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Hosted by Writer & Coach Deborah A. Bailey, featuring conversations with women entrepreneurs, small business owners, creatives and thought leaders. Over 400 entrepreneurs from across the globe have been featured on the show since it's inception in 2008. Guests share how to stay motivated, how to start a business and how to create your own definition of success. Visit Deborah's site:


"Learning Financial Literacy" with Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author Paige Cornetet 41:23 07/07/2022
”Small Business Marketing on a Budget” with Marketing Consultant & Event Planner Melissa Forziat 38:30 06/08/2022
"Taking A Leap of Faith" with Bronwyn Jane Psychic Medium, Teacher & Soul Coach 59:49 05/15/2022
"Inspiring Women Leaders" with Certified Sales Professional & Speaker Jacqueline Dixon 39:02 05/02/2022
"Building Inclusive Organizations" with Alida Miranda-Wolff CEO of Ethos 40:12 02/02/2022
"Creativity & Collaboration: Launching Model Moms" with Eugenia Kuzmina & Rochelle Brodin 32:36 01/10/2022
"The Holistic Path to Success" with Feng Shui Expert & Author Patricia Lohan 55:34 12/09/2021
"Discover Your Voice & Set Your Boundaries" with Life Coach Reka Robinson Founder of Single You Academy 43:32 11/17/2021
Holistic Health Educator & Author Kitty Martone 43:38 11/10/2021
Comedian, Creator, Podcast Host & Entrepreneur Natasha Pearl Hansen 34:08 10/06/2021
Celebrity Stylist & Image Expert Laura Fedock of Life+STYLE by Laura 39:25 09/23/2021
Recollections of 9/11 & 9/12: Processing Traumatic Events & Self-Care 51:16 09/12/2021
Aysha Saeed, CEO & Creative Director of Sustainable Luxury Women's Fashion Brand AYSHA NY 36:52 07/15/2021
Author, Entrepreneur & Speaker Shari Moss 27:09 07/07/2021
"Getting to the Bottom of Our Self-sabotaging Behaviors" with Coach & Author Ameé Quiriconi 50:19 06/30/2021
Entrepreneur, Consultant & Author Marney Andes 51:05 06/23/2021
"Coping with Change & Protecting Your Mental Health While You Manage Your Business" with Marketing Consultant Melissa Forziat 70:22 05/05/2021
"Awakening the Power of Pleasure & Money: 5 Ways Women Can Love More, Live More & Make More" with Certified Coach Dawn Todd 37:02 04/28/2021
"How to Put the Right People in the Right Roles on Your Team" with CEO Mandy Cavanaugh 39:01 04/14/2021
"How to Turn Your Big Dream Into Reality" with Justine Sinclair, Founder & CEO of dreamOway 40:51 04/07/2021
"Discovering the Value of Connections" with CEO & Author Leah Dean 39:27 03/31/2021
"7 Hottest Services Virtual Assistant Clients Are Hiring for Today" with Founder & CEO Kathy Goughenour 45:33 03/24/2021
Self-Care & Mental Health for Entrepreneurs with Faith Sanders of Discover A New Future 66:29 03/17/2021
“From Superpower To Success” with Sandra Hughes, Founder of Life Reinvented® 40:21 02/24/2021
Johanna Garton, Author of "Edge of the Map" 39:16 02/10/2021
"Financial Self-Care + 3 Power Money Moves for Women" with Financial Strategist Renee Cohen 38:40 02/03/2021
Content Marketing Coach and Strategist Mary Kate Gulick 39:40 01/27/2021
Professional Certified Coach & Speaker Christina Stathopoulos 36:16 01/20/2021
Stephanie Morimoto, Owner & CEO of Asutra 42:38 12/21/2020
Tanea Smith: Stationery Designer, Inspirational Speaker & Founder of "She's Got Papers" 97:08 11/25/2020