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NAIFA's Advisor Today Podcast Series

This is NAIFA’s Advisor Today Podcast Series where we focus on how financial advisors work, live, and give to their local communities and our greater financial services industry.


ABL: Always Be Learning
Iris Nance is an experienced insurance agent who helps people optimize their coverage to meet their needs. With a celebrated career of over 26 years in the insurance industry, she worked as a bank examiner for over 10 years. Iris is deeply committed to education, mentorship, and community service, actively participating in programs for students and young entrepreneurs. A proud member of NAIFA, she has served on the board and has taken on leadership roles within the association. Recognized for her perseverance, advocacy for continuous learning, and strategies for balancing work and family life, Iris inspires many as a role model in the financial services industry. In this episode… The financial services industry is a complex and dynamic space that demands high expertise and professionalism, particularly in the insurance sector. What if you had the inspiration to conquer them through self-reliance, education, and perseverance? Would it make a difference to be guided by someone who's walked that path? Iris Nance, an accomplished insurance agent and a beacon of hope for many in the industry, has overcome adversity through dedication and a lifelong commitment to learning. Finding empowerment and independence as an entrepreneur in the insurance industry, she has embraced mentorship roles to guide the next generation. Iris emphasizes sharing your experiences with others to enrich their potential and perpetuate a culture of motivated professionals. Although industry changes can be intimidating, Iris suggests adopting new technology and tools to advance your practice areas. In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with insurance agent Iris Nance to discuss how to build a successful career in the insurance industry while advocating for education and mentoring. Iris shares how she transitioned from a bank examiner to owning a successful insurance agency, the importance and impact of mentorship, and her experience rising through the ranks at NAIFA.
45:28 5/15/24
Find Your Passion Profile
Evan Fabricant is a financial advisor committed to helping his clients achieve their financial goals, whether planning for retirement or exploring efficient strategies to pass on their wealth to the next generation. Evan has been advising clients since 1997 and is passionate about forming genuine relationships and positively influencing individuals and their families. As a firm believer in professional education, Evan holds several distinctions, including Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP). He is highly active in the Society of Financial Service Professionals (SFSP) and NAIFA, demonstrating his leadership by advocating for the industry's future and committing to legislative impact. In this episode… With the recent decline in financial service advisors, the industry is facing a labor crisis. How can industry professionals attract aspiring advisors and shape their careers? From a young boy awed by his father’s role in the financial services industry to becoming an influential force within it, Evan Fabricant emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between personal and professional development. He highlights the significance of authenticity and maintaining a learner's mindset in mentoring young professionals for a sustainable future in the industry. Through active participation in industry associations and advocacy efforts, financial advisors can shape policies and programs crucial to practice development. Evan's story is a testament to resilience, the power of relationships, and his unwavering belief in the industry's future as shaped by dedicated professionals like him. In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with financial advisor Evan Fabricant to discuss the impactful moments that shape a financial advisor's career. Evan shares how he got into the financial industry and the profound impact of familial support, the core values he learned from competitive golf that apply to the financial advising industry, the importance of education, his involvement with SFSP and NAIFA, and the value of mentoring aspiring advisors.
66:45 5/8/24
From Croatia Comes Commitment to Care for the Community
Sue Kuraja is a brokerage director specializing in providing non-profit consultancy services. She focuses on aligning personal and professional goals to maximize outcomes for organizations. With her strategic guidance and personalized approach, she helps build successful and sustainable organizations that drive real-world impact. As an experienced tech researcher, journalist, and business transformation advocate, Sue was recognized as the 2021 Women in Insurance & Financial Services Woman of the Year and achieved the Financial Security Advocate badge from NAIFA.  In this episode… The financial services industry is composed of diverse professionals who bring unique perspectives to the field. Each individual’s background propels the industry forward and promotes client connections. How can you champion diversity and inclusion in your services?  Financial advisor Sue Kuraja's journey is a testament to determination and resilience. As a Croatian immigrant, she had to navigate numerous systemic barriers to succeed in the financial services industry. Sue notes that by embracing cultural diversity in your work, you can build trust with customers and help them navigate language and cultural barriers. Additionally, you can reverse traditional mentor-mentee roles by supporting insights from younger generations who can foster innovation and adaptation in an evolving industry. In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with brokerage director Sue Kuraja to discuss her journey to success in the financial services industry as an immigrant. Sue shares how her background as a Croatian immigrant informed her career, her involvement with WIFS and NAIFA, and women's role and empowerment in the financial services industry. 
56:17 5/1/24
Make Simplicity Your Superpower
Richard Dobson is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who strives to simplify communication between clients and financial advisors. As a keynote speaker, he has provided insurance and investment advice for over 40 years. Richard is the author of Make Simplicity Your Superpower! and The Trusted Professional. He is also a NAIFA member and has previously served as a former FINRA Broker Dealer Chief Compliance Officer (CCO). In this episode… Most high-net-worth individuals don’t care to understand their finances and prefer to leave the decision-making to their financial advisors. How can you become a trusted resource so your clients can secure their futures while focusing on their strengths? According to Richard Dobson, a keynote speaker in the financial industry, high-net-worth clients look for three key traits in financial advisors: intelligence, empathy, and logic. Clients want reassurance that their financial advisors have adequate expertise in the space, the empathy to understand their unique needs and situations, and the logic to forecast the economy and make informed financial decisions. With simple strategies and communication tactics like explaining finance fundamentals in methods your clients resonate with, you can retain them long-term.  In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Richard Dobson, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), to discuss the value of simplicity in the financial services industry. Richard explains how he got into the financial services industry, the origin of Make Simplicity Your Superpower!, the importance of simplifying financial advice for clients, communication hacks every financial advisor should know, and the impetus for The Trusted Professional.
58:56 4/24/24
A Hero of Zero: Modern Retirement Strategies
David McKnight is a renowned financial advisor and expert in zero-tax retirement planning, having assisted thousands of Americans in achieving the zero percent tax bracket. He has frequently appeared in numerous national publications, including Forbes, USA Today, the New York Times, Fox Business, CBS Radio, and Bloomberg Radio. With four #1 Amazon best-selling books to his credit, including The Power of Zero, Look Before You LIRP, The Volatility Shield, and Tax-Free Income for Life, David has established himself as a leading authority in retirement planning. In his acclaimed book, The Power of Zero, he presents a comprehensive guide on how to achieve a 0% tax bracket in retirement through a carefully crafted, step-by-step approach. In this episode… Many individuals in the United States invest a significant portion of their retirement savings in tax-deferred accounts such as 401Ks and IRAs, leaving them vulnerable to a potential decrease in their savings if tax rates rise in the future. What’s more, many early-career financial advisors aren’t aware of alternative retirement savings methods and continue to advise their clients on traditional approaches. Where can financial advisors receive updated and forecasted retirement planning information to serve clients effectively?  The escalating US debt has caused significant polarization, and it may disrupt traditional retirement options with an impending freight train of onerous taxes and stringent austerity measures. So, building a strategy that maximizes retirement savings and minimizes tax obligations is crucial. For emerging financial advisors, retirement expert David McKnight recommends attending industry conferences like Heroes of Zero to learn about the current and future tax environment as well as repositioning assets into cash-value life insurance policies. From there, these professionals can provide their clients with guidance and resources to make informed decisions. In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with a renowned financial advisor and expert in zero-tax retirement planning, David McKnight. They discuss the Heroes of Zero conference, The Power of Zero book, the four-step process for attaining the 0% tax bracket in retirement, and the benefits of attending the Heroes of Zero conference.
39:57 4/17/24
Empowering Women in the Insurance Industry With Carina Hatfield
Carina Hatfield is a Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow (LUTCF), Commercial Lines Coverage Specialist (CLCS), and Life and Annuity Certified Professional (LACP). As a third-generation insurance agent, she specializes in property and casualty insurance and works with locally owned businesses. Carina serves NAIFA as a National Trustee and a moderator for Pennsylvania’s Leadership in Life Institute. She is also the immediate past President of NAIFA Pennsylvania. Recently, Carina helped develop the organization’s new online LACP prep course. Her passion and dedication to the association earned her the 2020 Young Advisor Team Leader of the Year award. In this episode… Traditionally, a career in the financial services industry entailed working late nights and having little control over your schedule, making it difficult for women and mothers to find balance. Although this has changed with the onset of remote work, women still aren’t eager to assume leadership roles in this field. How can we empower women to lead the industry?  As a third-generation insurance agent and leader, Carina Hatfield began taking ownership of her schedule by being realistic and honest with her clients about her commitments. She maintains that by owning an insurance company, you can have the flexibility to give back to your industry and community. To encourage other women to take charge in the field, Carina says to act as mentors and build relationships with them through associations and events. These groups and events should be casual and include trips and opportunities for wider community and family involvement.  In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Carina Hatfield, a LUTCF, CLCS, and LACP, to discuss how women can thrive in the financial services industry. Carina shares how she got into the insurance industry and founded her practice, the importance of empowering women in the insurance industry, techniques for increasing women's involvement in financial services and NAIFA, and the leadership challenges she overcame.
64:09 3/20/24
Discovering and Rediscovering Your Economic Vitality
Jill Judd is a distinguished Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow (LUTCF), Financial Services Specialist (FSS), and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) with extensive experience in the insurance industry. Her professional mission is to provide individuals with the necessary tools and resources to manage the risks of everyday life, recover from unexpected events, and achieve their aspirations. Jill's expertise in the field has also led her to serve as a past President of NAIFA. Before her career in financial services, Jill was an accomplished marketer who ran an advertising and marketing firm. Today, she leverages her knowledge and skills in the insurance industry to help clients navigate complex financial situations and make informed decisions about their future. In this episode… Financial services is a male-dominated industry, often making it difficult for women to advance to leadership positions and achieve career growth. If you’re navigating this space for the first time, how can you establish yourself as an authoritative force and advocate for your clients’ economic vitality? As a sports professional turned insurance provider, Jill Judd possesses the tenacity and leadership acumen needed to carve a path for herself in the industry. She notes that women are skilled multitaskers with a keen sense of emotional intelligence. This allows them to connect with their clients and position themselves as risk advisors to impact clients’ financial futures. By discovering your unique place in the industry, you can achieve economic and financial vitaly that extends to your customers.  In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Jill Judd, a LUTCF, FSS, and RICP, to discuss how women can discover their economic vitality in the insurance industry. Jill shares how she got into the financial services industry, the role of sports in the success of her career, how to thrive as a woman in the financial services industry, discovering economic vitality through insurance, and techniques for becoming a great leader.
56:02 3/13/24
Thriving in Financial Services: Robert Miller’s Leadership Journey
Robert Miller, a retired second-generation financial advisor, has grown up around many prominent New York insurance agents and has served over six thousand clients. A loyal NAIFA member since 1983, he is the past President of NAIFA-New York City. As a graduate of the NAIFA Leadership in Life Institute (LILI), Robert served as the Chair of the NAIFA Governance Committee and was a member of the organization’s Finance Committee. His extensive experience and contributions to the financial advising industry make him a highly respected and accomplished professional. In this episode… Leadership is a significant undertaking, especially when you’re responsible for driving the success of an industry organization. Learn what it takes to create meaningful change and drive an industry into the future from a seasoned association leader in the financial industry. Having disrupted the status quo of a stagnant organization, Robert Miller’s career is characterized by progressive action, tenacity, and influence. If you want to make a lasting difference in your industry, you must challenge the decisions of past leaders and actively listen to members’ ideas and concerns. Robert maintains that discipline and commitment are the keys to accomplishing meaningful endeavors and strengthening your organization. Even when facing opposition and apprehension in your ventures, Robert encourages financial industry leaders to persevere and stand up for their values. In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Robert Miller, a retired second-generation financial advisor, to discuss his leadership journey in the financial services industry. Robert shares what he did to thrive as NAIFA’s president, how he stays inspired and motivated as a leader, his career journey in the financial services industry, and the value of listening to others.
62:35 3/6/24
To Walk With You on This Journey
Demetrius Bryant is an insurance agent helping individuals safeguard their income against unforeseen expenses. He runs a multi-line insurance business that has been a NAIFA member since 2011. Through his company, Demetrius offers comprehensive insurance services, including automobile, home, life, and business policies. He believes that protecting one's financial interests is fundamental to improving the overall quality of life. In this episode… Older generations were taught to secure a stable job and work for the rest of their lives to provide for their families. Yet this doesn’t guarantee stability and success for their children and future generations. Older people, especially those in disadvantaged and underserved communities, don’t understand how to build generational wealth and leave sustainable legacies. How can you educate this group on insurance benefits and financial well-being?  Insurance expert Demetrius Bryant bridges the knowledge gap in rural Mississippi by educating people about the value of home and life insurance policies for generational wealth. Insurance agents can offer opportunities for children to purchase life insurance policies, encouraging them to begin investing early to ensure lasting wealth. Demetrius also recommends hosting educational sessions and groups to teach members of the community how to invest, manage finances, and file claims effectively. By customizing financial and insurance education for each individual rather than simply selling policies, you can demonstrate the benefits of insurance in their lives. In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Demetrius Bryant, an experienced insurance agent, to discuss the value of insurance in building generational wealth. Demetrius shares his journey in the insurance industry, his approach to running a multi-line insurance agency, and the value of insurance education and awareness in the black community. 
58:24 2/29/24
Do What You Say You Will and Be Who You Say You Are
Glenn Crawford is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) and a licensed insurance agent holding a Series 65 Investment Advisor Representative distinction. His mission is to support better financial outcomes for clients by educating, enabling, and empowering them to make sound decisions about their financial well-being. Glenn has also dedicated a significant part of his practice to advising clients on the financial aspects of divorce. Before entering the wealth management industry, he enjoyed a career in information technology and was a partner in a $65 million consultancy firm. In this episode… Imagine waking up every day excited to work because you're doing what you love. It's not just a dream; it can be your reality! By taking the courageous step to change your career, you can become the person you've always wanted to be and achieve your full potential.  Shifting careers can be daunting, especially if you’ve dedicated most of your life to a single field. Yet hoping for change without taking action leads to complacency. Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®) Glenn Crawford's journey is an inspiring example of how visualization and affirmations can help you achieve your goals. By focusing on what he wanted and believing in himself, he transitioned from IT to financial services at 57 years old. As Glenn’s experience demonstrates, it's never too late to transition to a new industry you love. By taking the leap to fulfill your desires, you can live and work authentically.  In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Glenn Crawford, a Series 65 Investment Advisor Representative distinction holder, to discuss his journey transitioning careers. Glenn talks about how he got into the insurance and financial services industry, transitioning from IT to financial services, the correlation between sports and financial services, and his involvement with NAIFA.
62:42 2/14/24
Seminar Strategies for Scaling Your Financial Business With Frank Maselli
Frank Maselli is an accomplished keynote speaker, coach, and author of three best-selling books. With over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, he has helped thousands of financial professionals grow and achieve success by providing them with contemporary skills well-suited to the demands of today's clients. With his programs based on human psychology, Frank is known for his pioneering ideas, dynamic thinking, and engaging delivery. He is a sought-after presenter, recognized as a top industry speaker.  In this episode… As a financial advisor, it’s critical to generate a robust client pipeline and establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field. Seminars and presentations can help you achieve these goals by enabling you to expand your business and gain new clients. How can you deliver compelling and informative seminars to elevate your position in the industry? Frank Maselli, a prominent coach and keynote speaker in the financial industry, has created a flourishing and reputable business by delivering presentations and seminars. These platforms help you showcase your knowledge and services and allow you to connect with potential clients to build long-lasting relationships. However, delivering a successful presentation requires more than just knowledge of your subject matter; it also demands exceptional public speaking skills, confidence, authenticity, and a deep understanding of your audience's needs and interests. Frank offers valuable tips and strategies to help financial professionals deliver engaging, informative, and persuasive presentations that captivate audiences and convert them into clients. In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Frank Maselli, an accomplished keynote speaker, coach, and author, to discuss how financial advisors can host engaging seminars. Frank shares his professional background in the financial services industry, seminar success strategies for advisors, how to execute them virtually, and the common mistakes advisors make when delivering seminars. 
62:20 2/7/24
Navigating the Complex Landscape of the Insurance Industry With Tom Palmeri
Tom Palmeri is a Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) committed to helping clients build and safeguard their wealth. As a financial advisor, he has over 25 years of experience in insurance, investments, estate preservation, and employee benefit plans. Tom specializes in helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals through compassion and empathy. He has demonstrated his leadership acumen by serving as the past President of the New York and Suffolk County chapters of NAIFA and other organizations. In this episode… Working in the insurance industry is more than just a job; it’s a lifelong profession necessitating compassion and understanding for people’s lives and assets. If you’re prepared for the leadership, training, and tenacity it takes to become an insurance agent, how can you gain a reputation in the industry?  The insurance industry is a rewarding and lucrative career path that requires dedication, hard work, and a passion for helping others. However, like any other industry, insurance has a significant learning curve. To overcome this barrier, Tom Palmeri suggests investing in education and training to keep up with industry trends and best practices, networking, and joining communities in the industry for support. By doing so, professionals can navigate the complex landscape of the insurance industry and build a reputable and sustainable business. In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Tom Palmeri, a Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow (LUTCF), to discuss how to break into the insurance industry. Tom shares his professional background in the insurance industry, his experience issuing life insurance policies as a young professional, how to overcome industry challenges through education and community support, and his involvement with NAIFA.
50:13 1/25/24
Journey to Success: A Financial Planner’s Story With Delvin Joyce
Delvin Joyce is a Certified Financial Planner specializing in providing comprehensive financial planning services. He collaborates with clients and their advisors to create a detailed and robust financial plan tailored to their unique needs and goals. As a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), and Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), Delvin offers investment advisory services for retirement, education, and small business planning. In this episode… Financial literacy is crucial in planning a prosperous future, but many people struggle with this skill. It takes a devoted financial advisor to help people achieve their long-term goals. How can financial planners and advisors build a mission-driven and education-based practice?  After a career in professional football, financial planner Delvin Joyce obtained the self-motivation to launch a financial services business. By identifying a clear purpose, he structured his services and leadership around providing financial literacy and support to young athletes preparing for careers. Delvin believes that financial planning is fundamental to the future, so by building a practice that emphasizes managing people’s funds and loans, you can execute your purpose, elevate your status in the industry, and create a lucrative business.  In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Certified Financial Planner Delvin Joyce to discuss building a financial planning practice. Delvin shares his journey in the financial services industry, how he stays focused and motivated, the value of promoting financial literacy, his involvement with NAIFA, and how to recruit and train new financial advisors.
59:03 1/17/24
Thriving in the Financial Services Industry With Joseph Spinelli
Joseph Spinelli is a Chartered life underwriter (CLU) who helps people prepare for the future by prioritizing their financial goals and customizing insurance solutions to best suit their needs. With a robust skill set that includes Insurance, Life Insurance, Customer Service, Disability Insurance, Term Life Insurance, and more, he contributes valuable insights to the industry. Joseph has a bachelor's degree in economics from Bridgewater College. In this episode… Being a financial advisor is both challenging and rewarding. So what can you learn from an expert who has successfully been in the industry for years?  According to Joseph Spinelli, financial advisors have the privilege of helping individuals and families achieve their financial goals. However, being in the financial services industry comes with its own set of challenges, ranging from the ever-changing market trends and financial regulations to building trust with clients. He shares his journey of overcoming all the hurdles and becoming a thriving insurance agent.  In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Joseph Spinelli, a Chartered life underwriter (CLU), to discuss how to thrive as a financial advisor. Joseph explains how he got into the financial services industry, building a career in insurance sales from the ground up, his daily routine and priorities as a financial advisor, and the career lessons he learned from his father.
55:51 12/27/23
Strategies for Navigating the Financial Services Industry With John D. Richardson
John D. Richardson is a financial planner who has been providing sound financial advice to his clients since 2005. His primary focus is to help people align their financial decisions with their values and truths to live enriching lives. As a Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) and a Life and Annuities Certified Professional (LACP), John advises clients on retirement planning, investment planning, and risk management. He serves as a NAIFA leader and has held several leadership roles at the local, state, and national levels. In this episode… Financial services is a diverse industry with many possible career paths. Some professionals venture into the insurance space while others prefer to advise on personal investments. Yet some finance professionals struggle to identify their passions and choose a company that aligns with their values. How can you find satisfaction in your career and begin serving clients effectively?  NAIFA leader John Richardson experienced similar struggles. For years, he tried to take his career in the financial services industry to the next level with little success. After joining multiple industry associations, John built strategic alliances with other professionals, delegated areas he was no longer interested in, and added value to clients by tapping into his expertise and remaining authentic. When you identify your professional strengths, you can grow your leadership and service clients with transparency, professionalism, and care.  On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with financial planner John D. Richardson to discuss his secrets for thriving in the financial services industry. John explains how he got started in the financial services industry, the value of being authentic and transparent as a financial advisor, his involvement with NAIFA, and his insights on time management.
56:25 12/20/23
Walking Together Through Life as a Servant Leader
Chris Carothers is an insurance professional and a Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF). As a second-generation veteran in the insurance industry, he has been serving and advocating for his community for 30 years. Chris works with over 300 licensed insurance agents to help Americans plan for their current and future insurance needs. He also partners with insurance carriers to develop and introduce new health products. In this episode… Insurance advisors can be incredible mentors, managing people’s executive affairs and guiding their futures. This comes with significant responsibility and requires complete immersion in the industry. How can you develop a service-based approach to gain traction in this industry?  Becoming a reputable insurance agent entails developing servant leadership skills. With a career dedicated to serving his community through flexible insurance options, Chris Carothers maintains that joining organizations of like-minded professionals in the insurance industry is essential. Mentorship groups are valuable for gaining access to resources, networking opportunities, industry insights, and cutting-edge strategies that can help agents sharpen their expertise. With proper education and training, you can establish trust with your clients and build a value-driven career.  On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with insurance professional Chris Carothers to discuss service-based leadership in the insurance industry. Chris explains how he entered the insurance industry, success tips for young insurance agents, the importance of mentorship in the industry, and the value of joining NAIFA as an agent.
54:08 11/22/23
Manage Activity To Get Real Results
Mickey Straub is a successful entrepreneur, renowned speaker, accomplished author, devoted patriot, and mayor emeritus. He is passionate about inspiring people to set audacious goals with short deadlines so they can achieve more and regret less.  With 23 years of experience inspiring organizational success, Mickey provides the necessary resources to implement a goal-oriented, activity-based, and metric-driven performance management system. This system helps individuals and sales teams identify, manage, and measure high-payoff activities, enabling them to achieve their goals and steer their businesses in the right direction. In this episode… Are you struggling to spend your time wisely, achieve your goals, and maximize results? Make your day more productive with these strategies. Advisors and agents juggle multiple clients, projects, and deadlines constantly, which can be challenging. Consider investing in a high-quality activity management solution to take your sales game to the next level. According to Mickey Straub, hiring a company that provides custom solutions tailored to your specific management needs is essential. By managing your activities effectively, you can make the most of your time and achieve your goals more efficiently. On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Mickey Straub, an entrepreneur, speaker, author, patriot, and mayor emeritus, to discuss activity management tips that drive results. Mickey talks about the importance of activity management, digital products for activity management, the sales activity management process, and advice for improving activities to produce results
45:52 11/15/23
Confident Compassion: How Corey Anderson Succeeded in Building a New DI Distribution Model
Corey Anderson is an insurance agent specializing in counseling advisors on implementing insurance plans for disabled clients. As an industry leader, Corey is a frequently featured speaker at industry meetings on topics pertaining to disability insurance. He has served on the state and local NAIFA board for over 18 years, holding various roles, including president. In this episode… Do you want to build and grow a disability insurance practice successfully? What can you learn from an expert who has already accomplished this feat?  Corey Anderson, a DI expert, believes that obtaining disability insurance is essential because it provides financial security in the event of an unforeseen injury. However, establishing a disability insurance company can be challenging. It’s imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of the insurance industry, legal framework, and target market to thrive in the industry. Corey shares how his experience creating a DI distribution model educates fellow insurance agents on the topic of disability insurance.  On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Corey Anderson, a disability insurance expert, to discuss how to flourish in the disability insurance industry. Corey talks about disability insurance and its importance in financial planning, the challenges of disability insurance underwriting, and his journey to building a successful disability insurance company.
53:17 10/25/23
Don’t Wing It: Systems and Processes Prevail
Dan Finley is an experienced financial advisor and professional coach who founded a business consulting and coaching service dedicated to helping advisors enhance their business. He began his brokerage career in 1993, spent 13-plus years as a successful financial advisor, and since 2004, has conducted over 20,000 hours of individual and group coaching sessions for financial advisors. His financial advisory and coaching experience includes all three major distribution channels: wire-house, bank, and independent. Dan frequently speaks at branch offices, local chapters of the FPA, NAIFA, and national conferences. He is also the author of 101 Advisor Solutions: A Financial Advisor's Guide to Educate, Motivate, and Inspire! In this episode… Are you looking to build a successful business as a financial advisor? Where can you get the support you need to take your business to the next level?  Part of being a successful financial advisor is building a thriving business — and if you're winging it, you will struggle to make that happen. Dan Finley recommends getting a coach as a game-changing strategy for your business. With a coach, you can get the guidance, support, and accountability necessary to build the systems and processes that will enable you to create a better business. On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Dan Finley, an experienced financial advisor and professional coach, to discuss how he helps advisors flourish in the industry. Dan talks about his relationship with NAIFA, how he got started in the financial services and coaching industries, the difference between coaching an individual and a team, his process for coaching advisors, and how he overcame the challenges he faced in the industry.
44:02 10/18/23
Listener or Looker: Understanding Yourself So You Can Understand Your Clients
Lynne Franklin is a persuasion expert, leadership communication consultant, coach, author, and TEDx speaker. As a neuroscience nerd, she studies how the brain works and how to use the findings to better connect with anyone and lead without manipulation. Since the inception of her communications practice in 1993, Lynne has worked with organizations that want to use persuasive communication skills to increase their performance, productivity, and profits.  In this episode… Communication is the backbone of any successful business. So how can you better serve your clients through communication as an advisor?  According to Lynne Franklin, mastering the art of persuasive communication is fundamental in motivating your team and inspiring your customers to take action. It entails understanding body language, listening, and comprehending your audience and their needs to tailor your message to resonate with their interests and concerns, establishing trust and credibility. She shares her journey helping advisors connect and build good relationships with clients through communication to take their businesses to the next level.  On this episode of Advisor Today, Suzanne Carawan sits down with Lynne Franklin, a leadership communication consultant, to discuss how to thrive through persuasive communication as an advisor. Lynne talks about body language tips for making good first impressions, communication tips for financial advisors to develop good relationships with clients, maintaining long-term client relationships, and personal development and team-building advice for financial advisors.
49:43 10/11/23
Succeeding in Financial Services: Expert Insights With John Wheeler
John Wheeler is an accomplished Certified Financial Planner (CFP) with a wealth of experience in the financial services industry since 1969. He has earned several impressive designations, including Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC), Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF), LACP, and CLTC. In his current role, John supports his firm through seminars, advanced joint sales work, recruiting, and developing financial planning services. He is a highly respected speaker in the financial services industry and has also taught various certification programs such as the CRPC and CFP. In this episode… As a financial advisor or an insurance agent, you know that the financial services industry can be challenging — but rewarding when done right. What fundamental skills and strategies should you have at your disposal to thrive in this space? lamen John Wheeler says most financial services professionals fail because they lack the education to help them maneuver the industry. They need to invest in education. He also recommends learning to communicate insurance jargon to clients in layman’s terms to build trust and establish strong relationships. Additionally, they should work together to avoid mistakes and join communities to stay current with the latest trends and best practices. With these strategies in place, financial professionals will thrive as insurance agents. On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with John Wheeler, an accomplished Certified Financial Planner (CFP), to discuss how agents and advisors can flourish in the financial services industry. John explains how he got into the insurance industry, the value of education, communication tips for young advisors, and the importance of volunteering as a leader in the financial services industry.
50:34 10/4/23
The Morris Morrison Mindset
Morris Morrison is a world-class speaker, author, and entertainer who has learned the value of choosing to tell a better story and the power that comes from the stories we live. Drawing purpose and inspiration from his faith, family, and motivation to energize individuals and communities, Morris builds stronger, smarter, and kinder human beings.  Morris has a unique brand of engagement that captivates his audience, whether live on stage or in his books. Leaders from Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, and churches worldwide have partnered with him to build fearless, focused leaders that drive uncomfortable change, growth, and disruption. In this episode… Do you have what it takes to become a fearless, focused leader who drives change, growth, and disruption in any industry? With the right mindset and approach, you can become the kind of leader that people look up to and admire.  According to Morris Morrison, good leaders must communicate effectively, connect with their audience, and tell compelling stories that inspire action. Leaders should also have the ability to overcome business challenges, give back to their community, and create legacies for future generations. Taking care of their well-being is also fundamental, as they'll be able to lead with clarity, focus, and purpose — and inspire those around them to do the same. On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Morris Morrison, a world-class speaker and author, to discuss how leaders become exceptional leaders. Morris shares how his adolescence influenced his profession, tips for building relationships through storytelling, fundamentals for aspiring financial leaders, and the correlation between leadership, self-care, and maturity.
90:59 10/2/23
The Persistency Pathway
Richard (Rick) Demko is a licensed life insurance agent who speaks nationally to associations, consumers, and producer groups regarding proper life insurance planning strategies. He holds the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC), Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP), Life Underwriting Training Council Fellowship (LUTCF), Life and Annuity Certified Professional (LACP), and is currently challenging the CFP. Rick was Texas’ fourth Advisor Today national 4 Under 40 recipient, inaugural Texas Young Advisor of the Year, past NAIFA Houston President, and current State Director.  In this episode… Life insurance is a crucial component of financial planning that provides peace of mind to individuals and their loved ones. As a life insurance agent, how can you cater to the needs and concerns of your clients to ensure they receive the best possible coverage? According to Rick Demko, being a successful life insurance agent requires knowledge, communication skills, persistence, and a commitment to ongoing professional development. By following these tips, you can build a successful career in the industry while providing invaluable protection to your clients and their families. His journey to success is fraught with industry knowledge, serving the next generation of aspiring agents. On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Rick Demko, a licensed life insurance agent, to discuss tips for thriving in the life insurance industry. Rick explains how he got into the insurance industry, his involvement with NAIFA, marketing strategies for growth, persistence, and the challenges he had to overcome.
59:42 9/20/23
Giving Your Financial Grace: How Laurie Adams Has Blazed Her Own Trail
Laurie Adams is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), helping people create financial plans to achieve financial security through investment management, retirement, trust, and planning services. She spent 21 years as a professional education instructor creating and teaching courses to CFP professionals, bank trust officers, CPAs, and insurance license holders. Laurie is a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF), Life and Annuity Certified Professional (LACP), and a long-time NAIFA member and top producer.  In this episode… Are you struggling in the financial services industry as an advisor? What can you learn from an expert in the space to achieve your financial grace?  According to Laurie Adams, success as an advisor is attainable with the right mindset and approach. One of her fundamental pieces of advice is to engage in continuous education. Even though there are many resources available, she recommends joining a community like NAIFA to help sharpen your skills. She now shares her journey to success in the financial services industry.  On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Laurie Adams, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), to discuss how to achieve financial grace as an advisor. Laurie explains how she differentiated herself from the competition as an advisor, the value of continuous learning in the industry, the proudest moments in her career, and how she became a visionary leader and achieved financial grace.
58:06 8/23/23
How Participating in NAIFA Adds Value to Your Financial Services Career With Tom Cothron
Tom Cothron is an agency manager for a multi-line insurance company offering auto, home, and life insurance products. Tom is a seasoned expert, spending 40-plus years dedicated to the financial services industry. He is a certified Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF) and a Financial Services Certified Professional (FSCP). He currently presides as NAIFAs President Elect. In this episode… Financially planning for the future is fundamental for living a fulfilling life. So where can you get the support required to do so? And as an advisor, how do you foster good relationships with your clients and become the best version of yourself?  Surviving family members can suffer the consequences of a loved one who's passed away without adequately planning for their family’s future. This was the case for Tom Cothron's grandmother. Hearing how his grandma faced humiliation to apply for a loan to bury her husband, Tom developed a passion for the financial services industry to help people plan financially and educate advisors on how to have better relationships with their clients. His 40-year journey in the industry highlights the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned that led to his career success.  On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Tom Cothron, an agency manager for a multi-line insurance company, to discuss how advisors can thrive in the industry. Tom talks about the struggles he had to overcome as an insurance agent, his involvement with NAIFA and its importance in the financial services industry, the challenges advisors, NAIFA advocates, and NAIFA ambassadors face, and his advice for advisors.
55:03 7/26/23
Success Tips for Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors With Harry Hoopis
Harry Hoopis is an entrepreneur and industry leader in the insurance and financial services space who has built a successful firm based in Chicago, IL. He speaks, teaches, and inspires executives, advisors, and front-line salespeople — providing the systems, methods, efficiencies, and confidence needed to excel in the industry. He is the author of the best-selling book, The Road to the Bountiful Life, and recipient of NAIFA's prestigious John Newton Russell Award. In this episode… It's easy for financial service professionals to lose passion for their careers. Why? The industry poses many challenges, leading to waning hope of achieving success. So what can you learn from an experienced financial services industry leader?  Thriving in the insurance and financial services industries entails having passion, commitment to long-term growth, and personal responsibility as an agent or advisor. Harry Hoopis also recommends self-development through education, networking, discipline, and maintaining a positive attitude. He shares his journey as a successful agent and advisor and provides vision, lean-on experience, and advice to guide the next generation of leaders in the field. On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Harry Hoopis, an entrepreneur and industry leader in the insurance and financial services space. Harry explains why he’s committed to the insurance and financial services industry, his strategies for promoting healthy business growth, tips for agents' and advisors' development, and his experience receiving NAIFA's prestigious John Newton Russell Memorial Award.
60:14 7/5/23
Career Changing Success Pays Dividends in Happiness
Scott Blake is a Wealth Management Advisor and Founder at a leading wealth management firm delivering comprehensive planning, investment, and insurance services for individuals, families, and businesses to help them achieve financial success and live rich, rewarding lives. A passionate leader in his community, Scott is a 2022 national winner of Advisor Today’s 4 Under 40 Award and a board member of several organizations in Columbus, Ohio. He is the President of the Columbus chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) and has an MBA in finance and financial management services from Capital University.  In this episode… Are you looking for financial security? Do you want to be on the right track for retirement? Scott Blake recommends hiring a financial advisor, an expert who can help you plan and prepare for the future. Having pivoted to the financial services industry after several years in politics, Scott discovered how making sound financial decisions impacted his clients' lives positively. According to him, wealth management services should be accessible to people of different income levels — not limited to high-net-worth individuals. He shares how he's flourishing in this industry, helping his clients achieve financial security. On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Scott Blake, a Wealth Management Advisor, to discuss his successful journey in the financial services industry. Scott shares the lessons he learned from his political career and being an athlete that he leverages in the financial service industry, the value of having a financial advisor, the challenge he had to overcome in his business career, and tips for getting clients as a financial advisor.
49:57 6/28/23
How To Incorporate Cultural Diversity in the Financial Services Industry With Rith Nou
Rith Nou is an agent. Rith offers her clients products to help meet different insurance and financial needs including college funding, retirement, managing costs for extended care, and income strategies.   In this episode… Are you a young financial advisor trying to succeed in the market? Maybe you’re working tirelessly, but feel like you haven’t made the progress you were hoping to at the current stage of your career. When challenges arise, you can either be overtaken by obstacles or find innovative solutions. What practical solutions can you implement to ensure your business thrives in the face of opposition?    Being a financial advisor is challenging — and even tougher for immigrants. Familiar with the adversity immigrants face, Rith Nou, a financial advisor, recommends networking, meeting other successful advisors, and having open conversations while genuinely asking the right questions to help you. She now shares how her background helping immigrants led to a successful career in the financial services industry.  On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Rith Nou, to discuss how to thrive in the financial services industry. Rith shares the struggles she had to overcome as a financial advisor, time management tips, how she incorporates different cultures in the market, and the impact the industry has on future generations.
45:14 6/21/23
The Difficult Reality of the Financial Service Industry With Joe Jordan
Joe Jordan is an inspirational speaker and behavioral finance expert. In 2013, he released his award-winning book Living a Life of Significance, which has sold 90,000-plus copies in five languages. Additionally, Joe is a Founder of the Insured Retirement Institute and was featured on the cover of Life Insurance Selling Magazine. He was also honored by Irish America magazine as one of the “Top 50 Irish Americans on Wall Street.” Before becoming an international speaker, Joe worked in insurance and retired from his role as Senior Vice President at MetLife. In this episode… One of the issues the United States faces today is longevity. More people are living beyond 80 due to better healthcare and healthier lifestyles. Though living beyond our golden age is considered a blessing, old age is a curse for some — especially elderly women. How can we rectify this issue? 95% of financial services industry professionals are male, and the products offered by insurance companies reflect this statistic. Coincidentally, 80% of women die single — with the vast majority outliving their husbands. Financial expert Joe Jordan recommends updating insurance products and recruiting women to pursue a career in the industry. Integrating more women into the field is an effective strategy to help women receive the financial support they need. On this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Joe Jordan to discuss the evolution of financial services and products. Joe talks about the genesis behind his book, why longevity is a woman’s issue, and the challenges of providing housing for the elderly.
56:11 6/14/23
Tips for Professional Development in the Insurance and Financial Industry With Larry Holzberg
Lawrence (Larry) Holzberg is the Brokerage Director of Coastal Wealth, a single-source wealth management firm providing products and services to help address every aspect of your financial life. Larry’s 20 years of experience in brokerage, advanced sales, and solutions-based advice assists his responsibility in leading the firm’s financial professionals. He also serves as the National President of NAIFA, the only organization representing insurance and financial advisors regardless of the products they sell or the focus of their practice.  In this episode… A career in the insurance and financial services industry can be lonely. While connecting with others in your industry is vital, it seems impossible when juggling your workload and personal life. What resources are available to help you network with like-minded professionals and grow in your knowledge and expertise?  Having extensive experience in financial services, brokerage, advanced sales, and solutions-based advice, Larry Holzberg discovered you can’t succeed alone. He recommends joining an association of flourishing insurance and financial advisors. The benefits of being involved in an industry-focused organization provide advocacy, education, diversity, the opportunity to grow your network, and strengthen your professional development. In this episode of Advisor Today, Chris Gandy and Suzanne Carawan sit down with Larry Holzberg, Brokerage Director of Coastal Wealth, to discuss how insurance agents and financial advisors can thrive as members of an association. Larry talks about how NAIFA has evolved, the importance of implementing diversity, equity, and inclusivity in your organization, the value of being an engaged NAIFA member, and the mission of NAIFAs Grassroots.
45:07 5/31/23