and its effects. We share how many undocumented people cope with mental health struggles and the resources available to help manage mental health challenges.
31:21 11/4/19
Mental Health While Undocumented Part 1
As a society, we don't place the same amount of importance on mental health as we do physical health. Why is this topic such a taboo? In this episode, we share our personal journeys with mental health, getting help, talking about it, and ultimately the process of healing. 
41:18 10/23/19
Falling in Love While Undocumented: Dating while Undocumented
Most of us will end up doing what we call dating. Dating makes one feel alive, uncomfortable, happy, and miserable. However, dating while undocumented is a whole different story. Part our series of Falling in Love While Undocumented, we had a panel discussion with Jess, Alana, and Jose on what it's like Dating while Undocumented.  
53:24 9/30/19
The Story of Alana Striving for More than the American Dream
Alana, already feeling the limitations of DACA in the United States, Trump unexpectedly winning the 2016 election was the last straw. She knew that she had to make a life somewhere else. She left the American Dream and moved to Canada.  
63:45 9/17/19
Starting Over on Our Terms - Moving to Canada
Once slaves to their undocumented status - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) - their lives were on hold for many years in the United States. My Ford and Sadhana decided to move to Canada. From planning, moving, to settling, this episode dives into it all!
44:29 9/3/19
Introducing AboveStatus: Uplifting the Lives of Undocumented Immigrants
Sadhana Singh and My Ford Noel rose above their status after having lived limited lives for many years. Immerse yourself in their storytelling, interviews, and discussions aimed at inspiring and encouraging other undocumented immigrants to live life to the fullest – to thrive despite the barriers of their immigration status.
01:49 8/5/19