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Helping the Vacation Rental industry become more environmentally friendly, one step at a time. We will show you how easy it is, and how cheap it can be, if not free, and share all the opportunities available. So join us each week as we take another step along the Green Path.


The Green Path Podcast and... Diane Daniel, Vacation Donations
What do you do with your guests leftover food? What about beach supplies? Books? Or badly soiled or damaged towels or sheets? What happens to these? Do you expect your cleaners to take the food? Do you throw away the rest? How much can you keep?Have a listen to this initiative. One that you can start anywhere you are. Learn more at
37:34 9/20/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Barbara Buchel, Viatu
Viatu is a curated virtual travel agent offering trips of your choice, from safaris to honeymoons, family friendly and gorilla watching. Every aspect of the trip has sustainability in mind, including using local partners, caring for the environment and educating and encouraging the guests to help too with a Travel Pledge.Learn more at
21:44 7/5/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Thomas Panton, Canopey
A great discussion touching on Greenpeace, Festovers and we learn all about Canopey, a place to buy better. Stick around to the end for a great idea for your guests! A very thorough discussion! And learn how Xena the Warrior and Hercules gave birth to an eco warrior!Learn more about Canopey at
59:19 6/28/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Dan Sherrard-Smith, Mother Tree
We check our suppliers are green or at least like-minded, but what about your bank? Are your savings or pension fund funding polluting industries? There are other alternatives! Best have a listen! Learn more at If you are ready to start on your own green path then take a look at the Green Step Program! Step by step towards becoming more sustainable!
26:06 6/21/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Julie Cheetham, Weeva
In this episode, Julie explains that Weeva is a digital sustainability management system, offering education, tasks, reports & so much more through their 18 parameters and their framework. It shows your progress via a great colour coded dashboard with great visuals and analytics.Learn more at
26:11 6/7/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Marc Ribail, Qalia
In this episode Marc discusses the luxury niche, who the guests are and the three Qalia standards! How about incentivised sustainability?! And Qalia offers a bespoke sustainability "consultancy" for luxury properties! And lots more about this interesting niche..Learn more at
36:41 5/31/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Lisa Wills, La Residence, Bed & Breakfast
Sitting on her lounge observing the view and the changing seasons, and seaweed in Africa. That's how Lisa's journey got started! An interesting start for these city folk. This all then led to them making their bed and breakfast more sustainable. And as the story goes, the more you do, the more you want to do!Check out their sustainability page to see what they've done and what's in the pipeline, A great resource if you're just getting started in fact! of course, check out Envirorental
21:30 5/17/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Chris Grimes, Small Luxury Hotels of the World
How can you offer luxury, and be luxurious, while being sustainable? How do you share what you are doing in terms of sustainability with your guests? In one word? Storytelling. Listen to learn more.Learn more at listing page:
30:39 5/10/23
The Green Path Podcast and... the RR Summit - People, Places & Planet: Sustainability Panel
Traveller demand for environmentally friendly stays is no longer a niche market – it’s flourishing. Hosts and property managers that don’t capitalize on that demand are missing out! This powerhouse panel will cover exactly what travellers are looking for, how to implement sought-after amenities and practices into your properties, and how to market your efforts via your listings, certifications, and more.Learn more from our panelists at and , and for your next holiday in Scotland, book your accommodation at of the insights and takeaways from the Rent Responsibly event are now packaged into the 2023 STR Sustainability Report and Resource Guide. Every session of the event is featured with a brief synopsis, data points and quotes.Special Giveaway: Between now and May 14, RR are hosting a special giveaway in which all who download the 2023 Sustainability Report will be entered to win $250 cash plus $250 to a 1% for the Planet environmental partner of their choice.Download it HERE.
56:09 5/3/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Dan Whiting, Stay Green
You can offset your carbon emissions now on some airlines, but what about on the accommodation you book? Check out this great calculator and learn where the contributions made to the offsetting go. Learn more at
29:41 4/25/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Sergi Ferran, BioDrops
No more single use plastic bottles for the bathroom! BUT no more refillable bottles either! Wait! What? Introducing BioDrops. These drops contain eco friendly body wash, shampoo and body oil and then..... dissolve! They disappear. No waste. Have a listen to learn more!
18:32 4/18/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Vanessa da Souza Lage, Sustonica
There is no better way to demonstrate to your guests and other businesses your commitment to being sustainable than via an accreditation. Sustonica is the first industry accreditation platform for sustainable properties and businesses. Show your commitment by signing up and getting your badge. Then share it in your website and in your listings!Learn more at
22:56 4/11/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Mark Kombrink, Host 2 Coast
What can you do with your properties, and your owners, to be more sustainable? How can you give back to the community? Sustainability isn't just about saving energy and being greener. The social aspect is a bigger picture including your staff and the wider community. Have a listen to discover what Mark does at Host 2 Coast.Learn more at
30:10 4/4/23
The Green Path Podcast and... James Tanner, Tanner Properties
If you thought by going green you were going to just save money, think again. In this episode we'll learn why it's a WIN WIN WIN. James also shares things you can do that are free. So it's really is time to get on the Green Path if you're not on it already!Learn more about James service at
26:03 3/28/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Jacob Wedderburn-Day, Treepoints
Measure your carbon footprint, or allow guests to buy trees or help keep plastic out of the sea and recycle plastic via a link in your check out process! An easy way to involve your guest in your green path journey!Learn more at you're enjoying the Green Path Podcast, why not share it!
15:48 3/21/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Jimi Sol, Animated videos & paradigm-challenging perspectives
How do ecosystems affect atmospheric carbon? It turns out they keep the atmosphere in balance more than one might think.Support Jimi on Patreon: a one-time donation: video is based on the writing of Charles Eisenstein.Visit Charles' Website for more related content: Charles' YouTube channel: / charleseisensteinMusic: https://www.purple-planet.comFor all sources within this video please get in touch.
04:15 3/15/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Walter Colitti, Modo Smart
Learn how home automation can save you not only time, but money as well. Besides saving on electricity, you can save on petrol too. Have a Listen to learn how.Check out ModoSmart here https://modosmart.comIf you're enjoying the Green Path Podcast, why not share it!
26:45 3/8/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Will Richardson, Green Element
Invest in Airbus instead of planting trees? Home automation to save money? Will Richardson explains Green Elements, shares a number of his views including simplifying the user experience and some great resources. Learn more at
35:24 3/1/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Saskia Weber, The Interhome Group
The Interhome Group manage 35,000 properties! In this episode Saskia shares what they're doing, from optional carbon offsetting built into the booking process to renting land for bees!Check their sustainability page: you're enjoying the Green Path Podcast, why not share it!
24:05 2/21/23
The Green Path Podcast and ... Benedicta Makin, The lighthouse Keepers Cottage
Ben shares all that she's done to make their cottage green as well as how they are attracting other niches they're able to accommodate.Check out their site (and especially their About Us page) at out Ripple Energy: Hive: you're enjoying the Green Path Podcast, why not share it!
36:52 2/14/23
The Green Path Podcast and ... Kayleigh Nicolaou, Kakadau Creative
Kayleigh from Kakadu Creative explains how she started on her journey on the Green Path, and how she applies things to her business. She also explains what a digital carbon footprint it and how "dirty: they are! Have a listen to learn how to clean up yours!Catch Kayleigh at stay tuned for "International DOHE Day"! ... Kayleigh!!!
25:00 2/7/23
The Green Path Podcast and ... Christopher Warren, My Green Butler
How about offering your guests their own butler? One who not only advises on weather, where to go, etc but can also gently advise guests on how to reduce their consumption of electricity, water, etc. It involves the staff too! Everyone is involved!Learn more at https://mygreenbutler.comCheck out Christopher's new book at and get 30% off with code WTM22.If you're enjoying the Green Path Podcast, why not share it!
26:53 1/31/23
The Green Path Podcast and ... Sean Kemper, ETI Solutions
What's beyond the drain? What happens to the stuff that goes down there? What should and shouldn't go down there? An interesting educational episode!Learn more about ETI Solutions at https://etisolutions.coCheck out Durk Johnson here
19:51 1/10/23
The Green Path Podcast and... Bob Garner, EnviroRental & Green VR Events
What is EnviroRental? Where can I find help to become more sustainable? Now we will have a one stop shop to find resources and support to help you become more environmentally friendly! Learn more at you know anyone looking to become more environmentally friendly? Please share this podcast to help them get started or to learn more.
33:45 12/13/22
The Green Path Podcast and ... Romesh Jeyaseelanayagam, The FD Consultant
Romesh explains how he combines business strategy and sustainability with his clients, who are predominantly start ups, high growth and small to medium enterprises, and much more.Find Romesh at you know anyone looking to become more environmentally friendly? Please share this podcast to help them get started or to learn more.
26:06 12/6/22
The Green Path Podcast and... Noelia Novella, Doinn
Noelia shares with us what they're doing about social sustainability, and the risk we face if we ignoring it. No cleaners = no bookings = no industry.To learn more about human trafficking and for the link for the online course, head to more about Doinn at trafficking is the most invisible crime in the world. There are 40 million victims worldwide and now with the current situation in the Ukraine, this number will increase significantly. As a property manager you could unknowingly be housing trafficked people.There are some things you can do: security cameras, guest verification and complete the free course at (select Florida as your state) and learn what to look out for.1. Awareness2. Deterrents3. Report something you think is odd. Better safe than sorry.4. Spread the word.Lets make sure this industry does not help these traffickers. And make sure you report anything suspicious. FAVR webinars and courses can be found at you know anyone looking to become more environmentally friendly? Please share this podcast to help them get started or to learn more.
19:06 11/29/22
The Green Path Podcast and... Jo Webb, Room2 Hotel, Chiswick
Have a listen while Jo shares the story of how the Room2 Hotel is 100%, whole life, net zero! It's mind boggling yet inspiring. This is an incredible episode!Check them out at you know anyone looking to become more environmentally friendly? Please share this podcast to help them get started or to learn more.
29:45 11/22/22
The Green Path Podcast and... Andy McNulty, Touch Stay
Andy shares the journey Touch Stay has started on, and how he is trying to share the journey with his customers, property managers and owners. Learn more about their journey at you know anyone looking to become more environmentally friendly?Please share this podcast to help them get started or to learn more.
25:00 11/15/22
The Green Path Podcast and... Jeremy Smith, Tourism Declares
If you're ready to make a commitment, then Travel Declares is the place for you. Join a growing community of fellow tourism colleagues, all wanting to commit to their action plans. The actions plans are already an inspiration.Learn more at
15:02 11/8/22
The Green Path Podcast and... Dennis Hettema, Ecologi
If you think being green is all about your property, then think again. You can help with climate change with this hands off, yet almost interactive subscription. You'll get addicted and so will your guests. Best have a listen to find out more.Check out https://ecologi.com
26:27 10/25/22