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Who You Got? California vs NCAA or Shaq vs Damian Lillard 61:04 10/04/2019
Cam Newton Is Finished; Don't @ Me 60:56 09/29/2019
Put Some Respect on Shaq's name, Kobe (Part 2) 23:20 09/05/2019
Put Some Respect on Shaq's name, Kobe (Part 1) 32:07 09/05/2019
Popeyes vs Chick Fil A and Jay Z vs Colin Kaepernick Pt 2 69:26 08/27/2019
Jay Z vs. Colin Kaepernick 67:43 08/19/2019
Somebody Check On Kanye And Antonio Brown 62:46 08/12/2019
Leave LeBron James The F@#k Alone Part 2 35:01 08/05/2019
Leave LeBron James The F@#k Alone Part 1 32:06 08/05/2019
Free A$AP... ASAP part 2 37:41 07/29/2019
Free A$AP... ASAP part 1 45:14 07/29/2019
Don't Sleep On Eddie Murphy 54:19 07/17/2019
Kawhi Shocked The World and Coco Shocked Wimbledon 64:45 07/11/2019
NBA Free Agency Episode 79:11 07/03/2019
The BET Awards Don't Suck, But The Knicks Do. 70:12 07/03/2019
Kawhi Leonard Get His Ring, But LeBron Gets His Man 62:11 06/20/2019
Shooting David Ortiz Was A Bad Idea; So Was Playing KD. 68:33 06/12/2019
Jay Z The Billionaire 69:40 06/06/2019
Bill Gates Gets His Groove On, Russell Wilson Gets His Hair Braided 71:14 04/25/2019
Why Are We Rooting For Tiger Woods? 58:46 04/19/2019
Kanye West's Desert Church, Magic Johnson Why????? 59:37 04/12/2019
A Goodbye To Nipsey, Deion Sanders' Confusing Depression, Russel Wilson Wants His Money 66:04 04/05/2019
Jussie Smollett, Why? Robert Kraft, Whaaattt? Lakers Miss The Playoffs, Huh? 55:25 04/01/2019
Will Kanye Ever Be Allowed Back At The BBQ? 61:39 11/09/2018
Drake & Scooter Braun Get Even More Money 55:09 11/09/2018
Connor McGregor, Kanye West, Katt Williams: The JackAss Episode 64:10 10/11/2018
Ohio State's Finest 60:50 10/09/2018
The Queen, The King, and The G.O.A.T. 64:24 10/09/2018
Johnny Be Good 66:24 10/09/2018
The Kids Are Alright, or Are They? 56:01 09/08/2018