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The Defence Connect Podcast Network hosts a unique series of podcasts, featuring discussions with key enablers from across the Australian defence industry. The podcasts provide the perfect blend of business intelligence and insights from a range of guests, which include government officials, ADF personnel, industry stakeholders, and members of the academic community. By aligning ourselves with the ADF and the Commonwealth government, we are uniquely placed to deliver a dynamic 360° platform that bridges the gap between the customer (Defence) and industry. We split our focus not just into the traditional sectors of Land (Army), Air (Air Force) and Sea (Navy), but into the six new Capability Streams: - Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare and Cyber - Key Enablers - Air and Sea Lift - Maritime and Anti-Submarine Warfare - Strike and Air Combat - Land Combat and Amphibious Warfare As Defence moves to ensure the Force Structure Review and the First Principles Review: Creating One Defence plans are met, Australian industry involvement is critical for mission success. The Defence Connect Podcast Network will provide you and your business with valuable lessons, tips and insights into the industry, putting your company in the best position to take part in the increased Defence spending. We’ll cover every aspect of doing business in the defence industry, from the tender process to recruitment, success stories, access points to Defence, smart business strategies, and geopolitical insights. Subscribe to the Defence Connect network and be part of this exciting and innovative industry.


CYBER SECURITY UNCUT: Building an active cyber defence, with Adam McCarthy, CEO of ParaFlare 42:28 08/07/2022
The Defence Strategic Review, shaping the future ADF 25:54 08/04/2022
Readying Australia for the nuclear submarine revolution 48:32 07/28/2022
CYBER SECURITY UNCUT: Cyber security impacts every Australian 39:50 07/25/2022
The future of ISR satellites, with Kleos co-founder Andy Bowyer 26:31 07/22/2022
In conversation with the head of Defence Space Command, Air Vice-Marshal Catherine Roberts 28:15 07/14/2022
CYBER SECURITY UNCUT: Delivering Australia’s cyber needs, with Rob Parker 39:15 07/11/2022
News, public opinion and energy security – unpacking the latest in defence 37:34 07/07/2022
CYBER SECURITY UNCUT: Understanding regulatory complexity in cyber security, with Cameron Whittfield 44:04 06/27/2022
45 Days - The Fight For A Nation, with Emile Ghesson 48:46 06/23/2022
News wrap — Chapter closed: Subs program turns new page 33:56 06/17/2022
SPOTLIGHT: Revolutionising the space domain, with Lockheed Martin Australia and Inovor Technologies 26:50 06/15/2022
CYBER SECURITY UNCUT: Cyber security, a legal requirement? With Clyde & Co’s Reece Corbett-Wilkins and Avryl Lattin 46:09 06/13/2022
Supporting defence businesses, with DSTG’s Nigel McGinty and Robert Hunjet 31:04 06/09/2022
Digitising the ADF for better and safer training, with Shane Acorn and Daniel Pace 35:28 06/02/2022
An uncertain world, with MAJGEN (Ret’d) Mick Ryan 40:40 05/26/2022
The worsening geostrategic environment 36:05 05/19/2022
CYBER SECURITY UNCUT: Building cyber resilience in the banking and finance sector 36:02 05/16/2022
News wrap — Strengthening maritime capability 22:20 05/13/2022
SPOTLIGHT: Unpacking the Aegis combat weapons system, with Lockheed Martin Australia's Neale Prescott and Rob Milligan 35:47 05/11/2022
Building a regional maritime hub, with Babcock's Brad Yelland 41:22 05/05/2022
SPOTLIGHT: Building a stronger RAN with Gareth Evans, managing director of Rohde & Schwarz Australia 26:22 05/04/2022
CYBER SECURITY UNCUT: Cyber security, shaping up to be an election issue? 37:46 05/02/2022
The healing power of sport 24:05 04/29/2022
Building a defence hub in Hunter, with Tim Owen 40:05 04/21/2022
CYBER SECURITY UNCUT: Why cyber incidents are C-suite challenges, with TrustedImpact’s Tom Crampton 45:50 04/17/2022
The long road to Invictus Games 2022 44:59 04/14/2022
Assessing the government’s defence policy, with Senator Rex Patrick 44:03 04/07/2022
CYBER SECURITY UNCUT: Addressing alarmism and cyber workforce shortages 42:17 04/04/2022
Invictus Australia — Michael Hartung, OAM, CEO Invictus Australia 44:55 03/31/2022