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Aey Gee's Convo's is a show where real people discussing real issues that bring real change to their lives, their business and their community! No topic is off limits - if it affects how we treat one another in this world: let's talk about it!!


In Cleveland: It Pays To Be Sincere; w/Sincere and Cam Woods; AGC Episode 115
Christmas comes early for AGC listeners! Local LEGEND and Hip-Hip connoisseur, Sincere blessed the mic and studio with more jewels than you would believe. Learn the TRUE history of Cleveland hip hop, the names of local hero’s that don’t get nearly enough roses for their efforts - and the real tea of some of our most notable backstories! From the studio to the Gaza Strip, Sin proves to be the voice of honesty on a multitude of fronts! GRAB A NOTE PAD!!Instagram:
86:50 12/11/23
Don't Get It Twisted: The Story of a Rodeo Athlete - w/Danell Tipton and Brittany Taylor; Season 6, Episode 114
Have you ever met a REAL cowboy? One that can ride a bull like a horse, wrangle a 500 pound rodeo steer before a toilet flushes, and save a life - all on the same day? In this episode, we meet the most famous Cowboy Of Color in a generation! Danell Tipton explains a historic southern culture of entertainment and wealth that us city folk just don't understand! A truly amazing ATHLETE - with a documentary in the making! This may be his first trip to Cleveland - let's make sure it's not his last!Riding Legacy Film:
66:08 9/14/23
No Justice In Parma: The Dawn Pasela Story; AGC Season 6, Episode 113
The show returns with a story that has haunted the City of Parma for over a decade. A #truecrime story of potential corruption that involves local and federal government officials comes to a boil when the parents of Dawn Pasela knocks on City Hall’s front door with a bull horn and a call to action! We are there to cover the story and hear directly from the true victims in the case! https://www.justicefordawn..com
88:39 9/9/23
The Essince of Brian Collins - The Interview; AGC Episode #112
Aey Gee sits down with industry influencer, sports mogul and local born celebrity Brian “Essince” Collins for a personal dive into his career. Another shining example of just how far confidence, sacrifice, and faith can take you in ANY pursuit of happiness!!Follow him online: Brian Essince Collins
62:37 6/18/23
Words With Friends: w/Wild Bill and Tonya; AGC Episode 111
Wild Bill is back, and he’s brought a friend! The conversation is lively, engaging, and wide ranging. As always, familiar people bring out the best in AG and his team!! Grab a cup and tune in for some great dialogue!
83:28 6/4/23
Let’s Grow Inside: w/Kitwanna and Mel; AGC 110
Aey Gee finally welcomes Kitwanna and Mel to the studio to have a conversation about some of the barriers to our own growth. Be it business or relationships, we gotta get out of our own heads and let life, live. This is a convo about how to make that happen. 
65:33 5/21/23
Take It To The People: w/Au; AGC Episode 109
Back in the studio with the silver and gold discussion! AG interviews Cleveland’s own Au about the hopes and dreams of a community with a cause. The heartbeat of Cleveland is loud and strong, and these guys are committed to keeping it pumping at full strength. Community is the key to overcoming obstacles!IG:
44:17 5/7/23
Blended Families: Real Talk w/The Scott’s; AGC Episode 108
Special guests Willie and Rachel G. Scott sit down with Aey Gee to discuss one of their most passionate topics - blended families. Continuing Episode 38’s discussion about collateral damage, this one digs deeper into the traumatic effects of baby momma/daddy drama!  
43:14 4/24/23
This Stuff Works: w/Brooke; AGC Episode #107
AG has a lively discussion with Brooke, an energetic new client ready to rediscover a world that has taken so much from her. It’s an amazing tale of overcoming the demons within and getting the help you need!!
48:09 4/16/23
Men On Life and Women: The Chauvinism Talk w/Dwight; A.G. Episode 106
You can always tell when friends are around Aey Gee! After a long gap, our favorite solider stops back by to discuss the shifts in society and life. One of the central topics are is the matter of self care, and how that presents itself differently for men and women. We give the ladies their flowers and a list of warnings to take note of! Be careful ladies - we're watching!!
62:34 4/10/23
ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence: Let’s Talk About It w/CJ and Treyven; A.G. Episode #105
Like it or not, OpenAI is here to disrupt the world you thought we lived in. We have no idea what the future might hold, but this discussion assures you where it’s headed! This is a geeky dive into the world of tomorrow - so grab a pen! You’ll thank me later!
60:24 4/2/23
Mind-Body-Spirit: A Discussion About Energy w/Tausha, Kim and Kitwanna; A.G. Episode #104
What do you get when you put a Reiki Master, a Theologist, and a Muscle Specialist on the same podcast? An absolutely intoxicating discussion about energy and life forces! No sense in reading about it - just listen in!
36:30 3/26/23
Starting Over: Rediscovering Yourself w/Deanna Li; A.G. Season 6, Episode #103
One of Ohio's most talented artist Deanna Li ( bless the studio with an amazing story of talent, opportunity, depression and rediscovery! Everyone has a story to tell, but this one is a movie in the making!! This is a goosebump episode for the masses!!Check out her newest song:
48:37 3/19/23
Creating Your Own Lane w/Bliss; A.G. Season 6, Episode 102
A fascinating member of Northeast Ohio's public relations community stops in the studio for an interview with Aey Gee. We discuss the challenges of inner city limitations, the joys of a near Olympic run, and how to stay headstrong when the odds are stacked against you. If you didn't believe in your dream - this may be your episode!! A true gem to listen to!
44:16 3/12/23
The Truth About Healthcare w/Sam N.; A.G. Season 6, Episode 101
Coming back with a gut punch, Aey Gee interviews a longtime friend about the pains of parenthood and medical traumas. The truth behind money and hurt is front and center, and the mirror is polished clean - are you ready to see what it shows?? Serious listeners only...this episode is a direct reflection of where the show is headed!
38:37 3/5/23
First 100 Wrap-Up: Part 4/4; A.G. Episode 100
The last installment in the first 100 recap!! Thanks to everyone who’s going in there with the show! Now it’s time to kick uncomfortable into HIGH GEAR!!
45:20 2/26/23
100 Episodes: A Look Back - Part 3; A.G. Episode 100.5
Part three of the first 100 episode flashback is here! As we come into 2022, all kinds of activities and changes were happening at the studio! Get ready for part 4 - the last of the series - and a whole new vision for the show moving forward! 
52:44 2/23/23
100 Episodes: A Look Back - Part 2; A.G. Episode 100
A major milestone for the show. For anyone looking to get a quick take on the first 100 episodes, enjoy this recap of the origins of the show!! The series picks up at 49 (the first 48 are on a previous recap)…so sit back and enjoy!!
51:49 2/17/23
100 Episodes: A Look Back - Part 1; A.G. Episode 100
A major milestone for the show. For anyone looking to get a quick take on the first 100 episodes, enjoy this recap of the origins of the show!! The series picks up at 49 (the first 48 are on a previous recap)…so sit back and enjoy!!Cheers to the most loyal listeners ever!! 🏾
50:01 2/13/23
How Many Times: The Tyre Nichols Story; A.G. Episode 99
A unobstructed review of the latest police brutality story, this time merging two issues into one: police brutality and black-on-black crime. This one is personal, and the story is ugly. The solution MUST BE FOUND!!! This is the last episode of the season, maybe of the show as you know it. Episode 100 will change everything. Stay tuned!!!
21:04 2/5/23
Creating A Lane: Startup Business 101 w/Malik; A.G. Episode #98
Aey Gee and Cam chop it up with Malik, a local entrepreneur who started his business from nothing to something. Listen in for basic start up lessons that everyone can use!
39:02 1/29/23
The Creative Community: w/Cheddar Studio's Tommy Guta; A.G. Episode #97
Aey Gee interviews the latest piece of the Northeast Ohio creative puzzle Tommy, CEO of Cheddar Studios. The guys talk about how the world of social media can bring a number of business opportunities to the creative mindset, and how Cheddar became Ohio's newest BIG THING in the world of video editing and commercial creativity. This is the first WOW episode of the year - with HUGE things to come. Listen in!!!
53:27 1/22/23
Understanding The Controllable's And Ditching The Rest: w/Cam Woods; A.G. Episode #96
Aey Gee and Cam are overwhelmed and brain storming about how to best handle that. It's the kind of conversation we all need to have but always take for granted. Listen in and take heed to self healing! 
34:03 1/15/23
The 2023 Rollercoaster: What A Crazy Start; A.G. Episode #95
AG and Cam discuss the first five days of 2023 - overshadowed by the Damar Hamlin injury, the Donovan Mitchell 71-point game, and a number of other events that mark the start of the year. We get to know Cam a little better as well. A name change in the making? 🤷🏾‍♂️ - Stay Tuned!!
53:17 1/8/23
Raising The Bar: w/Cam Woods; A.G. Episode 94
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!Major announcement for the show is dropped! We take the time to get to know Cam on a whole new level, and notify the world of what’s coming down the pipe. The year is wrapping up with an incredible mission for 2023 !!Don’t. Miss. Out.IG:#iamcameronwoods
37:35 12/25/22
Raising The Bar: Meet PheelThaBeat; A.G. Episode #93
PheelThaBeat has begun his residency at the studio, and hopped on with AG to discuss his pathway to greatness; the history books on the genre will make for troubled storytelling if things don’t change, and these two discuss what that change should look like. Welcome aboard, Pheel!!
41:27 12/18/22
Friends: How Many Of Them Do You Have?: A.G. Episode #92
Back at it and pushing the issues front and center, AG is back in studio three with Tiger and DJ Mr. Mixx. They tackle loyalty and family during the holiday season, facing the struggles of the holiday blues. Are we built for this? Can we do better as a society? The fate of our nation depends on our compassion for one another! 
49:12 12/11/22
Hip-Hop Masterclass: The DJ Story: w/DJ Mr. Mixx and DJ Klutch; A.G. Episode #91
After a holiday break (and a slight technical snafu - check your volume), we are finally able to post one of the best storytelling episodes of the year! A hip hop ICON schools a young pioneer in the DJ world, explaining how the music industry has changed. Listen in as these guys brainstorm over how to keep it - and its artists - alive! A great discussion you will not want to miss! 
93:48 12/4/22
Tick-Tick-Tick: Things Are About To Blow; A.G. Episode 90
AG and Tiger sum up the three open house events, and tease the future of the company; while the business begins to blossom, Ye and Kyrie shake up the world around us; Not sure if the discussion will appease the masses - but you can’t avoid history!
54:31 11/20/22
Commercial Open House Event - LIVE: w/Denise and Friends; A.G. Episode #89
Aey Gee turns the mic over to our friend Denise to host the show during the second Open House event! Listen in to an eye opening discussion about people, vulnerability, teamwork, and the challenges of work life balance. If you didn’t understand the magic of Grice Corp before - you will after this!! Much thanks to Denise, Mark, Chris, and Dr. Jasmien Lewis!
56:21 11/6/22

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