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The Lawyers Weekly Podcast Network explores the myriad issues, challenges, trends and opportunities facing legal professionals in Australia. Produced by Australia’s largest and most-trusted legal publication, Lawyers Weekly, the four shows on the channel – The Lawyers Weekly Show, The Corporate Counsel Show, The Boutique Lawyer Show and Protégé – all bring legal marketplace news to the audience via engaging and insightful conversations. Our editorial team talking to legal professionals and industry experts about their fascinating careers, ground-breaking case work, broader sociocultural quagmires, and much more. Visit for the full list of episodes.


How climate change may hurt our Constitution 30:46 08/12/2022
The Corporate Counsel Show: Life as a defence industry lawyer 24:03 08/10/2022
The Boutique Lawyer Show: Taking advantage of ‘unplanned, accidental growth’ 24:37 08/09/2022
Protégé: Working overseas as a young lawyer 24:52 08/08/2022
Psychosocial hazards and other workplace health risks 24:45 08/05/2022
The Corporate Counsel Show: ESOPs ‘picking up steam’ 27:23 08/03/2022
The Boutique Lawyer Show: Tech allows you to practise from the heart 31:14 08/02/2022
How is change being managed in law? 31:25 07/29/2022
The Corporate Counsel Show: ‘I can’t believe I get to do this every day’ 20:29 07/27/2022
The Boutique Lawyer Show: Running an all-female firm in the regions 24:39 07/26/2022
Protégé: Working one’s way up the ladder 20:42 07/25/2022
What law can learn from lore 25:02 07/22/2022
Protégé: Money lessons I wish I’d learned in law school 24:58 07/19/2022
The Boutique Lawyer Show: Law grad at 50 to award-nominated firm owner 20:08 07/19/2022
Unpacking reforms to cyber and critical infrastructure 28:39 07/14/2022
Crypto: The good, the bad and the ugly 29:08 07/12/2022
The Boutique Lawyer Show: Focus on justice, not jealousy or politics 29:20 07/12/2022
Navigating the weight of responsibility as a prosecutor 28:44 07/08/2022
The Corporate Counsel Show: Compliance 101 in the modern marketplace 24:59 07/06/2022
10 things to know about mediation 36:04 07/05/2022
What federal election legal work looks like 23:38 07/01/2022
The Corporate Counsel Show: ESG issues that aren’t getting enough airtime 22:38 06/29/2022
Navigating the first year of partnership 26:48 06/28/2022
Protégé: How to spearhead wellness initiatives at your workplace 25:53 06/27/2022
Medical negligence law: ‘fascinating, intellectually stimulating and challenging’ 25:03 06/24/2022
The Corporate Counsel Show: From insolvency litigator to award-winning FMCG counsel 28:48 06/22/2022
The Boutique Lawyer Show: Defence industry considerations for the legal profession 20:53 06/21/2022
LawTech Talks: Reducing risk and enabling efficiency with legal docs 32:58 06/17/2022
The Corporate Counsel Show: What makes an award-winning government team? 26:06 06/15/2022
Cyber security: A legal requirement? 46:00 06/14/2022