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Connect to your own inner knowing of your ability to create your life and transform energy. This show is created with the intention to reintroduce some very simple and fundamental practices, and understandings about our capacity as human beings to create and transform physical and mental space.. for healing of ourselves and the planet. Let your light shine!


Libra New Moon: Ark of the Covenant Portal
This Libra New Moon is a pivotal seeding time in the larger scheme of energetic happenings this year and in years to come! I discuss the astrology as well as unique events surrounding the new moon. You can find more information here: You can sign up for my email list here:
36:49 09/19/2022
Pisces Full Moon: Alta Major Chakra Activation
The Pisces Full Moon on September 10 invites us to open to higher dimensions of consciousness as well as to take responsibility for all aspects of our energetic vibration. I discuss the astrologicl aspects, their realtion to information coming through now, and offer an explantation of the Alta Major Chakra as well as medition/activation. More info here:
28:40 09/07/2022
Virgo New Moon: Goddess Ceres
Welcome to the poweruflly cleansing Virgo New Moon energy! While Virgo herself supports energetic cleanse, we also have several potent astrological squares which provide challenges for us to move through and level up. More information here: Botanical Mediumship course here:
27:22 08/20/2022
Aquarius Super Full Moon: Lions Gate
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
36:50 08/05/2022
Leo new moon goddess Pele
We have an heart activating Leo new moon, follwed by a once in a lifetime grand cross including conjunction of Mars, Uranus and North Node of the Moon. These are truly transformational times. More information here:
26:04 07/24/2022
Capricorn Super Full Moon: Goddess Wadjet
We have the energies for an intense yet continual rebirth with this Super New Moon in Capricorn. I discuss the link/conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn as well as numerological alignments to remind us that this path is simultaneousnly intense yet to be taken at a slow and steady pace. More info here:
33:03 07/12/2022
Cancer New Moon: Dragon Initiation
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
27:54 06/26/2022
Sagittarius Full Moon: Orion Gateway
This full moon marks the birthing point of our soul's higher calling and our retrun to remembering ourselves as Starseed. We have amny alignments with the constellatoin Orion this month. I offer an Egyptian activaation with Thoth in the Great Pyramid.  More information here:
31:47 06/10/2022
Gemini New Moon: Goddess Cordelia
The new moon on May 30 invites us welcome in the invigorating and soul soothing energies of July 2022. More inforamtion here:
29:02 05/28/2022
Total Lunar Eclipse Goddess Medusa
We have a potent full moon and total solar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15/16, 2022. THe next day the binary star Algol activates, known and the 3rd eye of Goddess Medusa. More information here:
44:55 05/13/2022
New Moon in Taurus: Solar Eclipse
We have a powerful New Moon on April 30th which is also a partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus.  I discuss the astrological aspects and introduce the notion of higher dimensions within the earth. You can find more information about the ecplise and Shambhala here:
31:32 04/27/2022
Libra Full Moon: Goddess Ishtar
We have the Juptier Neptune conjunction exact 2 days before this full moon on Libra on 4/16. Join me in a meditation to connect with Goddess Ishtar who supports us in remembering divine timing and cosmic justice. More information here:
36:23 04/14/2022
Aries new moon Goddess Eris
Welcome to the first new moon of the aastrological new year! We have asteroid and goddess with us now to support cosmic justice and unity consciousness. More information here:
27:58 03/27/2022
Virgo Full Moon: Goddess Thalassa
Welcome to a cleansing and releasing full moon! She is the 6th of full moons at 27 degrees of their sign, signalling that we are in a larger cycle headed toward cleansing completion.  You can find out more here:
26:37 03/12/2022
Pisces New Moon: Portia, Goddess of Justice and Opportunity
Welcome to a truly transformational new moon. As we are beginning to see changes and shifts in our world, this new moon invites us to remember that ALL IS WELL! You can find more info on Portia, divine consort to St. Germaine here as well as sign up for my email list to receive a free intuitive reading in March!
31:37 02/26/2022
Leo Full Moon: Queen Oonagh
Welcome to the Leo Full Moon! We have the opportunity to invite the divine feminine in to rebalance ourselves and or world. More about Queen Oonagh here:
32:00 02/13/2022
Aquarius New Moon: Goddess Coatlicue
This new moon is a super powerful cleansing and upcycling opportunity. And here we are! In the beginning of 2022, staring down the barrel of tons of change. Change that we have the opportunity to embrace as entirely empowering. Coatlicue is the Aztec goddess who gave birth to the moon, stars, and Huītzilōpōchtli, the god of the sun. More info on Aztec Coatlicue here: More info on Energetic Clearing course here:
36:01 01/25/2022
Cancer Full Moon: Goddess Hanwi
Join me in the journey to sensitivity an essential empowering aspect of who we are! Cancer is the sign of the crab; super sensitive and intuitive, feminine, cardinal, water/emotional energy. This full moon is in Cancer and Cancer is ruled by La Luna so things are likely extra "feely" when you find this. Which is a very good thing! More information about the podcast here: More information about Energetic Sensitivity Course here:
31:14 01/14/2022
First New Moon 2022: Goddess Yemaya
Join me in welcoming in the multidimensional light and downloads for the new year.  You can find info on Goddess Yemaya here:   My upcoming Energetic Clearing Course here:
25:26 12/31/2021
Gemini Full Moon: Goddess Ma’at
Welcome to the last full moon for 2021! We are supported here in a deep and powerful understanding of the nature of our energetic communication. I discuss the astrological energies, including the sun's conjunction to the Galactic Center as well as connection with Egyptian Goddess Ma'at. More information here: Please also sign up to join me for the free online winter solstice gathering at Seeding Reciprocity Retreat Center:
26:27 12/16/2021
Total Solar Eclipse: Arianrhod
On December 3rd-4th we have a total solar eclipse sweeping across Antarctica. This eclipse is conjunct the Great Attractor, a phenomenon that is supporting us in deep energetic cleansing and transformation. More information here:
23:25 11/29/2021
Full Moon Eclipse: Goddess Ngame
We have a powerful lunar eclipse on November 19, which not only kicks off this eclipse season, but also the Taurus/Scorpio Axis for eclipses from now through 2023! More information here:
24:45 11/18/2021
Scorpio New Moon: Goddess Juno
We have on November 4th a powerful new moon in Scorpio. Not only is the new moon itself quite potent, as the gateway into our next eclipse season, but the days before and after have powerful aspects. I mention several of these in the broadcast and you can find more information on my blog:  
27:38 10/31/2021
Aries Full Moon: Goddess Haumea
This full moon brings in the energies of Libra, Aries, Goddesses Eris and Haumea. Seemingly opposite energies, synthesizing themselves in true goddess fashion into supports for our own unique process of death and rebirth.  More information here:
28:20 10/17/2021
Libra New Moon: Goddess Tiamat
This new moon is potentially linked to our past lives as well as our deeper soul selves. We have a new moon Libra on 10/6, invoking cosmic harmony balance and diplomacy. More information here: 
32:24 10/04/2021
Pisces Full Moon: Goddess Quan Yin
On September 20, 2021 we have a powerfully healing full moon in Pisces. I discuss in the broadcast for this event some astrological aspects present to support our internal and external transformation. I also introduce the notion of the healing power of Compassion, as was the stead of Goddess Qun Yin. I hope that you enjoy the broadcast!  More info here: Info about Dragon Alchemy course here:
31:34 09/15/2021
Virgo New Moon: Goddess Medea
Welcome to a powerful new moon in Virgo, ushered in by Goddess Medea.  In this broadcast we explore the memory and myth of Medea, her link to Hecate as well as her ties to Virgo as a "virgin goddess". You can find more information about this new moon and Goddess Medea here:
31:12 09/04/2021
Aquarius Blue Moon: Goddess Durga
This full moon is the second in a row in the sign of Aquarius. I discuss its significance as well as its relation to the energies of Goddess Durga, known as the Great Mother.  You can find out more about Durga as well as the unique astrology of the full moon here:
27:28 08/21/2021
Leo New Moon, Lion's Gate, White Lions from Sirius
Welcome to the Leo new moon on 8/8, which also happens to converge with the Lion's Gate portal. I discuss the energies of these events as well as the relation of the legendary white lions in South Africa, understood to have come from the stars. You can find more information and share your experience here:
30:01 08/04/2021
Full Moon in Aquarius: Egyptian Goddess Wenet
The planetary energies of this Aquarius full moon invite us to let go and allow the cycles of death and rebirth to transform ourselves and our lives. Egyptian hare goddess Wenet is here at this time to support us getting comfortable with being re-born and renewed. More on Wenet here:
27:28 07/22/2021