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I read Reddit stories with emotion and with funny voices. My most popular subreddits are r/Prorevenge, r/Entitledparents, and r/Choosingbeggars Subscribe to unlock bonus episodes:


r/Bestof I Caught My Sister Screwing My Husband
18:32 11/25/2022
r/Entitledparents My Family Hates My Parents for Ruining My Life
20:20 11/24/2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Friend Won't Give Me $12,000!
16:17 11/23/2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Giving Away My Friend's Dog?
15:58 11/22/2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Ruining My Crush's Life So She'll Love Me?
16:38 11/21/2022
r/Maliciouscompliance Moron Messes with the Wrong Soldier!
15:50 11/20/2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Standing Up to My Bully Father?
15:20 11/19/2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Disowning My Mom?
16:06 11/18/2022
r/Entitledparents "GIRLS CAN'T GET PERIODS!"
16:43 11/17/2022
r/Prorevenge Steal From Me? I'll Take Your House!
16:37 11/16/2022
r/Trueoffmychest My Husband Keeps Pooping His Pants in Public
17:10 11/15/2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Sister Wants Me To Kick Out 5-yo Daughter
15:20 11/14/2022
r/Bestof My Teacher Hired Hired Me as an Escort!
18:07 11/13/2022
r/AmIA--Hole My Nephew's Prank Almost Murdered My Husband
17:38 11/12/2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Calling the Cops on My Sister?
17:29 11/11/2022
r/Prorevenge Illegally Tow My Car? Enjoy Prison!
15:38 11/10/2022
r/Pettyrevenge Steal My Spot? It'll Cost You $100,000!
15:24 11/09/2022
r/AmITheA--hole She's Trying to Adopt Me Against My Will!
16:39 11/08/2022
r/Bestof I'm Marrying a Lying Gold Digger
15:41 11/07/2022
r/AmITheA--Hole My Mom Doesn't Know Where Babies Come From
16:58 11/06/2022
r/AmITheA--Hole for Becoming a Bridezilla Mega-Karen?
16:59 11/05/2022
r/Bestof My Coworker SOLD A CHILD ON FACEBOOK!
16:44 11/04/2022
r/AmITheA--hole for Letting My Roommate's Family Go Homeless?
18:12 11/03/2022
r/Bestof My Wife My Tortured My Daughter for Decades
20:51 11/02/2022
r/AmITheA--hole for Kicking Out My Husband for Selling My Cat?
16:18 11/01/2022
r/Letsnotmeet A Knife-Wielding Stalker Broke into My House!
18:09 10/31/2022
r/Maliciouscompliance I Let My Stupid Boss Lose $2,000,000
16:54 10/30/2022
r/AmITheA--hole I Found My Twin Sister's Onlyfans
16:17 10/29/2022
r/Entitledparents rSlash Encounters a Real-Life Karen
16:12 10/28/2022
r/Prorevenge Steal My Gas? I'll DESTROY Your Car!
19:04 10/27/2022