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Want to make more of your precious travel time and money? Then the Tips For Travellers podcast is likely the podcast for you! Every week your host (Gary Bembridge, a published travel author, writer, video maker, blogger and YouTuber - his channel has over 29 million video views!) shares travel inspiration, advice, tips and money saving ideas based on his first-hand experiences of travelling every month of every year for over 25 years. Each episode features one of these (1) destinations reviews and tips, (2) answers to listener travel questions, (3) live travel reports or (4) cruise line reviews and advice on getting the most from them. Visit to follow Tips For Travellers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitter and to sign up for the monthly newsletter.


7 JAW-DROPPING Things ONLY Select Few Get To See On Cruise Ships
I show you 7 jaw-dropping things on a cruise ship that most cruisers will never get to see, but I have managed to by hook or crook. And I am NOT talking about things like rollercoasters, go-kart tracks that thousands get to see every week.   Become a Patron on Patreon and get perks:    
12:00 11/28/2022
Small Ship Cruise Line Cruising Wasn’t What I Expected. Here's Why
I look at the reality of cruising on smaller ship lines versus the many misconceptions and things I was warned about by other cruisers about them. I discuss what I found to be the at the 5 upsides and the 5 downsides of small ship cruise line cruising Become a Patron on Patreon and get perks:
12:14 11/21/2022
What's Up With Princess Cruises These Days?
Has Princess Cruises lost its way? Or is it just a temporary blip as it gets back to speed? I've been asked this increasingly by cruisers coming off recent Princess cruises. Based on my 3 recent trips here’s 4 things they’re getting very wrong 4 things they’re getting very right. Become a Patron on Patreon and get perks:
14:53 11/14/2022
River Cruise Lines Don't Like Talking About These Issues
I’ve been on several European river cruises, and I’ve had a good time, however I keep stumbling across things I don’t think are made crystal clear or as up-front as they should be to travellers like you and me.   Become a Patron on Patreon and get perks:
13:27 11/07/2022
8 Cruise Cabin Checks Everyone Should Do BEFORE Unpacking (podcast)
No matter what type of cabin I’m cruising in, I do a series of checks the minute I get in. They’ve unlocked perks, they’ve even got me upgraded, and certainly made the cruise so much better. You should do these too!
10:23 10/31/2022
Too Many Alaska Cruisers Still Get These 7 Things Wrong (podcast)
You need to get your Alaska cruise right as for most it's a once-in-a-lifetime trip and the stakes are high, and as they cost more than many alternative cruises the stakes are higher. These are the mistakes I see people cruising to Alaska keep making - so you can avoid them    
15:27 10/24/2022
What Smart Cruisers ALL Do On CRUISE DISEMBARKATION DAY (podcast)
I keep seeing cruise passengers making the same cruise disembarkation mistakes and have looked at what smart cruisers do to make it easier, less stressful and successful - making disembarkation more fun and not a wasted day - and these are the 7 things that they all do
13:25 10/17/2022
The 10 Things All Smart Cunard Transatlantic Passengers Do! PODCAST
My 10 must-do and tips for anyone considering or planning doing a Cunard Queen Mary 2 Transatlantic Crossing. These are the smart questions and things to do if you are thinking of doing, or have booked, a Cunard Transatlantic Crossing  
15:28 10/10/2022
8 Secrets The Cruise Lines Are Hiding In Plain Sight (podcast)
I look at 8 things we cruise passengers see all the time on cruise ships but don’t realise they are there, what they mean nor the significance of them.
14:55 10/03/2022
A Cunard Transatlantic Is Different To What Most People Think (podcast)
I explore the 3 biggest concerns and fears people tell me they have about doing a Transatlantic Crossing on Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 between Southampton and New York during my latest Crossing.
16:53 09/26/2022
The Issues I Have With Cruise Gratuities Right Now (podcast)
I look at what the latest is on cruise gratuities and why tipping cruise ship crew is fraught with issues
13:40 09/19/2022
Not Getting CRUISE CABIN UPGRADES? You’ve Not Tried This Then (podcast)
There are 9 ways to get upgraded on a cruise. I talk about how I don’t use the ways most cruise passengers try to get upgraded on a cruise, and the techniques I have found are more successful at being upgraded on a cruise as fewer are trying them
10:20 09/12/2022
Is Cunard Queen Mary 2 Is As Bad As Recent Reviews Say? (podcast)
I cruised on Cunard Queen Mary 2 to see if the ship is as rundown and poorly maintained as many recent critics have claimed, and explore what the ship is like today. Here's what I found: the good and bad
13:11 09/05/2022
All The Things I Get Free On A Cruise Just By Asking
I guarantee there are loads of freebies and free stuff you, and other cruise passengers, are missing out on your cruise. Free Things you can get on a cruising vacation simply by asking for them, or just by doing something simple. No matter how often you go on a cruise ship, there will be some free cruise stuff you did not know about in this video!
15:53 08/29/2022
I Try A Cruise Line People Say Is Going DOWNHILL Fast (podcast)
I booked a cruise on this line that everyone told me is going downhill quickly since they have been sold to new owners. Here is what I discovered
12:09 08/22/2022
5 Small Changes That Made A HUGE Difference To My Cruises
There are a few small things I do that significantly transform my cruises, including one tiny thing I did this week for my next cruise that took me less than 3 minutes and saved me almost $2,000. I have pulled all these small but transformative things I do together as I want to share with you five small and simple things that you can do that, I genuinely believe will transform your next cruise. There are 5 small and easy changes I made that have had a huge positive impact on my cruises and on-board experience. They have really improved my cruising no end. You should try these 5 things as I am confident you will find they make a huge difference to your cruise, and should also leave more money in your pocket too...
12:26 08/15/2022
I Sent My Friend To The “Worst” Mediterranean Cruise Ports. Why? (podcast)
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09:57 08/08/2022
What Smart Cruisers All Do On Cruise EMBARKATION DAY (Podcast)
Discover the things that smart and experienced cruise travellers have found works best to make for a stress-free, smooth and successful embarkation day. What you should do before, on the day, as soon as you are on board and on that first night to get the most of your first day boarding a cruise.
14:18 08/01/2022
People Still Fall For These 5 Mediterranean Cruise Traps! (podcast)
I explore the 6 Mediterranean cruise traps and blunders that cruise passengers fall into when thinking of cruising in the Mediterranean. Inspired by when a friend of mine wanted to cruise the Mediterranean for the first time and I saw all the mistakes she was about to make.
13:11 07/25/2022
I Keep Cruising On Oceania Despite These Issues (podcast)
I review and explore Oceania Cruises and looks at what they do the same and different to other similar lines – and why I like them and keep going back to them, and recommend Oceania Cruises to other cruise passengers
16:33 07/18/2022
12 Things You Must NEVER Do In Your Cruise Cabin - PODCAST
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11:27 07/11/2022
The Dos And Don'ts Of PANAMA CANAL CRUISES! (Podcast)
Most people will do a Panama Canal once in their lifetime and, based on the multiple trips I have been fortunate to do, I have theses Do's and Don'ts for cruising the Panama Canal to help make sure you get what you can and should from that trip. I made many mistakes when I cruised the Panama Canal the first time, and since doing more Panama Canal transits I have seen other cruise passengers making the same mistakes. So, here are my Do's and Don'ts based on all of that.
13:07 07/04/2022
7 Worst Cruise Advice Cruisers Are Given All The Time - PODCAST
l look at the 7 worst pieces of cruise advice that I hear, or see, being given to cruise passengers all the time – and what I you should do instead, and why.
11:10 06/27/2022
Which Premium Cruise Line Is Top Of Their Game Right Now? (Podcast)
I have revisited the 4 main classic premium cruise lines (Princess Cruises, Holland America, Celebrity Cruises and Cunard Cruise Line) to see how they have changed, what makes them different to each other and who they are now best for. Even if you think you know these lines, you may be surprised at how different they are to before.
16:46 06/20/2022
I Went From 2 To 10 Cruises A Year. Here’s What I Did - PODCAST
I looks at how I manage to cruise so often, and although mine is an unusual situation, all the tips and tricks I discovered and use that any cruiser can use to cruise more or get more cruise out of their budget
11:22 06/13/2022
Had Not Expected This When I Went Antarctic Cruising (Podcast)
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09:59 06/06/2022
4 Cruise Lines Running Rings Around Their Competitors! - PODCAST
I look at the best cruise lines in each of the 4 main cruising categories and why they are the best choice right now, and why smart cruisers are choosing them over the other options.
15:14 05/30/2022
Expedition Cruising Was Not What I Expected. Here’s Why (Podcast)
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15:41 05/23/2022
Don’t Even Think About Packing These For Your Cruise - PODCAST
The worst packing mistakes that I see cruise passengers make and cruise packing mistakes to avoid as they could get you into trouble, have you disembarked, affect enjoyment of your cruise or items confiscated.
11:47 05/16/2022
3 Big Issues With Holland America (Podcast)
I explore 3 big issues that many cruise passengers have with Holland America
14:28 05/09/2022