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PORTFOLIO UPDATE: Is refinancing the next best step for your portfolio? 40:24 01/16/2022
Starting an 8-figure portfolio with just $7k 44:30 01/13/2022
The wake-up call that put this investor on a quest for financial freedom 42:33 01/09/2022
INSIDE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: The pros and cons of managing a $46.5 million portfolio 38:53 01/06/2022
2022 predictions from the REIA president 29:22 01/05/2022
INVESTING INSIGHTS WITH RIGHT PROPERTY GROUP: Expect a ‘different’ 2022 43:30 12/30/2021
Taking stock of the top property news of 2021 30:24 12/29/2021
A tale of 2 very different property markets: The Northern Territory v Victoria 29:58 12/22/2021
Unemotional and wise: Why this investor sees property as the ‘most loyal’ of friends 36:04 12/20/2021
LIFESTYLE BY DESIGN: Applying military strategies to a property business 29:56 12/17/2021
Looking back on 2021: The podcast episodes that made us stop, think and listen 31:13 12/16/2021
PROPERTY SHOWCASE: The best property portfolio strategies for 2022 15:08 12/15/2021
Making sense of the 2022 property market 30:14 12/13/2021
THE PROPERTY NERDS: Going deep on Australia’s undervalued and overvalued markets 31:48 12/10/2021
Skipping the line on refinancing 30:35 12/09/2021
Co-ownership unwrapped: Is it the new norm for property buyers? 36:33 12/06/2021
INSIDE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: The 101 of buying commercial property through an SMSF 46:18 12/03/2021
This expert correctly predicted 2021 – here’s what he has to say for 2022 41:39 12/02/2021
Framing your finances for new opportunities 47:45 11/29/2021
INVESTING INSIGHTS WITH RIGHT PROPERTY GROUP: Why an interest rate hike won’t be a portfolio’s kryptonite 44:56 11/26/2021
Tales from the road: How this property investor achieved a nomadic lifestyle 32:01 11/25/2021
PROPERTY SHOWCASE: Investing beyond your own backyard 14:57 11/24/2021
The doctor who’s on a mission to boost financial health 22:06 11/22/2021
LIFESTYLE BY DESIGN: The power of personal branding 32:10 11/19/2021
Above the noise: Keep calm and invest on 33:13 11/18/2021
Auction ‘street theatre’ – and how bidders can play a starring role 51:23 11/15/2021
THE PROPERTY NERDS: Zeroing in on interest rates, financing and price growth 41:36 11/12/2021
Looking for better yields? Think commercial 44:02 11/11/2021
Policies, lockdowns, supply woes – How real estate weathered the pandemic 41:17 11/08/2021
INSIDE COMMERCIAL PROPERTY: All systems go for Australia’s economic rebound 36:26 11/05/2021