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The Masonic Roundtable is a weekly panel of Masons from around the United States who discuss the latest and greatest in Masonic news, events, scholarship, and happenings. Join the conversation!


The Masonic Roundtable - 0443 - Remember Your Oaths!
In our upcoming Masonic podcast episode, we'll delve deep into the world of Masonic oaths and obligations. Explore the significance of these solemn promises, their means of enforcement, and how they apply within a voluntary organization like Freemasonry. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the ethics, responsibilities, and shared values that bind Masons together in their unique journey of volunteerism and brotherhood. 
57:35 9/22/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0442 - The Hive Mind
Buzz into the world of Masonic symbols with our exploration of the beehive! Discover its rich significance in Masonry, representing industry, cooperation, and the importance of community. This episode dives into the ancient roots and modern interpretations of this emblematic Masonic icon. Join us for a symbolic journey that's as intriguing as the world of bees itself. 
55:11 9/15/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0441 - Dealer's Choice - Thank You Supporters!
Join us this week as we salute our Patrons and Supporters of the show! Those in the Private Patreon Facebook group have been given instructions to bombard that group with topics of discussion, which we will randomly choose and get through as much as we can in a 5-minute window! It will be a show selected by those who supported our efforts all these years! SO THANK YOU!
69:45 9/8/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0440 - The White House and the Freemasons
Join the Knights of the roundtable this week as we meet with B. Chris Ruli, past Grand Historian of the GL of DC, and a historian on early Freemasonry, whose new book "The White House & The Freemasons" touches on the effect of the Craft on the Presidency of the United States!
70:51 9/1/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0439 - Reading, Writing, and Ritual?
Step into the Masonic classroom as we delve into strategies for enhancing Masonic pedagogy across rituals, leadership training, and symbolic interpretations. Learn how a renewed focus on educational methodologies can revolutionize the Masonic experience, making it more impactful for members. With centuries-old traditions at its core, how does Freemasonry adapt and improve its teaching methods for the modern age? Join us for this enlightening discussion on the future of Masonic education and growth.
62:34 8/25/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0438 - The Jewish Essentials of Freemasonry
This week, the Knights of the Masonic Roundtable are joined by Brother Matthew Parker, current Master of Nebraska Lodge No. 1 in Omaha, NE, to discuss the Mysteries of Freemasonry under the lens of Judaism and Masonic History.
64:31 8/18/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0437 - Literally Masonry--Literally
Dive deep into the world of Freemasonry as we tackle the concept of literalism within the fraternity. Is everything in Masonic teachings to be taken at face value, or is there deeper symbolic meaning? Join us as we unravel the layers of Masonic traditions, exploring where the lines between factual history and allegory blur. This episode promises to shed light on one of the most debated aspects of Masonic study.
56:57 8/11/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0436 - The Swedenborgian Rite
Ready to delve into the captivating world of esoteric Freemasonry? Join The Masonic Roundtable podcast as they explore the enigmatic Swedenborgian Rite of Freemasonry in a thought-provoking and illuminating episode with special guest, James E. Frey!
59:50 8/4/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0435 - Masonic TikTok: A Digital Revolution
Join us in this exciting episode as we explore the fascinating intersection of Freemasonry and TikTok with our special guest, Worshipful Master Tyler McKenzie. Discover how the ancient fraternity is utilizing this modern platform to engage with the younger generation and demystify Masonic traditions. Listen to WM Tyler share his unique insights on using TikTok to spotlight Freemasonry, its core values, and its relevance today. Don't miss this fascinating conversation, where the timeless wisdom of Freemasonry meets the dynamic world of TikTok.
59:01 7/28/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0434 - District Deputy Grand Masters with Nicholas Laine
Join The Masonic Roundtable as they delve into the intriguing role of District Deputy Grand Masters, exploring their impact on Masonic lodges and communities. Special guest Nicholas Laine, an esteemed Masonic leader, shares his valuable insights and experiences, making this episode a must-listen for Freemasons seeking to deepen their understanding of Masonic governance.
64:03 7/21/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0433 - Apotheosis & Freemasonry
In this thought-provoking episode, join us as we delve into the concept of apotheosis and its significance in Freemasonry, exploring how the transformative journey towards divine enlightenment plays a pivotal role in the craft's teachings and rituals, offering profound insights into the pursuit of personal and spiritual growth within the fraternity.
61:29 7/14/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0432 - Surprise! Celebrating Robert Johnson & 600 Episodes of WCY
The Whence Came You (WCY) podcast has surpassed 600 episodes. This is solely due to the determination and steadfastness of the legendary Robert Johnson. Join us this week when we surprise him with a heartfelt reflection on the past 600 episodes.
61:51 7/7/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0431 - The Classical Element of Æther
Immerse yourself in the ethereal realm of Æther with our upcoming Masonic podcast. We will journey through the historical, symbolic, and philosophical background of Ether, often regarded as the elusive fifth element. Our discussion will illuminate how this concept, originating from ancient cosmologies and deeply rooted in metaphysical thought, intertwines with the principles of Freemasonry. Dive in with us to unravel the mysteries of Æther, the quintessence that bridges earth and the celestial sphere. 
51:20 6/30/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0430 - The Element of Fire
Light the spark of knowledge with our upcoming Masonic podcast as we dive deep into the historical, symbolic, and philosophical context of the classical element of Fire. This episode will kindle a conversation around Fire's ancient roots, its transformative power, and its connection to the Masonic principles. We'll dissect how Fire, a symbol of energy and change, intertwines with the essence of Freemasonry.
58:39 6/23/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0429 - The Element of Air
Join us for the next episode in our 5 part journey, where we'll delve into the rich history, symbolism, and philosophical background of the classical element of Air. We'll explore its integral role from the ancient Greek philosophies to its enduring significance in Freemasonry. Our discussion will unveil how the element of Air, associated with life and spirit, resonates with Masonic values and teachings. Tune in for an enlightening journey into the world of the unseen yet essential element of Air.
53:50 6/16/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0428 - The Element of Water
Join us for the upcoming show, where we'll delve into the rich history, symbolism, and philosophical background of the classical element of Air. We'll explore its integral role from the ancient Greek philosophies to its enduring significance in Freemasonry. Our discussion will unveil how the element of Air, associated with life and spirit, resonates with Masonic values and teachings. See you there!
57:25 6/9/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0427 - The Element of Earth
Unearth the hidden depths of Masonic symbolism as the Masonic Roundtable delves into the first of the Four Classical Elements! Join us on a transformative journey where we explore the profound significance of Earth within Ancient History, as well as Masonic Symbolism.
54:20 6/2/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0426 - The Four Elements
This week, prepare to have your mind enlightened as the Knights of the Roundtable embark on a mystical journey to explore the fundamental concepts that form the pillars of Masonic symbolism – the Four Classical Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.
54:03 5/26/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0425 - The Candidate Journey
In this week's podcast, we're going to explore the innovative application of customer journey design thinking to track a Freemasonry candidate's progression through various degrees. We'll delve into how this method can help lodges better understand and support their candidates' experiences, from initiation to the attainment of the highest degrees. Join us as we bridge the gap between the ancient traditions of Freemasonry and modern design thinking principles, offering a fresh perspective on the Masonic journey.
63:54 5/19/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0424 - Masonic Mysteries Unveiled: Newberry Museum Exhibit
Join us for an upcoming Masonic podcast as we welcome Steven Knapp, Executive Director of the Newberry Museum, to discuss their fascinating new Freemasonry exhibit. In this captivating episode, Steven will share insights into the exhibit's creation process and delve into the rich history of local lodges, South Carolina Freemasonry, and related organizations like the Odd Fellows. As an expert on American fraternalism and a historian of Masonry during the Revolution, Steven offers a unique perspective on the intertwining of Masonic myth and reality. Don't miss this chance to uncover the enigmatic world of Freemasonry and its historical significance!
64:43 5/12/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0423 - The Force and Freemasonry
Embark on an interstellar journey with our upcoming show as we uncover the fascinating parallels between the Star Wars universe and Freemasonry. RWB Michael Jarzebeck will join us as we discuss shared themes such as the pursuit of wisdom, the struggle between light and darkness, and the importance of mentorship. Tune in for a captivating exploration of how these two seemingly distinct worlds intertwine and enrich our understanding of both the galaxy far, far away and the age-old Masonic traditions.
61:18 5/5/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0422 - Expanding the Compasses
On this episode, we will be discussing the profound symbolism of the compasses, a central emblem in Freemasonry. Our thoughtful conversation will explore the various interpretations and significance of the compasses, focusing on their association with moral and spiritual guidance. Be sure to join us for this insightful episode as we delve into the rich history and meaning behind this important Masonic symbol.
54:05 4/28/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0421 - Tokes and Tokens
This podcast will delve into the thought-provoking topic of whether the use of illegal or semi-illegal drugs aligns with the values and principles of Freemasonry. By discussing the moral, ethical, and legal implications of drug use, the podcast aims to provide an in-depth analysis of its compatibility with the tenets of brotherhood, integrity, and self-improvement. This timely conversation is set to engage listeners in a critical examination of the role of substances in society and how their use might impact the Masonic experience.
53:41 4/21/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0420 - The Cave
The upcoming TMR podcast delves into an intriguing exploration of Plato's allegory of the cave. By examining the allegory, the podcast will highlight the Masonic journey of enlightenment and personal transformation, emphasizing the importance of seeking truth and wisdom. The discussion will provide valuable insights into the shared themes of both Plato's work and Freemasonry, such as the pursuit of knowledge, the role of mentorship, and the process of self-discovery.
61:38 4/14/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0419 - Solving Spring
This week, the hosts of the Masonic Roundtable discuss the different holidays and observances that all seem to circle around the coming of Spring and the Equinox. How do the concepts of rebirth, new life, and contemplation shape our lives as people, and as Freemasons?
58:36 4/7/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0418 - The MCME Experiment
The Midwest Conference on Masonic Education is coming soon. This unique conference brings the brightest minds of the latest Masonic pedagogy from across the Midwest to share, learn, and network with like-minded brothers. RWB Chad Kopenski joins us again to discuss why this conference may not look like others you have seen before.
64:44 3/31/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0417 - The Pomegranate
In this week's show, we will delve into the rich symbolism of the pomegranate in Jewish tradition, Masonic ritual, and ancient cultures. The discussion will explore the various meanings attributed to the fruit, including abundance, fertility, and spiritual significance. Join us as we examine the pomegranate's significance in different contexts and how it has been incorporated into Masonic symbolism throughout history.
47:20 3/24/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0416 - Power Point Karaoke
*This episode is definitely better as a YouTube video! It's half the show!* This week, the Hosts of the Masonic Roundtable prepare mini-talks, while a randomly-chosen Roundtable creates their presentations, which they will not see until we go live! Join us for a fun and surprising foray into Masonic Education
56:24 3/17/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0415 - Is Freemasonry Christian Only?
This week, the Hosts of the Masonic Roundtable discuss the idea that permeates through certain Masonic jurisdictions that Freemasonry is for Christians only, how these concepts flourish, and the benefit of understanding Masonry's core tenets.
52:31 3/10/23
The Masonic Roundtable - 0414 - Leadership
Join us this week as we review the major Leadership styles that are prevalent in modern culture, an overview of their strengths and weaknesses, and how they relate to Leadership in the Craft!  
62:17 3/3/23