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We live in a world that portrays relationships in such a way that people have started to have warped expectations of what they should be. My podcast will talk about what happens in the real world, to real people, with real stories (good as well as bad) and topics to help you understand relationships better, not just with others but also also with yourself.


Mind Body Connection - Unraveling the Relationship Between Mental and Physical Well-Being
Did you know that there's a profound connection between your mind and your body? Your mental and emotional state can significantly impact your physical well-being and overall health. 🌟   In this podcast episode with Alastair Hay, we dive deep into exploring the intricate relationship between our mental and physical selves.   Join us as we uncover the fascinating ways in which our thoughts, emotions and beliefs influence our bodies.   Discover how stress, anxiety and negative thought patterns can manifest as physical symptoms and affect our vitality.   If you're ready to discover the power of aligning your mental and physical well-being, hit the play button! 🎧✨
36:03 12/21/23
Beyond Belief - Unpacking the Dynamics of Relationships & Religion
Join me and Lex McKee on this thought-provoking podcast where we unpack the (rather intricate) dynamics of relationships and religion. From the complexities of navigating different belief systems to the powerful role faith plays for some in shaping connections, we leave no stone unturned. Does cultural and religious diversity enrich or hinder the world of relationships? Have a listen and get ready for a very deep insightful conversation… 
46:58 12/1/23
Breaking The Cycle - Defeating Self-Sabotage Habits
Are you tired of self-sabotaging behaviours and being held back from achieving your dreams? Look no further and listen to this podcast interview with Michelle Hope-Wright where we dive deep into the powerful topic of breaking the cycle of self-sabotaging habits. Discover the keys to defating self-sabotage, gaining control and creating positive change in your life. Join us as we uncover practical strategies and insights that will empower you to overcome limiting beliefs and thrive in every area of your life. So don't let self-sabotage stand in your way for one more minute and tune in to this episode now because you do have the power to break free and create the life you love...
30:14 11/16/23
New Beginnings - The Journey of Adjusting to the Empty Nest
Today’s podcast is dedicated to exploring the profound transition of stepping into a new phase of your life that comes with adjusting to the empty nest. ✨ Join us as we delve into the complexities of this transformative journey and help you to navigate the new emotional landscape, rediscover your identity and find renewed purpose and fulfillment. So grab your headphones and find out how to find joy in this next exciting chapter of life…
30:01 10/26/23
Second Chance Love - Finding Happiness Later In Life
Today's podcast interview with Cynthia Spillman shares her inspiring journey of finding love later in life. 💖✨  Join us for a captivating conversation as she explains her journey and learn from her triumphs, challenges and the valuable lessons she discovered along the way.  Get ready to be inspired, uplifted and empowered as to why you should never give up on love... ✨🙌  So grab your headphones and have a listen… For more info, please visit
30:29 10/5/23
Owning Your Choices - The Power of Personal Responsibility
Are you ready to take charge of your life and unlock your true potential?  This interview with Sheila Docker will guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.  Join us as we delve into the importance of embracing personal accountability, making empowered choices and taking responsibility to create the life you've always dreamed of. Discover the incredible power that lies within you, and learn how to harness it to overcome obstacles, achieve your goals, and live a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.  Grab your headphones and take a listen now... For more information, please visit
37:06 9/21/23
The Most Common Dating Mistakes
In this podcast, I interview fellow Dating Coach Cynthia Spillman and we discuss the common dating mistakes people make and often don't realise. Our ramblings are potentially a bit brutal but if you're wondering why you're not meeting that special someone, it's definitely worth a listen. Join us to find out more... For more information, please visit
29:47 1/26/23
An Unexpected DNA Journey
In this podcast interview, Brett Harley shares with us the twists and turns of his DNA journey through Brett was keen to see if he could find some family members as he is estranged from his dad, and his mum, who was adopted very young, passed away in 2015. What he really didn't expect was how much his life was about to be turned upside down. Join us to find out what happened... For more information, please visit
36:26 1/12/23
The Power of Mindset
In this podcast, I interview Phil Mears and we talk about the power of mindset. Phil shares his own story of resilience after an accident at 19 left him paralysed from the chest down. From the law of attraction to affirmations, we discuss why we believe certain things aren't as what they are sold to us and how self-awareness plays a key part. Join us to hear more... For more information, please visit
42:01 12/29/22
Understanding Men and Women
In this interview with Andre Paradis, we discuss the differences between men and women, as well as the roles those play in relationships. Understanding masculine/ feminine energies is essential and Andre explains why trying to be more like the other sex has a negative impact on both dating and relationships. Join us to hear more... For more information, please visit
36:07 12/22/22
From Losing 2 Husbands to Suicide to a Happy Marriage
In this interview, Julie reveals how she lost both her first husbands to suicide on the same day, 10 years apart. We discuss mental health but also the impact suicide has on those left behind. We also talk about how she did eventually meet her perfect partner as well as the importance of real communication. Join us to hear more... For more information, please visit
28:54 12/16/22
The Impact of Illness on Relationships
Today I interview Sue & Martin Gover who, after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, were really struggling. They tell us their story, the impact the diagnosis has had on their relationship and how seeking help through the Veterans Outreach Support charity has turned their lives around. Join us to hear more... For more information, please visit
30:12 12/8/22
Silent Battles Beyond Service - A Veteran's Reality
I had the privilege to interview the incredible Nigel Turner, a true hero who selflessly volunteers with Veterans Outreach Support 🎖️. In our conversation, Nigel bravely opens up about his own experience with PTSD, shedding light on the mental health challenges faced by our veterans.  Discover how Nigel's journey of healing and the support he found through VOS completely transformed his life. 🙌  Join us and listen to his inspiring story...
36:16 11/10/22
Finding Love in the Middle of a Financial Crisis
Today's interview is about finding love when you least expect it, namely in the middle of a financial crisis. It's often said love comes to you when you are not looking for it and this is what happened there. Join us to hear this real-life love story... For more information, please visit
34:06 10/27/22
Divorce - Who's to Blame?
Today I interview Terrie Vanover and we discuss the subject of who's to blame in a divorce. It's easy to quickly point the finger but it's important to remember the element of personal responsibility in order to learn the lessons and grow. Join us to find out more... For more information, please visit
35:57 5/26/22
Dads & Custody
Today I interview Andrew Pain and we focus on dads and custody. After a divorce or separation, fathers suffer from not seeing their kids as much as they used to and can even be denied access. We talk about parental alienation and how child custody arrangements can be extremely difficult to tackle. Join us to find out more... For more information, please visit
27:54 5/19/22
Single with Purpose
Today, I interview Imani Khaliid and we discuss how he has chosen to be single with purpose. Self-awareness and meeting our own needs (as opposed to what we think we want) is often not constructively thought about when it comes to dating. Join us to hear more... For more information, please visit
31:04 5/12/22
Divorce & Midlife
Today I interview Deanna Bryant and we focus on midlife & the impact it can have on relationships, especially in terms of divorce. By the time we reach midlife, we will have had a fair amount of life experiences that will cause us to re-evaluate where we're at and this is the point where they can take their toll on a relationship. Join us to find out all about it... For more information, please visit
28:01 5/6/22
Resilience & Patterns of Thinking
Today I interview Alison Curtis and we focus on resilience as well as patterns of thinking. Different people obviously react to different things very differently so will either accept change and what life throws at them or go down a very negative spiral.  Join us to find out more about how even bad things can have a positive outcome if we tackle them in a better way. For more information, please visit
31:31 4/28/22
Dating in the Military
Today I interview Carrie Moss about dating whilst in the armed forces. Military life may not be for everyone so finding a partner can feel even more difficult than it would when dating in general. We also discuss the benefits of matchmaking & some of the difficulties experienced by single people whilst trying to find love. Join us to find out more... For more info, please visit
34:38 4/21/22
Dealing With The Unexpected
Today, I interview Cath Lloyd and we talk about ways to deal with the unexpected. Sudden life changes will literally sometimes take us by surprise and force us to face up to things we would never have thought possible. Join us to hear more about her inspiring story... For more information, please visit
42:15 4/14/22
The Impact of Grief
Today I interview Katie Holtaway and we discuss the impact of grief, not just on ourselves but on our relationships. We all know that we are going to die one day, we just don't know when. What we fail to realise and underestimate is the impact it will have on others and their own relationships... Join us to find out more... For more information, please visit
35:59 10/14/21
Understanding Our Needs
Today I interview Shay McConnon and we talk about the importance of understanding needs but also of getting them met. Whether it's in personal relationships or in the workplace, our own or other people's, we must recognise that needs are key to our happiness, satisfaction and wellbeing. Join us to find out more... For more information, please visit
33:18 10/1/21
The Impact of Childhood in Relationships
Today, I interview Eleanor Baggaley, Children's Author, and we discuss the impact of childhood in relationships. The foundation of healthy relationships starts very early indeed, as the way children are raised or what they go through will have future consequences. This is actually one of the reasons some people struggle to get good and positive relationships. Join us to find out more... For more info, please visit
28:12 9/16/21
The Trials & Tribulations of Dating
In today's podcast, I interview Harriet Evans and we talk about the trials and tribulations of dating, which most single people will understand and resonate with. From online dating to weirdoes, meeting someone definitely isn't what it used to be. Join us to hear more... For more information, please visit
30:59 8/5/21
The Impact of Retirement on Relationships
Today I interview Deanna Bryant - Midlife Marriage Strategist and we discuss the impact of retirement on relationships. Whilst it may not seem obvious to some, it is actually be huge. From having evolved differently to becoming more aware of aging or a change in roles, retirement can actually throw a lot of problems at couples. Join us to hear more... For more info, please visit
28:31 7/22/21
Understanding Your Inner Motivations
Today I interview Lex McKee and we talk about our inner motivations... Motivational mapping is a tool mainly used in the workplace or as part of the recruitment process but it also has its place for understanding relationships. It's actually crucial to be aware of what motivates or demotivates us because understanding yourself is key to a happy relationship. Join us to find out more... For more info, please visit
41:27 7/15/21
Polyamorous Relationships
Today, I interview Tatjana Berthelsen who shares with us her relationship journey and how she found that having just one romantic partner wasn't for her. We discuss polyamory and how it differs from an open relationship. We also explore why polyamorous relationships may not be for everyone but how some people are quite open to find out what it's really like.  Join us to hear more... For more info, please visit
29:13 7/8/21
Are You in the Wrong Relationship?
Today I interview Rick Soetebier, Relationship & Dating Coach, and we discuss a very common relationship issue, which is to be in the wrong one... It can be for a number of reasons, from dating the wrong kind of people to evolving in different directions, via being scared to leave or of being on your own. Join us to find out more... For more information, please visit 
39:03 7/1/21
Debunking The Leadership Myths
Today I interview Paul Kinkaid from Selfless Leadership and we focus on debunking the leadership myths. Leadership is far more than just meets the eye and in order to create truly engaged, highly performing & productive teams, it's crucial to come from a position of care. Join us to find out more... For more information, please visit
33:35 6/3/21

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