Show cover of Power Up Your Performance: Your Fitness Motivation and Guide to Movement for Empowerment, Confidence, and Resilience

Power Up Your Performance: Your Fitness Motivation and Guide to Movement for Empowerment, Confidence, and Resilience

Coach Kim explores topics that will empower you to transform your life from the inside out, so you can rediscover the joy and passion you had for life before careers, kids, and commitments. It's time to drop the excuses so you can create the life you've been dreaming of. Author of the book, "Holistic Endurance Training: The Integrated Approach to Thriving as an Athlete," Kim shares tips for creating your dream life through movement, mindset, and journaling strategies. Walk, run, row, hike, swim, cycle, lift... move however you like; the secret is to become more active. Coach Kim will show you how to move in ways that enhance your wellness--and you'll learn how to manage your mindset and combine that with journaling so you reflect and adapt in a way that helps you grow. Learn about holistic health, using movement as a catalyst for change, fitness for women in business, fitness training for newbies, running, fitness, nutrition, wellness, workout, triathlon, friendships, and life coaching. If you're ready to level up your life, Power Up Your Performance is for YOU.


157. How Creativity, Compassion and Collaboration Will Super-Charge Your Life with Izolda T. 45:17 10/11/2021
156. How to Build a Beautiful Life with Emma Ehrenzeller 35:22 10/05/2021
155. Making Nutrition Simple with Mallory Gonzales 30:34 09/27/2021
154. You Are Not Your Thoughts with Casey Edward 39:01 09/20/2021
153. Help Your Teen Gain Clarity, Confidence, and Control with Greg and Beth Langston 37:46 09/09/2021
152. How to be Healthy without Trying So Hard with Claudia Wilson 37:50 09/01/2021
151. Cultivating Resilience for Better Health with Amy Deland 42:56 08/23/2021
150. Eliminate Overwhelm Without Losing Your Success with Maureen Gibbons 43:14 08/11/2021
149. Follow Your Own Journey with Simone Knego 48:15 04/21/2021
148. The Power of Pivoting with Monica Ortega 38:57 04/12/2021
147. Stop Beating Yourself Up and Pushing Through with Gutsy Boss Becky Mollenkamp 39:46 03/24/2021
146. Empowering Women to Level Up and Become Leaders, with Rochelle Marie 38:49 03/03/2021
145. Reducing Existing Pain with a New Running Shoe, Featuring Lenn Hann 47:44 02/24/2021
144. Noisy Cancer Comeback with Race Announcer Fitz Koehler 36:50 02/17/2021
143. Women: Empowerment Begins with You! With Dagmar Bryant, PhD 38:15 02/15/2021
142. It's Time for Your Comeback in Running, Your Passions, and Life 16:39 02/12/2021
141. Optimizing Mental Health and Sport Performance in Athletes with Lisa Bonta Sumii 44:34 01/18/2021
140. Having Trouble Starting to Run? You Need Community 14:57 01/13/2021
139. Stop Doing These Things if You Want to Achieve Your Goals 13:48 12/30/2020
138. Take the Pressure Off End-of-Year Expectations Around Resolutions 14:52 12/24/2020
137. New Year, Same AMAZING You!! 21:13 12/19/2020
136. Your T-Shirt Size Shouldn't Matter in Running 22:14 12/16/2020
135. Let's Run for Fun in 2021 24:09 12/04/2020
134. Take it Slow: Grab Your Girlfriends and Let's Run! 19:33 11/29/2020
133. Dust Yourself Off: It's Time to Run! 23:47 11/25/2020
132. Why We Feel Lost Without Racing: What Makes Running Meaningful 22:09 11/22/2020
131. That 2020 BINGO Card Where YOU Become a Runner 22:11 11/15/2020
130. How Kindness Can Decrease Stress and Build Resilience 21:39 11/11/2020
129. How We Move Forward as a Country: Seek First to Understand 16:50 11/07/2020
128. You Have the Power to Choose Your Response to Election Results 11:49 11/04/2020