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The Jody Maberry Show explores the nature of business. Jody Maberry is a former Park Ranger who became the happiest podcaster on earth. With a mix of storytelling, lessons, and occasional guests, Jody gives you a look at the work he does with executives as he helps them build their brand.


How to Inspire Someone
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27:45 09/22/2022
Three Ways You Can Use Podcasts
Many people are familiar with podcasts. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, you can benefit from podcasting in one way or another. Cassie Tucker joins me as we unpack three strategies for leveraging podcasts to reach your goals. The first strategy is the one most think of when they consider podcasts. The long-term podcasts. Ideally, in this scenario, you post weekly and maintain the podcast an indefinite period. There are many benefits to this strategy. It allows you to build a network and connect in ways professionally that might otherwise be outside of your grasp. You can even foster a relationship before you even meet people. On a professional level, it allows you to build your email list and establish yourself as an authority on a topic or in a specific space. It can even help create additional content and boost your SEO when used strategically. The second way you can use a podcast is a short-term podcast. These podcasts are for a limited time and have a specific focus. It is the perfect tool for authors or speakers. You determine how many episodes you will host and build the arc of your podcast on that foundation. Hosting a short-term podcast provides extra exposure for you and extra opportunities for engagement with your audience. Lastly, one way anyone can utilize podcasts is to be a guest on existing podcasts. This is a great strategy for getting exposure to already existing audiences. It is an easy way to build your email list by providing opt-ins or a call to action that provides them with a resource. It also acts as an unofficial endorsement by the host, bolstering credibility. It also allows you to repurpose and customize your story or content for different audiences. Podcast Guest Magic is a course on how to successfully be a guest on podcasts. No matter your vision or commitment level, there is a way you can utilize podcasts to propel your endeavors to new heights.  Resources: Will Talks Biz Podcast Podcast Magic Podcast Guest Magic The Secret Society of Success by Tim Schurrer Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Quotes:  “When you have to show up every week, with something to say you start to understand what you believe in and who you are” JM
24:56 09/14/2022
Ask Others About Your Strengths and Weaknesses
Tanner Brock is back for our traditional follow-up episode, and he has three questions locked and loaded. First, what is the most afraid you have been in the wilderness? I can tell you it isn’t meeting a bear, and it isn’t getting lost. The answer might surprise you. Second, if you started a new podcast, what would the new podcast be about, and what would the name be? I have a topic top of mind, but the name might be more difficult to answer. Third, you were one of the attendees at the Changing Discourse Mastermind in Kansas City. What was your big takeaway from the event? It is a tie between an exercise we did and one specific speaker. Because we made good time, I went ahead and gave Tanner a bonus question and snuck on a surprise guest to further explore the idea of leaning into your strengths and what to do with your weaknesses. Resources: E-mail Tanner: to receive the two page sheet on how to gain mentors and receive a 15 minute call. Changingdiscourse.comTwitter Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -
17:07 09/07/2022
The Secret to Gaining Mentors with Tanner Brock
Tanner Brock has returned to discuss his newest resource, a five-step system to gaining true mentors in your life.  Tanner is many things, namely the founder and CEO of Changing Discourse and host of the Changing Discourse Podcast. After six years of seeking out and learning from some of the best mentors, Tanner shares how to find the right mentors with us today.  Once you identify someone you want to mentor you, there are five things to do. Don’t seek the relationship. Most people don’t have the time to invest fully in someone. Approach them with that in mind. Ask for work. Ask what you need to learn to do. You don’t even need to talk. Send an email and ask what you need to do practically to accomplish what you want to learn. Disappear. Get off their radar. They don’t have to worry or think about you, but you are working behind the scenes. Do the work. Once you have their insight, go and do what they told you to do. Don’t question it. If it resonates, go and do it. If they are the right mentor for you, what they suggest will work and impact your life when you apply it. Return and report. After you do the work and you have accomplished something, circle back and share it with them. Let them know what you were able to do because of what they shared with you. Mentors teach you something, and then you can take it and teach others. Resources: E-mail Tanner: to receive the two page sheet on how to gain mentors and receive a 15 minute call. Changingdiscourse.comTwitter Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Quotes: “There is always someone out there who has done more or seen more or experienced more than we have” TB “It is powerful to be a student.” JM
26:10 08/31/2022
Lessons I Learned Selling My Jaguar
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28:54 08/25/2022
Learning From People You Work With
Cassie Tucker started working with me one year ago. Initially, Cassie provided support for the work I was doing. Over time, her role expanded, and now she provides operational support and marketing strategy for my business and our clients. We've worked together on product launches and events.  Cassie joins us for this episode of The Jody Maberry Show to discuss what she has learned during her one year working for Maberica, INC. Cassie talks about how living out your dream is possible in ways you might not expect, the importance of processes, leadership lessons she's learned from clients, how to have intention behind every piece of marketing, and how to become an excellent podcast host.  We also discuss some of our upcoming projects, including the book release for Lee Cockerell's Career Magic and the launch of my suite of podcasting courses.  Cassie has become the co-host of the Will Talks Biz podcast. We share the story behind that show and how Cassie became the co-host.  Resources: Connect with Jody Maberry and Join his Email List to keep up with stories and behind the scenes look at the magical work they do: Instagram - Jody - Cassie LinkedIn - Facebook - Quotes: “Keep an open mind for unexpected and alternate ways you can achieve your dream.” Cassie Tucker
22:39 08/03/2022
It's OK to Take a Rest
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22:33 07/13/2022
Know Yourself to Lead Others
Mark Rucker is with me again in our traditional follow-up episode where he can ask me any three questions of me that he wants. Mark took a page out of his own book to come up with his three questions and they are great. First, have you ever participated in a personal talent assessment? I have personally done a couple over the years, and I have had some points of contention with the results at times. Next, how have you professionally used your helper abilities to help others pursue their dreams? Would you believe what I'm doing right now is directly tied to my helper ability? Third, pick a leadership lesson you want to emulate or a poor leadership attribute you never want to exhibit? Since I am wired to help, I’ll give you one of each. Fourth (that’s right, Mark snuck in a bonus question), which national park are you itching to visit? It is a toss-up that spans the continental United States. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -
14:55 07/06/2022
Leadership Wisdom from Disney
Mark Rucker joins me and shares secrets from his Life and Leadership files. Mark worked with Disney for 32 years, has served as an executive with Great Wolf Lodge, and recently authored the book Coffee with the Mouse: Life and Leadership Wisdom from 32 years at Disney and Beyond. Early in life, Mark started collecting lessons on leadership into his drop file. Over time, it morphed into life and leadership lessons that he has since shared over coffee and now in a powerful book. Character is important. You will never know if being nice and humble will get in the way of advancement, but you must be true to yourself. Authenticity is key to succeeding in your own life. However, it is not a lack of humility to express a desire to improve to your leaders. That is how you manage your career while maintaining your integrity.  When you make a leap in leadership and move to manage more, it is necessary to take on an adoption mind sent. An adoption mindset is built on the communication and understanding of caring for your team, leading with compassion, and treating them as individuals. Get to know them. Connect and let them know you really care.  Whether leading in the office or at home, there are parallels. You, as the leader, provide values, speak the truth, and provide wisdom and direction. As those under your leadership grow, give freedom for them to walk in what they have learned, and the space needed to grow. Don’t worry about being like everyone else; it may have served you well in high school, but now you will benefit from standing out. Resources: Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook - Quotes: “How you treat people and what you say to people and how you say it to them can have a lifelong effect.” MR
38:08 06/29/2022
Does an Entrepreneur Need an MBA?
An MBA can lead to a promotion and a bigger salary in the corporate world. But if you run your own business, do you need an MBA? In the two years between my time as a park ranger and launching my own business, I went back to school to get an MBA. Now, nine years later, I look back and consider if an MBA has given me an advantage as an entrepreneur.  Reasons Not to Get an MBA -Student loans can limit your opportunities.  -Time and money spent getting an MBA could instead be used to become an expert in one thing, and being an expert can create more opportunities than higher education.  -Nobody cares if you have an MBA. They care about the results you can create for them. People want to know you have the solution to their problem, not your educational background.  -Experience and exposure as an entrepreneur can be more valuable than education.  -You can learn more from a mentor than from a textbook. -You can learn more specific targeted knowledge from the right conference or course.  Reasons to Get an MBA -Getting an MBA is a long, arduous process. You will build a lot of confidence if you can stick with it and do the hard work it takes to graduate.  -You will become a big picture problem solver, and you can see the entire puzzle of a problem and understand all aspects of a business.  -There are situations where the credibility of an MBA will open doors for you. Having an MBA signals you understand a business before you even enter the room.  All things considered, no, you don't need an MBA to be a successful entrepreneur. Instead, you need to focus on being yourself and becoming an expert in your work. Find the right conferences to attend and groups to be a part of. 
21:16 06/22/2022
Making Connections at Live Events
I try to make two or three solid connections with people when I attend live events. I want to spend enough time with those people where we keep in touch after the event.  To make good connections, you can't be the person who shows up slinging out business cards like a blackjack dealer. And you won't make an impression on people if all you do is talk about yourself.  Use these Ten Tips to make connections at Live Events Instead of asking, "How are you?" ask, "How is your day going so far?" This can be a good one when you only have a moment or two with someone. It can be an excellent way to get a quick insight into the person in front of you.  Ask, "How do you know (mutual connection)?" If you have been paying attention, you should know you and the person you are talking to have a mutual connection. Ask how they know the person. Often, there is a good story attached.  Find a common interest. Maybe you are both wearing the same kind of shoes. Perhaps you overheard their conversation and learned they are a St. Louis Blues fan. Find the first common interest you can and begin the conversation there.  Do your homework. If there will be someone at the event you know you want to meet, do your homework before you get there. Find out more about them and have questions you want to ask. Or discover your common interest before you meet them.  Ask, "What brought you to this event?" You may get a good story. And it will lead you towards something to talk about.  Use a question instead of a comment. You can expect " thanks " if you say "nice earrings," you can expect "thanks." If you say, "where did you get those earrings" you can expect a story. It can be a good way to start a conversation.  Instead of asking, "What do you do?" ask, "What are you working on?" If you ask what someone is working on, you will get to hear about something they are excited about. If you ask what they do, you might get a simple answer about their job. If you want to know what someone is about, find out what they are working on. It may be writing a book or building a fire pit in their backyard, but you can be sure they are excited about the work.  Ask "Where are you from?" This is always a great conversation starter. Perhaps you have been to their hometown, which leads to a conversation. If not, ask about their town. Most people like to talk about where they are from.  Ask, "If you weren't here, where would you be?" You might find out about their family, or you may find out they love to fish. Either way, you will learn something about them. 
30:46 06/01/2022
Who are You Here For?
Tim Schurrer is back for our traditional follow-up episode where I invite my guests into the interviewer chair. Tim has three questions for me, and as always, they do not disappoint. Question one requires a little bit of context, but when you boil it down, the question is simply this: who are you showing up for? For me, there is the obvious answer. Then there is also the more specific answer that can be summed up in the avatar of Lee Cockerell. Next, what is your favorite story of helping someone else win that you were glad to be a part of? The first one that comes to mind involves seeing someone change their mind and step into a role they really excelled in. Lastly, what is being successful? How do you define it? I can sum success up in one word, and it’s not what most have in front of their mind when they hear that word. Since we got through these questions pretty quickly, make sure you listen for a bonus round of questions for Tim and some unsolicited parenting advice. Resources: Build a Winning Team Podcast (get the first two chapters free) Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -
19:14 05/25/2022
Secret Society of Success
Tim Schurrer is with me and is unpacking his new book, The Secret Society of Success. Tim spent ten years on Donald Miller’s Storybrand team and has recently embarked on a new journey as an author, podcaster, and speaker. At some point or another, we all ask the question “what is success?” Society often waters success down to prestige, money, or position. Tim’s book takes a unique approach to answering this question. Success can look very different. It can be flying under the radar. Just because no one knows you had a hand in a project does not mean you have not achieved success. If you do your job in a way that frees others up to do theirs well, you are successful. Those who are part of the society of success use their abilities and skills to shine the spotlight on others; not toot their own horn. There is no limit to what you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit. The secret society has little to do with your title on an org chart and everything to do with your headspace. When we are grateful to play a part, we can embrace our definition of success. You don’t have to touch a million lives at a time; just one at a time, and that is enough. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Define what success looks like for you this season, double-check your intentions, and walk down your path with confidence. Resources: Build a Winning Team Podcast (get the first two chapters free) Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -
33:51 05/18/2022
Marketing Lessons From My Dog
Cassie Tucker returns today and we are laying out the greatest marketing lessons you are going to find. And I learned them from my dog. As a dog owner, I am very interested in making sure my four-legged family member is taken care of. Not too long ago, I learned about a dog boarding and daycare company that markets their product in such an amazing way that I am now a customer. Here are seven lessons I have learned from a doggy daycare that business owners can adopt to their marketing. First, there is value in word of mouth. Happy customers will share with others. Second, it is helpful to have a red velvet rope mentality. If there is a process that needs to be walked through, customers feel like they are part of something special. Next, crest a story for people to be part of. Give people a narrative to participate in. Fourth, understand what product you offer. You have a core offering, and you have the underlying experience that is at the center of your products. That is what you need to highlight for those who come across your services. Next, create more services for people to take part in. If you offer extra, there will always be someone who wants to take part in it. Sixth, scarcity, and exclusivity make people feel good about what they have bought. With exclusive offerings, you create a level of urgency that people want to act on. If you go this route, make sure you allow people to put themselves on a waitlist or opt into getting more information as the service or space becomes available. Last, maintaining the customer experience should take priority over getting new customers. Taking care of existing customers should always take priority over bringing in new customers. If you can spend five dollars to take care of your current client versus spending five dollars to get a new client,  always take care of your current client. Be honest with yourself and understand how much is too much for you to provide a good product. Don’t spread yourself too thin at the expense of your existing clients' experience. They may be a dog boarding company, but Dogtown definitely has an edge in marketing a unique experience that instills value and creates long-term clients.
21:54 05/11/2022
Be Transparent as a Leader
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15:41 05/04/2022
Don't Say No For Other People
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39:57 04/27/2022
It's Time to Unlearn What You Know
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19:47 04/20/2022
You Are Not For Everyone
Recently I was a keynote speaker for a conference for park professionals in the midwest. I spoke on Role and Purpose and how parks can thrive once they understand every job has a role to perform, and every role plays into the bigger purpose of the park.  Once I was off stage, many people came up to ask questions and talk about my topic. As a speaker, the biggest compliment you can get for your presentation is someone seeking you out to ask questions. When someone finds me to ask a question, I know I have made a connection. After my morning keynote, and later in the day, I had the opportunity to talk to several people about Role and Purpose. Even the following day, the conversations continued.  A few weeks after my presentation, the event organizer sent me some reviews they collected directly from the app they used for the event.  As I read the reviews, I was feeling good as I saw comments like: "The concept stuck with me, and I intend to apply that to our team." "Love the concept." "It was a good way to get people thinking. A lot of organizations don't have a purpose that is known by the whole team." Then one review stuck out: "I'm sure he is a nice guy, so I blame the person who picked him thinking he was appropriate for this audience. Just not good." Wait a minute... For a moment, this is all I focused on.  Do you ever get hung up on negative words from someone else? It doesn't matter how many compliments we get; we focus on the few negative comments.  Don't let it stop you. You are not for everyone.  If you let a negative review keep you from getting on stage, everyone else will miss out on your message.  At this conference, where many people come to learn about park operations, safety, and new equipment, not everyone wants to hear how they can be better leaders. That is fine. The topic is not for people who are fixed on how they do things. The topic is not for everyone.  I'm not for everyone. And neither are you.  Keep writing your blog. Keep recording your podcast. Keep creating YouTube videos. Keep creating, and know you are not for everyone. 
19:07 04/13/2022
Elevate Your Price and Value
You can find out more about the Perch at
47:30 04/06/2022
Tips on Interviewing Podcast Guests
With the Jody Maberry Show, I like to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to work with the people I work with.  In this episode, Dan Cockerell and I talk about what it took to put together a cruise for his online community, known as The Perch. Dan explains what led to doing a cruise for the community. Then he discusses what he would do differently about the next cruise.  A member of the Perch, Rob Midiri, joins us as a guest on the episode to ask questions to both me and Dan. In fact, Rob was the inspiration behind this episode. Since he asked Dan and me questions, we decided to turn on the microphone, record the conversation, and share it with everyone.  Rob gives his impression of the cruise and what it was like to spend several days with the group.  Rob's questions centered around interviewing podcast guests. Rob asks: How do you transition between different shows since the people you work with have different personalities? What do you do to get to know someone before you have them as a guest on your podcast? How long did it take you to get used to the interview process? Do you use interviewing skills you learned at Disney when interviewing people for your podcast? What tactics do you use to help get information out of guests on your podcast? The cruise was a big success, and Dan and I plan on hosting another cruise in 2023.  If you want to learn more about joining The Perch, you can get more information here Don't forget; Dan Cockerell has a great podcast, Come Rain or Shine. You can find it Here. 
24:18 03/24/2022
Get Back to Serving
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17:38 03/16/2022
Adapting to a New Culture
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24:52 03/05/2022
Five Business Lessons from Live Events
Cassie Tucker is back, and we are unpacking five lessons learned from live events and how they are run, especially in this post covid world. These lessons may be specific to a live event setting, but they are principles that can extrapolate into just about any arena of business. First, set yourself up for adjustments. Every single day something will change. When you expect it and plan for it, you will keep everything running smoothly. Have backups. Think through the worst-case scenario and plan accordingly. Second, you win by thinking inside the box. Innovation is great, but if there are rules and policies required to be able to participate, it is better to stay in line and innovate around the non-negotiables. Next, you will get more done by influence than authority. You may have the authority needed to force an issue, but if you can steer and direct with influence, everyone will have a better experience. If you find yourself at the point that you must use your authority, something has already gone wrong. Fourth, people want to be with people. Creating the opportunity and space for face time and connection will help establish a report and an environment that people want to be in. Last, be ready rather than get ready. If you must get "ready," you are already losing. Keep in mind the highest authority in your company and run your area in such a way that you will be excited when they show up because it is an opportunity for them to see how well it is going. Leaders are proactive, and if you are ready from the get-go, you can pivot and adjust as things come up. These lessons not only make for superb events, but they will also create a strong environment for any business out there. Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -
23:23 02/23/2022
Seven Lessons From a Luxury Homebuilder
There are lessons to be learned from most interactions and experiences. They can then be applied to many different areas of life. Cassie Tucker and I are taking some time today to extrapolate the seven lessons I learned from my time in the Luxury Homebuilder business. First, show up on time. Do that, and you will always have an advantage. It is simple, but something that people notice. Second, simply put, do what you say you will do. Be a person of your word, and people will talk about you behind your back in the best way possible. Third, always be upfront about costs. Don’t try to bait people with the promise of a lower price and then inflate it at the last minute. If there is ever any reason for a price increase, make sure you communicate scope creep as soon as possible. Next, show your work. Give people the ability to see behind the veil. Share stories and pictures of where the work is getting done. People appreciate transparency. Make sure your communication is clear and copious. You cannot over-communicate when people are investing time and money. Next, the office or point of entry to your space sets the expectation for your business. When people walk in, that experience will set their expectations for what you do behind the scenes. What foot are you putting forward? Lastly, use words wisely. You may like how something sounds, but if it isn’t providing clarity for the customer, get rid of it. Eliminate the fluff so you can be concise and clear. Regardless of your industry or the service you offer, the foundation is the same. Create a consistent, clear, and valued product from start to finish.  Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -  
27:23 02/16/2022
Five Things I Tell Myself Everyday in 2022
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26:27 02/03/2022
Ten New Lessons For Creating Magic
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28:22 01/20/2022
How I Grew My First Podcast
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49:02 01/05/2022
How Your Past Experience Gives You an Edge
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20:24 12/15/2021
Marketing Lessons from Political Campaigns
We live in a day when politics can be a very dividing topic. Rather than looking at the divides that surround it, Peter Hinga and I are taking a deeper look at the lessons we can take from politics and apply them to our personal brand. Peter Hinga started his political journey volunteering on local campaigns as a teenager. He and his father bonded over politics in a surprising way. He progressed through internships and made his debut in the congressional campaign circuit in 2004. He has run campaigns and now focuses on consulting. Running for office has many lessons that are applicable across the board. Understanding your why and making sure that you want to set your hand to something is not a respecter of industry. Whether you are a politician, an entrepreneur, or an employee, your personal brand is front-facing. Connections and buy-in create influence. Getting involved and upfront with your potential audience in an industry will help you build connections and gain experience you can’t gain any other way. No matter your industry, you need to be authentic. Don’t just be a talking head spouting talking points and lose yourself in the process. You can say all the right things and still fall flat if you don’t lean into what makes you uniquely you. Know your audience, really get to know them. It can be tempting to spread out but don’t make the mistake of going broad right away. Start at your home base where you are strongest and then build from there. Lastly, make sure you know how to roll with the punches. Don’t take things personally, but recognize when you can apply feedback. Get in front of the negative and approach things from a place of transparency rather than being caught off guard. Resources: Twitter LinkedIn Connect with Jody: Instagram - LinkedIn - Facebook -
28:59 12/08/2021
It Only Takes One Person to Hear Your Message
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12:18 12/01/2021