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Next Gen Radio is a podcast for people who want the real truth about health and fitness, but delivered in a fun and entertaining way. With years of real client success stories while owning Next Generation Training Center; our hosts Mike Ercolano and Kelly Krauss bring a unique combination of fun, entertainment, and expertise about the health and fitness industry. From professional athletes, to professional stay at home moms, our hosts have trained and worked with everyone. They keep you up to date on cutting edge health and fitness information, while keeping it loose with a laid back approach to podcasting.


Setting Realistic Fitness Goals
Join Mike Ercolano, Kelly Krauss, Anthony Zarro and John Esposito as they discuss the importance of setting realistic expectations when it comes to working out. They explore topics such as steroids in the fitness world, instant gratification in society today, and how to tell who is natural or not on social media platforms. Hear their inspiring stories of consistency and success in fitness goals, and don't forget to leave a five-star review for a chance at some swag before episode 100 next week!
29:38 2/3/23
50 Strong
The brand new Next Generation Training Center 50 Strong Challenge starts on January 30th, and episode number 98 brings you all of the details. Listen to Mike and Kelly have a discussion about the rules, regulations, and what to expect from their highly anticipated 50 Strong habits challenge. Even if you aren't a member at Next Generation Training Center, the information that's shared in this podcast will definitely be helpful! And don't forget to subscribe and leave Next Gen Radio a 5 star review!
23:25 1/27/23
Five Tips to Boost Athletic Recovery
Listen to Mike Ercolano, Kelly Krauss, John Esposito and Anthony Zarro discuss the importance of recovery for athletes on episode 97 of Next Gen Radio. Learn five tips for boosting recovery such as getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night and eating nutritious whole foods. Get personalized advice and swag by leaving a five star review and sharing the podcast with friends and family!
27:31 1/20/23
Is Surgery the Right Solution for Childhood Obesity?
Mike Ercolano and Kelly Krauss discuss the importance of physical activity in decreasing the risk of severe symptoms from COVID-19, as well as the controversial new guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics that suggest prescribing drugs or weight loss surgery to children as young as 12 who are obese. They also share an inspiring success story about a gym member who was able to lose 38 pounds in two and a half years through nutrition and exercise. Join them for an engaging discussion on health, wellness, and personal responsibility!
39:12 1/12/23
Top 22 of 2022
Join Mike Ercolano and Kelly Krauss, hosts of the Next Gen Radio podcast, as they recap their amazing accomplishments from the past year. They discuss their thankful month initiative, athletes program, trivia nights, charitable organizations, softball team sponsorship and more. Plus hear about their upcoming plans for 2023. Don't miss out on this inspiring podcast!
68:43 12/29/22
Five Tips for New Exercisers
Mike Ercolano, Kelly Krauss and John Esposito discussed five tips for new exercisers or those just starting their fitness journey in the New Year. They emphasized the importance of starting slow and building up gradually in order to avoid burnout, as well as trusting the process and not giving up when it comes to achieving goals. They also discussed the importance of taking rest days when exercising, reducing sugar intake, drinking more water, and eating real food in smaller portions. Lastly, they suggested finding a professional coach who can provide real results from real people. Mike Ercolano, Kelly Krauss and John Esposito discussed the importance of hiring a professional coach to help reach goals faster. They highlighted that it is more enjoyable to do it with someone else. The conversation concluded with the reminder that their next episode will be their annual "Top 22 of 2022" episode, featuring their favorite highlights from this past year. This episode is great for newbies to fitness, and for the expert exerciser. Tune in, enjoy, and leave us a 5 star review!
21:40 12/22/22
Four Stages of Success in Fitness and Business | Next Gen Radio
In this episode of Next Gen Radio, Mike Ercolano and Kelly Krauss have a conversation with Vince Gabriele, the owner and founder of Gabriele Fitness and Performance. They discuss their journeys into the fitness world and entrepreneurship. They talk about using visualization and manifestation as tools for success, the 75 Hard program, and Vince's mastermind for business owners in the fitness industry. The conversation also touches on the four stages of fitness and business success, Tony Robbins' core value of health and energy, and C-reactive protein (CRP) as a health metric to be aware of in order to prevent diseases. Lastly they talk about Vince's upcoming book which will focus on football, and business. Tune in to learn more about how to succeed in fitness and in life!
87:40 12/15/22
The Liver King Controversy: An Analysis
Discover the truth behind Instagram influencers and their marketing tactics in this episode of Next Gen Radio. Learn about the controversy surrounding the "Liver King" and how he was taking steroids despite claiming to be all natural. Hear about how easy it is to manipulate photos and lighting, as well as the prevalence of influencers posting content featuring mostly naked girls. Also discussed is Jeff Cavaliere, a fitness influencer who puts out quality information, and why it's important to be an advocate for oneself when researching health and nutrition advice. Tune in now!
29:34 12/8/22
Healthy Holiday Hustle | Next Gen Radio
Episode 91 of the Next Gen Radio Show is an announcement of the next "challenge" that we are running at Next Generation Training Center called the Healthy Holiday Hustle. We run down all the details about our new challenge that is starting on Monday, 12/5/22. The goal is to enjoy the holidays without getting completely off track with your fitness. The next 4 weeks can either make or break you, and we have the answers to help you. Listen to episode 91 for a fun show on how you can stay on track through the holidays while still enjoying them.
18:19 12/1/22
Top Turkey Day Tips
In the latest episode, Mike and Kelly talk about their 5 tips to have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving day. It's a fun episode that we know you will get value, and laughs (just like tip number two) from the show. You can also help us grow the show by subscribing, and leaving us a 5 star review on the podcast platform. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!
22:23 11/23/22