Show cover of #120- Jimmy Macpherson Jr.

#120- Jimmy Macpherson Jr.

Mining Engineer Jimmy Mac Jr. joins Mining Minds in studio to talk mining. In this episode we talk about surface and underground differences, the different roles in the mining process and the opportunity to learn from one another, and ideas to influence the next generation of young miners. Jimmy talks about the guidance he received as a young man, his experience growing up in a mining community, and shares his explanation of the time value of money and how it relates to production. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Jimmy Mac Jr. to the Face! Rubicon Mechanical Rockwell Industrial & Mining Motor Mission Machine and Radiator Ill Zakiel


#158- Leatha Reeves
On this episode of the Mining Minds podcast, we sit down with surveyor extraordinaire Leatha Reeves to explore her remarkable mining journey! Raised in small-town Nevada, Leatha chose to stay home instead of accepting a full-ride volleyball scholarship. Her journey began while waitressing at a local restaurant, where she was recruited to work at the mines as a surveyor, and she hasn’t looked back since. Leatha shares her experiences of early underground mining in southern Nevada, the impactful relationships she has built over her 35-year career, and how she gained her vast knowledge and stellar reputation through sweat equity. She also discusses the exciting future of mining, influenced by gamers and technology, and how she inspired her daughter to join the industry. Leatha highlights why surveying is the best job, humorously noting that you get to tell people where to go and what to do! Join Mining Minds as we welcome Leatha Reeves to the podcast! Liebherr Mining FAST2 Mine Motor Mission Machine and Radiator Ill Zakiel – Gold Country
89:22 6/13/24
#157- Sally Trujillo
Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible mothers out there! On this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with a true matriarch, Grandma Sally Trujillo. Her warmth, wisdom, and boundless love have shaped us in ways we can never repay. As we sipped coffee in her living room, we soaked in her life's remarkable journey and cherished her unforgettable tales. Grandma Sally epitomizes seizing every moment, giving selflessly, and loving unconditionally. She's a beacon of inspiration, reminding us to embrace life's beauty and spread love wherever we go. Join Mining Minds as we wish a Happy Mother’s Day to our, Grandma Sally, and to all the extraordinary mothers who enrich our lives every day.   Motor Mission Machine and Radiator Liebherr Mining FAST2 Mine
79:34 5/13/24
#156- Sam Faga
In the latest episode of our podcast, Mining Minds, had the honor of sitting down with the incredible Sam Faga, External Affairs Superintendent for Kinross Nevada. Sam's journey is nothing short of inspiring - from overcoming challenges as a young parent to navigating through tough economic times, her resilience shines through. Starting as a medical assistant, Sam discovered her passion for mining and hasn't looked back since. Her positivity is contagious, and her journey is a testament to the power of perseverance. Through her career, she's found not only professional success but also lifelong friendships and a deep sense of fulfillment. With her heart set on shaping the future of mining, she's now dedicating herself to mentoring and empowering the next generation of workforce. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Sam Faga to the Face!   Motor Mission Machine and Radiator  Liebherr Fast2 Mine Ill Zakiel
117:45 5/3/24
#155- Aaron Witt
Join us in welcoming Aaron Witt, the self-proclaimed "Chief Dirt Nerd" and CEO of BuildWitt, as he sits down with Mining Minds and Joseph Kemp, VP and GM of Kinross Gold Corporation - Nevada, for an industry chat you won't want to miss! Aaron's journey from a kid with no exposure to the dirt world to a passionate advocate for the mining industry is truly amazing. He's turning his childhood passion into a thriving career, and he's here to share his insights with us. Aaron discusses the value of learning from failure, the courage it takes to enter a new industry, and the importance of exposure and experience. We'll also dive into the potential for young talent in mining, the significance of recognizing development at all levels, and the power of collaboration as we embrace the next generation of mining. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Aaron Witt to the Face!    Click Here to watch Aaron's Trip to Nevada BuildWitt Kinross Gold Corporation Motor Mission Machine and Radiator Liebherr Mining Fast2 Mine Ill Zakiel
69:05 4/26/24
#154- Brandie McDaniel
Join us for the premiere episode of Mining Minds, where Commercial Manager for Cyanco, Brandie McDaniel, steps into our brand-new studio! With a rich family history deeply rooted in mining, Brandie delves into her captivating 30-year journey within the industry. From her upbringing in and around Nevada brothels, to receiving invaluable support from mining companies for her education and diving headfirst into mining as a temp for a global OEM, Brandie shares her remarkable experiences and insights. Brandie talks about the myriad opportunities mining has presented her and her family, finding her calling in the supply chain realm, and her passion for educating others about the mining world. We explore the transformative power of shifting from "I have to do this" to "I get to do this," the pivotal role of mentors in our field, and the truth that success in mining isn't reserved for those born into wealth. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Brandie McDaniel to the Face!   Fast2 Mine Liebherr Mining Motor Mission Ill Zakiel – Gold Country
95:31 4/15/24
#153- Teryn Faiman
In our last episode before Mining Minds make its big move to the new studio! We're thrilled to have Teryn Faiman, Director of Human Resources and President of Women in Mining for the Nevada chapter, joining us for an inspiring conversation. Teryn shares her journey from growing up around mining to becoming a leader in the industry. She discusses seizing opportunities, overcoming challenges, and her passion for empowering others to develop their careers. Discover Teryn's insights into the world of human resources in mining, and her excitement as she serves as the president of Women in Mining, bringing people together to highlight our incredible industry. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Teryn Faiman to the Face! Women in Mining FAST2 Mine Liebherr Mining  Ram Enterprise Inc Ill Zakiel
81:50 4/3/24
#152- Jerry Rynearson
Mining Minds sits down in studio with than Jerry Rynearson, the Owner and President of JSR Fleet Performance. Jerry's journey in the mining industry began with a simple job search, but little did he know it would ignite a lifelong passion for equipment operation. He takes us back to his early days, where he learned the ropes by giving breaks to fellow operators and even had the privilege of training his now-wife! Jerry talks about sifting through a major gold deposit, with a geologist, using his D11 dozer, he discusses looking at our past to find future successes and shares invaluable advice for budding supervisors: always listen to your team and take the time to explain the 'why'. From traversing the globe to educate operations to revamping JSR Fleet Performance to bridge industry gaps, Jerry's journey is nothing short of inspiring! Join Mining Minds as we welcome Jerry Rynearson to the Face! JSR Fleet Performance Contact JSR Fleet Performance for upcoming event information FAST2 Mine Liebherr Mining Ill Zakiel – Drive
129:18 3/26/24
#151- Ricky Montoya
Seasoned underground face miner Ricky Montoya joins Mining Minds, at the Face, to talk about mining! Ricky talks about starting out as a lubber on the surface before finding his home in underground mining. He walks us through his early days, learning from “old school” miners, moving from a maintenance function to an operation function, because of a bonus, and working to change some old perceptions of himself. Ricky provides his insight into the next generation of miners and, as an industry, working to adapt to them and their needs. We discuss being open to challenging old industry habits, being proud of the work produced, and questioning our individual standards for what is good versus what is good enough. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Ricky Montoya to the Face!  4TheMinerByTheMiner Tool Maker - Facebook FAST2 Mine Liebherr Rubicon Mechanical  Ill Zakiel - Feeling Good
121:04 3/14/24
#150- Bryce Cracraft
Family man, competitive archer, and seasoned welder Bryce Cracraft joins Mining Minds in studio to walk us through his mining journey. Hailing from the heart of small-town Nevada, Bryce followed his dreams of becoming an underwater welder, carving a unique path for his mining story. From painting handrails to finding mentorship in seasoned miners, he shares his journey with us, highlighting the pivotal moments that shaped his career. Reflecting on his roots, Bryce reminisces about his father's old work boot, a symbol of hard work and determination that left an indelible mark on how he views hard work. Bryce's story isn't just about welding and mining – it's about the joy of fatherhood and the adventures it brings. From heartwarming moments with his kids to the thrill of competitive archery, he finds fulfillment in every aspect of his life. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Bryce Cracraft to the face! Fast2 Mine Liebherr Ram Enterprise Inc. Ill Zakiel
94:25 3/4/24
#149- Standard Operating Procedures
On this episode of the podcast, Vern Goglio joins Mining Minds to dive into the world of Standards and more. The conversation unfolds as we explore the intricacies of team building, collaborating with like-minded individuals, and establishing clear expectations. The discussion goes beyond the workplace, delving into the importance of interpersonal skills in creating a robust organizational culture. We discuss the value of viewing time invested in people as a strategic asset, highlighting how it pays off in the long run. Vern shares insights on how to bring out the best in individuals, fostering a positive and productive environment. Mining Minds explores the power of thinking outside the box, pushing boundaries in the mining industry. We examine the role of social media in reshaping the narrative around mining, making it more accessible and appealing to a broader audience. Attracting new talent to the mining sector becomes a focal point, with innovative ideas to make the industry more enticing. Brass in to join the conversation and tell us your thoughts! FAST2 Mine Liebherr Mining Rubicon Mechanical Ill Zakiel – Feel Good
119:26 1/31/24
#148- Don Dwyer
General Manager for Orla Mining Ltd, Don Dwyer sits down with Mining Minds to walk us through his mining journey. From his high school days in Missouri, he toured an underground mine that would shape his Mining destiny! Don took us through his college years, where he entered a mine rescue program, paving the way for a career dedicated to helping others. He talks about his multiple internships during college that opened the doors and eventually led him into the heart of the Nevada mining industry. Don discussed promoting the mining industry by changing the way we are thinking, adapting his leadership through his different roles, and how having a cup of coffee with the individuals at the face can result in some sound advice. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Don Dwyer to the Face! Orla Mining Ltd FAST2 Mine Liebherr RAM Enterprise Inc. Ill Zakiel – Feel Good
125:35 1/6/24
#147- Herb Pierce
Aspiring comedian Herb Pierce joins Mining Minds in studio to talk about his mining journey and his next venture in comedy! Growing up in Chico California, Herb made his way to Northern Nevada where he tried his hand in the pharmaceutical field! He discusses starting his life when he met his wife, telling her every joke he knew the first night they hung out, to entering the mining industry as a temp employee. Herb talks about health issues that could affect miners, getting broke into mining by chasing parts that never existed, and finally finding a home supporting the mine sites. This entire episode was filled with laughter, powerful moments about being honest, and discussions about doing what makes your smile. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Herb Pierce to the Face!   @Herbpcomedy Mining Minds Baby Registry Rubicon Mechanical Fast2 Mine Liebherr Mining Contact Liebherr Ill Zakiel – Feeling Good
125:57 12/28/23
#146- Katey Hull
Join Mining Minds for an incredible chat with Katey Hull, the Human Resources Manager for Ram Enterprise Inc. From small-town Nevada to the mining industry, Katey's journey is nothing short of extraordinary! Growing up surrounded by amazing individuals and embracing the outdoors, Katey has a unique perspective shaped by her experiences. Harvesting incredible animals and creating special memories, she's a true adventurer. In her episode, Katey discusses the value of knowing and connecting with the people who drive the industry and the importance of understanding the workforce! As a fifth-generation miner, she talks about keeping the mining industry alive through mentoring and developing, picking the correct leaders for their positions, and her continuous passion for learning. Please Join Mining Minds as we welcome Katey Hull to the Face! Ram Enterprise Inc. Fast2 Mine Rubicon Mechanical Liebherr Mining Motor Mission Machine and Radiator  Ill Zakiel - Drive
121:21 12/21/23
#145- Pete Kero
Vice President for Barr Engineering, and author of Minescapes: Reclaiming Minnesota’s Mined Land, Pete Kero joins Mining Minds to discuss reclamation . Pete shares his mining journey, growing up in the heart of the iron range and the upper peninsula of Michigan. From a fourth-generation miner’s perspective, he unveils the importance of mining and its huge impact on our nation’s success! Pete discusses his new book, “Minescapes”, discusses the unique opportunities in reclamation, and how reclamation can add to the quality of life for mining communities. We discuss some of the projects that Pete has been part of, such as the Red Head Mountain Bike Park, we gain insight into mine planning and starting with the end in mind, and contemplate reclaimed mines becoming hubs of activities for outdoor people. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Pete Kero to the Face! Rubicon Mechanical Brass in for Liebherr Equipment Experiance   Liebherr Equipment Liebherr Represnetative FAST2 Mine Ill Zakiel        
76:22 12/10/23
#144- Ryan Balles
Equipment operator and CEO of the Dirt, Ryan Balles sits down with Mining Minds to talk about his journey! From a small town in Idaho and just days after high school graduation, Ryan found himself laying pipe in the trenches. Facing a challenging start with a supervisor aiming to test his work ethic, Ryan embraced the grit and determination that would become the hallmark of his mining journey. Undeterred by early challenges, Ryan moved in with his high school sweetheart, applied for a job in the Nevada mines, and embarked on a mission to prove himself. Through hard work and perseverance, he carved a path for himself in the challenging world of mining. Ryan reflects on his first days on the mining site, emphasizing the importance of mentorship that kept him grounded. The loudest may get attention, but Ryan shares insights into the value of humility, visualization before work begins, and the lessons learned from some of the industry’s best equipment operators. Beyond the pit, Ryan talks about his unexpected TikTok fame and the joy he still finds in going to work every day. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Ryan Balles to the Face!   @your_dadscloset Fast2 Mine Rubicon Mechanical Motor Mission Machine and Radiator Brass in for the opportunity to travel and experience Liebherr Equipment in person.  Liebherr Equipment Ill Zakiel
95:30 12/1/23
#143- Eastern Nevada SME
In this high-energy episode of Mining Minds, the team takes the podcast on the road to the picturesque White Pine County Municipal Golf Course during the Eastern Nevada SME tournament. Amidst the rolling greens and occasional questionable golf swings, Mining Minds sits down with a fantastic lineup of guests, including representatives from Calibre Mining, KGHM Robinson, Elko Wire Rope, and our good friend and brother Rusty Lewis of Lewis Drilling LLC. Whether you're a mining enthusiast or just curious about the personalities shaping this dynamic field, join Mining Minds as they not only cover the Eastern Nevada SME golf tournament but also provide a unique peek into the lives of the people behind the scenes in the mining world. RAM Enterprise Inc. Liebherr Brass in for the opportunity to travel and experience Liebherr Equipment in person Fast2 Mine Motor Mission Machine and Radiator (Mention Mining Minds to get a 15% discount) Calibre Mining KGHM Robinson Ill Zakiel
104:15 11/23/23
#142- Drew Polish
On this episode of the podcast Mining Minds welcomes Drew Polish in studio to talk about healthcare. Drew is the founder of Render Group and partner at Fenyx Heath. Drew walks us through his early mining journey as a drilling helper, and how his faith, family and good old fashioned hard work got him to where he is today. Drew provides insight on the many ways the mining industry can and does benefit from having competitive health care options and what dives into the importance of medical savings accounts. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Drew Polish to the Face! Fenyxheath Render Group Drew Polish FAST2 Mine Motor Mission Machine and Radiator Brass in for the opportunity to travel and experience Liebherr Equipment in person.  Liebherr Equipment Reach out to a Liebherr Representative Ram Enterprise Inc. Ill Zakiel
88:16 11/15/23
#141- Elko Mining Expo 2023
On this episode of the podcast Mining Minds took part in the 2023 Elko Mining Expo. Partnering with FAST2 Mine, we had the chance to catch up with good friend and master technician Cecil Cotton (Episode #115) and discussed some of his recent experiences as a contactor. We also had the privilege to sit down with brothers Bob and Mike Delbridge as they talked about the role that mining has played in their life, how they are potentially the last generation of miners from their families, and the advice they would pass on to new miners. Mining Minds then had the opportunity to sit down with Product Development and Marketing Professional Tab Siegrst and hear about is unique journey into the industry starting out in Industrial Distribution. Join Mining Minds as we get to the Face at the Elko Mining Expo!   FAST2 Mine Rubicon Mechanical Motor Mission Brass in for the opportunity to travel and experience Liebherr Equipment in person!   Liebherr Equipment Reach out to a Liebherr Representative RAM Enterprise Inc.   
57:44 11/4/23
#140- Ben Kerr
Major Account Manager at Liebherr Ben Kerr, sits down with Mining Minds to talk about his mining journey. Ben walks us through growing up in small town New South Wales Australia, his early career as a technician, and how that has provided him additional opportunities throughout his career. He talks about gaining knowledge from the older miners and their willingness to pass down information, the life of a fly in fly out miner, and family being your greatest achievement. Ben discusses growing his career with Liebherr, being part of the modulization program to support mining operations and learning the business of OEM’s. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Ben Kerr to the Face!   Liebherr Equipment Experience – Brass in here and tell us you’re interested! Liebherr Equipment Reach out to a Liebherr representative for equipment needs! Rockwell Industrial & Mining Rubicon Mechanical RAM Enterprise Inc. Fast2 Mines Motor Mission Machine and Radiator Ill Zakiel - Drive
98:34 10/19/23
#139- Torqn
Founders Brett Baker and Troy McDonald join Mining Minds to talk about their knowledge sharing network, Torqn. Brett and Troy discuss coming from the mining industry, growing up in the same small town, not knowing one another, and finally coming together to revolutionize the mining industry. Taking the best from all social media platforms, they are currently in 93 countries and growing. Through Torqn, they are connecting people from across the globe, crowd sourcing information, while bringing value to mining individuals, mine operators, and equipment manufacturers. Torqn is an innovative new platform & app that connects people in the Mining industry based on the commodities they mine, and the equipment they own, use, fix or make. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Brett and Troy to the Face! Torqn Rubicon Mechanical Liebherr Liebherr (Contact) FAST2 Mine Ill Zakiel
74:54 7/28/23
#138- Industry Insights
On this episode of the podcast, Mining Minds sits down with our good friend Matt Hillard, on the eastern side of the United States, to discuss mining! We dive into data collection in today’s environment, local operational shutdowns, and the importance of ethical mining operations. We discuss making the mining industry more visible to the world, the transformation of technology in the industry, and what it takes to retain a seasoned individual. Brass in to tell us about your thoughts and join the conversation!    Rockwell Industrial & Mining  Motor Mission Machine and Radiator Rubicon Mechanical FAST2 Mine Liebherr Offerings Liebherr (Contact) Ill Zakiel  
87:59 7/22/23
#137- Xavier Naeger
Director of Metals for Dyno Nobel, Xavier Naeger sits in studio to talk with Mining Minds about his mining journey. Growing up in an artsy family, Xavier discusses his first exposure to mining, the opportunity to dredge the Arkansas river while in college, and ultimately landing in Northern Nevada. He walks us through his work in underground projects, being on the contractor side of mining, traveling the world though work, and wanting to be that helping hand in the mining industry that delivers value. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Xavier Naeger to the Face!   Dyno Nobel (Contact) Motor Mission Machine & Radiator Rubicon Mechanical FAST2 Mine Liebherr Offerings Liebherr (Contact) Ill Zakiel
140:44 7/14/23
#136- Sam Spearing
Executive Director: for Workforce Development & Mining Center of Excellence at Great Basin College, Sam Spearing joins Mining Minds in studio to talk about his journey through the industry. Sam discusses growing up in Africa, getting his name from a cartoon, and opportunities afforded to him as a first-generation miner. He talks about what it was like to work in one of the largest mining districts in the world, how miners are problem solvers, and how the Mining Center of Excellence is bringing opportunities to mining individuals and the mining industry. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Sam Spearing to the Face!   Great Basin College (Mining Center of Excellence) Contact Sam Spearing (865) 333.1023 Rockwell Industrial and Mining FAST2 Mine Liebherr Offerings Liebherr (Contact)
93:51 7/3/23
#135- Mark Bristow
President and CEO of Barrick Gold Corporation sits down with Mining Minds, at Nevada Gold Mines headquarters, to talk about his mining journey. Mark walks us through his younger years playing sports, serving in the cold war, and starting his college career in agriculture. He discusses his background in geology and the path to creating Randgold Resources while during some interesting political and geopolitical times. Mark talks about the traditions he’s developed with his sons, miners mining national assets, and having the responsibility to your fellow workers when it comes to safety. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Mark Bristow to the Face!   RAM Enterprise Inc. Liebherr Offerings Contact Liebherr Mining Fast2 Mine Ill Zakiel
79:13 5/16/23
#134- Ken Fichtler
Chief Executive Officer for Gaize, Ken Fichtler, joins Mining Minds from Missoula Montana to talk about impairment. Ken discusses his early career as an entrepreneur, working with infrared optics technologies and his time as an Economic Development Director in Montana. We walk through Gaize and their innovative way to detect substance impairment through VR headsets and micro-movements of the eyes. We talk about the potential impact this type of detection system can have on an industry like mining and the many opportunities it may bring to the workforce and their organizations. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Ken Fichtler to the Face!   Gaize FAST2 Mine Motor Mission Rubicon Mechanical Ill Zakiel
78:09 5/6/23
#133- John Metzger
Manager of Geomatics & Counselor for Asset Assurance Monitoring, John Metzger, travels from Indiana to sit down with Mining Minds at the Face! John walks us through his early years as a photographer, his experiences educating in the Peace Corps, and starting a computer business in Senegal. He discusses his route into mining, utilizing new technology to add value, and the value of sharing information. Join Mining Minds as we welcome John Metzger to the Face! Asset Assurance Monitoring Rockwell Industrial and Mining Fast2 Mine Rubicon Mechanical Ill Zakiel
157:19 4/29/23
#132- Jeremais Azambuja
Growth and marketing manager for FAST2 Mine, Jeremias Azambuja, travels in from Brazil to meet Mining Minds at the Face. Jeremias talks about growing up from humble beginnings, traveling to different locations around the globe while in university and eventually landing in Elko Nevada to become part of the community. We discuss the need to understand the problems and issues in mining, becoming an agent of future change, and how FAST2 Mine values the culture of developing something together. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Jeremias Azambuja to the Face! FAST2 Mine Rockwell Industrial & Mining Motor Mission Machine and Radiator Ill Zakiel
80:54 4/13/23
#131- Toni Pierce
Supply Planning Specialist Toni Pierce joins Mining Minds, in studio, to talk about her journey in the mining industry. She walks us through her early role as a laborer, becoming a process operator, and working a rotating schedule while being a young mother. Toni discusses the support and balance her and her husband have, getting her drive from her mom, and rolling with the punches. Join Mining Minds as we welcome Toni Pierce to the Face! International Women’s Day Women in Mining FAS2 Mine Rubicon Mechanical  Rockwell Industrial & Mining Ill Zakiel     
90:49 3/8/23
#130- Sheldon Mudd
Executive Director of Northeastern Nevada Regional Development Authority Sheldon Mudd sits in studio to talk with Mining Minds. Sheldon talks about being born and raised in Idaho but being made in Nevada. He discusses his military background, beginning his mining journey as an exploration database analyst, and getting into economic development. He walks us through his passion for ensuring the mining industry has the tools to operate, balancing the opinions of community members and bringing new opportunities to the region. Join Mining Minds as we welcome executive director, minister, musician, auctioneer, and ham radio operator Sheldon Mudd to the Face! Rockwell Industrial & Mining Fast2 Mine Rubicon Mechanical Ill Zakiel
117:40 2/16/23
#129- Chris Natoli
Environmental Superintendent Chris Natoli joins Mining Minds in studio to share his mining journey. From growing up in Wyoming playing baseball to helping develop the environmental science degree at his college, Chris had many interesting experiences along the way. He discusses working with fish hatcheries, his time as a volunteer fire fighter, patrol deputy, and EMT and starting his mining career as a tailing’s operator. Chris talks about providing guidance to his kids as they move into mining, running with the MedX Air One team locally, and being the Chair of Northeastern Nevada SME. Join Mining Minds as we Welcome Chris Natoli to the Face!   Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration Click Here to Join: Northeastern Nevada SME MedX Air One FAST2 Mine Motor Mission Rubicon Mechanical Ill Zakiel
115:35 1/28/23

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