Show cover of The Makers and Shakers Society – CFRC Podcast Network

The Makers and Shakers Society – CFRC Podcast Network

Grace, Seth, Leah, and Oliver come from very different backgrounds. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, they meet in grade twelve at KCVI and become climate activists. Each in their own way, they struggle to survive the climate apocalypse. A climate-friendly government takes power in Ottawa, but is battered by backlash and scandal. By 2038, the four friends are forced to make hard choices. The Makers and Shakers Society is a scripted audio drama in six parts written and directed by Clarke Mackey. All cast members have Kingston connections. Performers include Jackson Watt-Bowers, Vishmayaa Jeyamoorthy, Stephanie Fung, Paul Smith, Anna Sudac, Liam Karry, and Cassel Miles. The music is composed and performed by Kevin Bowers. Every Thursday at 7 pm on CFRC 101.9 fm from September 15 to October 20. Podcasts for each episode available the next day. For more information go to